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Sagitravel Provides LGBTQ + Creative Way to Travel and Connect with Gay Travel on Amazon Alexa | Instant News

Gay Travel Skills

Gay Travel Skills, produced by Sagitravel at Amazon Alexa, gives LGBTQ + travelers the choice to book a trip or hear travel advice, including the latest news with gay pride shows. Activate Gay Travel expertise for free on Amazon, then ask Alexa to open Gay Travel to interact.
Today’s Gay Travel Flash Briefing

The Gay Travel Today Briefing Amazon Flash Alexa is a daily microcast produced by Sagitravel that provides updates on gay travel destinations and friendly ideas. This is the first lightning briefing of its kind for LGBTQ + travelers.
Teraj Hosts “Gay Travel Today”

Gay Travel Today’s briefing delivered the LGBTQ + travel news in less than 3 minutes and was guided by Pop / R & B singer and songwriter based in New York City, Teraj.
MIAMI, 05 May 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – Travel enthusiasts in the LGBTQ + community can now stay connected to everything LGBTQ + does through the expertise of Alexa Gay Amazon Travel and the Flash Travel Gay Travel Today briefing produced by Sagitravel, an international leader in travel LGBTQ +. Gay Travel Expertise and brief briefing Gay Travel Today is the first intelligent speaker, a voice-based application dedicated to LGBTQ + travel enthusiasts who are looking for friendly holiday planning from experts in the LGBTQ + community who understand certain gay travel needs. According to a report from the IGLTA Foundation, LGBTQ + travel continues to increase, dominating the travel industry and creating special needs for gay friendly services for the burgeoning travel world. “Our gay tourism community is very important to us,” said Henry Rizzo, director general of Quo Vadis, the parent travel company for Sagitravel. “We want to stay connected with our LGBTQ + community during the COVID-19 pandemic and bring them important travel news and creative ideas that they can do even if they have been grounded. We are very happy to be the first to bring this to them via Amazon Alexa. “Both the Gay Travel skills and the brief briefing on Gay Travel Today are free to activate on Amazon. Just select Alexa Skills in the Amazon.com search bar and type Gay Travel and Gay Travel Today, then choose to activate. Once activated, information is available via voice commands. with the Alexa smart speaker or the Alexa app. To open use the wake command, “Alexa, Open Gay Travel,” and “Alexa, what is my briefing?” or “Alexa, how are you?” Gay Travel Skills will give you the option to book a trip. or hear travel advice including the latest news with gay pride.Click Travel Gay is a daily micro-broadcast that provides updates on gay travel-friendly destinations and ideas.Miccast, or mini-podcast, delivers news in less than 3 minutes and will be guided by singer / songwriter Pop / R & B based in New York City, Teraj. “Utilizing sound technology during kri sis is one of the best ways our LGBTQ + community can stay informed and connected, “said Teraj, whose debut album,” DEFY “consists of songs inspired by chapters in his life with the aim to inspire and uplift. listening, encouraging them to celebrate individuality and humanity through the grandeur and difficulties of life. “Our voices have always been central to expressing who we are and helping others in the community feel welcome. Gay Travel Today is the perfect platform to unite it. In addition to Amazon Alexa, the Gay Travel Today microcast can be heard in many popular podcast outlets including Spotify, Apple iTunes, Google Podcasts and more. Sagitravel is headquartered in Venezuela with U.S. offices in South Florida, Miami-Ft. Lauderdale area. They are the first gay travel agent in South America and are known throughout the world for innovation in LGBTQ + travel. Sagitravel is now the first to bring LGBTQ + travel to Alexa Amazon, making it the perfect and friendly travel booking experience for the gay community. Stay connected with Sagitravel on Twitter, Instagram and Alexa Amazon, Spotify, Apple iTunes, Google Podcasts or order your next gay friendly travel destination at www.sagitravelfriendly.com The photos that accompany this announcement are available at: https://www.globenewswire.com / NewsRoom / AppendixNg / a3e384f8-9382-4e42-9dfb-d0edde050b25 https://www.globenewswire.com/NewsRoom/AttachmentNg/123921b3-032b-494c-9f58-664ad9fa532c https://www.globenewswire.com/NewsRoom/AttachmentNg/123921b3-032b-494c-9f58-664ad9fa532c https://www.globenewswire.com/NewsRoom/AttachmentNg/123921b3-032b-494c-9f58-664ad9fa532c https://www.globenewswire.com/NewsRoom/AttachmentNg/123921b3-032b-494c-9f58-664ad9fa532c https://www.globenewswire.com/NewsRoom/AttachmentNg/123921b3-032b-494c-9f58-664ad9fa532c https: //www.globenewa -4b4a-a6c3-823880744296 Media Contacts:
Amy Summers
212-757-3419 or
Field Publicity.

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People Willing to Risk Their Lives for the COVID Vaccine. Should We Leave Them? | Instant News

There are currently more than 3,900 people who want to be infected with the new corona virus – if that can mean developing a vaccine faster.

Volunteers have registered through grassroots organizations 1 Day Fast to show their support for trials of human challenges, a kind of study in which subjects are deliberately exposed to pathogens to see whether a treatment works. This is different from ordinary vaccine clinical trials, where people who are given new vaccines are waiting to be naturally infected – part of the reason why vaccine trials can take years.

While 1 Day Fast is not affiliated with any group that officially makes or studies a coronavirus vaccine, more researchers and lawmakers are talking about the potential benefits of conducting the trial. In March, Rutgers University bioethologist Nir Eyal argued Journal of Infectious Diseases that human challenge trials will accelerate the vaccine development process, and last week at VaccineStanley Plotkin, a vaccine expert at the University of Pennsylvania and Arthur Caplan, a bioethics at New York University, outlines how trials of the coronavirus challenge can be carried out. Also last week, a bipartisan group of 35 U.S. Representatives shipped a letter to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) who asked them to support trials of human challenges.

