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Shahbaz Gill listed PM Imran’s Naya Pakistan – Pakistan achievements | Instant News

Published in 12 January 2021 12:47

Shahbaz Gill said a documented economic journey was progressing in the right direction for the first time.

ISLAMABAD (Dunya News) – Special Assistant to the Prime Minister for Political Communication, Dr. Shahbaz Gill said on the one hand, there is blasphemy, theft, fugitives, Calibri and London flats while on the other hand, there is Prime Naya Pakistan from Minister Imran Khan.

SAPM took to Twitter on Tuesday and listed achievements made by the country under Imran Khan which include two dams after sixty years, new contracts with IPPs, new Ehsaas surveys, sustainable growth in export economy and remittances, digital payment systems, Roshan Digital Accounts and topped the Asian stock market.

Shahbaz Gill further added that the documented economic journey is going in the right direction for the first time, smuggling through Iran and Afghanistan has been reduced by 65 percent due to better government measures and official trade has increased by the same amount, and duties entry has been reduced. increased thanks to FBR’s efforts to benefit the state treasury of billions of rupees.


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Canadian Team Match Day Preview: Match Four vs Finland | Instant News

The Canadian team did what they were supposed to do through their first three round-robin matches. Not only were they 3-0 but aside from a bit of a scare against Slovakia, if you can call it that, they dominated their opponents every game. Now, the tournament is really underway as Canada will face their first real test tonight, Go head-to-head against Team Finland, the only other undefeated team in the tournament, in the match that will determine who wins Group A.

One thing I emphasize going into this tournament is the importance Canada plays their best hockey going into this match and having watched them dismantle Switzerland in a 10-0 win on Tuesday I feel confident enough to say Canada is close to them. peak now.

One player definitely playing at the top is Quentin Byfield, who had six points in the win over Switzerland. He is a very special player. He has the perfect combination of size, speed and skill and it has all been showcased at this tournament and after a disappointing performance at World Junior last year, it’s been great to see Byfield find his game this year. He’s a very entertaining player.

Dylan Cozens was excellent too, and that’s something I think I’d say every game for the rest of the tournament, as were two Canadian defenders Bowen Byram and Jamie Drysdale. It really feels like all the Canadian star performers, and there are a lot of them, working on all cylinders now.

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They have to defend it and Canada will also need another strong display from Devon Levi, who stopped all 15 shots Switzerland has thrown at him on Tuesday, if they are to beat Finland tonight and win Group A.

There is a lot at stake tonight. A win for Canada will ensure that they don’t have to face either Sweden, the US or Russia in the quarter-finals. That would be huge. Finland will be a motivated group too and they are a very talented team.


As I said before, Finland are the only team unbeaten in the tournament and like Canada, they have strolled through the early stages of the round-robin. Canada is not a second behind at this year’s event, while Finland is only 33 seconds behind.

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Finland have a goal difference of +11 through three games and although they haven’t scored as many goals as Canada has, their ability to commit fouls should not be overlooked. Anton Lundell’s Florida Panthers first round has been excellent, with three goals and three assists so far. Me Raty and Kasper Simontaival have also been very good so far in this year’s tournament.

In Blueline, they are strong too. Ville Heinola is a very good prospect and the prospect of Leafs Hat Niemala, who has already collected six points, has been turned off.

Between the pipes, they will likely go with Kari Pirroinen who has scored their two wins already. He has a GAA of 1.50 and SV%.


Finland has a lot of talent but their depth is not nearly as strong as Canada. Still, they’ll have a good fight tonight. It has to be a very tight match. Canada will keep their lineup tonight like on Tuesday when they played Switzerland and that makes sense to me. The group played well and all their lines had really good moments.

Tonight, I’m expecting Canada to win but it will be tight. The biggest areas Canada should look out for are their strength play, who is in 50% of the tournament, and their goalkeeper Devon Levi, who will have his first big test of the tournament tonight. If those two areas are good, then Canada will win this game.


