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Switzerland – Pastor Army has a new vocation at the forefront of the pandemic | Instant News

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Today, being an army chaplain means listening and talking more than doing religious rituals. Vbs / ddps

To support the troops, army chaplains increased their scope of operations. To deal with the stress caused by the pandemic, they are now offering psychological assistance to soldiers.

This content is published on February 16, 2021 – 09:00 February 16, 2021 – 09:00 Olivier Pauchard

Specialist in federal politics. Previously worked at the Swiss national news agency and at Radio Friborg.

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    The pastoral care of soldiers at the forefront of the pandemic

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    Military chaplains at the forefront of the pandemic

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    Pandemic and chaplain in the Swiss Armed Forces

Last spring, the army mobilized its troops to support civilian authorities during the first wave of the coronavirus pandemic. This is the first time since World War Two that the Swiss army has been deployed in this way. A new support mission – this time consisting mainly of volunteers – is ongoing through the end of March to deal with the second wave underway.

The soldiers might not be performing complex combat maneuvers, but their new mission was not necessarily psychologically easy. In this context, the Army Chaplain asked 35 priests to participate. There are currently five pastors available for those who need additional counseling.

“Imagine a young person who has to leave civilian life overnight ending up in a hospital caring for a dying person. For example, I recently met a 21-year-old soldier whose job was to prevent a patient from unplugging a medical tube. It is psychologically exhausting,” he said. Captain Stefan Junger, chief of the Army Chapel.




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Sango Takes Us To Brazil On New Album “Da Rocinha 4” | Instant News

Sango is one of the more proficient artists under the umbrella of Soulection.

Forget it more than 15 projects on his behalf since 2010, manufacturers also have production credit with some famous artists including Frank Ocean, Tinashe, Smino, and Bryston Tiller.

Sango has long been inspired by baile funk (or funk carioca to the initiation) music that came out of Brazil and has traveled extensively to the South American country to dig chests, make music, and absorb inspiration.

His Rocinha the mixtape series pays homage to Rio de Janeiro’s Rocinha neighborhood, which has become a kind of inspiration for the Seattle beatmaker. In the latest addition to the series, Give Rocinha 4, he overlayed his intricate sampling with a reminiscent American flair Madlib’s job after visiting Brazil. He recruited a group of local artists from the neighborhood to lend a few verses to the album, which feel just as foreign and familiar when you listen to them.

“[This album is] about highlighting the history of Funk Carioca and paying tribute to the creation of funk sounds, “the artist said in a statement about the new recording.” With this fourth installment, I want to reach out to the communities of Rocinha, local areas in Rio de Janeiro and Brazil to give and receive support while I encourage this North & South American voice. “

From Rocinha 4 available to stream now on all streaming services. Do you feel a Brazilian vibe on this record?

song list

1. Details
2. Kalimba Funk
3.Camisa do Senegal Freestyle (feat. NiLL)
4.May (feat. Neguim.)
5. Day and Night (feat. Mano R7 & DJ 2L da Rocinha)
6.Lanso a Braba (feat. JXNV $)
7. Cangaíba up to 7 Mile
8. Rocinha to King Drive
9. Espírito Santo (feat. Hagan)
10.Eu Vou Passando (feat. Jé Santiago)
11. How Long (feat. Luccas Carlos & Jao)
12. Night After Night (feat. VHOOR)
13. Faith with Faith (feat. SD9)
14. Maranhão (feat. Carlos do Complexo & Wax Roof)


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Financial Advisers Recommend Open States Safely, but Openly | Instant News

Financial Advisers Recommend Open States Safely, but Openly | RiverBender.com


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The current COVID-19 pandemic has many similarities with the Spanish Flu Pandemic of 1918-20, and many differences | Instant News

Today’s COVID-19 Pandemic Has Many Similarities to the Spanish Flu Pandemic of 1918-20, and Many Differences Also | RiverBender.com


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Science Yououtubers Brazil listens to coronavirus | Public | Instant News

Doctor Varella and microbiologist Iamarino, Brazilian ‘YouTube user’.

