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The Bachelor NZ: Moses Mackay of Sol3 Mio, the famous face looking for love in the new season | Instant News

The next New Zealand scholar has been revealed, and he is a very familiar face.

Sol3 Mio’s famous Moses Mackay and co-host of the Flava’s Breakfast show will share roses in the hopes that he meets someone special in the new season of The Bachelor NZ.

Speaking to the Herald, Mackay talked about the time he decided to go on the fourth season of the reality show – and it wasn’t instant huh.

“Definitely not. That was the first thought that crossed my head when I got the phone,” said Mackay.

However, the 30-year-old musician changed his tone as he thought more of the opportunities and put himself out there, plus the pandemic meant he didn’t travel as much as playing in international shows.

Moses Mackay said to his bandmates "laugh and laugh" when he told them he was required to do The Bachelor NZ.  Photo / Provided
Moses Mackay said his bandmates “laughed and laughed” when he told them he was asked to take The Bachelor NZ. Photo / Provided

“I sat with him, I processed it, and thought, ‘life is all about adventure, so why not?'”

He admits his bandmates and cousins ​​Pene and Amitai laughed enough when he told them the news.

“They laughed, and they laughed, and they urged me to do it. Mainly because they wanted to watch the show and laugh,” but added that his Sol3 Mio bandmate was “100 percent supportive” of his decision to appear on the show.

This particular adventure will see Mackay looking for love openly, but in some ways, he’s used to being in the spotlight. Mackay competed on Celebrity Treasure Island in 2019 and it gave him a feeling of being on reality television.

“I don’t have control over how I’m portrayed,” he said, speaking of his attitude while filming the show.

“I just said to myself, ‘if I was just me’, all they describe is the version of me they see.”

When asked if there was a serenade in the shop when she met someone special on the show, Mackay admitted she hadn’t watched The Bachelorette NZ, the current female-led version of the show, so couldn’t speak to her. song that didn’t work from this season.

“With me being me, you might hear me sing!”

Will Moses Mackay seduce someone special on the show?  Photo / Provided
Will Moses Mackay seduce someone special on the show? Photo / Provided

Mackay shared that he’s been in love before, so he knows what it feels like when he’s connected with that special someone.

“A lot of creatives will be linked to this – we’re living a very unique life,” adds Mackay.

“I’m quite grateful that I’ve traveled the world and I’ve seen a lot of cool things and performing everywhere. I potentially don’t have much time to give to a relationship.

“I feel like I spend a lot of time giving to my family, and my friends and I are always giving to others.

“But I never really gave myself a chance to fall in love.

“I know how he feels. So I don’t shoot in the dark. But, life does things that make you move and grow, you flourish. So, yeah, now I finally do a TV show, which is still weird to me!”

What was Musa looking for in The Bachelor?

Mackay has given readers some ideas about the type of woman he is looking for on the show.

“For me, I’m looking for kindness and compassion, and all those great qualities in people.”

“I’m a pretty empathetic person, so I can understand when someone is not living.”

She told the Herald that her ideal first date is one where two people get to know each other well, and is not a fan of going to the movies for a first date for that reason.

On the other hand, “a cool dinner or adventure” fits the style more.

Art Green is back hosting the new season, following the host’s show at The Bachelorette NZ season two, which is streaming now. He is married to Matilda Green (nee Rice), whom he met in the first season of the NZ version of the franchise.

If she finds the right spark and perhaps soulful singing, Mackay might get lucky in love too.

• Bachelor New Zealand premiere on Tuesday, March 2, 7:30 pm on TVNZ 2, and tune in to hear Sol3 Mio weekday mornings at the Flava breakfast show.

Not satisfied with The Bachelorette NZ on TVNZ 2?

Watch ZM’s Carwen Jones and Celia Whitley as they break things down in the official podcast, Can I Steal You For A Second? After each episode airs, join the girls as they recap and dissect what happened. They’re the party-watching companions you never knew you needed.


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In Yves Saint Laurent’s Secret Love Letter | Instant News

What better way to show love than a creative greeting card?