There is more than 70 vaccine candidates currently, but the most optimistic estimate of when a coronavirus vaccine might be available to the public is between March and August 2021. We have conducted studies of human challenges before for less deadly diseases, like influenza. But the risk of testing the challenge is real. In 2001, a 24-year-old woman died in a trial challenge for asthma treatment. Researchers who carry out human challenges say the COVID-19 trial will be more risky because there are so many we still don’t know yet about that.

“Where you will intentionally give someone a virus, you really want to understand the disease so you know that what you are doing is a reasonable risk,” Matthew Memoli, an immunologist at the US National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases who conducted the study human challenges to influenza, be told Science magazine.

Pandemic has changed or accelerated many basic processes that guide scientific research, from relying on precast study which is not reviewed by colleagues intervention testing without clinical trial evidence. Some scientists are worried about taking this shortcut can cause greater health risk and confusing data.

VICE spoke with Caplan, a bioethologist and co-author of Vaccine paper, about why he thinks trials of human challenges are still worth the risk.

This interview has been edited for length and clarity.

VICE: There’s a lot of discussion about best way to continue research and trials given we need solutions as soon as possible, but we also don’t want to put people in danger or do bad science. You and Stanley Plotkin write Vaccine that “extraordinary diseases require extraordinary solutions.” Can you define what you mean by “extraordinary?” What other situations from the past would you classify as extraordinary?
We have the most very contagious the virus we’ve seen, combined with a very serious, and serious death [health consequences] even if you survived. This is a public health challenge classified by the World Health Organization as “Public Health Emergency of International Concern”. When that is stated, that is the kind of trigger for me to call something extraordinary.

We have several precedents. Ebola threatened to become this. Swine flu, smallpox, yellow fever, polio. This is an infectious disease that creates a tremendous health burden that we have no care for and that has nothing to do but behavior modification – isolation, quarantine, that sort of thing.

What you are calling to respond to this is the study of human voluntary challenges. Can you explain what makes it different from typical vaccine clinical trials?
Usually in vaccine development, you start in the laboratory and you find something that seems to attack the virus in the Petri dish – either killing it or stopping it from growing, multiplying and attacking cells. Then you continue to try it on animals to see if what looks like it might be useful in dishes has any biological impact.

Then, you try it on human volunteers in safety studies. That’s usually only healthy volunteers and you want to see if there are adverse events at very low doses – you are not looking for any benefit or protection [from the virus]. Then you begin to increase [to] slightly larger dose.

The death toll shows there really is a strong ethical case to ask people if they are willing to do this.

Now you might start to see if vaccination does something that seems to trigger any type of immunity. If all of that works, and you’re still pretty sure nothing bad has happened, you go to a big trial for a vaccine. You see from time to time in people who are vaccinated, compared to a group of people who don’t get vaccinated, if they seem to get the disease less frequently and, if they get it, doesn’t it seem to be too severe?

But you depend on nature to infect those people. They just roam and do whatever they do. If they are infected, then you learn to see whether the group is less sick or less dead than the comparable group. And that can take years. That’s why vaccine development is slow.

Watch more from VICE:

Ongoing clinical trials currently taking place within this framework?

Yes Challenge studies try to shorten things in two ways. First, you can shorten animal study periods and jump to volunteer human beings and really challenge them to safety at a dose that you think is very low, but you haven’t really proven it in animals. It speeds you up for months.

You might limit who you try – people aged 20 to 35 years, because the mortality rate is much lower than older people. And obviously you will not do that to children because they cannot approve exposure to security without this kind of benefit.

If things look fine, instead of waiting for people to become naturally infected, which may take years to see a large number of cases, you deliberately give this disease to people who have been vaccinated to see if they are protected.

How do you decide what kind of volunteer to study human challenges that deserve?
First, you must have competent researchers. No one like Elon Musk or Peter Thiel made a vaccine study in the hotel room in Saint Kitts, which has happened. We do not want that. We need to have real and experienced vaccine experts do this. You must have people who can make very high-quality vaccine doses and the virus itself.

You need to have a place where you can let people stay so you can watch them and make sure that, at the first sign of trouble, they get medical or isolated treatment. You want to have some kind of special medical research facility.

Then you want to make sure that the people in this study are really physiologically fit. You should check and make sure they don’t have underlying diseases that might put them at higher risk [to the virus]. Then you want to make sure their agreement is okay. You want to make sure they get information about risks and that they can die.

You need to ask for approval several times to verify it and ask someone to see it as an advocate for that person. [and] who doesn’t care whether they register or not. Sometimes I call it a subject advocate. We use it in things like live kidney donations to ensure that the person really wants to do it.

Aside from the written agreement, I will make them answer quizzes that show that they really understand what is happening. You want to make sure if you will volunteer for a high-risk study that you really know what’s going on, you understand it won’t benefit you.

I don’t think we should go around deliberately injecting people.

In my view, you probably won’t pay them except for expenses because you don’t want people to register just for money. You will give them food and their housing, but you don’t want to give them an incentive to say, “Oh, I will sign up for this because they give me a million dollars.” You can compensate them for death, which is not only to appreciate their courage, but also to bring home the fact that you can die.

That is maybe someone could die doing this, and you argue in the paper that people will also die if the vaccine trials take too long. From an ethical standpoint, how do you make a comparison of the number of deaths? Is rationalization difficult to make in your mind when you are still talking about human life?
In this case, this is not a really difficult calculation. We already saw more than 50,000 deaths in the U.S. If we carry out the vaccinations as usual, maybe four to five years to complete everything. We suspect the virus will bounce back won’t get worse. That [death toll] shows that there really is a strong ethical case for asking people if they are willing to do this. There are groups that are formed to see if people want to do it. It’s called 1DaySooner and they already have more than thousands of people after only a week of searching.

