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The demand for soup kitchens is increasing as the pandemic continues | Instant News

HATTIESBURG, Miss. (WHLT) – The food bank revealed an increasing need for supplies as a result of more families in need due to the pandemic.

Christian Services in Hattiesburg said the number of people in need had continued to increase since the pandemic hit Mississippi and continued to grow as the pandemic continued. Although many have returned to their work lives, there are still many who have not. Leaders at the food bank said the need had changed from 30 boxes of emergency food a week to 50 to 100 boxes of emergency food a week.

They said when COVID started, there was extra money and extra food. Even though COVID-19 hasn’t disappeared, the extra support has been lost. Their needs include basic necessities such as rice, beans, ketchup, canned fruit and vegetables. For their hot meals, leaders at Christian Services say they can sometimes serve up to 900 meals a day.

The family came from Wiggins and Collins, but they served needy families from Forrest, Lamar, Perry and surrounding counties. The leaders say they need the country to realize that there are still many hungry people out there.

“We can definitely use any money or donations from canned goods, kitchen stables, for sure. Just a recognition that the more we do in our community, the better it helps everyone. You feed a child and they do better in school, you feed the mother, she can take better care of her family. So, it’s really a basic systematic need that we just need to remember that everyone is not as fortunate as everyone else, ”said Maggie West of Christian Services.

The local food kitchen is supplied by local shops which has advantages. A store that is a partner of the Mississippi Food Network. Items are usually supplied from Corner Market, Target, Winn Dixie, Sam’s Club, Walmart and churches and groups that have done canned food drives.


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The Cardinals’ spring training game to include the fans in attendance | Headlines | Instant News

(KMOV.com) – The Cardinals and Marlins are the first teams in MLB to announce that fans will be allowed to attend their spring 2021 home training match.

Although the announcement was officially given by Roger Dean Stadium, the press release was shared by St. Petersburg. Louis Cardinals on Monday. Fans are not allowed into Busch Stadium for home matches throughout the 2020 season, as attendance is prohibited across the league until certain matches in the MLB Postseason.

The release states that tickets will be available in a seating allowance of 2, 4 or 6 tickets. Due to limited availability, Season Tickets will not be available for spring training this year; all tickets will be available based on individual play, the release states.

First availability to purchase tickets will be open to last year’s spring training Season Ticket Holders starting Monday, February 1, with Season Cardinals Ticket Holders, and previous Mini Pack and Group Ticket buyers having the opportunity to purchase tickets during the following weeks. The release states, “Individual Game Tickets will be available to the General Public on Thursday, February 18th, pending availability.”

The Cardinals are scheduled to open their Grapefruit League match against the Marlins on February 27 in a ‘street’ match at Roger Dean Stadium.

The Roger Dean Stadium announcement came on the same day as the Cactus League, a spring training league held in Arizona, send a letter to MLB expressed a desire to see early spring training delayed by several weeks.

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New travel restrictions begin this week, requiring a negative COVID-19 test to return to the United States | Instant News