For more than 25 years, French designer Yves Saint Laurent uses her fashion illustration skills to express her gratitude to her friends, collaborators and clients with a LOVE card. He did not give these cards on Valentine’s Day, but instead were given them as a happy New Year greeting card to welcome the year positively and brightly. Saint Laurent’s sacred tradition took place every year from 1970 to 2007, with the exception of 1978 and 1993 in which he called them “the years without love.” It remains a mystery why those years were considered terrible for the French Couturier. When those years showed heights in designer creativity, in 1978, the designer created a spectacular costume for Jean Cocteau’s game, Two headed eagle (Eagle with Two Heads) and in 1993 the release of her fragrance “Champagne” was the third best-selling fragrance in all of Europe.

As Saint Laurent said, “without grace, there is no grace.” The sentimental gesture of holding the words of joy presents the values, memories and passions of Saint Laurent in a cartes de voeux. Cards are a person’s way of expressing a celebratory expression to spark positive power through physical messages and images where the recipient gets a sense of instant gratification. Saint Laurent embraces the power behind imparting a line of longevity to objects that can normally be forgotten and discarded. This is Saint Laurent’s endeavor as an artist in various forms by creating poster-sized greeting cards that demonstrate his understanding of art, history and style. It is an extension beyond the commercialized art fame of the fashion world.

Saint Laurent centered its “LOVE” slogan around new ornaments, color palettes, and graphics using collage techniques, colored pencils, gouache and markers. Showcasing designer appreciation of artists Henri Matisse, Jean Cocteau, Georges Braque and Andy Warhol. Saint Laurent follows an artist’s mindset by changing his card style every decade.

In the early 1970s, the style started with the YSL snake motif wrapping “LOVE”, which represents creativity, rebirth and transformation. Saint Laurent has retained the brand’s motif for countless decades because it is a precious symbol that recounts Saint Laurent and Pierre Berge’s first arrival to Marrakech in 1966 where their first home is referred to as Dar el Hanch, the Snake House in Morocco.

Musee YSL Paris

In 1972, Saint Laurent focused LOVE in the sunshine that connected her happy childhood in Oran with the radiant power of love. “I have vivid memories of the good days in Oran, where I was born. I can see that beautiful city with all races of people together, the Algerian, the French, the Italian, the Spanish, leaving a sign of good spirits, cheering. , and the desire to live with passion, “recalled Saint Laurent.

yves saint laurent, musee ysl, love

Musee YSL Paris

In the 1980s, designer experiments with typography from the Dada movement (1915-1920), Saint Laurent looked to the Dadaists who would drop random letters, experiment with punctuation, write words horizontally and vertically in a variety of semi-bold types. Graphics of the Art Deco movement (1920s-1930s) with an appreciation of decorative arts, rectangular shapes and symmetry with layered shapes are qualities that Saint Laurent finds qualities that apply in the design process.

musee ysl, saint laurent, love

Musee YSL Paris

In 1986, Saint Laurent created it Marrakech Majorelle Gardens her LOVE theme fountain with cobalt blue and yellow reminiscent of her Moroccan villas. The French couturier often draws inspiration from Loulou de la Falaise, Betty Catroux and other guests at his Villa Oasis.

ysl museum, yves saint laurent

Musee YSL Paris

In 1991, we see Saint Laurent’s play of mixed art influences with Rene Margueritte’s surrealism and P0p Art style. Andy Warhol. His pet bulldog card gift Moujik was painted by Andy Warhol, what better way to express the love of human friends? This card is special because of its quality which shows the double appreciation of Warhol’s friendship with Saint Laurent and in turn Saint Laurent puts a new spin on its own card.

musee ysl, yves saint laurent, love

Musee YSL Paris

The game of making mortal objects immortal makes these cards even more unique to collectors, art lovers and Saint Laurent fans. Far from being the original purpose of cards, nowadays they are objects of longevity of art taking the form of respectable works of art. Consider a handmade Saint Laurent card as an original, luxurious Valentine’s Day gift because its bold colors make any home a little more lively every day. After all, shouldn’t we embrace the energy of love in every aspect of our lives?