1DaySooner is a grassroots effort that is not affiliated with any of the groups or companies that develop vaccines. What do you think about this initiative that comes from the community, rather than experts, and have you checked the approval process?
I have talked to them loosely. They haven’t reached the stage of developing the consent form, they just say: Are you willing to do this? This group has been involved with living organ donations, that’s the background of the founder, so they know a little about consent and do risky things to benefit others. But I really thought [experts should be involved]. You should really make this review carefully. I’m not even saying that this is a collection of people that you use, there may be many other people who volunteer.

During a pandemic, many of the ways we do other types of science have been accelerated, or changed. For example, we rely a lot on preprinted paper, partly out of necessity. But that means we cannot go through the normal peer-review process. We have gotten some very interesting jobs from it, but there are some problems too – like questions about French hydroxychloroquine study or Santa Clara antibody study . Is the study of human challenges in the same realm as this? Do you consider it a shortcut that could potentially cause several problems?

Challenge studies have been done in the past – it’s not like no one has ever done it. Even Walter Reed’s yellow fever experiment involves infecting Reed and his coworkers with mosquito bites from mosquitoes that are known to suffer from yellow fever. There have been studies of challenges for pollution, industrial products, household products.

What you have described is unusual for us to withstand except in extreme conditions. We have carried out a challenge study even without extreme conditions.

In Science, Alex London and Jonathan Kimmelman write paper entitled “Against the Pandemic of Exceptionalism Research,” where they argue that the crisis is not a reason to change our scientific standards.
And I agree, and show that the study of this challenge is not a change in science. We do not ask for approval or review. We do not call for abandoning the ethics that govern research. I don’t think we should go around deliberately injecting people. You don’t want to do this study in poor countries where they might be exploited. But it’s wrong to think that we have never done the research work of the challenges we have.

I see the difference that you are arguing about, that there is knowledge that is accelerated or rushed, but what you are talking about is riskier studies but not necessarily with lower scientific standards.
Exactly. I think people are worried, “Will they do this to prisoners or poor people?” Not. We are not debating the suspension of ethical rules on how to conduct experiments. We might argue that the risks / benefits facing the world justify offering opportunities, but no one will be forced, deceived, exploited.

So because testing human challenges carries a higher risk, study design and ethical considerations will be more stringent?
To the highest standard. There is no way you will launch [human challenge trial] without the best experts absolutely agree with the design. We cannot allow confusing results about the only thing that will ultimately save us from this plague.

And, as strange as it may seem, the toughest ethical questions don’t just ask someone to approve, be competent in the information way. I think we can get it, I’m sure we can get it. Look at the type of work people are already doing: First responders enter with inadequate equipment and take the same risks as we talked about. Those people are out there, we call them heroes.

What I’m worried about is that we better know that science is good enough so that we can get its benefits quickly enough. manufacture which in our opinion is worth doing. Maybe you get an amazing vaccine and it takes five years to produce one million. It is not good. You don’t ask people to take it [infection] risk if you can never make goods in bulk.

The stakes are too high to pursue a number of different vaccines and try to test them all. We have to do it right which is the best. Knowing, by the way, we almost never get anywhere near 100 percent efficacy. We will make a decision: If you do a challenge study and say 60 percent of people respond. Is that good enough? I want to have that problem. But that is a problem.

We cannot allow confusing results about the only thing that will ultimately save us from this plague.

So we have to watch lots of people just to make sure there are no side effects from the vaccine later. And we can make this in large enough quantities that will make a difference.

What you are making, ethically, is from some of the more radical claims that taking risks is commensurate, such as reopening Southern countries or the mayor of Las Vegas offer the entire population of the city as a control group to see what happens when people don’t have social distance.
If someone offers their city, offers their grandparents, to try, I think they should go first. I mean, this is ridiculous. You don’t volunteer others. You don’t say, “Hey, people who own casinos in my city are willing to kill labor.” Come on

That looks like a good ethical bottom line: You don’t volunteer for others.
You cannot decide to let this thing sweep and destroy the weak. And that is easier [suggest] if you will be isolated inside a hotel with pretty good room service or live in a big house on the outskirts of town.

There is another situation here that is, while we are lamenting the stretch of research in trying to get quick answers to various crackling antiviral drugs, we at the same time allow the president to stand for two hours every day and direct absolute nonsense to the population without anyone standing in there to improve the calculation of risks and benefits. Instead, we try to interpret whether Tony Fauci grimaces or Dr. Birx frowned. In a society that is willing to tolerate let people poison yourself because they are afraid of taking the presidency, arguing about the study of challenges seems rather luxurious.

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The First Person Died of Coronavirus in A. 3 Weeks Before We Think. This Is What We Know About Him. | Instant News

New tissue samples confirm that coronavirus claims its first victim in the US much earlier than previously reported.

Medical experts at the Santa Clara County Public Health Department have found that a 57-year-old woman named Patricia Dowd died of COVID-19 at her home in the Bay Area on February 6. It was three weeks and two days before officials thought the deadly respiratory disease was claiming the first victim in the US on February 29.

This is what we know about Dowd.

He is not alone

Dowd was not the only person who died before 29 February who tested positive for COVID-19.

An autopsy of a 69-year-old Bay Area man who died on February 17 confirmed that he also died of the disease, according to the Santa Clara County health department. A third person, a 70-year-old man who died on March 6, was also confirmed dead due to COVID-19. It was three days before Santa Clara County reported what was believed to be the death of its first corona virus.

