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At least 2 people infected with West Nile virus in Los Angeles, officials said | Instant News

In the first two cases of people infected with West Nile virus in the County of Los Angeles during the season 2020 was identified this month, health officials announced Thursday.

While Los Angeles has confirmed its the first positive test at a mosquito in early June, two residents of the San Fernando valley region reported they had the virus, according to the Department of health of the district. One thing in the “older” ones with underlying medical conditions who was hospitalized with neuroinvasive disease in early July and is on the mend, and a second case was detected in late July in healthy blood donors whose positive blood units were discarded, officials said.

Case count excludes long beach and Pasadena, as in the cases prescribed in these cities, which their local health departments.

“West Nile virus continues to be a serious threat to the health of the inhabitants of the County of Los Angeles. We urge residents to cover, clean or remove items that can hold water and breed mosquitoes both inside and outside of your home. It is very important now more than ever as we spend the majority of their time at home,” – said the employee of the MWCNT L. A. County health Davis.

Mosquito season in the area begins in June and ends in November. The number of people infected with West Nile County annually is estimated at more than 10,000, but most people do not recognize they have it because their symptoms may be mild.

“We are now in the peak mosquito season in the County Los Angeles and the residents should also protect themselves from mosquito-borne diseases by using EPA-registered mosquito money,” Davis said.

Mosquitoes infected with West Nile virus were found in the three cities of orange County earlier this month. This year mosquito count is almost five times higher than last year and double the Average for the O. S. five years, officials said in June.

People get the virus through the bite of an infected mosquito, according to the Department. But most mosquitoes don’t carry the virus.

Those who receive the West Nile virus can experience mild symptoms, including fever, muscle pain and fatigue. In some cases, especially in people over 50 and those with chronic diseases such as cancer and diabetes, severe infections can occur and affect the brain and spinal cord.

There is no specific treatment for the disease and the vaccine to prevent infection, according to the Department of health.

More than three quarters of reported cases in the County of Los Angeles was heavy, and approximately 7% of patients died from complications, said the Department.

County health Department recommends the following measures to reduce the risk of infection by blood-thirsty insects:

  1. To protect yourself: tools, repellent mosquitoes can keep mosquitoes from biting you. EPA registered repellent that contains DEET, picaridin, IR3535, 2-undecanone, and oil of lemon eucalyptus are the longest lasting and most effective. They are available in the form of sprays, wipes and lotions. Find the repellent that is right for you here. Consider wearing clothes with long sleeves and pants when outside.
  2. Mosquito-proof your home: make sure that doors and Windows have tight-fitting screens to keep out mosquitoes. Repair or replace screens with tears or holes.
  3. To reduce mosquitoes: Mosquitoes lay eggs in stagnant water. Check items that hold water inside and outside your home once a week. Cover water containers to store such as buckets and barrels for rain water. If no lid, use a wire mesh with holes smaller than a grown mosquito. Clear stagnant water in flower pots, saucers, birdbaths and other containers. Cleaning and maintenance of swimming pools, Spa and drain water from pool covers.

Stagnant swimming pools or “green pools” should be submitted to the Bureau of public health, environmental health in 626-430-5200 or http://www. westnile.ca.gov/report_wnv.php. Call 211 or visit socalmosquito.org in the report, permanent problems with your mosquito control district.

On questions about mosquitoes, call the greater Los Angeles vector control district on 562-944-9656.


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3 food suppliers in LA County were ordered to close after a ‘significant’ coronavirus outbreak was not reported to the health department | Instant News

Three food suppliers in Los Angeles County were ordered to close because of a “significant” coronavirus outbreak among their employees, officials said Monday.

S&S Foods in Azusa has a total of 58 employees who tested positive for the virus, Mission Foods Corp in Commerce has 40 who tested positive, and Golden State Foods Corp in City of Industry has 43 employees with the virus.

Golden State Foods Corp is one of the largest and longest-standing suppliers for McDonald’s, and Mission Foods is one of the most popular tortilla makers in the US.

“They have a significant outbreak among their employees [and] we were not told, because we had to be told, once they had their three cases, “said Director of Public Health Barbara Ferrer during a press conference Monday. “Our inspectors asked them to make some modifications to really improve their infection control protocols in all three locations”

The garment factory, meat packaging factory and food processing center in the district recently experienced a number of them the worst coronavirus outbreak.

Workplaces, food and retail stores and educational environments in LA County must report the outbreak to the health department after they have had at least three people tested positive for the virus.