MIAMI – The Biden Administration has reinstated travel restrictions and passengers will begin to see these changes as early as Tuesday. Anyone planning to leave the country will need to show the airline a negative COVID-19 test before boarding a flight. back to the United States. If not, the CDC said travelers will not be allowed to re-enter the United States according to the CDC, the airline will confirm a negative COVID-19 test result or COVID-19 recovery documentation for all passengers before boarding. If a person is not able to provide a negative test result or recovery documentation to the airline, the airline must deny boarding to the passenger, and the negative test cannot be older than three days. Travel restrictions that have been set to be New White House press secretary Jan Paski tweeting: “With the pandemic worsening and more contagious variants emerging around the world, this is no time to lift restrictions. on international travel. With the pandemic worsening and more contagious variants emerging around the world, now is not the time to lift restrictions on international travel. – Jen Psaki (@jrpsaki) January 19, 2021 Non-American citizens of South Africa, Brazil, the United Kingdom, Ireland and more than two dozen European countries will be banned from entering the United States. Miami International Airport spokesperson Greg Chin told Local 10 News the airport is seeing a month-to-month increase in traffic after a busier-than-expected holiday season, although it is emerging from the lows pandemic. “It really remains to be seen what effect this will have,” Chin said. “Most of our traffic is domestic, and the international restriction that requires testing is already something that many of our travelers are used to.” Chin also said the new requirements and restrictions might actually help stabilize things. “They will see the same requirement in the United States as in other countries,” he said. “It actually helps the industry to recover. It’s easier to communicate to the traveler than wherever you go, which is what you can expect. Airport officials said that starting Tuesday, CDC officials will randomly select flights and verify that information once those planes arrive at the gates. the full White House proclamation, click here. Copyright 2021 by WPLG Local10.com – All rights reserved. .

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Sexual assault survivor and advocate Grace Tame has been named 2021 Australian of the Year | Instant News

A woman survivor of sexual abuse fighting for others, a Kenyan refugee turned multicultural liaison officer, a young advocate hoping to end a period of poverty, and a well-known Aboriginal educator is a recipient of the 2021 Australian of the Year award.

After an incredible year, the award went to four equally extraordinary Australians, all united in a desire to help others find their voices.

The 26-year-old who helps lead the fight to overturn laws preventing sexual harassment survivors from speaking out has been named Australian of the Year for 2021.

This is the first time in the program’s 61 year history that a Tasmanian has won the award.

At 15, Grace Tame was groomed and raped by her 58-year-old teacher at a private girls’ school in Hobart.

The culprit was jailed for her crimes, but Tame was unable to speak about her experiences publicly under Tasmania’s sexual harassment victims’ sexual abuse law, although the offender and the media are free to do so.

He became the hidden face and catalyst of the #LetHerSpeak campaign, a victim who cannot be shown or named in the media.

Aided by the campaign, Tame filed a petition with the Supreme Court for the right to publicly identify herself as a victim of rape and win, before continuing to advocate for others.

Tasmanian Grace Tame survived sexual assault and became a campaigner on behalf of others.(AAP: Mike Tsikas)

Her work is focused on helping others understand how grooming works, and breaking down the stigma associated with sexual violence.

“He is a regular guest speaker for well-known television shows and programs and uses his media profile to advocate for other vulnerable groups in the community.”

Ms Tame got emotional as she accepted the award, paying tribute to the other survivors.

“All child sexual abuse survivors, this is for us,” he said.

She spoke about the importance of eliminating stigma and empowering young people to speak up.

“I lost my virginity to a pedophile,” he said.

“I am 15 years old, anorexic. She is 58 years old, she is my teacher.

“In public he described his crimes as” extraordinary “and” envious. “In public I am silenced by law. Not anymore.

“Australia, we have a long way to go, but much remains to be done.”

Describing herself as a “proud Tasmanian”, Ms Tame spoke of the journey she has been on over the years since suffering trauma, hoping to inspire others.

“Eleven years ago, I was in the hospital, suffering from anorexia… last year I won a marathon. We changed as individuals,” he said.

“I remember him saying, ‘Don’t make a sound.’ Well, listen to me now, use my voice among the chorus that will not be silenced. “

Acclaimed Top End first Aboriginal tutor

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Senior Australian of the Year Miriam-Rose Ungunmerr-Baumann AM is the Northern Territory’s first fully qualified Aboriginal teacher.

The passion for arts and education led this Senior Australian of the Year 2021 to a career as an educator and activist.

In 1975, Miriam-Rose Ungunmerr-Baumann AM became the Northern Territory’s first fully qualified Aboriginal teacher, becoming headmaster of her community in Nauiyu, 143 kilometers southwest of Darwin.

He visited schools through the Top End as an arts consultant to the Department of Education, recommending that visual arts be included as part of every child’s education.

