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Smart micro-locks were enforced across Karachi as Covid-19 cases escalated | Instant News

Southern District Deputy Commissioner Irshad Ali Sodhar visited Dolmen Mall in Clifton on Saturday to inspect the implementation of the Covid-19 Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) there and ordered the sealing of shops found to be violating the rules.

He ordered the sealing of Xtreme Sindbad, A Moosajee Sons and Madras Jewelers, fined Next and asked the restaurant staff members to wear masks. He also met with representatives from the Gulf Shopping Center Association and directed them to ensure compliance with the SOP.

Meanwhile, the Karachi district administration has imposed smart and micro-lockdowns on various parts of the city as the second wave of Covid-19 appears to have gained momentum across Pakistan.

Exercising the powers assigned to him under Section 3 of the 2014 Sindh Epidemic Disease Act, District Deputy Central Commissioner Dr Raja Dharejo has imposed “separate smart locks and micro-smart locks, which will be enforced on roads and homes in the region. certain”.

According to the notice, the lockdown will remain in effect until December 4, during which 26 district areas will remain closed. They cover several areas of Gulberg City, North Nazimabad City, Firdous Colony, Nazimabad, and New Karachi.

The East Regency government, which arguably has the highest number of active cases in the entire city with 992 residents still infected, has also closed a large area.

Deputy Commissioner Muhammad Ali Shah’s notice stated that Gulshan City Delhi Mercantile I, Maqboolabad Society, Erum Villas near Civic Center, part of Essa Nagri and Dalmia, Gilani 6, Gulshan 1 and Gulshan 5, Jamal Colony 8, Gulshan II, Gulzar-e – Hijri 12, Faisal Cantt 14, Jamshed Town, PECHS 1 to 6, Jacob Line 9 and Garden East 11 have been closed.

In the Southern District, micro-smart lockdowns have been imposed on streets and location of certain areas of the sub-division of the Civil Line until the number of active cases has dropped to zero.

Khayaban-e-Momin fifth street DHA has five active cases in population 416, sixth street from Khayaban-e-Badban DHA has four active cases in population 516, 12th street Bath Island has four active cases in population 489 and 35th Street in Khayaban-e-Ittehad has three active cases in a population of 518.

The assistant commissioner for the Civil Line has been tasked with providing logistical support to implement the lockdown in close coordination with the Sindh Health Ministry and law enforcement agencies.

The assistant commissioner is also directed to ensure a proper lockdown security plan in coordination with the respective police inspectors. He has also been told to bring the Southern District Corporations City Corporation city commissioner, the union council, members of the locality peace committee and philanthropists on board.

The deputy commissioner of Korangi has enforced micro-smart lockdown until December 5 at the UC-2 Nasir Colony, where the total population is 181,660, at UC-7 Al-Falah City of Shah Faisal, where the total population is 96,112, and in the UC-1 Model Colony , with a population of 78,829.

As for the West District, Gadap City and several houses in Surjani City and Gulshan-e-Maymar have been closed. Manghopir’s assistant commissioner has been tasked with providing logistical support to implement the lockdown in close coordination with the health ministry and law enforcement agencies.

During the smart lock, movement of people will be restricted and masks will be mandatory for anyone entering or exiting the hotspot. Pillion mounts and any type of public transport, including ride-hailing services, will also not be permitted to operate in the area.

Only grocery stores and pharmacies are allowed to remain open, while only one person from a household can leave the house to buy food or medicine.

All types of industrial units that fell in the region will remain closed. Horseback riding is not permitted, and residents who know their home must have valid reasons for doing so.

The government has tried to set up mobile pharmacies and mobile supply stores in the area. All other businesses and industrial units in the area will remain closed, and there will be no home deliveries or takeaways. No togetherness is allowed either.


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Karachi will undergo smart and micro lockdown as cases of the coronavirus increase | Instant News

Karachi residents wear masks while law enforcement officers watch. Photo: Files

KARACHI: Smart and micro lockdowns will take effect in all districts of city b today or tomorrow, Commissioner Iftikhar Shallwani said on Friday, as coronavirus cases surged across the country.

The decision was taken in a meeting chaired by Shallwani which was attended by the deputy commissioner and district health officials. Health secretary Kazim Jatoi also participated in the meeting.

“The micro lockdown will be enforced in Malir and Korangi districts,” said Shallwani. “All deputy commissioners must consult with their respective health workers [on the lockdowns]. The notification announcing the lockdown must be released today or tomorrow, “he added.

The commissioner said that the Karachi districts in the south, east, central and west will release a notice announcing the implementation of the smart lockdown tomorrow (Saturday).

In areas where the smart lockdown will be enforced, no more than four people will be allowed to gather in one place and wearing masks will be required. Only one person will be allowed to leave their home and must explain reasons for leaving to law enforcement officials.

People will not be allowed to hold social events or gatherings in areas where the smart lock will be enforced.

Gulley, neighborhoods and areas will be closed in accordance with directions from district health officials in Malir and Korangi districts, Shallwani said.

A total of 2,738 new COVID-19 cases were confirmed in the past 24 hours, bringing the tally to 368,665. With 36 new deaths, the death toll from the coronavirus in the country stands at 7,561. So far, a total of 327,542 people have recovered from the virus while the number of active cases stands at 33,562.

With 42,909 tests conducted across Pakistan, the positivity rate has reached 6.3%.


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Sri Lanka-PM says sometimes lockdowns are needed to keep people safe | Instant News

(MENAFN – Colombo Gazette) Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapaksa said while lockdowns and health precautions can be difficult for everyone, it is sometimes necessary to keep people safe.

The Prime Minister expressed this view at a discussion with Swiss Ambassador to Sri Lanka Dominik Furgler today.

