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Louisville 2021 football fixture includes 7 home games, openers vs. Ole Miss in Atlanta | Sports | Instant News

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) – Although the timeline at the time of COVID may not be worth the printed bandwidth, ACC is still releasing the 2021 football schedule, with high hopes that football fans will be able to significantly return to the game. figures with autumn.

For the University of Louisville, the schedule changes required by the virus in 2020 mean that the program will play 7 home games for the first time since 2013, including a continuation of the draw against state rivals Kentucky, who have agreed to visit Cardinal Stadium on November 27 after the team didn’t play last season.

It was the end of a season of 12 games that began with a neutral site fight with Ole Miss in the Chick-fil-A Kickoff Match at the Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta. This will be the first meeting between the two teams. The last time U of L played in a kickoff match, it lost to No. 6 Auburn 31-24 in 2015.

Louisville opens its home schedule with a visit from Eastern Kentucky on September 11, followed by a Friday night contest against UCF – the Knights’ first visit to Louisville since a 38-35 victory in 2013.

The Cardinals open their ACC game on September 25 at Florida State and travel to Wake Forest for the first of three trips to North Carolina on October 2. Louisville dropped a 35-24 decision at FSU on the ACC opener in 2019. He has won back-to-back games through Wake.

Louisville will play Virginia in their ACC home opener on October 9, then take on the only final week of the season before hosting at Boston College on October 23.

Louisville visited NC State on October 30, then returned home for visits from Clemson on November 6 and Syracuse on November 13.

The Cardinals conclude their league roster with Thursday night’s game at Duke on November 18. This will be the first visit to Durham since 2002.


Sept. 6 – Ole Miss (Atlanta)

September 11 – Eastern Kentucky

17 September – UCF

September 25 – in St. Florida

October 2 – at Wake Forest

October 9 – Virginia

October 23 – Boston University

October 30 – at NC State

November 6 – Clemson

November 13 – Syracuse

November 18th – at Duke

November 27 – Kentucky

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BOZICH | Louisville lost the match. Cards will be won last season; Why? | Sports | Instant News

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) – Virginia and the State of Mississippi were big wins on Louisville’s football resume last season.

But it was the victory that saw Scott Satterfield’s team the Five Greatest Powers in America beating Boston College and Wake Forest in the first two weekends of October 2019.

Can lose to BC with a touchdown. Not. Won two.

Trying his best to deliver that play on Wake. Hold on to win by a margin of three.

Suddenly, Cards became 4-2, the talk of the Atlantic Coast Conference and a winner against two courses that had beaten the U of L a year earlier. Mojo is real.

The first two weekends of October 2020 are not like that.

In the second half against Pitt and lowly Georgia Tech players, the U of L scored one goal, a total of nine points. In the second half against BC and Wake last season, Cards scored five goals for a total of 44 points.

Against Pitt and Georgia Tech, U of L minus-4 in turnovers. Against BC and Wake, they’re plus-3.

It’s a game of ownership, and no one will succeed in letting the other team have the extra chance.

“It’s a day-to-day process that we’re going through, and it’s really just talking about literally going through the process of becoming a championship caliber team,” said U of L. coach Scott Satterfield.

“And it’s about habit. It’s about commitment. It’s about what you do every day, and you can’t just show up, one of us can’t just show up when it’s time to shine and think you’re going to be really good. Not like that. So we kept repeating the fact that we have to be present every day and how to commit to the process.

“I think that’s the biggest thing, and we’re still developing. We’re still working on it, and really, you point to the fact that, ‘Guys, we’ve got 11 minutes left in a game, and we won with the ball in midfield.’ One night, I mean, I will lose a lot of money if we say we will lose then.

“We tried hard to get the score to take the lead, and we put the ball on the ground, and next, they scored, and then they scored again. It only breaks down from that point.

“Then you get back to Pitt’s game, and it’s 23-20 for most of the fourth quarter. We had three chances, and we turned the ball twice. Think about last year. We won that game in the fourth quarter against Wake Forest, Boston College and Syracuse. We finished the games. “

Here’s what’s baffling: These are basically the same line-up who increased dramatically from 2-10 to 8-5 last season.

Quarterback Malik Cunningham. Center back Javian Hawkins. Tutu recipients Atwell and Dez Fitzpatrick.

After four games last season, Louisville turned the ball seven times while snatching it away from their opponents five times. In 2020, Louisville had 11 turnovers when beating their opponents three times.

What is the difference? Concentration? Take a break from games? Training schedule falters? Moon alignment?

“I think a lot of it just puts football in a position where it would be difficult for the defense to get it out,” said Satterfield.

“And, we’ve been working on it all the time. These people obviously did a much better job last year than this year. I think Hassan (Hall) has had three or four mistakes in the course of this season. Dan Hawk (Hawkins) that night was stripped naked in one of his possessions. It simply puts the ball in a position where you will protect it.

“We tell our people that you have to give the ball to the referee. No problem, anytime. You think you are down or not, you have to get up and give the ball to the ref. So it’s just about concentration, holding on to the ball, knowing when you’re in traffic, knowing when to let go to protect it. All the little things we do all the time. “

Now comes Notre Dame on Saturday afternoons in South Bend, Indiana. Ireland only forced three turnovers in three games. Ireland, ranked No. 4, seeded by 17.

Cards were last season’s double-digit underdogs in Satterfield’s first game. They played a competitive first half before losing, 35-17.

How is the weather forecast for this weekend?

“I think for us, this is not about Notre Dame,” said Satterfield. “I think this, it’s about us in this building and how well we can go out and prepare this week to play this game and then come out and really execute and play the game the way we are prepared.

“I think that’s probably the biggest thing. Whether we win or lose, whatever the score, for me, what will help this season for us is that we get out, and we plan the way we need to play and keep football. .

“Pulling our triggers on the defense if we miss a tackle but we fly over there and then that’s what we have to do by staying aggressive, and I think that kind of mindset and execution will allow us to come out and play a lot better and win some. football game this year.

“But we have to improve in our building. Regardless of who we play, this week we are playing Notre Dame.

“They are definitely an amazing football team, top five teams every year, it seems, in this country. It’s a big challenge, but for me and for our people and our staff and our team it’s more about us and how we can execute and just play at a much better level. “

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