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New Umatilla County and morrow jobs added in the OHA list flash | coronavirus | Instant News

HERMISTON — in COVID-19 virus continues its way to new jobs and institutions, providing long-term care in Hermiston.

According to the health Oregon state a weekly report that contains data to July 26 and was released on Wednesday, July 29, sun in Hermiston was added to the list of congregate institutions in Oregon who have had three or more confirmed COVID-19 cases. The report listed six cases associated with the object.

Carrier pam, who is Director of public Affairs for the elderly, said that they are working with the County health Department and other agencies to address the outbreak, including regularly checking the temperature of tenants and closely monitoring their symptoms. She said that now the residents are in their rooms, in addition to essential trips such as medical appointments.

“Our residents were paratroopers, they really are”, she said. “But it was hard for them.”

She said they help residents get-togethers with family and friends via video chat, to help alleviate some of the isolation. Not only pandemic was hard on the residents, she said, but it was also hard on employees who have to be very careful isolating yourself at home during their off hours, and family residents.

“We are grateful for all their patience and understanding,” she said.

Regency Hermiston nursing and rehabilitation center remained on the list of OHA from outbreaks nursing home, with 52 confirmed cases associated with the site, with residents, staff, or close contacts. The report listed five deaths of the residents of the Regency, which was positive for COVID-19, but on the sixth death was announced Umatilla County public health on Tuesday, July 28.

In the email The East Oregonian Has last week, David bake Regency said the March to prevent the introduction of COVID-19 through a variety of measures such as temperature checks and regular testing of staff and residents.

After the first positive test on July 8, he said, they worked with the Department of health to complete the testing of residents and employees.

“We will continue to work with the government of Oregon and the Department of health medical personnel to take appropriate action to protect our residents and staff, and to meet this extraordinary challenge in compassion and understanding,” he said.

The house the angel in Hermiston was not specified in the report of the OHA, but on July 28, Umatilla County health announced the death of a resident there who had been diagnosed with COVID-July 19 to July 25.

Tyson Frantz from home the angel said in an email that the house was in close contact with the administration of health insurance and other institutions. He said COVID-19 put them on “high alert”, but has not changed its mission to care for people.

“Every inhabitant of the house of the guardian angel test at least once daily for any symptom COVID-19”, – he wrote. “Any resident expressing even a single symptom gets COVID-19 test and is entering a period of protection to avoid infecting others, until he received the test result. Positive test reporting resident came only when the blanket was tested for all residents and employees.”

She also reported outbreaks of the workplace during the week. The list includes workplaces with 30 or more who had at least five Affairs that are associated with them through people testing positive or close contacts of those employees testing positive after exposure to the worker while they were sick. The number of cases during the pandemic, and jobs taken from the list after 30 days without new cases.


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Louis Mobile Food Market will be in your Community in Partnership with St. Louis. Louis Area Foodbank Listing for August 1 – 21 | Instant News

Louis Mobile Food Market will be in your Community in Partnership with St. Louis Area Foodbank Listing for August 1 – 21 | RiverBender.com


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British air restrictions without scientific basis | Instant News

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The Minister of Economy, Pedro Siza Vieira, has stated that Britain’s decision to leave Portugal from the list of safe tourist destinations has no scientific basis, even with the criteria that the country chose to follow.

The Minister of State, Economy and Digital Transition participated in a conference jointly organized by the Spanish news agency Lusa and EFE Spain, with the theme “Tourism during the Covid-19 period”, when he stated that the decision of the United Kingdom, one of the main tourist markets for Portugal, was taken “without scientific basis, even adopting criteria that were decided to be followed “.

“This is a completely different situation, which occurs in Lisbon and in all regions that have a low incidence rate,” he added.

The official also underlined that the availability of the national health system was never under a “stressful” situation, and faced a good response to the pandemic.

The UK is the main tourist market for Portugal, representing 19.2 percent of overnight stays from foreigners in 2019 and has recorded successive growth since 2013, only interrupted in 2018, according to data from INE.

The preferred destinations for British guests are the Algarve (63.8 per cent of overnight stays in the market), Madeira (18.5 per cent) and the Lisbon Metropolitan Area (10.8 per cent).

On July 3, the United Kingdom announced which “international travel corridors” would resume from July 10, excluding Portugal from the list.

Portuguese diplomacy has reacted, given the British decision to exclude Portugal from the “international travel corridor” as “absurd”, “wrong” and a decision that caused “great disappointment”, bringing several economic consequences and problems of mutual trust.
During the conference, Pedro Siza Vieira also said that he was confident that Portugal “because of its ability to present itself to the world as a safe destination”, with its wide diversity of landscapes and cultural environments, would return to the center of consumer preferences. .

“During this time, which is from now until we restore the flow of travel that we all expect, it is very important to have the capacity to support thousands of companies, many of them small and medium-sized companies, which will have a very reduced turnover during this year, which needs to be preserved as much maybe, because that’s what makes a tourist destination a success, “he stressed.

Pedro Siza Vieira considers it necessary to invest in future competitiveness factors, such as sustainability, digitalization, and qualification of human resources.

“We will continue to invest in what is the goal of the new country, nature tourism (…), redesigning buildings to become parks, (…) to support the conversion of living units to more circular economic systems, greater energy efficiency” , guaranteed minister.

The real effect of the decline in tourism can be seen in the latest statistics from INE in Portugal.

According to the National Statistics Institute (INE), overnight stays of residents declined 85.9 percent (-93.5 percent in April) and those who were not residents declined 98.4 percent (-98.9 percent in the previous month).

