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Will Apple kill the MacBook Air next week? | Instant News

As the Greeks prepare to celebrate apple Introduce your own ARM-based chip to the Mac platform, Please leave a thought for MacBook Air. A machine that looks lost in Apple’s portfolio Can sacrifice next week to enhance Apple’s commitment to ARM’s future.

I very much doubt whether Tim Cook will be as cruel to the iPod Mini as Steve Jobs. As early as 2005, the iPod Mini was soaring. Portable music players were lighter than flagship players. For anyone, 4GB of music would be enough. But announced the immediate cancellation of the iPod Mini. The classic “prosperity”.

Can Tim Cook do the same with the MacBook Air? Yes. Should it? Yes, although my thoughts are a warning.

Remove the Intel-based MacBook Air from general sales and replace it with a light-weight ARM-powered Mac laptop (whether it is a branded MacBook Air or a monolithic MacBook)- Would be a huge statement to the public. In view of the fact that Apple has given developers “two years from now, everything will become ARM” cliff, there is no reason not to give consumers the same shock, saying “this is the way.”

However, the 2020 MacBook Air can still linger. This is an invisible ghost that is destined to haunt for many years.

Keep the old model in the portfolio Not a new move for Apple. MacBook Pro in 2012, Dear MD101LL/A, Is the last cheer of a generation of MacBook. However, Apple didn’t start selling it until 2016, even though its specifications were at a mid-level even in 2012. It is still popular among businesses that need to buy large amounts of Mac laptops with limited budgets. Educational products in particular keep the product active after it disappears from the Apple Store.

I hope the current Intel MacBook Air will do the same. Mac notebooks will provide Mac notebooks to price-sensitive buyers looking for a variety of prices. The 2020 MacBook Air has already begun this process, and it is only sold to the education market for $799 MacBook Air. It was not visible to the public in March, and it is still the case.

In addition to making new entry-level ARM laptops a market choice for MacBook or MacBook Air, Apple will quietly move away the Intel-supported MacBook Air. For all intents and purposes, consumers will see Tim Cook kill the current MacBook Air as soon as possible.

Will Apple kill the MacBook Air? Not right away, but it will be pushed off the stage as soon as possible with a magnificent posture to welcome this brave new world. But that old MacBook Air will still exist, perhaps in a dark library on a high-back chair, caring for the old relics that hot chocolate and Apple cannot fully release.

Now read more about Apple’s three-acting structure for product launches by 2020…


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Covid 19 coronavirus isolation hotels: Queens Wharf is now off limits | Instant News

Isolated people enter public spaces at Queens Wharf for fresh air and exercise. Photo / Michael Craig

Returnees staying at four isolation-run hotels in Auckland will no longer enjoy waterfront excursions at Queens Wharf, as the area is no longer available.

Until this week, a special area had been set aside on the city’s waterfront for isolated people housed in hotels with no room to exercise.

A Managed Isolation and Quarantine (MIQ) spokesperson told the Herald on Sunday that from Thursday October 29, the site was no longer available.

As New Zealand is now level 1, and with longer days and summer around the corner, public events are scheduled at the docks, the spokesman said.

They said various alternatives had been explored over the past few weeks and last night said they had signed contracts in new areas.

Premium Subscription

“We know how important daily exercise and fresh air are to all of us.”

Some of the returnees were able to use the training area yesterday, and the ministry said it would announce today where it will be.

How do special areas operate?

People from the hotel are taken to and from the pier by bus and are always accompanied by security staff. They wear PPE and can exercise up to an hour a day.

There are four separate sections of the practice area on the wharf, separated by double fences from the common area of ​​Queens Wharf and from each other.

“This ensures that returnees do not mingle with community members or with returnees from other managed isolation facilities. Physical distancing is maintained in each area at all times,” an MIQ spokesman said in August.

The area has been in effect since March for returning refugees staying at the Sheraton Four Points, Rydges Hotel Auckland, SO Hotel and the Grand Mercure.

Managed isolation rules

Under Government regulations, people returning to New Zealand must complete 14 days in a managed isolation facility before they can interact with the public.

During their stay, they are expected to be tested for Covid-19 on days 3 and 12, and must test negative before they can leave.

Since August, returnees have had to pay $ 3100 for a room in a managed isolation facility. If other adults wish to stay in the same room, they are charged $ 950 and $ 475 for additional children (3-17 years). There is no charge for children under 3 years of age.

