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The men’s world curling championship playoff has been postponed due to COVID-19 | Instant News

EQUIPMENT – The men’s world curling championships in Calgary remained on the defensive pattern of Saturday, missing the finish line due to a positive test for the COVID-19 virus.

Four members of three international teams tested positive for the virus in “exit” tests before leaving Canada. They show no symptoms of the coronavirus.

A playoff match and a pair of semifinals were canceled on Saturday. The world championships are scheduled to close on Sunday with gold and bronze medal matches.

Four additional teams came into close contact with the infected individual.

The World Curling Federation and Canadian Curling await tests carried out on the remaining five playoff teams on Saturday to determine whether the championship can resume at WinSport’s Markin MacPhail Center.

“We’re trying to solve this,” said Scott Arnold, head of development at WCF.

“We are doing everything in our power to do that, but we will have to wait for the testing to see if we actually provide it for us.”

The athletes and team personnel were quarantined in their hotel rooms on Saturday.

Shortly after Canada’s Brendan Bottcher was knocked out of the row by Scotland on Friday evening, WCF announced an infection had been detected among the participants and was suspending competition.

“Obviously devastated,” said Nolan Thiessen, director of broadcast, marketing, innovation, event presentation and athlete liaison at Curling Canada.

“Our friends, colleagues, team-mates, our broadcast partners, are completely devastated, but we will find out, find out what happened and see if we can still compete this season.

“Health and safety comes first and we will find out which side of the championship later.”

Alberta Health and the Public Health Agency of Canada approved Curling Canada’s plans to hold events in a controlled, closed environment from the general public.

The men’s world championships are the fourth event in the Calgary curling bubble after the Canadian men’s, women’s and mixed curling championships, where no cases of COVID-19 have been reported.

It is not yet known whether the positive cases at the world championships involve a variant of the virus, said Dr. Bob McCormack, who is the chief medical officer for the curling center.

Curling Canada adopted many elements of Hockey Canada’s operations at the world junior men’s hockey championships in Edmonton from December 25 to January 5.

International curling teams do not arrive in Canada on charter flights as hockey players do, but fly on a commercial basis.

A negative test taken less than 72 hours before traveling to Calgary is required.

Upon arrival in Calgary, athletes and team personnel began a week-long “managed quarantine protocol” with four separate tests conducted during that time span before the brace was allowed to compete.

The 14 teams, including 13 from other countries, kick off the men’s world championships on April 2.

Teams are confined to their arena and hotel across the Trans-Canada Highway, and self-drive back and forth.

Masks are mandatory outside hotel rooms and outside the playing field, and hand sanitizer is readily available, but the damaging corona virus has infiltrated the curly bubbles.

“We really judge that when we talk,” said Thiessen. “It’s part of the contact tracing process. We are trying to find out not only where it is spreading, but where it could be. “

WCF’s preference is to finish events on Sundays. Pushing it into the next week is a logistical nightmare for broadcast and property reasons.

A pair of Grand Slams, which are Rogers Sportsnet property and not Curling Canada’s, are scheduled to start Wednesday in Calgary.

The Humpty Championship Cup will be followed April 20-25 by the Girls Car Players Championship.

The tournament featured Canadian and international men’s and women’s teams, including four teams competing in the men’s championships.

Athletes who are not at a world championship will come to undergo testing and quarantine protocols for the Grand Slam, but do not join the world championship team.

“The athletes were at different locations completing their entry protocol for the Grand Slam,” said Dr. Danielle Kelton, onsite medic in Calgary.

“We are communicating with them and they are not in direct contact with any athletes who are currently in the bubble.”

The women’s world curling championship, moved from Switzerland to Calgary, from April 30 to May 9.

McCormack believes the virus-free bubble curl can be healed for future events.

“There are things that are not yet known that we need to resolve, but I am sure this will continue,” he said.

“Even though we have a problem with the men’s world, we have a chance to rebuild the same clean bubble with the Tournament of Hearts, which is different from the Brier, which is different from the Canadian mixed championships, which is different from the world.

“They are separate events, so I hope we can not only finish this event – it is a moving target – but we will be able to create new bubbles for the next safe event.”

This report by The Canadian Press was first published on April 10, 2021.


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Governor Whitmer’s aide travels to Florida despite governor’s travel warning | Instant News

DETROIT – Gov. aide Gretchen Whitmer sparked controversy after she posted family photos of her and her family on social media at a beach in Florida as the assistant acted against Whitmer’s advice about travel in the middle of the Michigan coronavirus outbreak. April 10, 2021: Michigan coronavirus cases up to 738,023; The photos of Whitmer’s director of operations, Tricia Foster, in the Florida Keys, were discovered on Friday.In response, the governor’s office said Foster was fully vaccinated and could travel safely as directed by the CDC and from the MDHHS, but the photos come just days after Whitmer warned against traveling to Florida during spring break. The CDC said fully vaccinated people can travel the country without having to go through a test before or after the trip, and that those who are fully vaccinated and travel do not have to self-quarantine when they return, but the trip is called hypocrisy by opponents of Whitmer. Read: Michigan urges them Spring Break travelers to get tested for COVID, offers pop-up sitesThe co-chair of the Michigan Republican Party tweeted to the governor that her “rules are so horrible” on her for ” open this state! ” Michigan currently does not have a travel ban, and businesses are not currently closed due to pandemic orders. Additionally, Whitmer’s emergency powers were revoked in October and COVID decisions are currently being made by the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services. AdFoster’s photos appeared to have been removed from their Facebook page. The governor’s office did not say whether there would be any consequences for the high-ranking aid. Copyright 2021 by WDIV ClickOnDetroit – All rights reserved. .