Total revenue recorded a 97.2 percent negative change (-98.5 percent in April), standing at € 11 million. Income from accommodation totaled € 9.6 million, down 96.8 percent (-98.2 percent in the previous month).

Guests and guests staying maintain historical decline in the period under review, with around 70.4 percent of tourist accommodation establishments closed or without a record of guest transfers (85 percent in April 2020).

The main markets maintained a decline of more than 90 percent, with the biggest declines in the UK, Ireland (-99.4 percent in both), North America (-99.3 percent) and France (-99.0 percent).

Since the beginning of the year, all major markets have declined, with an emphasis on Ireland (-79.0 percent), Belgium
(-71.3 percent), Switzerland (-71.1 percent) and France (-70, 5 percent).

The Canadian markets (-47.2 percent) and Brazil (-51.0 percent) were, among the main ones, recording smaller decreases.
Meanwhile, the President of Portugal has worked to help encourage tourism in the country to help secure the industry.

Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa, has defended “positive discrimination” for the tourism sector, considering that the Algarve is one of the regions in Portugal where this specific discrimination is very important.

“Tourism in general; restaurants, hotels and tourism-related sectors deserve positive discrimination and the Algarve is one area where this is very important, said Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa.

The President indicated that the Government was “seriously looking at the tourism situation” especially in terms of employment. Marcelo also added that the Government was “very concerned about the Algarve situation”.

Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa hopes that on July 20, when Ireland released the list of countries at risk “it could translate into different news”. BS / KS / Day after tomorrow


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Record the number of people desired in Section 8 housing Guam News | Instant News

More than 8,000 record-breaking people tried last week to enter the federal government-funded Part 8 voucher lottery program, but only 1,800 will be placed on the waiting list.

Overall, 4,528 were on the Guam Housing and Urban Renewal waiting list for different housing programs for low-income families last week, GHURA Executive Director Ray Topasna told the board on Friday.

They are in addition to the 4,881 currently housed by GHURA, Topasna said.

This means that there are at least 9,409 households in the program and on the waiting list, over 6,000-plus who tried but could not be on the waiting list for Part 8 at this time.

“(This) shows that there is a lot of work ahead of us but we are ready for the challenge,” Topasna told GHURA board chairman Sabino Flores and other board members during their Friday meeting.

Lottery opened

GHURA last week opened a waiting list for housing Section 8 using the lottery system.

Topasna said in the first four days alone, there were more than 8,000 people who tried to participate in the lottery and they “had exceeded the previous record.”

“That’s a surprising number because it’s only the first four days,” Topasna said.

The deadline is not until 11:59 pm on Friday, and only 1,800 will be placed on the waiting list, he said.

The GHURA Board received a waiting list for this latest housing program with a total of 4,528:

  • Section 8: 296
  • Lottery Part 8 on July 10: 1,800
  • Property management of public housing assets: 2,397
  • Guma Trankilidåt: 35

GHURA housing recipient

Topasna also provided details to GHURA board members about the housing program, based on the birth place of the head of the family.

“These figures are quite clear. I think it is important for us to understand the damage, that the council is aware, and also the community,” Topasna said.

Of the 2,472 heads of households in the Part 8 program, people from Guam make up 42% of recipients, Topasna said in his presentation. That was followed by 39% of people from countries that were freely associated, which included citizens of the Republic of Palau, Federated States of Micronesia, and the Republic of the Marshall Islands. He also noted that people from the Northern Mariana Islands and the Philippines each make up about 5% of the total.

Of the 725 heads of households in the public housing program, Topasna said 39% of participants came from Guam, 38% came from FAS, with people from the Philippines contributing around 6.8% and 5% from CNMI.

Topasna, in her presentation, emphasized that the majority of FAS residents who participated in Part 8 and the public housing program were from Chuuk.

GHURA board member Frank Ishizaki asked how GHURA could break down the data specifically to the place of origin of the head of the family.

Topasna said the document given to GHURA determined the birth place of the head of the family. The data presented does not include the total number of individuals living in each household. He said GHURA provided data to the chief advisor to the governor for military and regional affairs, Carlotta Leon Guerrero, when Guam urged to include at least five topics for inclusion in the renegotiation section of the United States Compacts of Free Association with the Federated States of Micronesia, Palau and the Marshall Islands.

One of these topics is the expansion of the Part 8 program to Guam, to stabilize housing needs for those on the waiting list. Many of them are from the FAS island nation.


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The LHC ordered SECP to register the cost of the Ramzan Sugar factory | Instant News

LAHORE: The Lahore High Court on Tuesday allowed a petition by Ramzan Sugar Mills from the Sharif family to oppose the enhanced registration by the Pakistan Security Exchange Commission (SECP). Judge Ayesha A. Malik had ordered her decision on the petition last week which she announced Tuesday. The factory administrator through his advisor Salman Aslam Butt filed in court that all his assets had been frozen after the reference was made by NAB. He said he asked SECP to register the cost increase as required in the Companies Act 2013. However, legal counsel said the Commission refused to register shares due to NAB references while waiting for the sugar factory. He said SECP asked the factory to provide NOC by NAB. Counselors argued that NAB had previously sent a letter to SECP about a “caution sign” on the sale and purchase of factory shares only. He said no NOC from the Bureau was needed for the purpose because this problem was not related to the sale / purchase of shares.

He asked the court to order the SECP to register the factory’s allegations so that it could get its assets pledged for a bank loan. Opposing the petition, NAB prosecutor Asim Mumtaz said the pending investigation was not related to the company (factory) but its shareholders. However, he opposed the petition and said that the sugar factory could not utilize the facility during the case design. The judge allowed the petition and directed the SECP to register the petitioner’s / factory’s allegations.


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