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Farewell New Zealand Scholar: Moses Mackay and Annie Theis confirm separation | Instant News

The winning pair of this season’s The Bachelor and The Bachelorette. Photo / Provided

They seem to have found love on a reality TV show, but Bachelor winner Annie Theis and Moses Mackay have split.

During tonight’s Bachelor and Bachelors show on tvNZ 2, it was revealed that the couple couldn’t make it outside of the show.

But it’s not all bad news for Singles fans, with Lexi Brown and Hamish Boyt revealing they’re still very close.

So what’s wrong with our Bachelor partner? Is the “real world” pressure too great to allow their new love to flourish? Or is the updated, faster Bachelor format a recipe for disaster?

This is where former Bachelor’s and Single spouses stand now:

Moses Mackay and Annie Theis

For Mackay and Theis, their relationship status may have been teased, by never posting on social media about the other after the show was over.

Speculation also became exaggerated when TVNZ 2 stopped tagging Theis on Instagram photos featuring all the women on the show, despite having previously done so, leading some to believe things went badly after filming was over.

While the chemistry between the Bachelor and the intruder show is undeniable on screen, Mackay tonight shared the news that they are now “just friends”.

He also revealed that they initially tried to get him to work with Mackay to fly to visit Theis and his family, before things came to a halt.

Theis later shared that, “being on the show was really a bubble” and suggested she should be allowed to ask the question “how do we do this in real life?”

Last week the Herald also revealed that concert goers and The Bachelor NZ fans were taken aback when Sol3 Mio’s bandmate Moses Mackay ruined the end of the reality dating show.

Speaking to the audience between songs at their Auckland concert, Pene Pati asked the audience: “Do we have someone here on a date? I’ll meet you as a wingman here, now. Nothing?

And his bandmates continue to tease that Amitai Pati and Mackay are both single – indicating that the bachelor is no longer with the contestant he chose.

“As for the people at home, they are both single,” Pene said and pointed to Amitai Pati and Mackay.

Lexie Brown and Hamish Boyt

Single Couples sparked speculation of a split after their social media accounts were recently removed from any evidence about them being a couple.

The show ended in March, and the couple started their relationship shortly after the show ended. Brown had to choose between Boyt and Australian scholar Todd Dialectos.

During the special event, Brown confirmed that the couple was still together and had spent their time fishing and traveling around the country.

Brown even revealed that the couple planned to move together to Mount Maunganui.

Speaking to the Herald after the season ended, Brown said the couple got to know each other beyond the confines of reality shows.

“It’s a time of pretty fast growth in a situation like ours. You’re out of the show and you don’t really know each other,” Brown said the morning after the final screening of the film.

She also touched on the potential challenges of letting go of the relationship, but was confident she could succeed with Boyt.

“You hear stories, and you can understand how people broke up the day after the last rose ceremony because you really don’t know anyone. I guess the first 24 hours can be really hard, depending on who you choose.”

And the show’s conclusion gives little reason to believe the couple won’t stay together. Boyt impresses the Brown family and his mother claims he loves Hamish during home visits.

Maternal consent is clearly key in helping their relationship develop in the outside world.

Past goodbyes

This is not the first time the franchise couple has split, in fact, there has been no success for the couples participating in the reality show.

The Bachelorette season 2019 saw Lesina Nakhid-Schuster leave the show without choosing anyone. But Lily McManus found love with clothing designer Richie Boyens.

In 2017, Zac Franich and Viarni Bright announced that they were quitting after six months together.

In 2016, then-graduate Jordan Mauger broke with contestant Fleur Verhoeven just 72 hours after he was crowned the winner of the show.

Art and Matilda Rice, the first couple of the NZ franchise stay together.


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Kim and Kanye’s Wedding: Meek Mill’s photo that opens up Kim and Kanye’s wedding | Instant News

They are two of the most scandal-prone people in the entertainment industry, and a few months ago, their marriage looked like a mess.

While Kim and Kanye’s celebratory season look shining recently may have made their relationship look bad for life, the scandal that raged on Twitter in July opened wide their marriage, with drama playing out in front of the world.

And in the middle of it all is a photo from two years ago.

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West have been dogged by divorce rumors throughout the years, with Kanye's public crash in July seemingly causing irreparable harm.  Photo / Getty Images
Kim Kardashian and Kanye West have been dogged by divorce rumors throughout the years, with Kanye’s public crash in July seemingly causing irreparable harm. Photo / Getty Images


A photo of Kim meeting with rapper Meek Mill to discuss prison reform in 2018 at a Los Angeles hotel was found during Kanye’s infamous series of tweets earlier this year.

West shocked fans when he claimed he had been “trying to divorce” from Kim since the meeting at Waldorf in Beverly Hills, suggesting something unwanted was happening and he was “out of line”.

She wrote: “Meek is my man and respect. That’s my dog ​​Kim out of line. I’m worth 5 billion dollars and more through Christ. But you won’t listen to MJ and now you will believe them?”