Dr Ungunmerr-Baumann, 69, is also a well-known writer, public speaker, activist and artist.

He has served on the National Indigenous Council and founded the Miriam Rose Foundation to promote reconciliation at the grassroots level, and bridge the gap between Aboriginal cultures and mainstream society.

“I am so happy with what happened tonight, I couldn’t breathe,” he said.

Miriam-Rose smiled after accepting her award.
Author, public speaker, activist and artist Dr Miriam-Rose Ungunmerr-Baumann.(AAP: Mike Tsikas)

Accepting the award, Dr Ungunmerr-Baumann spoke about the importance of relationships between Australian cultural groups.

“Two hundred years ago we started interacting with white people and Australia became multicultural,” he said.

“Since then… we learned to speak your English fluently. Over the years we walked the one-way street to study the white man’s way.

“Now is the time for you to come closer to understanding us.”

This is the third time Dr Ungunmerr-Baumann has been nominated for the Australian of the Year award.

Isobel Marshall was honored for his period poverty alleviation charity

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Isobel Marshall has been honored for period poverty dealing charities.

Millions of girls and young women around the world face periods of poverty, which often force them to drop out of school.

For Australian Youth of the Year, Isobel Marshall, that fact is unacceptable.

At 18, now 22, crowdfunded $ 56,000 in 2018, joined Eloise Hall, and founded the charity TABOO, an ethically sourced organic tampon and sanitary pad and brand.

All TABOO’s net profits are sent to charity partners (One Girls) in Sierra Leone and Uganda, where they are used to fight period poverty.

Locally, Isobel and TABOO have partnered with the Vinnies Women’s Crisis Center, providing free access to sanitary napkins and tampons for women who need emergency accommodation in South Australia.

Isobel smiled, holding his appreciation.
South Australia’s Isobel Marshall co-founded the charity TABOO.(AAP: Mike Tsikas)

It was a trip to Kenya that was the motivation for his job, said Marshall.

“We met girls who walked three hours every day to school in dirty clothes to absorb blood and deal with menstrual cramps but nothing helped the pain,” she said.

“We meet girls who drop out of school at age 13 because of their gender and biology.”

At the ceremony, Ms Marshall asked others to help in the battle on behalf of young women and girls.

“In fact, 30 percent of girls in developing countries still drop out of school because of menstruation,” he said.

“We have a responsibility to recognize our privileges and use our resources to uplift others.

“Our mission is simple: fight menstrual poverty… fight the stigma of menstruation abroad and at home.

Local Heroes advocate for migrants who face domestic violence

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Rosemary Kariuki has supported other refugees who are struggling due to isolation.

Rosemary Kariuki emigrated from Kenya to Sydney in 1999, bringing with her only a few hundred dollars, some clothes, and gifts for foreigners.

He gets his first friend at the airport – an Ethiopian woman dropping off a friend on a flight – who listens to her story about fleeing tribal wars and domestic violence.

But his first years in Australia proved lonely, motivating him to continue supporting other refugees who are also struggling due to isolation.

The work earned him the title of Australian Local Hero in 2021 at a ceremony in Canberra tonight.

Now as a multicultural community liaison officer for the Parramatta Police, Ms. Kariuki specializes in helping migrants facing domestic violence, language barriers and financial hardship.

Over the past 15 years, he has used social events such as morning tea, dinners, dances and road trips to build trust in various cultural groups.

“[After] fled Kenya alone in 1999 to escape family abuse and tribal clashes, his early years in Australia were very lonely, “the panel of judges said.

“Her experience helped Rosemary realize that isolation is a big problem for many migrant women.

“So [she] find ways to help women leave their homes and meet women in similar circumstances. “

At the awards ceremony, Ms. Kariuki spoke about her love for Australia after initially struggling with language and cultural differences.