News of an early death related to the corona virus is further evidence that the absence of federal action allows deadly diseases to spread more quickly – even though government officials, including President Donald Trump, say that the government’s response is adequate.

California Governor Gavin Newsom has ordered that more posthumous tests be carried out to determine how early the corona virus gets to the US.

He often travels abroad

Dowd is a frequent, public hobbyist at Lam Research, a semi-conductor company where he works as a manager, according to the Los Angeles Times. He even plans to visit China later this year.

He had never been anywhere in the months before his death, according to Santa Clara County medical chief Dr. Sara Cody, ruled out the possibility that she had contracted a disease abroad.

“We suspect that each of them represents community transmission and that there are some significant levels of the virus that circulated in our community in early February,” Cody told reporters on Tuesday.

It is unclear whether Dowd has traveled in the state of California. A spokesman for Santa Clara County Public Health told VICE News that Dowd’s death and whereabouts in the weeks before his death were still being investigated.

There were 37,787 cases of the corona virus in the state of California on Thursday afternoon, making it the fourth highest number of cases after New York, New Jersey and Massachusetts. A total of 1,438 Californians have died due to symptoms related to COVID-19.

He has flu-like symptoms

In fact, as many as 25% of people infected with the corona virus experience some or no symptoms, according to the Associated Press, Dowd’s older brother, Rick Cabello to the Los Angeles Times that he is not one of them.

Dowd called his brother just five days before he died and told him he felt sick and would cancel his plans to attend the funeral that weekend.

“He feels unwell, which is very unusual for him,” said Cabello. “I remember him specifically saying, ‘I’m not feeling well.'”

The Dowd family initially concluded that he died of a heart attack.

He lives a healthy and active lifestyle

Coronavirus has become the most deadly for people with pre-existing conditions that affect the immune system and breathing. Based on U.S. Disease Control and Prevention Center, Americans with asthma, diabetes, various forms of cancer and other chronic diseases must avoid contact with anyone who is infected.

In the case of Patricia Dowd, none of these conditions seemed to be a factor. The 57-year-old man not only had a health certificate before he suddenly fell ill; he has a long history of living an active and healthy lifestyle.

“He was an athlete in his high school years, he was always active,” Cabello told CNN during an interview broadcast Wednesday.

The Los Angeles Times also reported that he did not smoke, took a healthy diet, exercised regularly, and did not use any drugs before his death.

Cover: White crosses that limit the area for new burials are scattered in the Maggiore cemetery in Milan, Italy, Thursday, April 23, 2020. (Claudio Furlan / LaPresse via AP)

This article originally appeared on VICE US.


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Professor UH was chosen to share his expertise on sexuality in the fashion industry | Instant News

Andy Reilly

University Hawaii at the College of Tropical Agriculture and Human Resources Mānoa Fashion Design and Merchandising Professor Andy Reilly received into Fulbright Specialist Program, where it will be matched with institutions around the world to serve as short-term visiting experts and collaborators in research or teaching.

Reilly’s specialty is the intersection of sexuality, sex and clothing, and post-postmodern theory as applied to appearance and the fashion industry. His research investigates issues related to appearance around gender and sexual identity. He tested and developed new theories about fashion adoption, fashion change, and the consequences of fashion-related behavior.

Fulbright specialists are selected competitively for their achievements and ways they can contribute to their profession. They are paired with international host agencies to provide a two to six week assistance program.

Said Reilly, “I look forward to serving as a Fulbright Specialist because I want to contribute my knowledge, exchange ideas and information from other cultures, and build sustainable networks and partnerships with scholars and international schools. I want to encourage and guide novice educators and researchers. ”

And he has many ideas about how he can help. “I can give a seminar or guest lecture about clothes on LGBTQ community, including semiotic structure and aesthetic identity; clothing needs and transgender consumer problems; or postmodern theories and perspectives related to the fashion industry, “Reilly offered. “I can help with curriculum development for the social-psychology classes of clothing or the fashion industry in the post-postmodern era.”

Although this program has been postponed until it is safe to travel again, Reilly is eager to start working with other institutions in the future.


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The owner of this LGBTQ Travel Business is estimated to lose $ 300,000 in income | Instant News

Travel ambassadors, influencers, editors, public speakers, brand consultants, Meg Ten Eyck is the power … [+] must be taken into account in the strange travel media space.

Meg Ten Eyck

I have known Meg Ten Eyck for years. He has always been a force in the travel room and someone I really respect. One minute he advised Belmond Hotels as a member of their LGBTQ Advisory Board, the next he traveled with Contiki as LGBTQ Brand Ambassador, after which he became a model for the collaboration of Rihanna’s Savage x Fenty.
He is in demand. And that’s because she’s a very impressive businesswoman.
In addition to launching, growing, and running the biggest travel website for queer women over the years, his attention today has shifted to launching a new global platform dedicated to the strange travel community, one of the fastest growing communities in the travel industry.
In addition, he is an LGBTQ Brand Ambassador for two travel brands, a content marketing director and consultant for two travel brands, an LGBTQ Professional Development Training leader, a writer, content creator, business coach, and public speaker. He is also preparing to launch a podcast. (See why I’m such a fan?)