The photo that emerged as a result of the fiery tweet showed Kim, 40, and the 33-year-old rapper, real name Robert Rihmeek Williams, joining philanthropist Clara Wu at the rooftop restaurant, where they are believed to have discussed prison reform. – reasons they support passionately.

In response to Kanye’s wild claims, Mill wrote: “Sh ** is cappp cmon,” which is slang for lies.

Later, when the photo appeared, Mill added to the following: “Being in the wrong environment and the wrong people will make you forget your grades! Stay focused.”

It came after Kim received smoldering praise from Mill last year, with the rapper calling him “friend” and praising him for his work on prison reform.

Recent reports suggest Kim Kardashian West is still considering leaving her husband, and father of four children.  Photo / Getty Images
Recent reports suggest Kim Kardashian West is still considering leaving her husband, and father of four children. Photo / Getty Images


Among a series of now deleted tweets, Kanye, 43, lashed out at Kim and his mother-in-law, Kris Jenner, claiming they tried to “lock me up”.

It came after the rapper held a presidential campaign rally in North Carolina where he shared intimate details about him and the reality star’s decision not to abort their daughter North.

During an emotional rally, West broke down in tears as he talked about how he and his wife were considering ending the pregnancy.

In another tweet, West claimed his wife tried to fly a doctor to Wyoming to “lock me up like Get Out” because she cried about “saving” her daughter North’s life.

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West with their kids Chicago, Saint, and North.  Photo / Instagram
Kim Kardashian and Kanye West with their kids Chicago, Saint, and North. Photo / Instagram

The film Get Out, which is compared to his life by West, is about an African American man who is taken to the family home of his white girlfriend and reveals a series of disturbing details about them.

The majority of West’s tweets were quickly deleted but only 24 hours later he let go of his family again.

He then apologized to his wife.

“I would like to apologize to my wife Kim for announcing something of a personal nature,” he wrote. “I didn’t protect her like she protected me. To Kim I want to say I know I hurt you. I’m sorry. Thank you for always being there for me.”

Kim gave her support behind her husband after the explosion.  Photo / Getty Images
Kim gave her support behind her husband after the explosion. Photo / Getty Images


Kardashian-West broke her silence about her husband’s mental health shortly after her nagging, posting a statement to Instagram in which she defended the rapper and mentioned bipolar disorder.

“Anyone who has this or has had a loved one in their life who has done it, knows how incredibly complicated and painful it is to understand,” he wrote.

“I’ve never spoken publicly about how this affects us at home because I really protect our children and Kanye’s right to privacy regarding his health.”

The couple first met in 2003.Photo / Getty Images
The couple first met in 2003.Photo / Getty Images

But Kardashian said she felt compelled to speak up because of “mental health stigma and misconceptions.”

“Those who understand mental illness or compulsive behavior know that families are helpless unless members are minors,” he continued.

“People who are unconscious or distant from this experience can be judgmental and don’t understand that the individual himself must be involved in the process of getting help no matter how hard the family tries.”

Divorce RUMOR

Reports from December 13th recently suggest all is still not well with the pair, despite their efforts to put a united front in place.

According to the New York Post, the couple may still be together, but “lead separate lives”.

“Kim has a job and a project that is important to him, and Kanye has it,” a source told People. “Their lives don’t overlap much.”

“Kim looks happy,” and “very focused on work and goals,” they added.

“He firmly believes he can make a difference in terms of prison reform. This is his passion. His family is very proud of him.”


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X-rated horse names are just pronounced wrong, says Racing Australia | Instant News


The racing boss insisted that the names were on the board. Photo / 123RF

At first glance, it looks like the rogue owner has slipped two X-rated horse names past Racing Australia, but the governing body insists we just pronounced it wrong.

The pedestrians giggled after a pair of bullies named Lovin ‘Deqoque and Get On Deqoque appeared in separate races at a meeting at Daegon Racecourse north of Brisbane on Tuesday.

The horses, both coached by Darryl Ward and ridden by jockey Bobby El-Issa, took fourth and second place in their respective races, but it was their unusual moniker that caught the attention of racing fans and even made headlines abroad. .

“It’s interesting how # 1 in Trial 8 and # 5 in Trial 9 made it through the system when it was named,” tweeted Steve Ridge.

But Racing Australia says it fully knows the names and everything is on the board.

“We contacted the owners when they entered the name to make sure we knew how the horse’s name was pronounced and what the name meant,” Racing Australia boss Myles Forman told 7 News.

Get On Deqoque driven by jockey Bobby El-Issa.  Photo / Getty Images
Get On Deqoque driven by jockey Bobby El-Issa. Photo / Getty Images

“And in this case De-quo.

“You see, a combination of letters and words can mean different things to different people.

“In this case we believe it should be pronounced De-quo.

“Hence there is nothing here to raise concerns for Racing Australia.”

If you say so, sir.


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Kiwi expats say New Zealand families have never been far away this Christmas | Instant News

New Zealand

2020 Coronavirus timeline. Chart / Phil Welch

New Zealand has never seemed so far away for the heartbroken Kiwis living abroad this Christmas.