The Prime Minister and the Swiss Ambassador discussed a number of areas for further cooperation between the two countries, including investment, exports, tourism and fighting the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Ambassador praised the way the Government has responded to the Coronavirus outbreak by issuing clear rules and enforcing them.

“I admire the way you have handled COVID,” said Ambassador Furgler. “I feel safer this way.”

To contribute to the Government’s efforts to contain the outbreak, the Swiss Government is providing assistance to Sri Lanka with equipment that will enable faster PCR tests at airports. It is also part of a collaboration to try to revive tourism to Sri Lanka once the situation improves. To that end, the Swiss Government has also provided technical assistance to the Sri Lanka Institute of Tourism and Hotel Management to improve infrastructure, provide training and develop curricula.

The two delegations also discussed investment and exports. With economic development a priority for the Government, the Ambassador said he would work to bring in more Swiss investment.

Switzerland is currently the 8th largest investor in Sri Lanka. With regard to exports, the delegates discussed ways in which Sri Lanka could further diversify the range of products it exports to Switzerland in order to get greater benefit from the Swiss GSP + facility.

Currently, Sri Lanka’s main exports to Switzerland include apparel, black tea, seafood, and gems and jewelery. (Colombo Gazette)


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‘Obviously Getting an Education in America’ | Instant News

This is not a very good advertisement for American education. During a campaign event on Wednesday, New Zealand Deputy Prime Minister Winston Peters presented his version of the Corona Covid-19 denier of “goodbye, Felicia.” A man with an American accent had stood up and asked Peters, “where is your evidence that a virus causes disease?”

The following video is from 1 News shows how Peters responded:

Ouch. If you can’t hear clearly, the Deputy Prime Minister’s initial answer is, “sit down, sit down, sit down.”

Then Peters continued, “We have someone who’s clearly educated in America. 220,000 people have died in the United States, there have been eight million cases to date, we had 79,000 recent cases, maybe in India, and here is someone who got up and said ‘The earth is flat.’ Sorry sunshine, wrong place. ”

With that, Peters seemed to be telling the man where the sun wasn’t shining and trying to move on to the next question. Nevertheless, the man didn’t sit down and instead tried to continue, prompting the following from Peters: “Calm down, we’ve got our manners at our meeting too.” Ouch two times or maybe three.

“Sorry sunshine, misplaced,” may be a useful phrase for the next Presidential debate. That is, if such an argument finally occurs and the cone of silence has not yet been installed. Peters does show a way to deal with those who insist on intruding or who claim that the Covid-19 corona virus does not exist, is no big deal, or is part of some sort of giant conspiracy that has no real supporting evidence. . Peters provides a set of clear facts, estimates of the number of cases and deaths in two different parts of the world that have not handled the pandemic well, to show that he is not just stopping the discussion. But because there was so much clear evidence that the pandemic was real and serious, it didn’t spend (or maybe “waste” is a better word) than it would take to engage science deniers.

It is imperative for political leaders to rely on and support true science and scientists. Otherwise, people could spread all kinds of unsupported and potentially dangerous theories like the Covid-19 coronavirus is no big deal, the world is flat, climate change doesn’t exist, morning people are better than night owls, and mac- and cheese doesn’t taste good. This is dangerous because it can waste time, distract, and detract from reaching real solutions, and lead to meetings that are too early in the morning. Heck anyone can come up with and spread all kinds of misinformation and conspiracy theories. Just try starting the conspiracy theory that your state Senator is a real giant penguin and see how far you can get.

Ironically, this man raised a question in New Zealand, which has become one of the world’s examples of responding to the severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV2). New Zealand is using its “work hard and go early” response to the pandemic. This includes implementing clear warning systems, closing businesses quickly to prevent the spread of the virus and using aggressive testing, contact tracing, isolation and other measures to quickly contain the virus. As the latest publication on Lancet Public Health described, “The New Zealand response resulted in a relatively low disease burden, a low rate of population disease disparity, and an early achievement of COVID-19 elimination.”

And it has allowed New Zealand to “return to normal” more than the US has. For example, while the NFL has had to broadcast fake crowd voices (including the admittedly realistic voice of Philadelphia Eagles fans booing their own players), New Zealand has been able to package sporting events with real fans. Just look at the following tweets:

And this tweet with the accompanying video:

Earth is not flat. The Corona Covid-19 virus exists and can be deadly. Cheese is delicious. This is a fact. Denying such facts and science only keeps everyone from reaching the right solutions and results in terrible mac-and-cheese.


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Prince William said that the retreat was a chance to reassess things | people | Instant News

Prince William believes that blocking coronavirus created the opportunity for a “re-evaluation of things.”

38-year-old Royal, who Prince George, seven, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis – two believes the ongoing public health crisis served as a “Wake-up” for people all over the world.

He explained: “this period of time has allowed us all to reevaluate things.

“The thing about Lockdown is that it was a little revival, that we can take our lives for granted, sometimes there are many things out there that can sway us all at any moment.”

Prince William believes that his fears were worsened because he is a parent.

He also admitted that to worry about that “too much time to think” on the background of the pandemic.

He shared: “I think that especially now, as a parent, it starts to make you look a little more in the future what kind of world are we going to pass to the next generation.

“I had a lot of time to think – and you can also have too much time to think, and it’s bothering me, too.”

Prince William kept himself occupied during the quarantine with home education and are trying to keep their children entertained.

He acknowledged that it was “interesting few months” for themselves and their families.

The British Royal – who was married to Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge in 2011 said that Peter Crouch podcast: “I found it quite testing, trying to keep the children interested and involved in some work. It’s been an interesting few months.


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