And like everyone else in the travel industry, when coronaviruses begin to spread, stop travel and bring the industry as a whole to a hard and unforgivable stop, things inevitably begin to happen. The majority of projects were postponed indefinitely. The contract is canceled. Public speaking involvement never happened. His life’s work is twisted that none of us see him coming in just a few short weeks.
This is a devastating situation. And not only because of the amount of income Meg predicted, this would make him lose. “It’s hard to determine the exact amount lost, but I estimate around $ 300,000 over the next 12-18 months. It could be more when you consider opportunity costs. ”

Opportunity costs that include new content campaigns, consulting opportunities and more. All from meetings and conferences in public speaking, he should be present in the coming months. He, and still is, in the process of doing research and writing his second book, which will bring more opportunities to speak, to continue the cycle.
“COVID-19 kept us locked during the right time. I will speak at conferences, hold the 2021 project, and organize my summer advertising campaigns – including Pride Month – my busiest month of the year.”
Now, Meg said, “my entire lifestyle, home and business model has changed. I have to postpone accepting work from freelance contributors to my digital platform, I release two virtual assistants, and I postpone work on all video projects due to the costs of video editing services. I have been able to retain some of the contractors that I have been working on for years but with far less volume. Luckily, I have several dedicated clients who are still attached to me. ”
One of those companies is Travel Curator, a luxury travel concierge service who just relaunched their website this morning, reshaping their business model as well.
“Their founder Melanie Brandman has been a savior grace during a difficult time. He hired me as a consultant to rebuild their content marketing strategy and stay true to his commitments with me. He strongly believes that the travel industry will recover and will return stronger than before. I agree with him. Eventually, people will start traveling again. ”
And they are right. The travel industry will eventually revive. Only a matter of when.
So, in the meantime, Meg made the most of this forced holiday. He used the time to regroup and make new strategies for himself and his business in the world after coronavirus. AC life, if you want.
“Last year, a large portion of my income came from a combination of brand contracts, passive income generated from affiliate marketing, and public speaking opportunities. This year, most of my opportunities through income streams have dried up or been delayed. I was lucky because I had a lot of expertise in digital marketing, consulting and content and had years of experience turning and throwing jobs in various fields. I can compensate for the lack of work in content creation through my knowledge of content marketing and SEO strategies. I benefit because I am used to doing work, have a large network, and know how to negotiate. If anything, this experience has shown me firsthand how important that skill is but also how important it is to diversify your income stream and have a safety net. ”
When asked about peculiar media niches in particular, and their impact on the corona virus will have short and long-term effects on these individuals and businesses specifically, he said, “people in the media are really scared. Many of us rely on products that promote brands during the Pride season, live events and LGBTQ bars to fund a large portion of our advertising revenue. This year we anticipate that most Pride celebrations will be canceled with questions remaining about whether retail brands will still be releasing their rainbow product lines this year or not. Media queues already lack funds to get started.
I have seen efforts to make digital Pride celebrations with the Gayborhood Agency. One of the things most people don’t realize is that Pride is funded and planned a year before with a large company sponsor paying bills for most celebrations. Sponsor checks are used to pay for things like event permits, staging, lighting, sound systems, advertisements, and other expenses needed. Most of the money has been spent with Pride in a few more months. So, what happens when Pride is no longer possible? Does the Pride committee have to return the brand? That would make most of the local Pride organizations go bankrupt. Unfortunately, I anticipate this to be somewhat damaging to the industry. ”
I asked how we could support not only Meg but also the strange travel business at the moment. The answer is simple.
“It’s free to read our content, share our articles, like posting us on social media, and leave comments. If you have funds, buy products from our affiliate link or recommend us to someone who might need the work we do. ”
Here are five of Meg’s strange travel websites that you can read and support online now:
You can support Meg by visiting EveryQueer.com and give it a follow on Instagram at @megteneyck.

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‘Friday’ singer Rebecca Black opens about sexuality | Instant News

Rebecca Black said she “made a conscious decision not to, like ‘out'” but has only recently begun to open up about her relationship with other women.

The singer “Friday” recently appeared on the Internet Podcast “Straight Dating”, where he talked with co-hosts Jack Dodge and Amy Ordman about his recent separation from a woman and why he decided to start opening up about his sexuality.

“People started asking questions and I stopped not responding. “I’m still in the process, it feels like,” he told them.

When asked about his sexual identity, Black, 22, told the host that he had many conversations with himself, his friends and his family about the question.

“To me the word ‘strange’ feels very pleasant,” he said. “I have dated many different types of people and I don’t know what will happen in the future. Some days I felt a little more on the gay side than others. “

The pop star shared that she is taking a break from dating for now.

“I don’t really want to date right now, but even if I do, I have no choice,” he laughed, referring to the order to stay at home now because of the coronavirus pandemic.

Black became a hit in 2011 after his video for his song “Friday” went viral. He recently released two new singles, and posted to him Youtube channel, where it has nearly 1.5 million customers and shares everything from mental health to fashion and beauty are important.


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Rebecca Black Out as Queer | Instant News

Rebecca Black has revealed that he identified himself as a freak.

Although black previous talking about the fact that her sexuality is on the spectrum, she recently appeared on Jack Dodge and Amy Ordman Straight dating podcast to talk about his love life in a little more detail. However, when he explained that he “made a conscious decision not to, like, ‘get out,'” by returning to the spotlight, conversations about his personal life had arisen.

“People started asking questions and I stopped not responding. I was still in the process, it felt like,” he said, before alluding to the limiting nature of labels, especially because he felt his feelings keep changing.

“Every day is different, it is something that for the past few years I have clearly had many conversations with myself … and with you, my friends and family,” Black said. “For me, the word ‘strange’ feels very pleasant. I have dated many different types of people, and I really don’t know what will happen in the future. Some days, I feel a little more on the ‘gay’ side than another. “

Not only that, but Black also revealed that he had just broken up with his girlfriend – events that he said stemmed from his need to “time alone. Not from them, but only in general.” For that, he goes on to say that he doesn’t really want to date at the moment.

And although he admitted that “this is a strange time to break up,” Black said that they were still in touch and trying to support each other during this probation. Indeed, he also added that being in isolation reaffirmed his desire to remain single for now, especially since he “had no choice, unless I wanted to get Raya and Skype Date people.”