Kiwi entrepreneur Sarah Ayala – who lives in Texas with her husband and children – always thought she and her family were just a flight from home when it came to life’s big moments.

She has long kept an emergency fund of cash to buy last-minute tickets to New Zealand or Argentina – where her husband is from – if they had to return home soon.

It was a godsend when Ayala’s son was very sick as a baby and his mother ran across from New Zealand to support him through difficult times.

But Covid-19 has since created barriers around the world.

Ayala was unable to return to New Zealand for her mother’s funeral in September and is now unable to return at Christmas to see her remaining family as her children only get two weeks of school holidays in the US.

“Being stuck might be a bit exaggerated, but it feels really weird knowing we can’t go when we need it,” he said.

And not just his family.

The protective COVID-19 border wall that New Zealand has set up on the other side of the world makes family and friends appear more distant than usual at this year’s celebration time, said fellow US expat Hayden Garrett.

He’s been in Colorado with his family for five years, but can’t come home this Christmas because it’s too expensive.

Isolation from family back home adds to the gloomy festive season in the US where a surge in the virus means the country faces major challenges over the next four to eight weeks, he said.

Likewise, Ayala said she is proud of how New Zealand is handling Covid-19 and the way everyone can participate in their role to keep others safe.

By contrast, the virus is “out of control in the US” with more people dying from it every day than what happened in the 9/11 terrorist attacks in New York, he said.

“I’ve heard people tell me that wearing a mask is like slavery or complaining about why everyone with a health condition or an elderly person destroys it for all of us,” he said.

“It leaves me breathless – this is literally the person I know and talk to.”

All staff and visitors to her workplace must wear masks, with Ayala joking that she hired a new employee three months ago and still hasn’t seen her face.

“I saw his driver’s license working on the paperwork, and I thought, ‘oh that’s what he looks like’,” he said.

Sarah Ayala with her husband and children, in New York.  The family, who live in Texas, will not be able to return home this Christmas because they have to spend two weeks in isolation.  Photo / Provided
Sarah Ayala with her husband and children, in New York. The family, who live in Texas, will not be able to return home this Christmas because they have to spend two weeks in isolation. Photo / Provided

People often underestimate New Zealand’s achievements, saying it should handle the virus well as a small and isolated island, Ayala said.

But the country’s leadership and support from every day Kiwi to do their part is extraordinary when compared to most of the rest of the world.

It’s also not easy as Kiwis have chosen to maintain tight borders that come at sacrifices they can’t easily make or have family and friends come home for Christmas.

“I feel influenced by the quarantine rules, but still agree with what has been done in New Zealand,” he said.

“And it might be in contrast to what I’m seeing here in the US, people feel they shouldn’t be affected in any way.”

Ayala says she’s only voicing the sadness of many Kiwis this Christmas at being so far away from home.

While people always talk about how special a white Christmas is in the US, no one celebrates Christmas better than New Zealand, he said.

“There’s a barbeque on the beach, the family gets together and everyone’s really nice to each other for the day, you have a few drinks, sit in the park, the kids run around and someone might start kicking a ball.”

It means that when she sees her family photo together this year, there will be extra pain in her heart.

“I would be like: ‘Aww, it would be great to be there’.”


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Basketball: A brief flurry in the NBA as former New Zealand Breakers star RJ Hampton got caught up in Steven Adams’ reported trade | Instant News


Steven Adams and RJ Hampton. Photos / Getty and Photosport

Steven Adams is is set to head to New Orleans – and, for a few minutes, it looks like he’s not the only player with New Zealand ties on the deal.

The reported deal – which will see Adams move from the Oklahoma City Thunder to the New Orleans Pelicans as part of a four-team trade centered around the Jrue Holiday being trafficked to the Milwaukee Bucks – is, as you might get from the previous pedantic, somewhat complicated.

So even the man who reported on the trade, ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski, had a little trouble explaining it, leading fans to believe RJ Hampton was part of the deal.

Hampton, who played for the New Zealand Breakers last season as part of the NBL Australia’s Next Stars program, was picked this week by the Denver Nuggets as their 24th pick in the NBA Draft.

The Nuggets got the pick from the Pelicans in exchange for a 2023 lottery-protected first-round pick, and the Pelicans decided to send that 2023 pick to the Thunder, along with two second-round picks, in exchange for Adams.

However, Wojnarowski’s reporting left some desirable clarity, with the words on his tweet leaving many confused.

After another attempt to clear up the confusion, even Hampton began to wonder if she had been trafficked, before finding out that she was living with the Nuggets.

So the short odds of having two players with Kiwi ties in one NBA trade are gone, as Hampton worries.

When the trade is confirmed, Adams will not be New Zealand’s first ever basketball presence in New Orleans, with Sean Marks playing 79 games over two seasons from 2008-2010, when the franchise was known as the New Orleans Hornets. New Zealand Breakers keeper Corey Webster also spent pre-season with the squad in 2015.


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