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A locked romance proposed on a local beach after Covid halts Italy travel | Instant News

This is the moment Andy Bennett’s girlfriend proposes to her boyfriend on a blustery British beach after Covid paid for their romantic trip to the Amalfi Coast.

Andy, 40, plans to ask questions to partner Hollie Corrick on a dream vacation in Italy this spring.

But when he realized that wasn’t going to happen, he decided to ask Hollie to cheer the two of them up during the longest of winter.

He went to their favorite beach in Exmouth, and wrote the words ‘Will You Marry Me?’ in uppercase.

Have you ever had a Covid-influenced romantic proposal this Valentine’s Day? Email [email protected]

Hollie was directed blindfolded at the proposal
(Image: BrynetteChurchward / BNPS)

While she waited for Hollie’s brother to drive her there for a surprise, a small crowd gathered after seeing the message in the sand.

Blindfolded Hollie, 42, arrives before Andy kneels down to ask her to marry him as his favorite Ed Sheeran song plays on loudspeaker.

The romantic moment was recorded by many people who cheered and applauded the happy couple.

Andy, a plumber, said afterward, “We were supposed to go in April to celebrate Hollie’s birthday and I was going to propose but obviously it was canceled.

Hollie said yes to Andy’s bold proposal
(Image: AndyBennett / BNPS)

“I bought an engagement ring and hid it at home. It feels like the lockdown is dragging on so I thought it best to do it now to entertain all of us and before Hollie can find the ring.”

Andy, who has been with Hollie for 18 months, added: “Pirate Cove in Exmouth is our favorite location. We used to go there during the first lockup to see the sunset and ride paddleboarding. That’s why I chose it.

Andy and Hollie on the beach
(Image: AndyBennett / BNPS)

“I went there with my stepdaughter about 90 minutes earlier and arranged for Hollie to meet us there.

“I thought he got suspicious as soon as I left the house.”

Hollie, an account manager, said: “It was a really romantic and fun thing for him to do.”

The beach proposal was also witnessed by two of Hollie’s daughters, Gracie, 9, and Lottie, 6. Andy has two sons, Harry, 16, and Oliver, 13.

Brynette Churchward, who filmed the proposal, said: “I saw the proposal written in the sand, as I was walking and wondering whether to wait for the unsuspecting woman to come along and also whether to film it.

Hollie rings after he says yes
(Image: AndyBennett / BNPS)

“I decided to film it at the last minute and I’m very happy I did.

“Andy texted me, asking if I could send them the video, obviously I did.

“I’m so glad I passed, at the right time, my day was great.

“Lucky men and young women can save videos of their special moments.”


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Robbie Williams’ new life after Take That feud – from marriage to Switzerland moving on | Instant News

Robbie Williams marks his 47th birthday on Saturday.

And the pop sensation has lived a life full of ups and downs – one he’s always talked about openly.

One of the most important moments in hit maker Angels’ life was when he decided to quit megaband Take That in 1995.

Her decision to leave Gary Barlow, Jason Orange, Howard Donald and Mark Owen behind broke the hearts of their loyal fans and led to Robbie dating himself.

The musician’s career boomed as a solo star but he struggled with addiction and his mental health deteriorated, but when he met American actress Ayda Field – at a party in LA in 2006 – her life took a turn for the better.

While Robbie admitted in the past that he wasn’t looking for marriage and children at the time, the couple stayed together through difficult times and their relationship grew stronger.

Robbie Williams is happier than ever
(Image: PA)

Now instead of topping the troubled charts, he is a happy family man who has revolutionized his lifestyle.

Proving how he made him a better man, he previously said: “He makes me want to be a better person. And in the process, I became a better person. “

And during an appearance on The Jonathan Ross Show, last year, he explained: “I look back on 15 years with my wife, she did it, she gave me life.