On Monday, 245 locations were listed on the department’s website for having at least three cases, with the largest outbreak reported at the Smithfield meat packing plant in Vernon, with 220 cases, and in Los Angeles Apparel with 384 cases.

Los Angeles clothes also existed ordered to close South LA garment factory June 27 after four employees died due to COVID-19 and inspectors found a “flagrant violation” of COVID-19 guidelines.

The health department allowed the factory to reopen last week after they had complied with all the mandates needed. That includes training employees to maintain physical distance, wearing face coverings, and following an improved cleaning regimen.

They also began examining employees for COVID-19 symptoms – something officials said they had never done before.

“But I want to be clear, they must continue to follow the mandated requirements,” said regional Health Officer Dr. Muntu Davis announced the reopening last week. “We will monitor them to ensure continued compliance. They are required to report every new COVID-19 case to our department, and our inspectors will continue to make unannounced visits to ensure that infection control measures remain. “

Health watchdogs visit businesses seven days a week, investigating more than 17,000 locations reported to the department since March for not obeying health worker orders intended to curb the spread of the corona virus.

While most of the businesses that were investigated met or worked with inspectors to follow requirements, the health department had closed 26 restaurants, one grocery store, one swimming pool and 67 unregulated businesses, which included three fitness centers, last week, according to Davis.

“Our number one priority is protecting the health and well-being of employees, and non-compliance with safer reopening at work can lead to more closures,” Davis said.

LA County has recorded a total of 176,028 cases of corona virus and 4,375 deaths on Monday.

All indoor operations must be closed in restaurants, houses of worship, fitness centers, fitness centers, museums, hair salons, barber shops, and other personal care services.

Every sector that is allowed to open must follow strict protocols in the middle of a pandemic. They can be found in the health department website.


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The burned body of a professional poker player found in Michigan Park | Instant News

White lake township, Michigan. – Police in Southeast Michigan are investigating the death of a professional poker player, whose burned body was found in the area, a month after she returned from Los Angeles to live with family.

The death of 33-year-old Susie Zhao, who was known as Susie Q to the other players, could be related to her travels for poker, said det. Lieutenant Chris Hild, White lake township police.

“We need to determine whether or not it is a cover or it could be some kind of retaliatory incident, because of her profession,” Hilda said Wednesday. He refused to give more details about how she was killed, saying the investigation is still ongoing.

Zhao’s body was discovered July 13 at the Pontiac recreation areas on lake in Oakland County.

It win not less than 187,441$, according to World series of poker the websiteincluding $73,805 at the event in 2012.

“I’m able to play high stakes poker to life. It is weird because I’m a girl,” her on Twitter States profile.

Meredith Rogowski, who was known Zhao since they were teenagers in suburban Detroit, says that her friends followed her dreams.

“She was a free spirit in the truest sense,” said Rogowski.

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Delay leads to immersion in daily cases of the coronavirus in La County – NBC Los Angeles | Instant News

Editor’s note: Garcetti, the mayor to provide update on pandemic coronavirus at 5:15 PM PST in the player above.

County of Los Angeles announced that one of its recent low daily totals of new cases of coronavirus on Friday, but include low-latency test results from the state, pointing to higher numbers, likely result in the coming days as the backlog clears.

1,949 district reported new cases, compared with the daily reports over the past week that have been added 2,000 or more cases to the General. The city of long beach announced Friday 143 new cases, while Pasadena added 35. New cases cancelled the countywide all pandemic 168,935.

The County health Department also said 44 of the victims COVID-19, although one of them fatal, reported on Thursday, Pasadena. Pasadena and long beach have their own health departments.

The new deaths raised the countywide total to 4300.

Also dipping in statistics is Friday the number of confirmed cases of coronavirus in the district hospital, to 1,928. County officials said that was only 2,470 of confirmed and suspected cases in hospitals, but stressed that both figures are incomplete due to “changes in reporting requirements from the U.S. Department of health and human services.”

Hospitalization was an area of concern in recent weeks, with the number topping 2,200 in the County of Los Angeles for the last five days, an elevated level of a pandemic. The total amount does not include admission to the long beach and Pasadena.

The health officials noted this week that the number of new hospitalized cases in Los Angeles appeared aligned, and possibly even declining, after a sharp increase in mid-July.

Health Department district, the Munt Dr. Davis, told reporters Thursday that these figures-along with Seven days average daily test positivity rate has returned about 8.5%, was the testimony of the district may be starting a slow virus.