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Dylan Holloway has a bit of an ups and down game in my opinion. He was placed at the top of the team with Dylan Cozens and McMichael and while the trio had some very dominant changes Holloway didn’t stand out that much. He had some good chances and almost hit the ball in a freak rush in the first period. He also drew a penalty, but he was held off the scorer in that win. I don’t think he deserves to be taken off that line at all. I thought the trio did really well.

Phillip Broberg returned to the lineup yesterday in Sweden’s match against Russia and he’s not doing well. He’s clearly struggling through a leg injury and TSN’s Ryan Rishaug speculates that it could be a charlie horse. He’s been beaten many times against Russia and that’s not something we usually see. It will be interesting to see how long it will take him to potentially let this go, but it looks like he will continue to play through it as Sweden head into tonight’s big game against Team USA top of the group in the line.


Yesterday’s results created a very exciting New Year’s Eve at World Juniors. Russia’s win over Sweden, which ended their 54-winning streak in the round-robin round, means the three teams can still finish top of Group B tonight.

Today we will also see the Czech Republic take on Austria in the early stages before Canada and Finland will battle for the top spot in Group A.


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The IIHF World Junior Hockey Championship 2021 is back in Alberta from December 20 – January 5, and for the first time ever, the tournament will feature a province-wide 50/50 online draw in support of the Hockey Alberta Foundation. Albertans will have the chance to win a bigger jackpot than ever with each day of the game having a maximum of up to $ 20 million! Tickets can be purchased online or from your mobile device in Alberta from 9:00 am daily hockeycanada.ca/5050 with winning tickets announced every day. The World Junior Tournament and the online 50/50 program will give Albertans the opportunity to leave a historic legacy with all lasting results in the province and support the Hockey Alberta Foundation and the Hockey Canada Foundation.


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The World Health Organization lists the Pfizer – BioNTech coronavirus vaccine for emergency use | Instant News

The World Health Organization on Thursday registered the COVID-19 vaccines from Pfizer and BioNTech for emergency use, saying the move opened the door for countries to speed up their own consent to import and administer injections.

Once a vaccine has been registered for WHO emergency use, the United Nations health agency said it “engaged a network of regional regulators and partners to inform national health authorities about the vaccine and its anticipated benefits based on data from clinical studies to date.”

The WHO review found that the vaccine meets the must-have criteria for safety and efficacy set by WHO, and that the benefits of using the vaccine to address the potential risks of COVID-19, the WHO said in a statement.

“This is a very positive step towards ensuring global access to the COVID-19 vaccine. But I would like to emphasize the need for a greater global effort to achieve sufficient vaccine supplies to meet the needs of priority populations everywhere, ”said Dr. Mariangela Simao, WHO assistant director general for Access to Medicines and Health Products.

WHO, together with the GAVI Vaccine Alliance and Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations (CEPI), is spearheading a global effort called COVAX to distribute vaccines to low- and middle-income countries, to help ensure that injections are not only directed at wealthy countries.

The COVAX alliance has said it has a deal for nearly 2 billion doses, with the first deliveries due in early 2021. The alliance says it is in talks with Pfizer and BioNTech to secure the vaccine.

Pfizer and BioNTech messenger RNA vaccines are 95% effective at preventing disease symptoms after two separate doses of 21 days. Delivery is difficult, because it needs to be stored at a temperature of minus 70 degrees Celsius.

The vaccine has previously been approved for emergency use in the United States and United Kingdom, and has conditional marketing approvals in Europe and Switzerland, among other countries, where distribution of injections centered on parents and healthcare workers begins in December.


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New Year Awards 2021: Athlete recognized in the award list | Instant News

New Zealand Cricket President Debbie Hockley. Photos / Photosport

A wide variety of sportsmen have been recognized in the list of New Year’s 2021 awards.

