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Lombardi Ave. again open to traffic after an accident kills three people | Instant News

Green Bay, Wisconsin. (WBAY) – green Bay police officer claimed that three people died in a car accident on Lombardi Avenue on Sunday afternoon. Eyewitnesses said employees of one of the cars involved in the accident appear to be traveling at more than 60 meters.With. h in 35 meters.With. h. speed limit zone. Police say the driver is expected to be arrested.

The police told action 2 news that the accident happened at 1:00 when the driver of a car traveling from West to Lombardi made a left turn at the entrance of the gas station near Bart Starr road.

The car that turned was hit by a car journey to the East Lombardi. The crash killed all three people in the car that was turning. The driver of the East car received minor injuries and was taken to the hospital. Police say it will be shipped in a brown prison after he was released from the hospital. Investigators say witnesses told them the driver was speeding. Police and prosecutors have not yet decided what charges he will face.

Police have not released the age or sex of the victims of the accident at this time.

Green Bay police say that the Lombardi Avenue was reopened to the public at 10:00 on Sunday evening.

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