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Lionel Messi messaged Ronaldinho after the Brazilian legend’s mother died | Instant News

Lionel Messi has sent Ronaldinho a touching message via Instagram after his former Barcelona team mate’s mother died at the age of 71.

Miguelina Elói Assis dos Santos reportedly died in Brazil over the weekend due to complications arising from Covid-19, according to local media and forwarded by AS and Sun.

Miguelina was admitted to Mãe de Deus Hospital in Porto Alegre in December after contracting the coronavirus but has now died.

Ronaldinho previously revealed that his mother had been hospitalized just before Christmas.

“My friends, my mother has COVID-19 and we are fighting for her to recover quickly,” said the legendary Brazilian. “She is in intensive care, receiving the best possible care. I want to thank everyone in advance for all the positive energy you always send me. With love. Stay strong Mom.”

Atletico Mineiro, the Brazilian club where Ronaldinho played between 2012-2014, expressed his condolences following the news of Miguelina’s passing.

“[The] the club mourns the death of Dona Miguelina, “read the statement.

“It is with great sadness that Clube Atlético Mineiro receives the news of the death of Dona Miguelina, mother of @ 10Ronaldinho.

“The Atleticana family are in mourning and share moments of sadness with their idol.

“May God welcome you with open arms and comfort our eternal ace hearts. Rest in peace, Dona Miguelina.”


Meanwhile, Messi posted the following message to his old friend on Instagram: “Ronnie, I have no words, I can’t believe it.

“Just sending you lots of strength and a big hug for you and your family. I’m so sorry, RIP. “


(Translation per @Roy)

Ronaldinho played an important role in Messi’s early years as a professional footballer.

He welcomed Messi with open arms and even told the media that the Argentine was a better footballer than he was in 2005-06.


Messi was still a teenager at the time, but Ronaldinho was well aware that his South American counterpart was heading for greatness.

They have remained close ever since, despite the fact Ronaldinho left Barca in 2008, and Messi is clearly very saddened by this dire news.

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Messi will cut the tax burden in half if he plays in Italy, not Spain | Instant News

Leakage Lionel Messimultimillion dollar contract with Barcelona has noticed the high amount of taxes footballers pay in Spain, prompting the league to raise concerns about the departure of its top star.

Details of Messi’s € 555 million ($ 671 million) contract over four seasons were released by El Mundo newspaper on Sunday, angering the club and sparking promises of lawsuits.

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The contract made headlines everywhere, and Spanish league president Javier Tebas took the opportunity on Monday to underline the high amount of tax Messi has to pay.

He noted that the Argentine great has to pay around € 270 million ($ 326 million) in taxes on his contract, nearly half of its value.

Tebas said that in Italy, for example, a player with a similar contract would have to pay around € 135 million ($ 163 million) in taxes.

“We will have a talent exodus to other countries,” Write Tebas on Twitter. “That [league] will be missing out on players helping generate 1.37% of the country’s GDP and more than 180,000 jobs. ”

Tebas has long criticized Spain’s tax requirements for footballers, saying they put the league at a disadvantage in transfer negotiations. He has pushed the Spanish government to change some of its tax rules which may scare off some players.

The rules in Italy and France are considered to be less stringent on players than in Spain.

Local tax authorities in Spain have been chasing down soccer stars in recent years, accusing some of them of fraud about how they interpret local laws, particularly regarding image rights.

Authorities are increasing their monitoring of player tax filings and have made efforts to address suspected irregularities.

Messi himself was convicted of tax fraud in Spain in 2017, receiving a 21 month probation sentence that ended as a fine.

Cristiano Ronaldo and Neymar was also among the few players who were subjected to authority. Neymar left for the French club Paris Saint Germain and Ronaldo for the Italian team Juventus.

Jose Mourinho was also under investigation during his time as coach Real Madrid.

Among the details about Messi’s leaked contract are the loyalty clause and the bonus for signing an extension in 2017.

El Mundo said Monday that Messi should learn Catalan and was encouraged to “ make every effort to integrate into Catalan society. ”

The Spanish daily also said Messi had asked for his contract to be canceled if the Catalonia region gained independence from Spain.

33 year old Messi has been together Barcelona for nearly two decades, helping them win more than 30 titles.

He asked to leave the club last season, saying he was unhappy with the direction they were going, but his request was turned down.

He can leave for free at the end of this season.


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Pele vs Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi: How many goals did the Brazilian score? | Instant News

Pele has taken over on some of the greatest football records in recent weeks.

The iconic Brazilian is rightfully considered one of the best footballers to ever play this beautiful game, winning the World Cup three times and scoring hundreds of goals with Santos.

However, after decades at the pinnacle of some of football’s most revered feats, Pele was finally smashed by the history books by the iconic duo Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi.

Pele’s record was surpassed

First, Messi became the biggest goalscorer in football history for one club when he scored his 644th goal Barcelona, which surpasses the 643 that Pele collected during his days at Santos.

Then, Ronaldo moved up to second on the all-time goalscorers list behind Josef Bican when he scored the 758th goal of his career at Juventus, overtaking Pele’s tally in the process.

By now, it’s clear that Pele has displayed immense politeness with his reactions to each recording, which may come as a surprise given his somewhat selfish comments in the past.

The number of goals that Pele disputed

But believe it or not, there is still controversy surrounding the number of goals Pele has collected in his career with the man himself claiming to have scored 1,238 goals.

At least, that’s what happened Instagram bio from the self-proclaimed ‘Most Goals of All Time’ says, even if the legend himself has to deny that the title was changed after Ronaldo scored a new total.