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April 10 Letter: Studying from Australia; skip the euphemisms; make Victoria even better | Instant News

Can we learn from the Australian example?

A note from my daughter in New South Wales on March 29: Her mother-in-law is expected to arrive from Brisbane, Queensland, in the next few days, but the city and surrounding hot spots have been under lockdown for three days. due to the outbreak of eight cases of COVID that were transmitted by the community.

Eight. At the same time, other Australian states, including New South Wales, imposed travel restrictions from Queensland.

This week, I’m sending my daughter a note reporting 4,000 new cases in BC over the Easter weekend. Response from Down Under: “Zero here”.

The lockdown is over, her mother-in-law is visiting and they go on a wine tour of the nearby Hunter Valley; all bitter for my other daughter, who had no one outside of her immediate family in her home in Ontario for a year.

Indeed, Australia does not share the same long and porous international borders as we do.

However, goods and people enter the country and anyone arriving from abroad automatically spends two weeks at the quarantine hotel.

Canadian Government and Dr. Good Bonnie Henry will be well aware of the Australian example.

It’s been more than two years since I saw my daughter and grandchildren in the Southern Hemisphere, and I’m afraid that if we don’t get tougher soon on our way to and from islands and provinces, it could be even longer.

Gery Lemon
See Royal

Dr. Henry, let me euphemism

With all due respect to Dr. Bonnie Henry, I’m sick of hearing about very serious problems called “challenges” and potentially deadly and pervasive variants called “worrying”.

Call for the shovel of shovel and instead of worrying about the public, stop minimizing and start dealing.

We need to take more action, not less. We need to take steps to stop tourism to Vancouver Island, stop the spread of transmission through arriving travelers and impose more serious consequences for people who ignore vigilance and harm others.

Things are not getting better. They get worse and it is much more than just challenging and concerning.

It’s deadly.

Palset Launa

Go hard to stop the pandemic

I’m pretty sure people around the world are fed up with COVID-19. Countries that have leaders willing to step in, doing what is necessary to stop the spread, should be applauded.

In Canada, COVID is out of control. First our seniors, the older population, the people with compromised health.

Now the younger crowd. Still our leaders don’t take a tough stance.

If we lockdown properly, we won’t be in the middle of this pandemic swamp. Open, close, open too fast, close but not tight, open again, close again. We are all sick and tired.

Let’s get tough. The locks of this country are so tight that COVID has nowhere to go but.

You are not allowed to spread COVID if you feel entitled and do not wear a mask, cannot travel and bring back the variant. It is not good.

How many more people have to die?

Rebecca Evans
Brentwood Bay

Another day of too many cases of COVID

Like Canada, Australia is a federation with a strong central government and a similar population. And like Canadian cities, Australian cities continue to rank in the top 10 most liveable cities in the world.

But unlike Canada, Australia adopted a violent initial hardline response to a pandemic that resulted in low numbers of COVID-19 and returned to normalcy quickly.

On par with our province, the Australian state not only limits domestic travel within the country, but occasionally, travel between geographic areas within the same state – complete with road checkpoints and police enforcement.

While our government’s response to the pandemic has been laudable in the North American context, as our numbers on Vancouver Island climb to record highs, it is sometimes difficult to understand (despite constitutionality) why our province has not adapted a similar hardline tactic.

Dave Nonen

Thunberg’s title was wrong

The University of British Columbia awarded Greta Thunberg an honorary degree.

Thunberg is an activist who demands the world tackle the effects of using fossil fuels, carbon dioxide and air pollution in general.

Current activism uses whatever confrontational activity is necessary to promote opinion on climate issues. In this case facing world leaders, world population and world opinion who oppose the fossil fuel industry.

Thunberg championed a laudable ideology that draws large crowds to this end. However, I object to this method of intimidating people for narrow ends without discussing its impact on the world economy.

Young people are deeply affected. Thunberg was well guided to deliver his address at the United Nations Assembly. The show was well-orchestrated with a bold tone that spewed violence upon the adult audience of captive world leaders.

Its main promotion is to call on the world’s young people to leave their class to join demonstration protests. It is not wrong to hold demonstrations every week that attract students from educational institutions.

Public schools and universities are educational facilities. Pulling students out is a cost to our system. Young protesters are attracted to the joy of cause without understanding the social effects and consequences.

