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The SC does not interfere with legislator powers | Instant News

ISLAMABAD: Chief Justice of Pakistan’s Supreme Court (CJP) Gulzar Ahmed said Monday the Sindh government has the power to resolve the issue of devolving powers to local bodies and that the Supreme Court cannot interfere in the affairs of the Sindh province and also ask others. federation units to implement Article 140-A of the Constitution.

This observation was provided by the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court while presiding over a three-member trial from a panel of supreme judges who listened to a series of identical petitions submitted by MQM, PTI and PML-N seeking empowerment of local bodies in accordance with Article 140-A of the Constitution.

Judge Gulzar said the top court would not be part of the dispute between the local government and the Sindh government. He said that it was the mandate of the high court concerned to assess whether regional regulations conform to the spirit of the Constitution.

How the court can issue a decision without hearing the opinions of all provincial governments should be implemented across the country, said the chief judge.

Speaking to Sindh’s lawyer, Judge Ijaz ul Ahsan asked if he wanted the highest court to announce the ultra vires Sindh Regional Government Law of the Constitution and declare it null and void. He said other provinces were not involved in instant disputes at all and courts could not handle such a minor issue.

The federal government on Monday asked the Supreme Court to set guidelines for all provinces, ensuring the devolution of powers to local governments in accordance with Article 140-A of the Constitution.

After hearing MQM’s attorney, the court defended its verdict on the petition but asked him and other lawyers for the petitioners and Advocate General Sindh Salman Talibuddin to submit written arguments at the next trial.

Appearing in the notification, Pakistani Attorney General Khalid Javed conveyed that he does not represent any party on the matter, but that the highest court must decide on the matter, as doing so can resolve some of the problems facing local governments. He asked the Supreme Court to set guidelines, which could be accepted by all provinces adding that so far the court had not established any rules relating to local government functions.

He asked the apex court to make guidelines for all provinces related to the delegation of authority to local government agencies to comply with the provisions of Article 140-A of the Constitution.

The Attorney General argued that the provincial government could not enact laws that were disgusting to the constitution and laws and deprived minority parties of their rights.

Earlier, Lawyer Salahuddin Ahmed, MQM adviser, via video link from the Karachi Registry, argued that their petition was related to the powers delegated to local governments as well as provincial governments, adding that the manifestos of all political parties had clearly mentioned devolution of power to the local level, but in fact this authority has not been given.

He said that the control of buildings, water supply, local transportation, solid waste and sewerage that would be managed by the Karachi City Company had been taken over by the provincial government.

He said local governments in the province were only given the task of taking care of matters relating to parks and libraries.

He argued that all powers taken over by the provincial government regarding these facilities should be delegated to the local government / council as guaranteed by the Constitution in Article 140-A.

He appealed to the court to revoke Sections 74 and 75 of the 2013 Law and Section 18 of the 1979 Sindh Building Control Act to become ultra vires and void ab initio. Supreme Judge Gulzar Ahmed observed that the mayor of Karachi was witnessed several times inaugurating public transport but the buses disappeared the next day.

It seems the mayor failed to deliver it, so power was taken back from him, he said. “Are you entitled to claim this power in view of your performance,” CJP asked of the MQM advisor.

Judge Ijazul Ahsen observed that the court had ruled that the application of Article 140-A was compulsory, therefore the provinces had to implement Article 140-A.

Meanwhile, Salman Talibuddin, Advocate General Sindh, also via video link, pleaded with the court to cancel the instant petition, saying that in accordance with Article 140-A of the Constitution, it is up to the provincial assembly as to which powers can be given to the court. provincial government and local agencies.

Meanwhile, the court reserved the verdict on the MQM petition and asked the other party’s attorney to submit a written synopsis and argument in addition to asking the advocate general Sindh to help him and postponing the trial for the date in office (indefinite period).

PTI, MQM, PML-N, and others have challenged the Sindh Regional Government Law (SLGA) which calls for directions for the provincial government to hand over power to local agencies in the province taking into account Articles 140-A as well as Articles 3, 4, 9 , 14, 16, 17, 19, 19-A and 25 of the Constitution.

They have also prayed for the top court to announce Articles 74 and 75 of the 2013 Law as well as Section 18 of the 1979 Sindh Building Control Act ultra vires of the Constitution and void ab initio.


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CBC uses game streaming requests as an opportunity for students | Headlines | Instant News

ST. LOUIS COUNTY, Mo. (KMOV.com) – Due to COVID-19 restrictions in St. In Louis County, only a limited number of fans were allowed to attend high school sporting events such as football. But schools like CBC make sure the game is visible to every fan, thanks to streaming videos.

The CBC Cadet Student Network (CSN) has broadcast the game for eight years and for six years in between, Randy Gardner was in charge. He uses 23 years of broadcast experience to help his students in front of and behind the camera.

