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‘Buses for the Green Line project will arrive in the next 7-8 months’ | Instant News

KARACHI: Sindh governor Imran Ismail said that buses for the Green Line section of the Bus Rapid Transit System (BRTS) under construction in Karachi will arrive in the city in the next seven to eight months.

He made this point on Friday when he chaired a Sindh Infrastructure Development Company Ltd meeting at the Governor’s Mansion where he was briefed on federally funded under construction projects in the province.

Ismail said that the process of inviting tenders to purchase BRTS Green line buses has been completed and the contract for this purpose will be awarded in the next one to one and a half months.

He added that 50 firefighting tenders and two bows to improve fire fighting capabilities will be submitted to Karachi Metropolitan Corporation in March next year.

The governor stated that the federal government will install 42 reverse-osmosis water filtration plants in Thar and the process to invite tenders for that purpose has begun.

Sindh Assembly members Firdous Shamim Naqvi, Haleem Adil Shaikh, Khurrum Sher Zaman, Khawaja Izharul Hassan and Nusrat Seher Abbasi attended the meeting.

Meanwhile, Ismail visited the grave of Quaid-e-Millat Liaquat Ali Khan on the anniversary of his death on October 16. The governor laid a wreath on the grave and prayed for the soul of Shaheed-e-Millat.

Speaking at the occasion, the governor praised the Liaquat family’s devotion and sacrifice for Pakistan’s cause.

“Generations to come must always remember Liaquat Ali Khan’s services and sacrifices,” he said. He mentioned that Liaquat was the most trusted partner of the founder of the nation of Quaid-e-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah.

The governor said it was his wish to visit the graves of everyone who had sacrificed his life for the cause of the country.

For a question, the governor thanked the clerics for not making a call for protest against the killing of Maulana Dr Adil Khan which could endanger the lives and property of people in Karachi.

For other questions, he said the federal government would build Pakistan’s first fishing port market on Bundal Island off the coast of Karachi.


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Great Outfits in Fashion History: Ashley and Mary-Kate Olsen as Teens in a Floral Silk Set | Instant News

Mary-Kate Olsen and Ashley Olsen at the Audrey Hepburn for Children Family Film Festival in 1997.

Photo: Jim Spellman / WireImage

There’s a moment of really good celebrity style, and then there’s a look that really sticks out with you, that you want to recreate at home. In ‘Great Outfits in Fashion History, ‘Fashionista editors revisit their all-time favorite pervert.

Are great designers born with taste? Or is it something they’ve learned over the years to match a red carpet appearance? To Ashley and Mary-Kate Olsen, maybe the last.


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Work on the Yellow Line BRT is pushed into the next year | Instant News

The Yellow Line Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) project, which was intended to provide travel facilities for Karachi residents, has been put on hold due to Covid-19 and politically influenced recruitment.

While the project was supposed to launch this year, the Sindh government’s apparent incompetence has been holding back their wheels. As a result, the construction work on the project was pushed back to the next year, while the completion schedule has been set for three years.

The Yellow Line is part of the Karachi package announced by Prime Minister Imran Khan. However, according to a senior provincial transport department official, the project included in the Karachi package will make no difference because it is ongoing and does not involve any funding from the federal government.

The project is wholly owned by the Sindh government, although the World Bank provides loans with easy terms for completion. Sources said that the loan will also be repaid by the provincial government, adding that the total cost of the project will be $ 438.9 million, of which the World Bank will have a share of $ 381.9 million, the Sindh government will pay $ 19.5 million, while private the entity will contribute approximately $ 37.5 million to the project.

A provincial transport department official, who asked not to be identified, said the Sindh Mass Transit Authority was established four years ago to carry out a mass transit project in Karachi, but that most of the posts at the company are filled for political reasons, because where engineers and other staff are not have the qualifications or competencies needed to carry out the mega project.

“Few employees have the qualifications and skills needed to carry out the project, therefore, they are burdened with many tasks,” said the officer. “As a result, work on all major projects has slowed down significantly. In addition, the four-month lockdown due to Covid-19 also greatly affected office affairs. “

Sources also said the detailed design of the Yellow Line BRT project is being prepared, which will be completed in December 2021. Construction work on the project will then start in 2022 and will be completed in 2025.

The Yellow Line covers a distance of 21 kilometers from Dawood Chowrangi to Numaish Chowrangi.

Under the conceptual plan, eight underpasses will be built at Murtaza Chowrangi, Singer Chowrangi, Bilal Chowrangi, Vita Chowrangi, Shaan Chowrangi, Brooks Chowrangi, Khayaban-e-Ittehad, Korangi Road intersection, and at Sunset Boulevard junction. In addition, the Jam Sadiq Bridge will also be widened.

Meanwhile, the buses for the Yellow Line project will be carried out under a public private partnership scheme.