Ms Deborah (Debbie) Ann Hockley

Companion of the NZ Order of Merit for cricket service

Nearly 20 years before her biggest win in a long and successful cricket career, the great Debbie Hockley of White Fern continues to strive to make the women’s game as strong as ever in New Zealand.

Hockley first became a Member of the New Zealand Order of Merit at the 1999 New Years awards before helping lead White Fern to victory in the 2000 World Cup final, the country’s only World Cup cricket title.

Hockley, who has been New Zealand Cricket President since 2016, has become the first woman to be elected to the position in the organization’s 122 years of history, said the latest award was a surprise.

“I was a completely stunned mullet. I received an email from the Honors unit and I have to admit I thought someone might be making fun of me,” Hockley told NZME.

Hockley had an international cricket career representing New Zealand between 1979 and 2000. He retired from playing after the 2000 World Cup, having amassed 1301 games, including four centuries in 19 friendly matches. He played 118 internationals one day and was captain for 27 matches, including six friendly matches.

In 2013 she became the fourth woman and first New Zealand woman to be inducted into the ICC Hall of Fame.

Reflecting on his career, the victory over Australia at Bert Sutcliffe Oval has been in the spotlight after nearly winning the World Cup in previous years.

“I know that the tournament will be the last … having attended the previous four World Cups and being part of a successful team that has reached two finals which we unfortunately lost, winning that World Cup final at Lincoln College is undoubtedly the pinnacle of what has been. was so long trying to get that nice trophy, “said Hockley.

NZC President Debbie Hockley with White Fern Leigh Kasperek is currently ahead of the Twenty20 international.  Photosport
NZC President Debbie Hockley with White Fern Leigh Kasperek is currently ahead of the Twenty20 international. Photosport

Since retiring Hockley has been a strong supporter of women’s cricket. She contributed to a major review by Cricket New Zealand in 2015 on the state of female cricket nationally.

As a result of the review, Cricket New Zealand has significantly increased the number of women represented on national and provincial councils and successfully promoted cricket programs that encourage school-age girls to participate in a stress-free, fun and enjoyable environment.

“I think especially in the last few years, New Zealand Cricket has really been involved with seeing if we can fix maybe a few years in which we might not pay too much attention to the females in cricket. I’m very happy about that.

“We have a fair way of going, but the fact that we recognize that we need to provide more resources for the girls and women who play cricket, I’m happy with that. We want cricket to be a game for all New Zealanders, especially us. want to encourage more girls and women to play. I can’t help but be a support for that considering I myself have so many opportunities. “

Mr. Albert Archibald (Arch) Jelley

Companion of the NZ Order of Merit on athletic services and bridge games

The 98-year-old’s list of accomplishments includes training Sir John Walker to claim his gold medal at the 1976 Montreal Olympics.Forty years later, Jelley is again making his presence felt at Olympic level, when 1500m runner Hamish Carson qualified for the Rio Olympics under his tutelage. Jelley was then the oldest top-level coach in New Zealand sports at 94 years of age.

Jelley said Walker’s Olympic gold was a career highlight, but known as a quiet coach, he said the most excited he had ever had during the race was the famous 1974 battle between Walker and the great Tanzanian star Filbert Baby at the Christchurch Commonwealth Games. Baby outperformed Walker in the 1500m final with both runners breaking world time records.

“My brother told me it was the only time he saw me excited at the end of the race. After the race I looked at my watch, got up from my seat and shouted ‘this is a world record’. It was very unlike me,” he told NZME .

Arch Jelley in 2013.Photo of Brett Phibbs
Arch Jelley in 2013.Photo of Brett Phibbs

The twenty athletes he trains represent New Zealand, with twelve competing in the Olympics or World Championships. Between 1976 and 1993 he was appointed coach or manager for twelve New Zealand or Oceania teams, including three Olympic teams. Outside of athletics, he has been involved with the Mount Albert Bridge Club and New Zealand Bridges where he was a bridge teacher since 1996 and was President from 2003 to 2013.