People who have been granted exemptions, for example to obtain medical care in New Zealand or who are refugees, will not be charged.


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3 of the best wine farmhouses to stay in in Chianti Tuscany | Instant News

I sat overlooking the Chianti countryside on a cool September evening full of cricket. Like a triptych in a portrait gallery, ripples of the hills spread out before me, illuminated by glittering villages along their peaks.

Peace echoes. My only friend was the evergreen tree that rose like a lollipop over my deck chair. The scents of rosemary, lavender and thyme smell the air.

Tuscany’s organic winery, Panzano in Chianti, Tucked away amid rolling rolling hills and bottle-green valleys about 25 kilometers (15 miles) south of Florence.

The pursuit of organic wine was the highlight of my first trip here a few years ago, and I keep coming back. The vineyard is adorned by graceful guardian cypresses that stretch out to the horizon. It is Italy’s first organic wine district.

Many areas of it agriturismo The wineries have remained open since July, after Italy’s long lockdown. This will always be my first post-Covid journey.

Here are some of my favorite places to sleep in the region:

Renzo Marinai is a pioneer organic grapes, organic wine making. I had the pleasure of finally meeting him during The Vino Al Vino Panzano Festival just before harvest. She loves to share her little paradise with guests.

This newly renovated self-contained rustic apartment pairs wooden beams, Tuscan furniture and stone walls with mod fittings (air conditioning, memory foam mattress, free Wifi, satellite TV, security alarm). Named evocatively Fox (Fox) and Rabbit The (Rabbit) was in between the wine cellar and other farm buildings, so there was a real feeling of being in the action.

Bedrooms for 4 people, each has a separate living area and kitchen / dining area plus a double bedroom with an en suite bathroom decorated with local tiles. BYO all the stuff you need to serve yourself and go to the market and farm gate to buy more.

The winery also organizes seasonal activities for guests: so grape harvest in September / October, new oil in November, threshing of wheat in July (handmade Cappelli pasta made from heirloom wheat varieties can only be bought on the spot).

All guests here can enjoy the infinity pool and outdoor area with tables, chairs and BBQ.

A new ultra-luxury hillside villa features a private infinity pool soaking up the sunset over the Chianti hills. Two levels “Cicadas’ LodgeIt has an elegant kitchen with the main island and the best equipment; large living room with farm table, double sofa bed and large fireplace; and a terrace overlooking its own garden. The villa is located at the end of the road – so the only thing you will hear are crickets. It’s perfect for a family stay or a group of friends.

Open March to late December. From € 1200 for a week for an apartment sleeping 4.

Does he have Palagio Di Panzano we slept on That Cottage–A stylish old barn from an original farmhouse with wooden beams, whitewashed walls and comfortable sofas. Outside there is a fenced terrace with thick wooden tables, perfect for a warm evening humming cricket. I know I came to do a little cricket penalty in Chianti. Their voices flow through the breezy sea air.

Other self-contained lodgings – La Torre, Belvedere, Il Piccolo – are also walled in historic stone with minimalist luxuries (dishwasher, microwave etc) … What you need and more when real luxury is the view. There are also villas that can accommodate up to 20 people. Apartments start at € 140 per night.

Run by winemaker Giovanni Manetti’s sister, Giovanna, the Pecille Plantation the villas are situated on the Fontodi estate. Prior to wine, the family was heavily involved in the production of Florentine terracotta tiles (seen on the dome of Florence Cathedral as well as in farmhouse accommodations).

Gray sandstone pietra serena (as used in Renaissance Florence architecture), antique upholstery and local artisan furniture create an atmosphere of “elegant serenity” – in keeping with the characteristics of the Tuscan countryside, says Manetti.

Here you can play tennis and swim in the pool, as well as peddle up and down the Chianti hills.

Where & What To Taste:

Renzo Marina Chianti Classico and a deep red pomegranate flavor Chianti Classico Reserve is 90% Sangiovese, 10% Cabernet Sauvignon. That Good choice on the other hand is 100% Sangiovese. That Conca d’Oro 100% Cab Sav.

In That Palagio di Panzano, Piccini and her husband Franco are making it pure Sangiovese Chianti Classico. “I like it because I can feel my land,” he said. From Monday to Friday, the tasting menu in the basement pairs local flavors with various vintages.

