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Indian fashion designer Satya Paul dies at age 79 | Mode | Instant News

Satya Paul, the Indian fashion designer who invented the modern sari, has passed away at the age of 79. Her son, Puneet Nanda, said in a Facebook posts that the designer had suffered a stroke in early December are yet to recover.

Satya Paul designs at the Bridal Asia exhibition in New Delhi, 2004.Photo: Raveendran / AFP / Getty Images

Paul revolutionized the idea of ​​saris for Indian women, transcending a utilitarian ethos. He uses experimental touches such as geometric patterns, and such unexpected fabrics also and tussar silk, chiffon and crepe, to revitalize the silhouette.

Paul also pioneered the “trouser sari” – the touchstone of modern independence for Indian women and a sharp departure from traditional styles Banarasi sari.

“I’ve always thought of him as an artist,” designer Kaushik Velendra said the Guardian. He works with color like a painter.

Paul was born in 1942 in Layyah, in what is now Pakistan, before his family moved to India. “My family was uprooted from Pakistan and landed in India with nothing in hand,” he said Indian DNA magazine. He began his career in retail, before moving into the niche Indian heritage market which he exported to Europe and the US.

With no formal design training, he launched his first sari boutique, L’Affaire, in 1980. “I had to teach myself about design and quality, because I wasn’t satisfied with just trading,” he told DNA. India.

Satya Paul's creation at the Lakme Indian Fashion Week in New Delhi, April 2005.

Satya Paul’s work at the Lakme Indian Fashion Week in New Delhi, April 2005.Photo: Christophe Archambault / AFP / Getty Images

In 1986 he started his eponymous label. Worn by Indian celebrities such as Aishwarya Rai, Mandira Bedi, Karisma Kapoor, Kareena Kapoor and Vidya Balan, it has become one of the most famous fashion brands in the country. “Design is like a river to me,” he told Indian DNA. “It’s continuous.”

The label diversified into other products including ties – which became known as saris – and dresses, bags, scarves and kaftans.

In essence, the Satya Paul brand is about “making people feel better about themselves by wearing their clothes. That’s the best way he represents what India stands for, “said Velendra.

Paul and son Nanda, who partnered with him, left the company in 2010.

Satya Paul Show at Kolkata Fashion Week, September 2009.

Satya Paul Performance at Kolkata Fashion Week, September 2009. Photo: Deshakalyan Chowdhury / AFP / Getty Images

Designer Osman Yousefzada told the Guardian: “Growing up in Birmingham in the 90’s, there was [a] the sari emporium on Stratford Road which is the mecca of the sari. It was selling Satya Paul and wealthy immigrants to go and try on their beautiful fabrics in their new gray homeland. Her use of colors and fabrics has always inspired me. “

Post on Instagram, designer Masaba Gupta highlighting the importance of Paul’s legacy, writing that the designer is “a living example of a true (domestically-grown) brand: put it in the hands of the company at the right time and one that has a signature that will stand the test of time. Fashion school – introduce young Indian design candidates for this brand in schools and various other local brands. We can be inspired by the Chanel story… but we have to learn what happened in our land first. “

Velendra said Paul has changed fashion in India by putting his stamp on everything he designs, no matter how big or small. “[Paul’s] “Personal involvement in everything is a benchmark followed by many other designers,” he said. “Even if it’s commercial, even if it’s wasteful, it’s personal. In that context, he created an example of how we all should work. It is something that will never be forgotten. “


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LBD out, kitchen disco at: NYE 2020 pandemic party trends | Mode | Instant News

In any normal year, the festive season is the most stylish calendar period. But in party season without parties, what about those party dresses?

With celebrations limited by coronavirus restrictions and many families choosing not to risk getting together, and with bars and restaurants closed in many areas, this year’s New Year’s celebrations will be small-scale and home-based. Result of, LBD has been replaced by a new dress code: kitchen disco outfit. Cocktail skirts, tailoring, and heels are out and fancy pajamas, velvet sandals, and sparkling knitwear are also coming in.

Dancing, however, is still permitted, albeit under kitchen spotlights and Christmas tree fairy lights rather than sparkling balls. 2020 kitchen disco scene icon including Nigella Lawson, perched on the stairs tucked into a caramel cream on a recent BBC cooking show, and Stanley Tucci mends negroni for his wife on Instagram during the lockdown. Regardless of the disco tag, Bianca Jagger rides a White horse Into Studio 54 isn’t where these parties are held – although Truman Capote, who loves to hit the club’s dance floor in a fancy makeup dress and monogrammed velvet sandals, can be said to be featured on the mood board.

