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The court seeks a 2014 tax audit of Shahbaz Sharif | Instant News

LAHORE: The Accountability Court on Tuesday adjourned a money laundering trial and an extraordinary asset reference to PML-N President Sahbaz Sharif’s family on January 16.

The court directed the Federal Revenue Council to submit a 2014 tax audit of Shahbaz Sharif at its next hearing. Prison authorities took Shahbaz Sharif and his son Hamza Shahbaz to court amid tight security. During the trial, Shahbaz asked the court to include two of his consultants on the medical board previously stipulated in the court order. He once again spoke of the Chiniot mining case, claiming he had saved billions of state rupees. The court adjourned the case until January 16.

Meanwhile, PML-N leader Attaullah Tarar questioned who would investigate the fine imposed on NAB in the Broadsheet case. Speaking to the media after the trial, he said Lahore had been turned into a landfill. He said the government had withdrawn his petition at the London High Court and questioned it was not a shame that the accounts of the High Commissioner of Pakistan had been frozen. “It is a mafia government and Imran Khan does not know the public’s problems or their solutions,” he said, adding that the PML-N would be protesting outside the Election Commission of Pakistan. PML-N spokesman Uzma Bukhari said that Imran Khan does not own a business but has assets of millions. He questioned whether there was any agency in Pakistan that could hold Imran Khan and Shahzad Akbar accountable.

Meanwhile, PML-N Punjab President Rana Sanaullah said that every member of the party parliament must attend Sahbaz Sharif’s hearing. Noting the absence of party lawmakers from the court, he said that Shahbaz Sharif is the party president and all MPAs in Lahore must attend his trial.

Speaking to media outside the court, he said, “The absence of Lahore lawmakers from court during his trial has been discussed several times in party meetings and if an MPA has important involvement they should inform the party about it, while the rest will have to attend hearings.” He said only a few MPAs had reached court but more had to come and that would encourage party members and workers. He claims the presence of more members will prove Shahbaz’s innocence.


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New Zealand’s best beaches – how to nominate your favorites | Instant News

Wainui Beach, Gisborne. Photo / J Dobson

Don’t miss your chance to nominate your favorite stretch of sand in our search for New Zealand’s Best Beaches 2021

We’re looking for the best beaches in New Zealand and we need your help. We want you to nominate your favorites, tell us why you love this beach and what makes it so special. Send us a photo of your favorite beach, too, and we’ll profile some of your entries over the summer. But hurry up, the nominations close at midnight [Sunday, January 10].

From there, your entries will be counted and the top 10 beaches will be named as our finalists, with the bonus of three wildcard entries chosen by the Herald Travel team.
You can then select one beach from the top 13 beaches to be crowned the ultimate winner.

Meanwhile, here are some of the nominees so far. Don’t see your favorite here? Vote below, or open nzherald.co.nz/bestbeach

May the best beaches win!

Matarangi Beach, Coromandel

This is one of the few beaches that are truly north facing in New Zealand with fine white sand, beautiful clear water. There is a wide variety of sea conditions for all – young shallow swimmers, ocean swimmers, boogie boarders, surfers, kite surfers, paddle surfers. The beach is never overcrowded and apart from that you can often see dolphins passing by.
Sally Waters

Kaiteriteri Beach, Nelson Tasman

I think Kaiteriteri beach is one of the best in New Zealand, known for its unique golden sand and crystal clear waters. An ideal and popular summer spot, it has everything you need for an action-packed day, from sailing, kayaking, bicycle tours and more. Even better, Kaiteriteri has more beautiful and unique beaches that are all located next to each other.
Yulan Black

Aramoana, Dunedin

Pumps up the surf, there’s awesome wildlife (sea lions and penguins) and some really cool cliffs and rocks.
Felix Page

Bark Bay, Abel Tasman National Park

It’s secluded (you have to get there by hiking or by boat), has a sloping white sand beach, with clear, sheltered sea water and deep enough to swim. It’s also supported by a national park, so it’s 99 percent natural.
Zoe Cromwell

Mangawhai Surf Beach, Northland

Mangawhai Surf Beach, Northland.  Photo / John Anggot
Mangawhai Surf Beach, Northland. Photo / John Anggot

Mangawhai is truly magical because the sunsets are amazing, you can surf, you can walk on the cliffs to see amazing bird’s eye views from places that cannot be caught on camera, there is local dune protection. Everyone must experience the Mangawhai miracle.