“This is where I get emotional on television. He really does.”

Couples celebrating their 10th wedding anniversary in 2020 love to live a relaxed life with their four children – one away from Robbie’s wild farewell days.

The singer rose to fame on Take That with Gary Barlow, Jason Orange, Howard Donald and Mark Owen
(Image: Getty)

One of the major lifestyle changes the Rock Dj singer has taken is to focus on healthy eating and fitness.

She announced last year: “Now I’m vegan, I do pilates every day, I do yoga every day.”

Before becoming a complete vegan, he told me in 2017 that he was taking up a semi-vegan regime.

Ayda alluded to Robbie’s diet in the 2018 issue of Loose Women, when she told me: “She’s amazing, she’s great. Last year she had some health issues and it was a bad time for us, but now it’s great to see her back … She’s vegan. now. I don’t think you can eat a hamburger if you’re vegan! “

Robbie’s solo career boomed after Take That, but he struggled with his party lifestyle
(Image: Getty Images)

In early 2021, Robbie and Ayda made major lifestyle changes by setting up permanent camp near Lake Geneva in Switzerland with their parents, Teddy, Charlton, Coco, and Beau.

Based on Sun, Robbie pocketed himself a luxury property while playing golf with businessman Nicolas Brunschwig.

A source told the publication: “Robbie and his family are very happy. They love the pace of life here. They love the open space and the nearby lake.

Robbie said Ayda made him a “better person”
(Image: Dave Benett / Getty Images)

An insider added: “This neighborhood is used for wealthy residents and their privacy is highly respected.”

Last year, Robbie talked about why he decided to leave Take That in the 90s during an appearance on Table Manners podcast and took over his role in the destruction of his relationship with his bandmates.

The singer discussed what caused his departure from the group and he blames the band’s management and the impact on his relationship with bandmate Gary.

Ayda and Robbie met in 2006 and they have built a strong marriage
(Image: Dave Benett / Getty Images)

Ayda Field has supported Robbie through his tough times
(Image: aydafieldwilliams / Instagram)

Robbie explained: “In short, we have a manager. I don’t like him and he doesn’t like me. The only person who is managed in the group is Gary.

“Gaz, a very talented songwriter, my best friend. We’ve made up because ever since I left Take That, punished him for years.”

Robbie noted: “I was a little jealous, I was jealous and annoyed because he was the only person in the band who was being guarded.”

Robbie and Ayda share children Teddy, Charlton, Coco and Beau
(Image: Daily Notes)

Robbie also explains how Robbie’s resemblance to Gary also causes problems between the two.

He added: “Me and Gary are very similar. In the band, how we write songs, how we present ourselves, how we perform and where we want to go, we are the kind of people who are very one-way, I’m not ‘meaningless in a Harry Styles way.

“We were like, blinking where there was no left or no right. If I were a footballer I would have gotten the ball and headed it or headed it into the net in any way necessary and Gaz is the same.”

However, that’s not all that contributes because Robbie admits that drug use also plays a role.

Robbie continues: “So all these things plus cocaine and ecstasy and vodka, I need to too and have to go to go and be the person I think I can go on and be … what I do.”

Do you have a story to sell? Contact us at[email protected] or call us directly 0207 29 33033.


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Field Guide to Heart-Shaped Foods | Instant News

The classic Valentine’s Day heart-shaped cookies are beyond reproach: chalky pastels stamped with months of messages, foil-coated chocolate indulgences, ruby-like lollipops in crunchy plastic wrap. If they turn into new sweets and other menus – store-bought, homemade, beautifully arranged – the result is less reliable. Some demonstrations of edible sentiment are beautiful; others, such as the twin bacon-wrapped sausages sold this time of year by a well-known British provider, are addressing the problem.