“I hope that this week marks a turning point, and we begin to see the results of our collective action to slow the spread of COVID-19,” said Davis.

But despite these positive indicators, Davis and Director of public health Barbara Ferrer stressed that the area is a long way from conquering the virus and remove restrictions health.

“Even with incomplete business and information about hospitalization, we see too much community to spread this virus, which means that many of our friends, family and neighbors who are sick and suffering,” Ferrer said in a statement on Friday. “As we head into the weekend, I hope that each of us realized that continuing our journey in recovery, including the opening of schools and enterprises is possible only if we go back to slowing the spread. To wear a face not to gather with people who do not live and remain at home as much as possible. The health of our community is indeed a collective effort.”

Two Los Angeles-area hospitals received some additional staffing to help on Friday courtesy of the U.S. air force, which was organized medical groups throughout the state, including one in the County-USC in Los Angeles medical center and another at the Medical center of Port-UCLA.

Dr. mark Ghaly, of the state of California health and human services of the United States, said a total of eight teams deployed throughout the state.

“We looked at the state,” said Ghaly. “The County of Los Angeles with large hospitals, important centers, where we see the transmission of the disease is high, care to make sure that hospitals in this important centre supported and received two of the eight teams. Like proportional share, if you will, across the state. But remember, some of the other teams went to the Northern part, even in rural parts of the state to ensure that hospitals are supported.

“We will continue to work with our Federal partners to ensure that employees can be moved to strategic locations throughout the state when necessary”, – he said.

Ghaly said the aim was to ensure that “patients get the level of treatment that they need, and that staffing will not be an issue for the delivery of high-quality care across the state”.


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What Explains The High Coronavirus Positivity Rates Among Florida? | Instant News

Amid all the COVID-19 published on the Florida Department of health, one may come to a head-scratcher: a whopping 31.1% coronavirus positivity rate among those under 18 that have been tested for the virus, according to the state latest children’s report.

Meanwhile, the total positivity rate Florida currently 18.1%.

What gives? Children do get the virus at a higher price than adults?

Not likely, says Megan Delaneyhead of the Department of pathology and laboratory medicine at Children’s national hospital in Washington, DC.

Yet a large number might be surprising, says Delaney there are several possible explanations.

One is that children are still not was a big focus of testing. Two children who are tested more often those who show symptoms of the disease.

Especially when and where the testing was difficult to access, the elderly and people with underlying conditions were audited.

As a result, fewer children and young people who are tested for coronavirus more often the test is positive.

“If you don’t test that many people, You tend to test first patients. Which can lead to a higher rate,” says Delaney. “It’s not like 31% of 100% of children in the state [of Florida] from COVID. It is rather a reflection of 31% of children with the disease would probably COVID”.

And Florida is not alone in such numbers. Region, district of Columbia, as well high rates among children tested for the virus earlier this year, says Delaney.

At the end of March, children’s national open disk-test only to test children. This website operated for several months, says Delaney, and sometimes saw the maximum positive courses for children he experienced: “it was actually higher than 45% in one week, and then came back down.”

Natalie Deanand biostatistician at the University of Florida, argues that the high positivity rate of Florida is likely because children often do not check to see if they have any pronounced symptoms of the virus, or exposure to a known case.

“Not to mention the procedure involves the child still sits at the tubes inserted in the nose,” she adds.

The Department of health of Florida has not responded to multiple requests NDP to understand numbers.

So while the data tell us in General about children, and the coronavirus?

Obviously, children get the virus, although they are less likely than adults to experience severe disease.

According to the State information dashboard created by the University of South Florida epidemiologist Jason SalemiFlorida residents aged 19 years or younger accounted for about 10% of all cases in the state but only 1.6% of all hospitalizations, and four deaths.

Some of the children who get the coronavirus will end up with a Multisystem inflammatory syndrome in children, or MIS-S – although this is rare. Children’s report of Florida lists 13 known cases of MIS-in the state.

If you believe that your children have COVID-19, is to test them, says Delaney. “Knowing you are positive change things. It helps to contact tracers are able to track and find other people, and it helps to prevent future transmission.”

Testing people of all ages is critical to getting the virus under control, she adds. “Florida commendable testing many children, and they need to keep testing a lot of children and many adults because that’s how we find out where this virus is, to help these people to stay away and not to transfer,” she says. “This is one of our main tools to fight the pandemic is now”.

More 2020 NPR. To see more, visit https://www.npr.org.


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