The coronavirus crisis has ignited a new star in a crowded universe YouTuber from Brazil. Atila Iamarino, a 35-year-old microbiologist who was trained at the state university of São Paulo and with a doctorate at Yale, is one of the voices heard by Brazilians trying to understand the pandemic and what is in these uncertain times. Giving information, guiding, strictly on social networks is an even greater challenge when the President of the Republic, Jair Bolsonaro, insists on minimizing threats to health and promoting drugs that don’t have unquestionable support from the scientific community. But this biologist is not alone, he shares a mission with a veteran doctor, Drauzio Varella, 77, too YouTuber. Always based on scientific evidence, they are a strong counterpoint to Bolsonaro.

Iamarino, who specializes in virology, approached Covid-19 in an appropriate and pleasant way from various angles. The same details as to why there won’t be a vaccine soon, reveal the last hour on projections of affected people made by other scientists around the world or explain thousands of variables in deceased accounting. The number of viewers for the video, with almost one million subscribers, is very impressive. The most recent, on symptoms of the disease, had 43,300 views in the first 48 minutes; he life two days before about the progress of the virus in the world, one million.

The effort to spread Iamarino was born “as a public service”, as “a way to return public investment in science, including my training, to the general public,” he told the newspaper. Biologists have carried out scientific dissemination on the Internet more than a decade ago and in their time spent a lot of time on the H1N1, Zika and Ebola epidemics, but it was this pandemic that brought it to the general public.

But the big-spread spreader on public health issues in Brazil over the past three decades is undoubtedly 70-year-old Varella, who still resolves viewers’ doubts and provides advice on how to avoid the spread or contracting of the corona virus. This gives them in all imaginable formats, including videos, newspaper articles, podcasts … Varella, which has 2.2 million subscribers on YouTube and is famous throughout Brazil thanks to having a fixed part in one of the most watched programs on Globe, now focused on viruses.

Although this cancer specialist did not understand the threat posed by Covid-19 at first, he had been trying for weeks to get older people to withdraw to protect themselves, young people, not to infect them and deny the many false news that it caused a pandemic .

Varella premiered on the radio with the AIDS epidemic – when it caused panic – and has dealt with other major issues in Brazil such as prevention of teenage pregnancy, mental health or health care in prisons. Because he expresses himself so easily and looks like an honorable grandfather, many Brazilians consider him a close, trustworthy type.

In a country connected to a social network full of false news, with low quality basic education and a president who is not convinced by social isolation – the main instrument supported by science to curb transmission – the couple’s mission. YouTube users difficult. Networks are a vital field in Brazil. That was in the last election and now, with some citizens scared and others not believing.

But many Brazilians, like many people far from Asia, are beginning to pay attention to the dangers posed by the epidemic. Although Covid-19 has succeeded in crippling half the world, as Iamarino stressed recently in a television interview, it is not one of the most worrying viruses. When he stated that “this is not a serious pandemic, the worst case scenario”, the interviewer escaped eloquently: “Don’t say that! For the love of God!” Scientists responded very calmly: “I really hope this will help us prepare better for worse situations”, with viruses like the flu, which spread faster than this, and with the death of Sars, who 10 “He explained.

Microbiologists take advantage of this situation to insist on a direct link between cutting public funding for science – “which has existed in Brazil since 2014” – and the level of preparation when this caliber crisis arises. The deduction translates into this deficiency.

Co-founder of the channel Nerdology and from the Brazilian Scienceblogs network, in 2016 Iamarino left his job as a researcher at the university when he was surprised to find that he could make a living by leaking out what was discovered by other scientists. Over the weeks, he has multiplied, like hundreds of his colleagues around the world, to serve all those who are looking for scientists to help them overcome this storm.

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