Frying eggs in heart-shaped molds is a little annoying, but has the potential to be aesthetic; positioning the yolk in one of the curves rather than the center is a very elegant way. You can make a heart-shaped omelet by taking two half-moon omelets and stacking them – that’s cool. Pancakes are easy to turn into hearts – just drizzle the outline of the heart on the pan with batter, and fill. But making pancakes of any kind communicates love – you simply don’t need a heart. There are heart-shaped waffles; This, I think, is great for waffle enthusiasts. A slice of butter can be shaped like a heart, but butter is better if it’s rosy. Roses are better if they are made of chocolate. Chocolate is better when it’s extraordinary, or really terrible; Mediocre chocolate is worse than no chocolate at all.

The heart-shaped ravioli is ridiculous, as long as the paste isn’t tinged pink – it will probably take too long. (Heart-shaped pasta is nothing special, but it’s not always bad, and there’s certainly no reason to avoid it completely.) A heart made by chopping hearts from foods that aren’t heart-shaped – brownies, toast, pickled coins, Kraft Singles, deli meat – calculated as half credit; full points if you also painfully use up the negative space that is left over. Heart-shaped cookies are cute, but, unless you’re disciplined with the temperature of your butter, it’s risky to make them at home, especially if you’re prone to the metaphorical implications of making hearts and ending. with clods. Things that are served, cooked, or served in a heart-shaped container do not count as heart-shaped if they lose that shape when removed from the plate. It doesn’t matter how many square and round chocolate truffles you have in the heart-shaped box, it’s the box that’s the heart, not the sweets. Likewise a heart shaped cake is a heart, but a piece of heart shaped cake is just a piece of cake.

Placing two boiled prawns face to face on a puddle of bright red cocktail sauce so they suggest cute hearts. Using icing or peanut butter to make a heart by gluing two almonds side-by-side and point-to-point and then dipping them in chocolate is smart, although the plump finish will definitely resemble derrière. I think peaches are considered a heart-shaped food. The origins of the heart shape as a symbol of love are unclear, but one theory holds that inspiration is not an eponymous organ but the beautiful, curvy shape of a human donkey. The peach, obviously, is also a donkey; therefore, syllogistically, it is the heart. (So ​​is nectarines, which are just peaches without fluff, and which I have always deemed worthy of being part of the “bottom line” conversation.)

The heart shaped pepperoni is one of the most unpleasant heart-shaped meats.Photo courtesy of Getty

Perhaps controversially, I believe that heart-shaped pizza is always wonderful, especially when served in a standard square delivery box; The good news is if you disagree, and you find yourself facing a heart-shaped pizza that makes you mad, you can always fold it in half and pretend it’s a normal shaped calzone that makes sense. Heart-shaped salami (sometimes sold as love salami—Exquisite) is something I can get hold of, because it is so pleasing to imagine an ordinary cylinder of meat that is molded, as it ages, with the pressure of a single strong and efficient thread beautifully. The heart-shaped part of salami is a heart-shaped pepperoni, which you can use to garnish a heart-shaped pizza; This may be too much, but it may also be fantastic.

Not all heart-shaped meat works: heart-shaped jerky is widely unacceptable, especially when, as mentioned in a recent promotional email I received, it is laser engraved with a slogan that indulges masculine discomfort with sincerity. It’s okay to love love and to love beef jerky and to like to use lasers for ridiculous purposes; all of these things help make life more valuable. However, nevertheless, the final product does not, in this case, last. Heart-shaped steaks (whether from land, sea, or imitation animals) are also an annoyance. Serving real hearts – muscles, not shapes – on Valentine’s Day falls into the same pop-punk school menu planning as boiling a bunny at Easter; I respect his subversive intent. It’s a short step from the heart menu to the blood menu, which is less romantic than sad melodramatic. You can make heart-shaped blood sausages for your loved ones, but maybe not. (Maybe especially not use your own blood.)

Like love itself – in any form, not just romantic – the best heart-shaped foods cannot be forced. A proper strawberry, sliced ​​in half, a perfect heart, red and sweet and soft. A slightly irregular tortilla – a little bit here, a pointed end there – can shine with love. When the potato chips taken from a bag of potato chips randomly turn out to be heart shaped, that’s the best heart-shaped food of all.


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