All Fontodi vino is made from selected organic grapes. From 100% ripe fruit Sangiovese Chianti Classico and Flaccianello della Pieve to Pinot Nero’s and Syrah’s.

Villa and winery L’Orcio di Ca ‘di Pesa like many here also produce olive oil. You need to order wine tasting in advance, outside of festival times.

In the center of Panzano, Dario Cecchini, “the world’s largest butcher shop”, has an accompanying restaurant, Antica Butcher Cecchini. Despite the name, it’s not all meat here – there are plenty of seafood and pasta options too.

That Il Cardo wine shop is a popular small wine bar on Piazza Gastone Bucciarelli that serves wines from all members of the wine-growing association.

Don’t miss at least a half day trip to Siena. It’s one of the absolute gems of medieval Italy, with a lovely flavor to boot from. (As Panforte from Siena, spiced fruit and chewy peanut cake).

Almost there: Panzano di Chianti is 21 miles / 35 km from Florence and Siena. The closest main city is Greve in Chianti. San Gimignano, Pisa and Lucca are other possible day trips. The nearest airport is Florence Vespucci.

Further reading: How Chianti Wine Makers Adapt to Covid, America’s Wine Sales Code.


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One year later, AirPods Pro got better | Instant News

When some new products are on the shelves, the question I always get is: “Is this shiny new product worth it?” Readers naturally want to know what the upgrade is and whether it guarantees their hard-won green.

Commenters like me rarely talk about how the device changes over time, but it is a useful exercise. The battery is degraded. The new competitor found a shortcoming. More experience can give people an understanding of the highlights and non-luminous areas of technology.

This week, I reviewed my nearly one-year partnership with AirPods Pro, Apple’s noise-canceling wireless earbuds. But I am also testing their shining features and new content, Was released this month through iOS 14: Spatial audio for a theater-like experience, automatic switching between iOS and Mac devices, sound amplification for people with impaired hearing, and new low battery notifications.

Although Apple stabilized the price at $249, I found that AirPods Pro discounts were as high as $50 this month. And any successor is possible Won’t show up for another year.

All of this means that last year’s “Pods still make sense today. If you are thinking about these issues, then here are the most famous observations about my professionals, which have been sitting in my case for nearly a dozen Satellite, and lived to tell the story:

• Transparent mode (also known as “Don’t be hit by a bus” mode) is very suitable for listening to the route of Google Maps bicycles on the road.

• After riding for many hours On a stationary bike, I am very, very happy that Pro is sweatproof.

• Micro-debris collects in the cracks of the box, especially the hinges. Some stains are hard to avoid: the white silicone earplugs have the same rose color as the pink earplugs I wear at night.

AirPods Pro is a debris magnet. The earplug box needs uninterrupted cleaning, and these broken gaps will still attract dust.


Nicole Nguyen / “Wall Street Journal”

• After one year of daily use, my professionals can still use noise cancellation and music for more than four hours. (Apple claims to be able to listen for 4.5 hours and talk for 3.5 hours).

• I lost my AirPods almost twice, once in a jacket pocket and another time in a car cup holder. Frustratingly, the iPhone’s “Find Me” app did not help. Only improper AirPods will be displayed on the “Find me” map. What monster stores “Pods” in improper circumstances? I have already purchased $15 tile sticker tracker Stay aware of this situation.

How the professionals compare with other headphones I have tested:

• in a Microphone quality test Comparing five wireless earbuds, AirPods Pro ranked first. During home work, earplugs have become an important part of my office setup.

• The active noise reduction of professionals is surprisingly effective for their figure. They can’t be isolated like bulky in-ear headphones, but they’re better off other buds, such as Samsung’s Galaxy Buds Live ($170) or


Echo Buds ($130). Professionals do face fierce noise cancellation competition from competitors: Bose’s QC earbuds ($279) will expire on September 29, and Jabra’s Elite 85t ($229) will be available in November.

• AirPods Pro is not as suitable for air travel as I hoped-not that you are doing a lot of things. Four to five hours of battery life cannot be used for long-distance flights on a single charge, nor can you plug them into the seat back entertainment console of the aircraft. And only ear-hook headphones can provide the complete quiet sleep that these travel require.


Both WH-1000XM3 ($350) and Bose’s 700 ($380) can use batteries for more than 20 hours.

Overall, AirPods Pro has been running well for a long time, reaching the best point of portability for work, commuting and exercise. And although the price is a bit high, at least the latest update did not cost any extra money.