The Express Tribune tried to reach the provincial transport minister, Awais Qadir Shah, for comment but he did not receive the call despite repeated attempts.

Published in The Express Tribune, October 2nd, 2020.


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CM Murad Ali Shah ordered the transportation department to complete the Orange Line infrastructure | Instant News

The chief minister of Sindh has directed the transport department to complete the Orange Line infrastructure, and use the Asian Development Bank (ADB) loan for the Red Line and finalize the Yellow Line design so that work can begin for the greater good. Karachi.

CM Syed Murad Ali Shah chaired a Sindh Transport Department meeting on Tuesday to review the progress of the city’s bus fast transit system (BRTS). The meeting was attended by the Minister of Transport Sindh Awais Qadir Shah, Chairman of Planning & Development Mohammad Waseem, Administrator Karachi Iftikhar Shallwani, Commissioner Karachi Sohail Rajput, secretary of transportation and project consultants.

The chief executive said the BRTS project planned by the provincial government was starting to mature, so the transport department had to set a schedule for its breakthrough.

Orange Lines

Renamed philanthropist Abdul Sattar Edhi, the Orange Line part of BRTS is a 3.88 kilometer long project that has four bus stations. One bus terminal has been launched by the provincial government for Rs2.36 billion from its resources.

The route starts from the municipal administration office of Orangi Town to Jinnah University for Women in Nazimabad. National Engineering Services Pakistan is a project design and supervision consultant.

Transportation Minister Shah said the Orange Line infrastructure was almost complete but was delayed because of the Green Line because the two projects would be integrated. CM orders him to finish remaining work and report to him.

Red line

P & D chairman Waseem said Red line has three packages: the first is engineering, procurement & construction management and operations design, and the second is project management, coordination & capacity building, where the capacity building of the Sindh Mass Transit Authority and Trans-Karachi Company BRT is in process.

He said the third package is operation, design & business management, in which consultants who develop operational plans, financial models, transportation models and restructure of the bus industry will be carried out.

The Minister of Transportation said that all project consultants would support the provincial government in procuring procurement to select civil works contractors and suppliers for all project equipment such as BRT vehicles, smart transportation systems and tariff systems.

Answering CM’s questions, he said that the consultants in charge of detailed engineering design had almost completed their designs and draft versions of their drawings, and had submitted them for review and comment by the project director.

Waseem said the project consultant selection committee had selected the qualified consultants and was now waiting for ADB to issue a certificate with no objection. The Red Line section costs around Rs74.68 billion.

Yellow line

At the request of CM, the World Bank agreed to implement the Yellow Line, with the aim of improving urban mobility, accessibility and road safety in Karachi through the construction of a Yellow Line BRT Corridor, including a 22 km long corridor, drainage, lighting, busway. , stations, terminals and depots.

Waseem said the project concept paper had been approved by the Provincial Development Work Party and had been sent to the Planning, Development & Reform Commission for consideration and approval in the Central Development Work Party.

CM was notified that the PC-1 of the project was prepared based on a preliminary design, of which Rs61 billion had been approved by the National Executive Committee.

Economic Council.

The Minister of Transportation said the Yellow Line route will start from Dawood Chowrangi and continue to Korangi via Jalan Korangi 8000 and Jalan Korangi via Sharea Faisal and Shahrah-e-Quaideen and will be integrated at the Numaish BRT station.

He said the project will have eight underpasses and two elevated U-turns, 268 diesel hybrid technology buses, and 28 stations, including 22 at level and six underground stations. CM directed him to start the process of procuring consulting services for the preparation of detailed designs. The minister of transport said that hiring for key positions such as environmental, communications, gender, social, procurement and financial management specialists was underway.

The chief executive directed the transport department to get consultants on board. “I have to start these two projects – Yellow Line and Red Line – so they can be completed in two years.”


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What’s in iPhone 12? Wall Street analysts gave us their predictions | Technology | Instant News

Ives wrote that he expects to see four iPhone 12 models, including one with a larger 6.7-inch display.

Both Sager and Mohan said that if Apple does release four new iPhones, one of them may be the smallest iPhone produced by Apple.

He said: “A considerable number of viewers continue to lean towards the smallest iPhone.” “It’s really just a question of whether Apple thinks the market is big enough to make it worth it.”

How much will I spend?

Mohan said: “Pricing has always been Apple’s biggest unknown.”

Last year, the iPhone 11 (starting at $699) was Apple’s cheapest new smartphone since the iPhone 8.

Mohan said that the price of this year’s highest-end iPhone 12 model may rise by about $100 to consider increasing the cost of ultra-fast 5G connections. As for low-end models, many analysts agree that Apple may try to keep prices relatively consistent with last year.

However, DA Davidson’s Forte also pointed out that after the release of the lower-priced iPhone SE earlier this year, the company may not need to provide a cheap version of the 12 this fall.


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