“We knew when the COVID problem hit that our numbers were really going to increase,” said Gardner. “I emphasize to the kids that this is an opportunity for you to show your work and ours to everyone out there. There will be more people watching, so this is an opportunity for you to take it to the next level.”

Gardner knows that this fall, the demand for game streaming will increase, with only a select group of fans allowed into the game. He said they went from streaming two to three games before the coronavirus pandemic to nearly 10 games a week. They cover a variety of sports, including soccer and soccer.

“It’s great, especially looking at people on Twitter and Facebook when they’re like, ‘This broadcast is amazing,'” said CBC student Braden Paulus. “It’s always amazing to see.”

For students, the high demand for games is an opportunity to develop their skills. They average about 3,000 views per game.

“From every step, this is an extraordinary opportunity,” said CBC student Miles French. “I learned, ‘Wow, I really like this’ and I’ve only been able to develop my skills since then and that gave me a very good foundation to progress to college.”

While beneficial to students, Gardner gets the most out of these opportunities to help his students grow and succeed

“Even if they weren’t going to be broadcasters,” said Gardner. “I like teaching people on broadcast the skills to communicate on a daily basis.”

You can check out the Cadet Student Network this Friday when soccer show hosts CBC Marquette, kickoff at 7pm.

For more on CSN visit their website https://www.cbccadets.org/

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Club Marine exits the New Zealand market – Corporate – Insurance News | Instant News

Club Marine quit the New Zealand market

October 26, 2020

The recreational ship insurance company, Club Marine, has announced it is pulling out of the New Zealand market.

It said the decision followed the withdrawal from the market of a number of businesses by its parent company Allianz.

The business has affirmed its commitment to the Australian market, where it has been operating for more than 50 years and is the largest cruise insurance provider.

CEO Karen Te Maipi tells insuranceNEWS.com.au ‘s decision to exit the New Zealand market “follows the withdrawal of a number of Allianz businesses from New Zealand earlier this year, with Allianz becoming the New Zealand financial services license holder for the group”.

Club Marine will stop offering new business policies in New Zealand from December and will no longer renew the existing policy.

It will continue to manage the current policy until the expiration date, including claims and service requests.


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Events to support the food kitchen | Local | Instant News

Community members may not be able to break bread and enjoy a bowl of soup together, but they can still support local kitchen programs and food backpacks through the annual Empty Bowl event.

“It’s going to be different,” said Empty Bowls committee member and Juniata College ceramics professor Bethany Benson. “We can’t have soup, we can’t have communion and we can’t have cake, but we can support our community.”

While the Empty Bowls event, in its 14th year, is known for its handmade bowls made by Juniata University ceramic students and homemade soup donated by regional restaurants, the pandemic forced organizers to find creative solutions to continue the tradition.

As the pandemic developed, Benson sought feedback from colleagues who were planning similar events. The committee knows that eating together for soup is impossible.

“We have explored several options, but our local restaurant has been hit by the pandemic and we don’t want to ask for soup donations at a time like this,” Benson said.

The committee came up with an idea to hold a drive-thru event.

From 1pm tomorrow, Sunday, October 25th, to 11.59pm Saturday, October 31st, people can visit the online shop at https://emptybowlsjuniata.square.site/ and buy a bowl for $ 15 (a $ 2 discount is available for students and seniors). Bowls will be picked up in the parking lot behind Good Hall on Mifflin Street during Saturday’s drive-thru event, November 7.

Benson Empty Bowls’ class students make bowls all year round, so even though new students have been learning hands-on since late August, there are 400 bowls ready for the event.

“We always make bowls, so I know we have a little bit of stock from last year,” he said. “We have a lot of bowls and we hope to do well for our food bank this year.”

Benson said there is the ability to send bowls for an additional fee. Customers also have the opportunity to donate extra dollars to offset the additional costs of the online store.

In the past 13 years, Empty Bowl has raised more than $ 65,000 for the area food bank. This year, the demand is even greater.

“Our restaurant has been hit hard, our community has been hit,” said Benson. “We’re giving everything we can to get back to the food bank so that people have access to the resources they need to get through this unprecedented time.”

Joining Benson on the committee are Juniata College family member Robert Boryk, art and art history instructor, Lisa Baer, ​​Unity House coordinator, Jennifer Troha, and Lorri Shideler, conference and events director, assisted by students enrolled in the Empty Bowl course and volunteers from the Juniata and Huntingdon communities.

Supporters who bring children (10 years and under) with them at the time of collection on November 7 will receive a free child bowl.

Benson thanks everyone who has stepped up to continue this important tradition. Apart from the committee and her students, she also commended Juniata’s web design director, Isaac Baker, for editing photos, as well as student Juniata My Vu for setting up an online shop and student Juniata Caden Hendrickson for photographing multiple bowls.


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