And with Santos seems to be supporting their greatest player stating that he scored more than 1,000 times, the fact Pele only scored 757 goals is clearly not universally accepted.


Did Pele actually score 1,238 goals?

So why the big difference of more than 480 destinations? Now, to finish the roundabout so important to the broader GOAT debate, we dive into the record books to find the answers.

And, as some may already know, it is clear that the 1,238 strikes that Pele claimed were somewhat sneaky in terms of their legitimacy.

There is no denying that Pele has kicked the ball behind the goal more than 1,000 times in any match, but only a little over 60% of that has been scored in competitive matches.

According to Sky Sports, more than 500 of Pele’s goals listed in the Guinness Book of Records were scored in friendly matches and on unofficial tours.

The goals scored for the Sixth Coast Guard in military competitions have been included in the total.


Misconceptions about Pele

Moreover, the well-circulated statistic that Pele once scored eight goals against Botafogo should come with a big caveat that it is not the ‘Botafogo’ football club you now think of.

In contrast, it is the lesser-known Botafogo Ribeirão Preto, who plays in the second tier of the Brazilian soccer pyramid, who nearly conceded three hat-tricks for Pele.

As for the five goals he scored against Nacional? No, it’s not the giants of Uruguay, but of the state of Sao Paolo – and the same can be said of the ‘Juventus’ team he was also five o’clock.

And it’s even easy to get too excited about Pele’s World Cup record with ‘only’ 12 of his goals out of the 1,000 goals that came in a tournament for which he is arguably the best known.

Now, yes, that’s nothing, but he was beaten by Just Fontaine in the 1958 tournament and wasn’t even Brazil’s top scorer en route to victory in 1970.


Is Pele a con man?

So, Pele is an absolute fraud, right? Absolutely not.

While we are interested in outlining some of the issues surrounding Pele’s famous world record, we are not trying to argue that he is one of the greatest footballers ever.

In the end, regardless of the context, scoring over 1,000 goals is something to be commended on and it’s not like he’s counting goals in practice or kickabout like some of the jokes that fans love.


In addition, Pele has acted with true class as Ronaldo and Messi pulled their seats at the table of the gods of football, so it’s only fair that we show the respect he deserves from his extraordinary career.

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Messi is back! The Barcelona captain smiled again after scoring four goals in two games | Instant News

The Argentine became increasingly clear at the top of the Liga goalscorers list with the other two goals in Saturday’s impressive 4-0 win in Granada.

Recent events in the United States suggest 2021 could be as surreal as 2020 but it seems normal parallels could return to League. Together with the real Lionel Messi.

After trying to start the season, after the most traumatic summer of his career, the seven-time winner Pichichi topped the goalscoring charts at Spanish once again.

The two goals in Bilbao on Wednesday night were followed by two against Granada on Saturday night, as third-placed Barcelona advanced with a 4-0 win that leaves them four points adrift of leaders Atletico Madrid.

Diego Simeone’s side have three games in hand in the Catalan but that doesn’t matter, at least for now. Barca will only be supported by the fact that Messi’s smile has returned.

After struggling to get out of Camp Nou last summer, the captain actually looks happy with his current position. He must be enjoying his football again.

Messi never really left, of course. He remained Barca’s best player even during their worst form.

But he was definitely looking down during the first half of the 2020-21 campaign. He also lacks precision, which is remarkable for a player long known for placing – instead of firing – the ball behind the goal.

There has never been less effort on his part. He still peppered the goal with shots; it’s just that not many of them entered.

Messi relies on penalties to break into the net. But not anymore.

He scored twice at San Mames and repeated the feat at Nuevo Los Carmenes to bring his tally of goals in the League season to 11, which is not bad for a player deemed disinterested in a struggling team.

Barca, however, looked like an impressive unit against Granada, a team that finally found their feet under Ronald Koeman.

It is exciting for the Dutch coach, Antoine Griezmann has one of his best games with Barca.

Deployed alongside Messi and Ousmane Dembele in what was, on paper, a formidable front line, Griezmann opened the scoring with a calm 12-minute finish, after Sergio Busquets’ pass accidentally deflected into its path.

That France The international then latched onto Messi to make it 2-0 before getting his second game midway through the second half, when he fired another frenzied shot after being brought down in the penalty area by Dembele.

If Griezmann leaves late, Barca will truly believe they can overhaul Atletico and second place. Real Madrid at the top of the League standings.

Messi, however, will, as always, be decisive. His state of mind will be key during the second half of the season and he is beaming after scoring his second goal of the match: a clever free-kick into the bottom left corner of the Granada goal, after the hosts defended the right. side of the hand by placing a man behind the wall.

Cynics might suggest that it is no coincidence that the No.10 is reinventing his boots now that he is free to talk to other clubs regarding what is likely to be the biggest contract in football history.

Maybe he already decided his future. Maybe the weight on his shoulders had lifted. Or maybe thanks to an increase in recent results, and an attractive young talent like Pedri, he believes Barcelona finally moving in the right direction again.

Whatever the truth, he’s clearly enjoying his football again, and that’s good news for the Blaugrana.

But bad news for those hoping to reject the fifth Pichichi in a row!


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Lionel Messi and Pep Guardiola reunited, City full-back Italy tied, Aguero’s contract renewal – Man City Transfer Details # 5 | Instant News

We’re back for the fifth edition of the transfer disruption, and it’s fair to say a lot has happened over the last 48 hours in the Manchester City world.

OK, maybe more on the pitch than outside, with City securing their place in the 2021 Carabao Cup final after a convincing 2-0 win at Manchester United on Wednesday night.


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