“It’s a huge honor for me and my family. But also a tribute to dozens and dozens of amateur trainers across New Zealand. Without an amateur coach, most sports would be lost,” said Jelley.

Mr. Burton Ross Shipley

Officer of the New Zealand Order of Merit for his services to basketball

Shipley is widely respected for his administrative work both within the country and in the international basketball game. He led the New Zealand National Basketball League from 1999 to 2004 and the New Zealand Breakers from 2005 to 2010. He joined the Oceania Basketball Board as an advisor in 2010 and was elected President in 2013, most recently re-elected in 2019.

He is the only New Zealander to sit on the Executive Committee of the International Basketball Federation (FIBA). He has been the Vice Chairman of the International Basketball Foundation, which uses basketball as a vehicle for social change around the world. Shipley presided over the 2019 Basketball World Cup tournament hosted by China, and was later appointed Vice President of FIBA.

Ms. Kendra Margaret Cocksedge

New Zealand Order of Merit members for rugby services

Cocksedge has been a pioneer in women’s rugby and in 2018 became the first woman to win New Zealand’s rugby top award, Kelvin R Tremain Memorial Player of the Year. The Black Ferns midfielder has played in more than 50 tests, made his test debut in 2007, and is the Black Fern with the second most appearances.

She is a two-time World Cup winner as a member of the 2010 and 2017. She was named Women’s Rugby Player of the Year and New Zealand Women’s Rugby Player of the Year in 2015.

Cocksedge has also represented New Zealand in rugby seven, played in three tournaments for the Black Ferns Sevens and was part of the team that won the Women’s Seven World Series in 2013. Domestically, she has played for the Canterbury Farah Palmer Cup team since 2007 and is a player first in the competition to exceed 1000 points.

New Zealand's Kendra Cocksedge celebrates a trial against Australia in 2018.Photosport
New Zealand’s Kendra Cocksedge celebrates a trial against Australia in 2018.Photosport

Cocksedge told NZME he thought the initial email alerting him to the award was spam.

“This is a great honor and very special,” he said. “It’s great to reflect on what I’ve accomplished in my career. I never thought I would achieve what I have achieved and something like this is the icing on the cake.”

Mr. William Trubridge

Member of the New Zealand Order of Merit for freediving services

Trubridge is the double world record holder for free diving and in 2005 became the first freelancer to dive Dean’s Blue Hole in the Bahamas. There he broke his first world record in the discipline CNF (Constant Weight No Fins) in 2007, diving to 81 meters. In 2010, he became the first human to descend 100 meters without assistance and continued this record to 102 meters in 2016, which still stands. It also set the Free Immersion world record in 2016 with a distance of 124 meters.

William Trubridge is the world record holder in constant weight without fin discipline, along with several other titles.
William Trubridge is the world record holder in constant weight without fin discipline, along with several other titles.

He founded Vertical Blue, which is the most prestigious annual freediving competition as well as free diving school in the Bahamas, where he became Course Director. He has advanced the development of sport internationally through schools and events. In 2011 and 2012 he received the World Absolute Liberator Award. In 2019, Trubridge completed the Cook Strait ‘underwater crossing’ as a series of 934 breath-holding dives.


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Team Canada Match Day Preview: Match Three vs Switzerland | Instant News

The first two games of the tournament were bad for Team Canada. They beat Germany in their opening game and to be honest, it’s hard to watch. Their second match against Slovakia was poor for very different reasons. Canada didn’t do well right away. Yes, they still won games but that’s not the kind of performance I would expect from Canada.

They climbed onto the board early thanks to a goal from Jordan Spence, who was only in the lineup as defender Braiden Schnieder was given a one-game suspension for the high shot he delivered in the match against Germany, and that early goal alone. obtained in the first 40 minutes of play. The fouls weren’t there and it wasn’t like they met a hot goalkeeper or anything. They are just fighting for quality goal scoring opportunities. At the end of the match, they only beat Slovakia 23-18.

