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UN: Pandemic, soaring food prices are starving many people in Asia | Instant News

The United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization says more than 350 million people in the Asia-Pacific are starving as the coronavirus pandemic is destroying jobs and pushing food prices higher.

Recent estimates suggest that nearly 688 million people worldwide are malnourished, more than half in Asia. The largest share is in South Asian countries such as Afghanistan, where four in 10 people are malnourished.

A key factor is food affordability, a problem in rich countries like Japan as well as poor places like Timor Leste and Papua New Guinea, said the report issued by the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization, UNICEF, the World Food Program and the World Health Organization. .

The disruption and loss of jobs due to the pandemic mean that families cannot find enough food in many places. That is evident in the long lines seen at food banks even in the United States.

In India, broken supply chains and transportation problems, especially during the lockdown pandemic, have prevented excess grain stocks from reaching all that is needed. Daily workers and migrants are the most vulnerable, despite the massive public distribution system that entitles 75% of the rural population and half of those living in cities to subsidized food grain.

Since eligibility for such a program is based on a nearly decade-old census, many urban poor and migrants are unable to make use of these resources.

Across Asia, high prices for fruit, vegetables and dairy products make it “almost impossible” for low-income families to have a healthy diet, the report said. FAO data shows food prices rose to their highest level in nearly six years in November.

Many people in this region end up consuming cheap, high-calorie processed foods that contribute to obesity and diabetes, but are deficient in vitamins and minerals.

The data in the report shows that it is more expensive to eat a healthy diet in Thailand, Laos, Bhutan and Indonesia, around $ 5 per day, compared to New Zealand and Australia, less than $ 3 per day.

A moderately nutritious diet tends to cost $ 2 to $ 3 per day in most countries, rich or poor, but is more expensive in Japan and South Korea. In most countries, a nutritious diet costs two to three times the cost of providing sufficient energy.

The long-term costs of deprivation are seen in higher rates of death and disease. Tens of millions of children suffer from wasting or stunting, fail to thrive and are unable to reach their full potential.

The report states that five of the 45 countries requiring food assistance are in South, Southeast or East Asia. They include Bangladesh, Afghanistan, Pakistan, North Korea and Myanmar.

In the long term, food insecurity was improving before the pandemic hit. The report urges the government to change the food system to ensure all can have nutritious food. It calls for a multidimensional approach to ensure better health care, water and sanitation, education and social protection.


Associated Press reporter Vineeta Deepak contributed.


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Czechs must require minimum local food in stores | World | Instant News

PRAGUE (AP) – The lower house of the Czech Parliament approved Wednesday a requirement that supermarkets have a minimum portion of local food, a move to reduce dependence on imports.

The share of Czech food in stores greater than 400 square meters (4305 square feet) must be at least 55% by 2022 and increase to at least 73% by 2028, according to the law.

It was drafted by the populist opposition Freedom and Direct Democracy Party which pushed it through the house with help from Prime Minister Andrej Babis’ ruling coalition.

The controversial move still needs to be approved by the upper house, the Senate, which is controlled by the opposition, and then by the president. The lower house can rule out a possible Senate or presidential veto by a simple majority.

Those who support the bill argue that the coronavirus pandemic shows that it is important for the country to be self-reliant in food production.

They said the move would also improve local agriculture. This applies to about 120 food products such as pork, beef, milk, honey and various vegetables that are already produced in the Czech Republic.

Eight European Union countries have protested the bill, saying it would discriminate against imported products, which are illegal under EU rules.

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Fashion at Biden-Harris Inauguration Showcases Commitment to American Designers | Instant News

AMERICAN The fashion industry suddenly came back to life. For today’s inauguration, President Joe Biden, first lady Dr. Jill Biden, Vice President Kamala Harris, and second man Douglas Emhoff all chose to wear work by American designers or labels, including Ralph Lauren, Christopher John Rogers, and Markarian. “These moments on Day One are very important for an industry that has been hit hard and hit by the pandemic,” said Steven Kolb, chief executive of the Council of Fashion Designers of America. “By wearing these American designers, they are not only increasing the businesses of those individuals, but they are actually raising a $ 373 billion industry … We have a new government that clearly welcomes and wants to support our industry. “

Whether you realize it or not, the color purple – which can be seen as a symbolic marriage with red and blue – is also the theme, with Ms. Harris, Hillary Clinton and Michelle Obama all loved the colors for today’s ceremony.