Watch the entire interview, below.


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167 – SHOWBIZ Sam Smith, Performance, pro-trans song, Colton Underwood, Shea Coulee – Gay Lesbian Bi Trans News Archive | Instant News

Singer Sam Smith will postpone the release of their third album, To Die For, so that it can be renamed because of the ongoing pandemic COVID-19 virus, the LGBTQ Nation noted. “I have been doing a lot of thought over the last few weeks and feel that the album’s title and future releases don’t feel right,” they wrote in a statement, “so I came to the decision to continue working on the album, and made some important changes and additions. “

Given the suspension of production operations due to the COVID-19 virus, Showtime has made scheduling adjustments regarding some of its shows, a press release notes. Black Monday will air through the sixth episode of its second season on Sunday, April 12, then return with the last four episodes of the season; and Billion will premiere its fifth season on Sunday, May 3, and show its first seven episodes. In addition, The Chi’s inaugural season will rise until Sunday, June 21, with all three seasons running without interruption. Finally, the entire Penny Dreadful season: City of Angels is currently scheduled to start with the season premiere on Sunday, April 26.

Canvasback Records / Atlantic Records announced the release of “I Am Samantha,” from singer-songwriter Benjamin Scheuer, a press release noted. The song – released on the International Trans Day of Visibility (March 31) – tells the real life journey of Samantha Williams, a transgender woman who Scheuer first met and made friends at a coffee shop in New York City. Video (at youtu.be/tQWwpzck8Tk ) featuring 27 trans actors (believed to be the largest trans cast assembled to date). Visuals are also led by all-women, LGBTQ, and / or color crew people. Famous cast members include Monica Helms (creator of the pride of transvestite flags) and Skyler Jay (second season of Queer Eye).

Former Bachelor star Colton Underwood talks about his question about sexuality in his new book, The First Time: Finding Yourself and Looking for Love on Reality TV – and now he says he knows he is honest, CNN.com note down. “[The show taught me] that I’m honest and I’m very, very interested in Cassie [Randolph] and women – but it would be fine if the opposite, “Underwood told Entertainment Tonight.” I think that is the biggest message I have for people. “Underwood, 28, was the first bachelor in the event, after initially sharing that he was a Christian and waiting when he competed for Becca Kufrin’s heart during the 2018 season at The Bachelorette.

RuPaul Drag Race alumni Shea Coulee urged fans to look after each other after her cousin died of coronavirus, PinkNews said. Coulee, who first appeared in the ninth season of RuPaul’s Drag Race, wrote March 17 in a tweet that is now deleted: “I just found out that my cousin died today from a coronavirus.” He added, “This is serious. Please keep everything safe.”

The true-crime music and podcast, Disgraceland, continues its fifth season with a new episode about Little Richard, the press release said. This episode is distributed through the iHeartPodcast Network starting March 31 and can be heard now in the iHeartRadio application and wherever podcasts are available. So far in season five, host Jake Brennan has released an epic two-part episode about Guns N ‘Roses and an episode focusing on Jay-Z. The episode of Little Richard is at https://www.iheart.com/podcast/268-disgraceland-28939183.

Openly gay actor Wilson Cruz called the actor directly playing the role of the LGBTQ “bait of appreciation,” noted Queerty. Speaking with the Exit In New Jersey, Cruz said, “I think what LGBTQ actors bring to the LGBTQ role is different; only something innate and living inside emerges, but that does not mean that straight actors cannot provide strong” What what worries me is when a production will employ straight actors to play that role because some assume that because they are straight actors it is far more difficult to take this role. So that’s bait bait. “

Mike Doyle – an actor who is the director of the new queer film Almost Love – said he was sick of seeing straight actors who played gay characters “applauding their courage,” PinkNews said, citing Variety’s interview. – the younger brother of Chris Evans – and Augustus Prew. “We are actors so we can do many things. It is very important to me that the two stars are loud and proud,” Doyle told Variety.

Oscar winner Halle Berry shares a rare home video about her 6-year-old son Maceo-Robert spending time playing at her mother’s pump – and finally dealing with criticism, Yahoo! note down. “Fun is not dangerous. Tryna survive now. Do you feel me ?,” Actress John Wick 3 responds to one user. In another response, the mother of two children said, “This is very strict with these children now. Let’s laugh and feel sorry!”

Lady Gaga said she had raised $ 35 million to help fight the corona virus – and joined the World Health Organization for a virtual concert that would serve as a “moment of global unity” amid a pandemic, Page Six said. The singer of “Bad Romance” announced that he had called “the greatest artists in the world” – including Elton John, Lizzo and Billie Eilish – for two special hours “Together at Home”, scheduled for April 18. afternoon ET special will be seen and heard on major broadcast and cable networks – such as ABC, NBC and CBS – as well as digital music providers.

Television premieres of the highly successful film Hustlers will air on Showtime on Saturday, April 25, a press release noted. Flm netted star Jennifer Lopez her first Golden Globe nomination since Selena in 1998. Inspired by a viral New York Magazine article, the film follows the crew of former smart strip club employees who banded together to turn things around on their Wall Street clients. The ensemble performers included Jennifer Lopez, Constance Wu (Rich Asian Rich), Julia Stiles (Dexter), television personality Keke Palmer, Lili Reinhart (Riverdale), and music superstars Lizzo and Cardi B.

The Tribeca Film Festival, presented by AT&T, announced that programming selected from the 19th annual Festival will be presented online, according to a press release. Judges’ awards for the feature and shorts category will be given by judges who will select the winner to be announced TribecaFilm.com in the original festival date window, April 15-26. The jury included leaders of the creative community including Danny Boyle, Aparna Nancherla, Regina Hall, Yance Ford, Lucas Hedges, Pamela Adlon, Marti Noxon, Asia Kate Dillon and Sheila Nevins.