Spatial audio only available for AirPods Pro provides a theater-like surround sound experience for compatible videos and devices. Even if you move your head, the virtual speaker will remain in place.



Spatial audio brings a virtual surround sound experience to AirPods Pro. This feature uses Pros’ internal motion sensor to track the head orientation relative to the device (the latest model of iPad, iPhone, Apple TV or Mac and the latest software), and then digitally project three-dimensional sound around you.

After enabling spatial audio in the Bluetooth settings, it will automatically activate compatible media compatible with many popular types of multi-channel surround sound audio, such as Dolby Atmos. You can check if it is active by long pressing the volume slider in the control panel and then looking for the animated spatial audio icon. The application manufacturer should support spatial audio. In my test, it can be used with HBO Max, Disney + and Apple TV +, but it cannot be used with Amazon Prime Video or


A Netflix spokesperson said: “We have nothing to share at the moment.”

To see if spatial audio is active, long press the volume slider. If the icon is animated, you will hear the media you are currently playing in Apple’s new surround sound.


Nicole Nguyen / “Wall Street Journal”

When I tested it with “The Mandalorian” on Disney+, I was immediately sent to the cinema. It’s hard to describe: You will feel the spacecraft buzzing on the screen, and every robot sound is intricate. When I moved my head, the actor’s voice stayed on the screen.

It is so incredible that such a small device can produce so much sound depth. If I don’t have to use my phone to experience it, it will be even more impressive. of Update incompatible And my 3 year old 10.5-inch iPad Pro.

Some applications also make use of AirPods Pro’s motion sensors. The game “Temple Run 2” becomes a kind of exercise: to move the character around in the game, you need to jump, lean and squat. The game doesn’t always record my actions, but at least I worked sweaty.

With automatic device switching, AirPods’ audio connection can be switched to any device that is playing media-not just for professionals. It can also be used with the second generation AirPods, Powerbeats, Powerbeats Pro and Solo Pro.


Nicole Nguyen / “Wall Street Journal”

For devices that work at home, the more exciting update is the automatic device switching, which allows you to move AirPods connections between different devices without fiddling with any menus. If you work on a Mac and receive a call, the audio connection will immediately be switched to the iPhone, and a notification will appear on the computer: “Moved to iPhone”.

This feature also applies to the second-generation AirPods, Powerbeats, Powerbeats Pro and Solo Pro.

In the test, my AirPods Pro seemed to be connected to my iPad and iPhone. I watch YouTube videos on the iPad, then select the podcast on the iPhone, and the switch is instantaneous. As long as one of these devices is not shared with other family members, this feature can be used between all devices logged into the same Apple ID. Before handing the iPad to the kids, please disable Bluetooth unless you want to be disturbed by the voices of Peppa Pig and her friends.

MacOS Big Sur will be available later this fall, and this feature will be available on the Mac. I am personally disappointed because, like many IT-managed computers, the MacBook Pro issued by our company will not be upgraded anytime soon. We are not even on MacOS Catalina. It may not be until 2022 before I can take full advantage of the features that can significantly improve the AirPod experience.

Share your opinion

If you have AirPods Pro, how can they help you? If you are a persistent person, are these new features worth considering? Join the conversation below.

When there is 20%, 10%, and 5% of power remaining, one of the more incremental updates of AirPods is a new notification of low battery. There is also an auxiliary function option that can amplify soft sounds and adjust certain frequencies. For AirPods Pro, when using “transparency mode”, you can make quiet sounds or the surrounding environment more clearly visible.

Apple products are designed to work seamlessly with other Apple products. This is the promise-the more you invest in the ecosystem, the more you get from each device-this is the key selling point of AirPods Pro.

When the ecosystem works, it is fabulous. When something doesn’t work, it’s when you feel the tugboat, and Apple’s loyal customers hold your invisible hand. When I can’t get spatial audio on my “old”, suddenly outdated iPad, I have to wonder, is the upgraded tablet my next Shiny New Thing?

—For more “Wall Street Journal” technical analysis, comments, suggestions and headlines, please register Our weekly news.

Write to Nicole Nguyen [email protected]

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Louis Mobile Food Market will be in your Community in Partnership with St. Louis. Louis Area Foodbank Listing for August 1 – 21 | Instant News

Louis Mobile Food Market will be in your Community in Partnership with St. Louis Area Foodbank Listing for August 1 – 21 | RiverBender.com


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