This year, the best-selling look in John Lewis’s 12 Days of Christmas Dressing collection is a two-piece kitchen disco by Hush, with a gunmetal sequin sweater and trousers in the style of matching silk sportswear. The head of women’s clothing, Jo Bennett, said she “couldn’t wait to dance around the house with my boy” in it, for “a little joy and a little escape moment”.

On River Island, the social media sensation of this winter collection is £ 83 worth of silk pajamas with removable fleece embellishments for the cuffs and hems, which sell out on a daily basis, covering every ball gown on offer. Meanwhile at Primark, a £ 35 cocktail trolley featuring brass rails, mirror shelves and champagne flute racks, so small as to fit into a modest kitchen, has flown out of the shop.

Even if they have a party they can attend, shoppers who have spent most of the time in casual wear will probably put up with the Spanx, uncomfortable high heels, or the desperate hunt for unlabelled socks. By leaning on the home comforts of a pajama-based look or a workout outfit, disco kitchen fashions make for a virtue of staying.

The freedom to wear elastic waist and stretch fabrics is one of them some locking luxuriescomfort is emerging as a top priority for buyers in 2021. Joseph Altuzarra is one of many designers focused on soft fabrics and non-constrictive silhouettes in collections entering 2021, believing that “after spending months with sweatpants, people definitely want to feel comfortable ”.

The kitchen disco dress code is a mirror for consumer psychology and a clever marketing tactic on the part of the retailer. During the summer, brands like Kitridesigned by Haeni Kim, made the strategic decision to move away from bringing “event” clothing to the market in December and towards stylish clothing that would appeal to a domestic environment. A £ 49 “Elisa Rose” crochet knit camisole featured in the holiday outfit edit is styled for the Kitri website in an at-home setting with a cardigan and knit runner, described as “a very soft conversation piece”.

Formal wear has traditionally been bought with a specific occasion in mind, and with parts of the UK continuing to shift unpredictably between COVID-19 restrictions through 2021, the versatility of dress-up underwear or underlines the appeal of formal dresses. With lots of social and professional interactions still takes place in Zoom, clothes that could be deconstructed if only polish was needed from the waist up were dresses that went overboard.

There are signs that the kitchen disco may prove vaccine resistant and continue to thrive in 2021. The singer Sophie Ellis-Bextor, Whose Disco Kitchen Videos from his family home to a hit in the spring, gearing up to take the concept on the road, with a Kitchen Disco album and live tour planned for next year.


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From Naomi Campbell’s hazmat suit to floating catwalks: the super tough 2020 fashion quiz | Mode | Instant News

You got …

Bad luck. You thought Skims was an online banking scam

Meh. You don’t know your cable from your partner

Not bad. You can pronounce the ‘like it, can’t wear it’ meme

Good business. You can try Schitt’s Creek’s Moira for the money

100%. Forget Princess Diana, the new fashion queen was crowned

Bad luck. You thought Skims was an online banking scam

Bad luck. You thought Skims was an online banking scam

Bad luck. You thought Skims was an online banking scam

Meh. You don’t know your cable from your partner

Meh. You don’t know your cable from your partner

Not bad. You can pronounce the ‘like it, can’t wear it’ meme

Not bad. You can pronounce the ‘like it, can’t wear it’ meme

Good business. You can try Schitt’s Creek’s Moira for the money


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SUMMER SPECIAL: Northland is one of New Zealand’s sweet spots – News | Instant News

What better way to spend a Kiwi summer than Winterless North? From New Zealand’s longest beach (which isn’t actually Ninety Mile Beach) to our largest Kauri tree, there’s plenty of outdoor activity waiting.

Just less than two hours from Auckland, Kauri Beach is accessed on SH1 and SH12 via the Twin Coast Discovery Highway. Known for its enormous Kauri trees, stunning beaches, and rich Maori history, Kauri Beach in Hokianga is a must-do for any nature lover looking to experience one of our best trips.

Just minutes west of Dargaville, you can enjoy Ripiro Beach, NZ’s longest stretch of sand at 107 km. Ideal for four-wheel drive vehicles, the Ripiro is driveable, and contains many of the 153 wrecks that Kaipara Beach has seen over the years. In addition, there are fishing, surfing and spot-seeing activities to do on this epic stretch of steep sand.

A few kilometers north of the Baylys coast lies the beautiful Kai Iwi Lake, where pure white sand meets the deep blue color of the freshwater lake. Here, shallow areas are ideal for swimming while deeper sections can produce rainbow trout if you are good with sticks. There are two camping areas near the lake, but if you want a little more comfort, there are also inns and resorts in the area.