Musical Andrew Lloyd Webber is streaming online for free, Broadway World announced. A new YouTube channel has been launched, called The Shows Must Go On! Every week, new musicals will be released and broadcast live on the channel – but will only be available for 48 hours. Joseph and Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat flows April 3, with upcoming performances including Cats, Jesus Christ Superstar, The Phantom of the Opera, Love Never Dies and more.

Capitol Records released Troye Sivan’s new single, “Take Yourself Home,” the press release noted. It was produced by Oscar Gorres, who also led Sivan’s gold-certified hit “My My My!” from Bloom; and “I’m so tired …,” his platinum collaboration with Lauv. In addition, Sivan has also launched three T-shirts, designed by @jacktaylorlovatt and @Lanning and sourced from Instagram, with all proceeds going to the WHO COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund and the COVID-19 Music Relief Spotify project.

Christopher Meloni will repeat the role of Law & Order: the role of SVU Detective Elliot Stabler as the leader of the new Dick Wolf series, EW.com note down. The 13-episode drama is said to revolve around Stabler leading the NYPD organized crime unit — which means there might be a Stabler-Benson reunion (Benson, who heads the entire division, is played by Mariska Hargitay on Law & Order: SVU). “SVU” is extended this year for three more seasons.

Hollywood – a limited series from Ryan Murphy and Ian Brennan – will premiere on Netflix on May 1, the press release noted. The series follows a group of aspiring actors and filmmakers in Hollywood after World War II as they try to make it in Tinseltown – no matter the cost. Players include Darren Criss, Jeremy Pope, Samara Weaving, Laura Harrier, Jim Parsons, Dylan McDermott, Holland Taylor and Patti LuPone, among others. See Netflix.com/Hollywood.

The American Film Institute (AFI) announced the launch of the AFI Movie Club, a daily virtual meeting, according to a press release. AFI Trustee Steven Spielberg introduces his first film, The Wizard of Oz. Daily film choices will be supported by fun facts, family discussion points and exclusive material from the AFI Archive. Viewers can “gather” at AFI.com/MovieClub to see today’s featured films by using a pre-existing streaming service.

MTV announced that fans will have front row seats for shows by Shaggy, Alessia Cara, Jewel, Melissa Etheridge, Monsta X, Bazzi, CNCO and FINNEAS – while keeping social distance safe – during the special edition of the award-winning “MTV Unplugged” franchise, ” MTV Unplugged at Home, “the press release noted. It starts April 2 with Cara and will continue regularly, and performances will be available for streaming on MTV YouTube, Instagram and Twitter, with additional artists to be announced at a later date. These actions followed Grammy winner Wyclef Jean, UK recording artist Yungblud and multi-platinum pop / R&B singer JoJo.

The Fall Out Boy group announced it would donate $ 100,000 to support the COVID-19 response effort in Chicago, where the group was founded more than a decade ago, TheHill.com note down. The group said in an Instagram post over the weekend that they would make a donation through The Fall Out Boy Fund, which was first launched in 2017 and described at the time as “a way for us to give back to Chicago, the city that has given so much to us. “

Out Walking Dead actor, Daniel Newman, said he received a $ 9116 bill for the coronavirus test, but he never got the results – and, in fact, the test was never even processed, LGBTQ Nation noted. Newman insurance companies refuse to cover costs and while the new law passed requires insurance companies to waive the distribution of costs for corona virus testing, Newman sought medical help before the law was passed. Some insurance companies – such as Cigna, Humana, CareFirst, and Aetna – ignore all testing and maintenance.

Singer Pink revealed on social media that he had tested positive for COVID-19 – although a second test, which was carried out several days later, showed that he and his family were “fortunately negative now,” The Hollywood Reporter noted. Pink called testing “an absolute parody,” adding that it was “the failure of our government not to make testing more accessible. The disease is serious and real.” To help make testing more accessible, he announced that he was giving a $ 1 million donation to support frontline health workers.

After the COVID-19 pandemic, singer Michael Buble delayed several additional dates for his “Night Tour with Michael Buble” which was scheduled to resume in Anaheim, California on May 2, a press release noted. Rescheduled dates for the entire tour will be announced as soon as possible.

Miley Cyrus and her boyfriend, singer Cody Simpson, made a special taco delivery over the weekend to health workers, Page Six noted. The couple dropped 120 tacos at Providence Cedars-Sinai Tarzana Medical Center in Tarzana, California, according to E! News.

Demi Lovato launched his new Fabletics collection on Thursday, with $ 5 of each item sold – up to $ 125,000 – going to the COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund of the World Health Organization, Page Six Style noted. Lovato acknowledged that he “thought hard to delay the launch,” but finally realized that “there is no better time to inspire others with my capsules, which are always about channeling your inner strength.”

DJ Khaled and We The Best Foundation from Nicole Tuck, with Direct Relief and Simples, will bring additional supplies to frontline health workers at New York and Miami hospitals, The Jasmine Brand noted. Inspired by Miami friends and designers based on the story of Gelareh Mizrahi, whose brothers are at the forefront of the Brooklyn Hospital, Khaled and Tuck joined in their efforts and have worked with Direct Relief to provide them with the most vulnerable equipment they need. Their combined effort provided more than 10,000 masks, gloves and dozens of PPE kits for health workers.

Enemy Radio – a Public Enemy DJ + MC auxiliary unit consisting of Chuck D, DJ Lord, Jahi, and S1Ws – released their debut album Loud Is Not Enough, a noted press release. The album was led by the single “Food As a Machine Gun,” which featured special guests: Public Enemy (including Chuck D and Flavor Flav), revealing a trick inspired by War of the Worlds which began on March 1 when Chuck D announced Flav would not again became part of the iconic group after a public dispute. “I watched Orson Welles ‘War of the Worlds’ from 1938 when he pulled wool into the public eye when they put 100% trust in radio technology,” explained Chuck.