“Sometimes we don’t realize the difference the smallest movement can make,” he said.

“Together we can make this beautiful country that I call home even bigger.

“I want to encourage all of you to meet someone from a different background this week, and see what opens up to you.”

The four women smiled, holding their awards on the stage.
Isobel Marshall, Miriam-Rose Ungunmerr-Baumann, Grace Tame and Rosemary Kariuki at the 2021 Australian of the Year awards.(AAP: Mike Tsikas)


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The campus fashion and culture magazine offers a platform for creative expression | Art and culture | Instant News

Of the many publications on campus, the Platform is perhaps one of the most unique.

This publication was originally created in 2016 – later named PackFashion. Since its rebranding, the magazine has positioned itself as the voice for artists and creatives at NC State, continuously reporting on the latest trends and perspectives in fashion and culture every semester.

When asked about the Platform brand, Platform Editor-in-Chief Lily O’Brien, a fourth year student studying fashion and textile design stated, “We aim to be on trend without being trendy. Most of us are Gen Z students at this point, and since we’re a student-run magazine, we want to reflect on that. Part of the rebranding process is finding that aesthetics, you know, very clean, but more colorful. “

O’Brien stressed the importance of having conversations with readers of the Platform, stating magazine editors didn’t want content to be a one-way street; they want to spread and tell stories from community members.

To prepare for the upcoming issue of the magazine, editors usually have three major photo shoots and two biweekly meetings, says O’Brien. Also, the editors are planning a launch party for the magazine’s release.

“For a real magazine launch, fall 2019 was our first semester where we had a launch party, and we had about 200+ people showing up; we had this very fun event at the Imurj nightclub downtown, “said O’Brien. “We got to partner with some brands like Cotton Inc., and they were there too, so it was a lot of fun.”

However, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the process is different for spring and fall 2020 including limiting people to outdoor shoots and stopping production in person.

“We have to be more assertive now; “We have to take in fewer people on the team this year because there aren’t enough things directly for everyone applying to be able to do it,” said O’Brien. “It’s really a challenge figuring out how to navigate in it.”

COVID-19 has even affected the magazine’s distribution process. Similar to other publications around campus, the Platform has to figure out how to distribute magazines to an empty campus.

“Of course, we used to sell on campus at the end of each semester, after launch,” said O’Brien. “In spring 2020, and last fall so far, we just launched digital. But this is weird because it used to be so focused on magazines and physical products at the end of the semester, and we had to move away from that. “

As a community, the Platform is always evolving. In addition to publication twice a year, the magazine continues to brainstorm new projects, including the magazine’s podcast, which is appropriately named “Platform. “With 14 episodes having been published since October, this podcast is sure to be a welcome addition to the magazine’s treasure trove of content.

Apart from podcasts, the magazine began publishing articles through hers blog Last July, included well-researched profiles and opinions alongside the latest developments in pop culture. These articles can be found on magazine websites and offer an in-depth look at unique topics related to fashion and culture.

According to O’Brien, other future developments for the coming semester are in the works.

“Next semester, we plan to create more content than before. We are expanding our social media a little bit to do more video content, ”said O’Brien. “There will be more content from community members and visual things that you can see. There will be a lot more to it than that on our website too. As far as publication, we try to do our biggest publication, which, of course, means more snapshots, more articles, more illustrations, all bigger and better than ever. “

Ultimately, for O’Brien, the Platform is more than just a magazine or extracurricular activity. He calls his job running it, “one of the most important aspects of my entire college experience.” According to O’Brien, the Platform emphasizes a campus culture that does not only revolve around values ​​and academics.

“The biggest thing I learned was how important it is to have this space to be creative,” says O’Brien. “This is a creative outlet that goes beyond class but elevated to a sense where, like, you can be very proud. It’s kind of made by students for students to let your creativity run wild, and it feels like I produced and helped produce this. “

For more information about the Platform, visit publications website or Instagram.


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