They ended up winning 3-1 thanks to a late goal from Phil Tomasino and an empty netter from Jack Quinn, but it’s not a win for Team Canada to be proud of. They hardly look like Sunday gold medal favorites.

One positive thing about the game is the play of Devon Levi, who has a firm grip on the fold of the star. He continued his solid form against Germany with another fine form against Slovakia, stopping 16 of the 17 shots he faced. He now owns 1.20 GAA and 0.929% SV in the tournament.

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Ahead of the tournament, goal work is a bit of a concern for the team, but Levi has pressed it with his solid play and tonight, the rest of Canada will be looking for a bit of a bounceback performance when they face Switzerland.


Switzerland have struggled through their first two matches, failing to win either one. They opened things up with a 1-0 loss to Slovakia on Christmas Day where they lost 32-28. They lost 0-2 with a loss to Finland on Sunday. They actually got their first goal of the game against Finland, but were only able to keep the lead for 36 seconds and then let four goals go unanswered.

They only have one defender on their roster who was in last year’s team and only three forwards have featured in last year’s tournament. If there’s one attacker who can do damage, it’s Simon Knak. Knak has taken eight shots throughout the tournament but has yet to score a point.

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They struggle to score goals but they are good at keeping the pieces out of their own net, conceding just five goals in their first two games. Thibault Fatton has started both matches and has stopped 70 of his 75 shots. He’s busy and really, the main reason why Switzerland didn’t lose any of their matches.

It feels like a year of rebuilding for Switzerland considering they have a very young roster and only a handful of players have returned.


I would be surprised if we didn’t see a better effort from Team Canada tonight. As I said before, they don’t look like gold medal favorites against Slovakia and tonight was really their last easy fight before ending the round-robin with a big game against Finland. They need to take a little step forward tonight and the fight against a fairly weak Swiss side gives them a great opportunity to do that. I expect more fouls from Canada and five or six goal wins.

Canada will also have some new appearances tonight as Head Coach Andre Tourigny looks to spark his team.

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Dylan Holloway will be back in the lineup tonight after being scratched against Slovakia with an upper body injury. Holloway didn’t factor much in the team’s opening match against Germany but he will have a great chance of becoming an influential player tonight as he is placed at the top of the team alongside Connor McMichael and Dylan Cozens. I’m excited to see how Holloway’s high-end speed will mix with McMichael and Cozens’ skills. This can be a very effective trio for Team Canada.

As for Phillip Broberg, he scraped for Sweden’s win over Austria yesterday so he didn’t get a chance to build on his three-point appearance on the opening night. Sweden Head Coach Joel Ronnmark said after the match that if he really wanted to, he could have dressed Broberg and that he would be ready to move forward so it seemed like holding him against Austria was just a precaution.


Yesterday, we only had two matches on the World Junior roster. Sweden started the day with a 4-0 win over Austria, keeping them top of Group B. The best match of the day was a showdown between Germany and Slovakia with Germany winning in extra time.

Today, the day starts with a fight between Czech and US. The Czech Republic let Russia down at the start of the week and could completely destabilize Group B if they made a mistake again today. The final match will see Russia take on Austria.


The IIHF World Junior Hockey Championship 2021 is back in Alberta from December 20 – January 5, and for the first time ever, the tournament will feature a province-wide 50/50 online draw in support of the Hockey Alberta Foundation. Albertans will have the chance to win a bigger jackpot than ever with each day of the game having a maximum of up to $ 20 million! Tickets can be purchased online or from your mobile device in Alberta from 9:00 am daily hockeycanada.ca/5050 with winning tickets announced every day. The World Junior Tournament and the online 50/50 program will give Albertans the opportunity to leave a historic legacy with all lasting results in the province and support the Hockey Alberta Foundation and the Hockey Canada Foundation.

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