After revealing the reasons behind his decades-long absence from music in a February social media post, Grammy-winning singer Duffy (known for his hit song “Mercy”) further details the gruesome ordeal that frustrated his life and career, EW.com reported. In a long and emotional blog post, he outlined an earlier social media post in which he revealed he was “raped, sedated and detained for several days.” In the years since the attack, he has focused on recovery and has moved away from the limelight.

Football player Carli Lloyd defends himself against people who criticize him for posting photos of his new car on social media, Yahoo! Sports recorded. The FIFA World Player of the Year twice shared photos on Twitter on the new Volkswagen Atlas Cross Sport 2020. (US Soccer and Volkswagen announced a three-year partnership in January 2019 ahead of the USWNT World Cup victory.) Some fans called the photo “with low taste” and “tone deaf” because of the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic that has killed the country. Lloyd then said, “I chose to smile at what happened. [The vehicle] for giving me a new appreciation for life. “

Val Kilmer said that when she was diagnosed with throat cancer in 2015, she was happy to have her best friend Cher by her side, Yahoo! note down. In his new memoir, I’m Your Huckleberry, Kilmer opens for the first time about his health crisis and writes how Cher, whom he dated in the early 1980s, helped him through his darkest few days. The music icon invites Kilmer to stay at his guest house while his health deteriorates – and even remembers how Cher examined a handsome paramedic who had to take care of him.

Bill Withers – Grammy award-winning soul singer and songwriter who scored smash singles such as the icon ‘Lean on Me, “” Lovely Day “and” Ain’t No Sunshine When You’re Gone “- died at the age of 81, Deadline noted.” Lean on Me “was featured on the inauguration of presidents Bill Clinton and Barack Obama, and the song and” Ain’t No Sunshine “were both ranked in the 200s on the 2004 list of Rolling Stone’s Greatest Songs of All Time.

Paramount made several changes to the release date given the unexpected coronavirus climate, the Deadline noted. The long-awaited sequel to Tom Cruise Skydance Top Gun Maverick will now air on Wednesday, December 23, 2020, instead of June 24 – pushing the scyd-fi film Chris Pratt sci-fi The Tomorrow War to an undetermined date. Also, The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge on the Run will debut on Friday, July 31, instead of Friday, May 22; This move puts a film show on the release date after Sony / Marvel’s Morbius leave for March 19, 2021.

The Kelly Clarkson Show produces one full episode per week from Montana, where host Kelly Clarkson has taken refuge with her family during the coronavirus pandemic, Deadline said. Clarkson will conduct virtual interviews with celebrities and people from the community who do their part. There will be more installments on “The Kellyoke Bathroom.”

When the Conners second season died down, ABC comedy had taken a big step towards pickup the third season, Deadline noted. The four main cast members of the Roseanne spin-off – Sara Gilbert (who also serves as executive producer), John Goodman, Laurie Metcalf, and Lecy Goranson – closed a new agreement to return next season. Because of the origin of the show, as a spin-off from Roseanne’s revival, the cast of The Conners did not have a standard six-year contract, but instead was signed year after year.

Artsploitation Films announced the acquisition of British gay / romance comedy Benjamin, according to a press release. The story line is as follows: Film director Indie Benjamin (played by Colin Morgan) nervously gets ready for the premiere of his second film when he meets and falls in love with Noah (Phenix Brossard), a young French musician. The film will be released on DVD and VOD / Streaming on August 25.

Paramount has announced that Top Gun: Maverick’s release date is being pushed to December 23, Movieweb noted. (The highly anticipated sequel will initially fly to theaters June 24). Warner Bros is holding fast to Wonder Woman 1984, which will be released in mid-August. Marvel Studios hasn’t revealed when they will extinguish Black Widow.

Several actors were confirmed to return to / appear on Disney + The Mandalorian for their second season, CinemaBlend.com note down. They include Pedro Pascal, Rosario Dawson, Gina Carano, Carl Weathers, Bill Burr, Giancarlo Esposito and Michael Biehn.

Among Kino Lorber May’s video releases was Susan Sontag’s Duet For Cannibals, according to a press release. (The date of the road is May 26). Sontag – an essayist, novelist, critic, cinema and intellectual – debuted as a director with a psychological comedy in 1969, the result of a Swedish studio invitation for him to make a film in Stockholm. The film is about the quadrilateral relationship between the arrogant revolutionary German intellectual exile, his elegant wife, their Swedish student secretary and the sincere bride-to-be secretary.

The late Los Angeles Lakers, Kobe Bryant, received a quick reception to the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame, Deadline reported. (Basketball Hall of Fame usually has a waiting period of three years from the end of a player’s career for induction consideration. Bryant died in a helicopter crash in January along with one of his daughters and seven others.) Bryant will join Kevin Garnett and Tim Duncan as inaugurated this year .

Dwayne Johnson confirmed that Hobbs and Shaw 2 are currently in the works, Movieweb noted. During an Instagram chat with fans, possible sequel subjects for Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw appear. Johnson revealed the team was developing the next entry and that the creative team was being gathered.

DJ / producer / businessman Steve Aoki released his star-studded installment Neon Future IV with the single “I Love My Friends”, which featured the electro-Swedish DJ duo Icona Pop, a press release noted. Neon Future IV (which has 27 songs) features music from many collaborators across global genres, including names such as Tory Lanez, Mike Shinoda, Lights, Desiigner, AGNEZ MO and actress / singer Zooey Deschanel, among others.


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