VP Kamala Harris and First Lady Jill Biden Display Intention to Support American Designers

For today’s inauguration, the upcoming first lady, Dr. Biden, wearing a custom blue woolen dress, coat and matching face mask from the New York Markarian brand, designed by Alexandra O’Neill. Ms. Harris wore an elegant purple coat and dress by Christopher John Rogers, a black New York designer known for his striking use of color. Mr. Rogers has recently been in the spotlight for making the structured blue suit the Rep. Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez in her December 2020 Vanity Fair cover story about women congressmen. Ms. Obama, whose fashion choices as first lady were covered in breathless media coverage and in the J.Crew case, increased sales of certain items, also selected a black American designer for today’s inauguration. The former first lady wore a burgundy ensemble by Sergio Hudson.

At the pre-inauguration ceremony of the Corona virus last night, Dr. Biden and Mrs. Harris also gave a firm statement in choosing a designer. Dr. Biden wore a purple dress, coat, and mask from up-and-coming New York designer Jonathan Cohen, whose parents are Mexican. Ms. Harris wore a custom camel coat from Pyer Moss, a label founded by Kerby Jean-Raymond, a socially conscious black designer of Haitian descent.

Ms. stepdaughter. Harris, Ella Emhoff, an art student who is interested in fashion, got buzz on social media for her experimental looks. Yesterday she was wearing a sophisticated skirt and tie suit from American designer Thom Browne. For the inauguration, she wore a plaid coat emblazoned by the Italian label Miu Miu.


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McDonald’s will sell Onion Rings in Australia for the first time | Instant News

McDonald’s brings Onion Rings to Australia for the first time.

The exciting new menu item has become a favorite in Macca restaurants around the world, but never made it available Down Under – until now.

The limited edition “Delicious Crispy, Golden Onion Ring” will be sold as a side dish and comes with Southern BBQ Sauce. They will also be served in the new Aussie Angus Burger.

“For the first time, we will be presenting golden Onion Rings in restaurants across the country,” said McDonald’s Australia marketing manager, Amanda Nakad.

“Made from Australian onions, this new addition to our menu will be accompanied by Southern BBQ Sauce.

“Our Onion Rings will also be served with the new Australian Angus burger, combined with 100 percent Australian Angus beef and bacon and cheese, to create a delicious burger that we are sure our customers will enjoy.”

Onion Rings went on sale on January 20. Credit: McDonald’s


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Latest: China grapples with virus outbreak in northeast | Business | Instant News

Despite the substantial daily increases, Health Minister Salvador Illa on Monday confirmed that the steps being taken by each of Spain’s 17 regions were enough to quell the increase, ruling out a complete lockdown.

Spain’s head of health emergencies Fernando Simon said the country may be on the cusp of its latest spike or getting closer to it.

ROME – For the first time in three weeks, Italy’s daily caseload of known coronavirus infections fell below 10,000 on Monday.

Health Ministry figures reported an additional 8,825 cases since Sunday, bringing the total number of confirmed infections to 2.4 million since the start of the pandemic.

Sicily has the highest daily caseload in the country. Italy recorded 377 deaths for the second day in a row.

The country’s known COVID-19 death toll of 82,554 is the second highest in Europe.

MADRID – The small British colony of Gibraltar says it has lost more people to the coronavirus since the start of the year than any other single cause in the past century.

Gibraltar, with a population of around 34,000, has recorded 38 deaths since January 1.

“Even in war, we have never lost that much in this short amount of time,” Gibraltar Chief Minister Fabian Picardo said on Monday.


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