John Anggot

Cable Bay in Doubtless Bay, Northland

There’s an ice cream shop there, golden sand, blue water, happy people – the perfect place.
Parry Jay

Ruakaka, Northland

Ruakaka Beach, Northland.  Photo / Koby Jonas
Ruakaka Beach, Northland. Photo / Koby Jonas

Soft white sand and clear clear water that stretches for miles make this beach our favorite. Ice cream in “the chilly bin” after a day in the sun is a bonus.
Koby Jonas

Campbells Bay, Kakanui, Waitaki

Campbell Bay, Waitaki.  Photo / Sarah Hailes
Campbell Bay, Waitaki. Photo / Sarah Hailes

It’s great for families, surfers, and dog-friendly. This can keep you busy or treat you as your only friend. Take a walk to All Day Bay and back, or try a small kite. I like it.
Sarah Hailes

Matapouri Beach, Northland

Matapouri Beach, Northland.  Photo / Mark Gibson
Matapouri Beach, Northland. Photo / Mark Gibson

This beach has soft sand, warm water, and small waves perfect for swimming and body boarding. Ample parking makes it easy to prepare for a long day at the beach.
Anushree Sen Gupta

Kano Beach, on Mapoutahi in Otago

Canoe Beach has it all – beautiful for a walk with your dog, caves to walk through at low tide, rope swings, history, pā to hike and watch surfers, lovely long beaches to walk along the other side of the headland. Kano Beach is also great for swimming as it’s sheltered – you can kayak around to Osborne bay, and now there’s even a local brewery in Waitati. Nothing is missing.
Amanda Church

Wainui Beach, Gisborne

Wainui not only greets the sun before anywhere else on mainland New Zealand, it also has a fun and nurturing community, incredible waves and beautiful clear water. There is a rock pool at each end with interesting creatures. The Okitu shop, about half way down, has excellent summer food and the most friendly staff.
J Dobson

Castlepoint, Wairarapa

Castlepoint is a superb coastal formation with a variety of coastal experiences. Wild surfing and calm and safe lagoons. Stunning rock forms, lighthouses and sand dunes. Great fishing, swimming, surfing and kayaking. Stunning views and walking opportunities. Sitting under the lighthouse after dark is also a real experience. This is an authentic Kiwi beach and bach environment, with an annual horse race on the beach.
Melissa de Souza-Correa

Wharariki Beach, Golden Bay

Wharariki Beach, Golden Bay.  Photo / Patel Veerick
Wharariki Beach, Golden Bay. Photo / Patel Veerick

Wharariki only cut Mataī Bay and Castlepoint Northland for me. The three of them were very beautiful. But Wharariki won because it had exposed rocks like Cathedral Cove, providing a unique sight to behold. Has a rock pool for baby seals to swim and play. The distance is far away, which adds to its charm. There is plenty of room for multiple people to enjoy at once. Good surf. You need to take a short walk to access it, which might be considered negative, but people who tend to make an effort to reach it are less likely to litter and wreck the place. There are lots of walks, which can also expose you to a variety of wildlife.
Patel Veerick

Cathedral Cove, Coromandel

Cathedral Cove, Coromandel.  Photo / Mahdi Algargoosh
Cathedral Cove, Coromandel. Photo / Mahdi Algargoosh

Cathedral Cove is a slice of heaven. There are stunning walks to the beach, pristine clear water, waves and waterfalls. It doesn’t get much better than this.
Mahdi Algargoosh |


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Slain Usama’s father looks for the judicial panel | Instant News

ISLAMABAD. The parents of Usama Satti who was killed on Tuesday rejected the police investigation and urged Pakistan Chief Judge Gulzar Ahmed to order the constitutional judicial commission to investigate his murder.

Addressing a press conference here, Usama Nadeem’s father Younus Satti said his son was killed by Islamabad police and it was not an accident.

Usama, 21, was shot dead by police for not stopping his car near Sector G-10.

He said his son was pulled out of the car and shot six times in the face, legs, head and chest.