Not far from Kai Iwi Lake is Trounson Kauri Park and Top 10 Holiday Park. Here, campers get a chance to see kiwis in the wild on a guided night tour of trails through native forest.

South of Dargaville you can visit the Pouto Lighthouse. Horse riding and beach activities are offered on an arrangement.

If you are looking for another veggie-based activity in the Dargaville area, Kumara’s Box is the place to go. Take a tour of New Zealand’s largest kumara farm on a tractor-powered kumara train, before visiting our smallest church – all in one!

Don’t miss the Kauri Museum in Matakohe, and the Dargaville Museum.


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Australian grumpy cat: shelter staff determined to find the ‘demon’ Chester a home Life and style | Instant News

Returned to the RSPCA by four different families in the past seven years, the “demon” Chester is perhaps Australia’s least cherished cat, but workers at the shelter are still determined to find him a home for Christmas.

The grumpy eight-year-old Moggie was described by his last owner as “anti-social” and “the real Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde”. On his submission form, the former owner wrote that while Chester was “great with chickens” and “tolerant of dogs”, he also “attacked our old cat and neighbors”. He told the RSPCA that he has visitors who will not enter the house unless the cat is locked away.

But team members at the shelter say he is one of their favorites.

Chester first entered the RSPCA South Australia in 2013, when he was young and one year old.

“He got lost from Port Lincoln, so we don’t know what the story was at that stage,” said RSPCA media relations manager Carolyn Jones.

“He has a notch in the ear so he may have lived a little rough on the road before he came to us, but he was a character from the start. She knows what she likes and dislikes in uncertain ways, but she’s very affectionate and will come up to you and give you those head butts. “

Jones said it wasn’t difficult for her to find her first home but many were surprised “she didn’t last too long”.

Chester lived in the next house for six years but the owner was forced to give it up when he entered elderly care. She is well-loved there despite her habit of “biting her whenever she wants your attention,” according to her owner.

The third family only lasted two weeks and slowly the independent and loving nature hardened into a grumpy exterior.

“The last report card was shocking. He’s with a woman and a family who has a lot of experience with cats and he’s a bit of a nightmare for them because of the noises. “You know, it makes it difficult for them to have guests and certainly not that much fun for the old cat they live with,” said Jones.

“He thought he would be able to manage it and unfortunately he could not, but he really tried.”

Those at the shelter who try to pet him too often are greeted with meows and bites, and he has earned a reputation as a “bad boy” for bullying other cats. Despite his crankiness, Chester managed to win over the workers at the shelter.

RSPCA worker Jenny Sherring says she is a playful animal, you just need to know how to handle it.

“He will swipe but generally he only tells you when he has had enough,” he said.

“He already has four owners so I would say that his level of patience is probably the lowest at the moment. But if you can learn how to read signs and you know when she has had enough, then I hope we can find the right home for her. It’s just a matter of patience. “

Sherring is eager to show Chester’s good qualities to potential new owners.

“He’s very talkative, he looks at people, goes to them and immediately chats with them. He can be very affectionate when he wants to sit on your lap, but when he has enough he will leave you alone, “he said.

With the adoption market flooded with kittens this time of year, Chester is one of about 20 adult cats still looking for a home at the Lonsdale RSPCA shelter this Christmas. But Jones said they wanted to make sure animals weren’t bought as gifts unless everyone at home was sure they wanted a new pet.

“Christmas can be a great time to bring pets into the family or into your home because a lot of people are on vacation… But what we’re saying is pets shouldn’t be a surprise gift. They are not inanimate objects, they are living things, so when you raise an animal, the whole family has to come along and understand what the animal needs and how everyone will help look after it and keep it safe. ,” she says.

“The commercial days where they would have a puppy in a box under the Christmas tree, frankly it gives us absolute horror. That’s not how you treat sentient beings. “

While Jones says the days after the Christmas raid on surrendered animals have luckily disappeared, impulsive pet purchases can still lead to serious neglect.

“This could have a negative impact on the animal welfare. You know this is where we have animals appearing starving in the backyard, left stranded without water on scorching hot days, or even worse, dying in the backyard. “

But Jones says he only knows that there are avid, educated pet owners out there who will give Chester the love – and personal space – he needs to finally find a home.

“Don’t be swayed by those cute little kittens, come and get one of our lovely old cats. We really hope that, with his face plastered [in the news], that he will find the right house, “he said.

“This time we really hope [home] number five will remain. “


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