Human ingenuity and creativity will solve climate problems. Not from the influence of foreign environmental groups who are involved in governance and our economy.

I do not support this distraction, nor do UBC have to respect the people who do it. Canada is filled with green plants that consume carbon. We are a small population that accounts for less than two percent of the world’s pollution.

We are not a problem globally. Respect our efforts, not tough speculators.

Bruce E. Hornidge
Port Alberni

The progressive council is making Victoria better

Subject: “Give high marks to the Victorian council,” letter, April 7.

I also appreciate the opinion and recent letter acknowledging the positive action taken by Mayor Lisa Helps and the progressive majority elected to the Victorian council.

These changes to make our cities more livable, walkable, and cycling – and thus more socially, culturally and economically dynamic – are long overdue. The allocation of scarce public road space is very unbalanced for the benefit of private cars and for everyone and others.

The humanitarian catastrophe of homelessness and untreated mental illness and the addictions that occur in our streets and parks is not the fault of the Victorian council. Health and housing are primarily provincial and federal responsibilities.

This catastrophe was mainly caused by decades of cuts in social programs by right-wing governments to pay for tax cuts that mostly benefit the rich.

Despite some recent increases in funding, the provincial and federal governments are still not dealing with this humanitarian crisis with the disaster response that is needed.

Of course, Victorian councilors made mistakes sometimes.

But all in all, I give the mayor and council credit for doing a great job during these very challenging times, and remaining focused on making our city more sustainable, vibrant and people-centered.

Graham Briggs

The decision about a bike path boggles the mind

What was the thought process when the new bike path in Victoria was considered? Did Mayor Lisa Helps and councilors look at decades of data and figure out where the collision between vehicle drivers and cyclists occurred? I doubt that.

It’s mind boggling that Richardson Street and Kimta Road will be changed in any way while East Gorge Road is definitely a death trap for cyclists.

Likewise, the new bike routes for Jubilee, Oaklands and Fernwood seem to fall into the favorite category of many critics: solutions to problem solving.

Is East Gorge Road not getting the attention it deserves because no one running the show in Victoria is using it to cycle to work?

It would be enlightening for the Times Colonist to provide readers with a map showing roughly where the mayor and councilors live in relation to the approved bicycle routes.

Trevor Amon


• Email a letter to: [email protected]

• Letter: Letter to the editor, Times Colonist, 201-655 Tyee Rd., Victoria, BC V9A 6X5

• Submissions must not exceed 250 words; subject to editing for length and clarity. Provide your contact information; it will not be published. Avoid sending your letter as an email attachment.


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Food bank seeks help | News, Sports, Jobs | Instant News

LISBON – Mahoning Valley’s Second Harvest Food Bank is the latest organization to ask Columbiana County commissioners to consider supporting them with the latest round of expected stimulus money.

According to Kimberly Brock, agency relations and program manager for the organization, Columbiana County is seeing an increase in the amount of food needed in 2020 because it is a chaotic year for everyone because of the pandemic. With 25 active food kitchens in the district, 3.73 million pounds of food have been distributed, which translates to 3.1 million meals. Brock said the local food kitchen that used to serve 35 families a week turned out to serve 150 families because all of them were closed due to Covid-19.

The Second Harvest Food Bank in Mahoning Valley supports local food kitchens scattered throughout the region. In addition, the organization supports kitchens in the Mahoning and Trumbull regions. In addition, Second Harvest Food Bank has a mobile food kitchen that has been used by the community.

Responding to a question from the commissioners, Brock said that in Ohio every family who expressed a need could get help from a soup kitchen. They may be asked to provide names, addresses, phone numbers and the number of people in their family so that the food bank can determine how much they need and distribute their resources to reach as many people as possible.

Before the pandemic, people were often able to go to local soup kitchens and pick items for their families, but because of social distancing, many food kitchens had to adapt to bagging items and placing them on the curb of the family vehicle instead.

Second Harvest obtains food through donations from the local grocery store and buys additional food with donated funds. Then the local kitchen makes requests of what’s available, either taking their own food or scheduling delivery to their facility.

Brock says food costs have increased over the past year; for example, the price of peanut butter tripled.

Despite increasing needs and costs, Brock says the food pantry continues to work hard and provide a service for everyone. He said he would go to the commissioners in each district served by the food bank and ask them to consider using part of the money given to the district to support local food kitchens. He asks for $ 200,000 but says whatever commissioner can give will be very much appreciated.

While county commissioners expect about $ 10 million both this year and next year in America’s Recovery Plan money, Commissioner Mike Halleck pointed out they are still awaiting direction from the Treasury on the types of projects or ways the money can be spent.

On the other hand, the commissioner opened the only accepted offer for cationic emulsion asphalt for a road paving project. Russell Standard is bidding $ 1,903,550. The offer was forwarded to the regional engineer’s office for review.

In addition, the commissioners approved their latest contract with the County Risk Sharing Authority, Inc. (CORSA), which provides district liability insurance. Among the bills paid on Wednesday by the commissioners was a payment of $ 287,426 to CORSA.

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