“There was no sign of blood on the car seat,” said Usama’s father. “How can they [the police] shot someone in the leg from outside the car? “asked the victim’s father who confirmed that his son was shot dead on purpose. Nadeem noted that if the police were after him, why were there bullet marks on the hood and windshield of the car. He quoted a senior police official as saying the incident occurred because of” carelessness “of the police.

“It was just murder,” said the victim’s father and demanded that the accused police officer be hanged to death. “The Supreme Court must take suo motu notification of the murder,” he said, adding that a free trial should be held as soon as possible. On the other hand, Usama’s mother in her statement criticized Prime Minister Imran Khan and said he was not forming a New Pakistan but a ‘New Tomb’ in the country.

“The prime minister must either shoot us or give us justice,” he said. “We are desperate because the government is lying every step of the way. My son is child friendly but the Islamabad police arrested him, ”he said. He said police changed their statements many times and appealed to the Supreme Court for justice.


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Governor Shah Farman looks for land data for olives, plantation Sidr | Instant News

PESHAWAR: Governor Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Shah Farman on Monday directed the forestry and agriculture departments to submit district-level statistics on barren land suitable for olive and Sidr (the source of Berib honey) plantations in 10 days.

He said this while chairing a meeting to review the progress of Prime Minister Imran Khan’s initiative on a Billion Honey and Olive Tree plantation in the province, said an official leaflet.

Agriculture Secretary Muhammad Israr, Forest Secretary Shahidullah Khan, Director General of Agricultural Extension Abid Kamal, Deputy Commissioner for South Waziristan Khalid Khattak and other relevant officials attended the meeting.

The governor directed the two departments to visit public and private nurseries to ascertain the number of olive and sapling nurseries and olive grafts needed for plantation development in the province, including the combined districts.

The governor stressed the need to promote the public interest and said an estimated 260 million olive plants could be planted in the province because the land available in the province was very fertile for growing olive trees and Sidr trees.

He said he was interested in developing public interests for economic prosperity apart from creating new livelihood opportunities for the poor and needy people in the province through olive and Sidr tree plantations.


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Where are New Zealand’s Best Beaches? Nominate your favorites in our national search | Instant News


Whangamatā was named New Zealand’s best beach in 2018. But could it take the top spot again? Photo / Getty Images

We’re looking for the best beaches in the country – and we need your help.

That HeraldsThe Best Beach Series will run through January and it all starts with an entry from Heralds readers, so let us know which beaches you think are the best in New Zealand.

We are a nation of beach lovers, and many of us have favorites – whether it’s an everyday local for morning walks, or a beloved vacation spot you spend a few weeks each year on. But which stretch of sand is the best in the country?

We were last crowned the winner in 2018, with thousands of votes and tough competition seeing Whangamata come top.

“A worthy winner, Whangamata holds a special place for many New Zealanders,” said Best Beach 2018 judge Matt Williams, chief executive of Surf Life Saving NZ’s northern region.

“Much of its valuable status comes from its unique coastal environment. It is a beach that has been widely accessed and guarded by lifeguards at the Waikato Whangamata Surf Life Saving Club Trust since December 1949.”

Will favorite Coromandel claim the crown again this year, or can you help put your favorite beach into the top spot?

Everything is up to you. We want you to nominate your favorites, tell us why you love this beach and what makes it so special.

What is the quality of the sand and waves? Local amenities that make it perfect for the whole whānau? Is it easy to reach? Or does her remoteness add to her charm?

Send us a photo of your favorite beach, too, and we’ll profile some of your entries over the summer.

Nominations are open until the end of Sunday, January 10. From there, your entries will be counted and the top 10 most popular beaches will be named as our finalists, with the bonus of three wildcard entries selected by Heralds Travel team. You can then select one beach from the top 13 beaches to be crowned the ultimate winner.

Any stretch of New Zealand’s coastline can top the list, anywhere in the country, from the tip of Northland to the bottom of Stewart Island. Outlying places can be nominated as big name favorites. The lakeside beach is also worth considering.

While we’re enjoying a much-needed summer vacation, it’s a great time to do some research.

Grab your towel, apply sunscreen and head to the nearest beach to see if it matches our 2018 winners.

Once you’ve had enough of everything your beach has to offer – and yes, ice cream is an important part of the research process – open up nzherald.co.nz/bestbeach to submit your nominations.

May the best beaches win.


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