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New “Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury” | Instant News

Wii U feels like the forgotten generation of that era. The popularity of this console is not as explosive as its predecessor, and fans have overlooked several great games that come and go. With the success of Nintendo Switch, Nintendo re-released the Wii U game on its current machine.

Missed players “Pikmin 3” Have the opportunity to check out the deluxe version again.Criminally underestimated “Wonderful 101” The system has also been remade. On the occasion of the 35th anniversary of “Super Mario Bros.”, Nintendo launched “Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury”. This is an enhanced version with great advantages.

The fixed camera creates interesting level design opportunities, but it also makes certain parts of “Super Mario 3D World” more difficult. (Nintendo)

The core game is the magic between the excellent “Super Mario Galaxy 2” and the clever “Super Mario Odyssey”. This title allows Mario to roam in three dimensions, but has a camera angle and almost no swing space. When the player travels through eight worlds to try to rescue Sprixie Princesses from Bowser’s clutch, it basically remains fixed.

This is an iteration of the franchise between the traditional series of 2D games and the forward-looking 3D adventure. Unexpectedly, this is a game that is the closest to the “Super Mario Bros. 3” model. Nintendo’s mascot grabbed a few run-ups and told him to slide on the ice, throw boomerangs and climb like a cat. Pass the level.

This title carries the design spirit of the NES era and brings it into the 3D environment. Each timing level has a unique starting and ending point, because players will jump over obstacles and discover secrets such as green stars and collectible stamps, which they can add to the screenshots in photo mode. Green stars are important because they can unlock certain stages. If this is not enough, the “3D World” even has warped areas that allow players to skip levels, although this means that they won’t save all the Sprixie Princesses, which is reflected in the end.

Despite the rich content, the camera for hybrid 3D games does more harm than good. The fixed angle makes jumping and avoiding heavy enemies. After the camera is fixed, it is difficult to judge the distance from the platform, and it is also difficult to step on the enemy. In cramped spaces, it is especially frustrating.

Having said that, the “3D World” does use fixed cameras in a smart way. On one level, it goes above and creates a view similar to “Zelda”, which can help Mario light the brazier and find his way out in the scene. In other stages, Nintendo will use shadows and reflections to hide objects and secret passages.

“Super Mario 3D World” allows players to play the roles of the bearded hero, his brother Luigi, Princess Peach and Toad. Each of them has its own characteristics. (Nintendo)

In addition, the updated feature also has online and offline multiplayer game modes, when four players try to break through a level without interfering with each other, they will become chaotic. One of the more interesting aspects of “3D World” is that players can also choose from four characters-Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach and Toad. Each character has its own characteristics: Luigi jumps higher. When jumping, the peaches will float more. Toad is the fastest, but may not jump the highest, while Mario is the average of all things.

“3D world” also has seeds that later become “Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker.” His side level allows the player to control the hero as he collects the green star. He does not have a jump button and can only sprint across stages, but his limitations have created some more creative parts of the campaign. His puzzle-like stage is happily completed.

The other part of Mario’s dual function is “Bowser’s Fury”, which is another experimental curiosity. It is expressed in the language of “3D World”. Players will recognize the same props and characters, such as the sailing dinosaur Plessie, but the biggest difference lies in the openness of short battles.

Mario is on an archipelago in Lapcat Lake. He must help Bowser Jr., and his father becomes a huge angry monster.The player must use the power of Giga Bells to transform the bearded hero into a huge cat with glowing fur, reminiscent of “Dragon Ball Z” Goku. Then, he fought Bowser in a Godzilla-style brawl until the boss was knocked down for a short time.

Plessie transports Mario to other islands in “Bowser’s Fury”. (Nintendo)

During the whole movement, players must collect Cat Shins to eliminate the dirt on the lighthouse and water of Lapcat Lake. Players are free to explore any islands they can reach, and each location has its own set of tasks. Some are unique, such as fighting Koopa kids on a small stage, while others are repetitive tasks, such as collecting blue coins, but set in different spaces.

The notable part about “Bowser’s Fury” is how it lays the foundation for the open world Mario game. Players have their own islands to travel and explore instead of levels. Boot storage and can be accessed almost anytime. Players don’t have to worry about lives, but they must worry about the number of coins they will drop every time they die.

Taken together, the “Super Mario Bros.” fascinated by the future. series.It’s almost like “Mario” “The Legend of Zelda: Windrunner” Plessie is a ship that transports heroes to various places.

As players collect more cat lights and explore Lapcat Lake, they will open up more islands. At the same time, they have to deal with an angry Bowser, who will attack Mario regularly. The goal of this campaign is to capture as much of the cat’s light as possible and release the power of Giga Bells, so that Mario can finally clear out the bad jujube that infests Bowju.


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BEN’S BITES: Luigi offers a delicious ‘tour of Italy’ | Local | Instant News

Editor’s Note: This is a new commentary feature by Ben Destefan, editor of Courier Express, entitled “Ben’s Bites” that is meant to support local restaurants while providing dining recommendations to the new resident and his wife. Readers can send suggestions to: [email protected]

This week’s edition of “Ben’s Bites” takes us on a trip to Italy without leaving DuBois.

Recognized as a downtown food staple, Luigi’s Ristorante is highly regarded as some of the best food in the area.

After receiving a recommendation to visit for dinner, my wife and I took a quick trip to enjoy a plate of delight.

Here’s a recap of our last visit:

While I previously ventured to Luigi for lunch with work colleagues, this was Lindsey’s first time. He asked me about it, so this was the perfect opportunity.

After sitting down, a natural observation of your surroundings begins. In Luigi, this might take a moment. There are more framed photos than can count, with an eclectic mix of posters and vintage signs splashed on the walls. From Babe Ruth to John Lennon onwards, this place has something for everyone when it comes to decor.

Coincidentally, the menu also includes all bases.

The dining experience starts with a special bread. The slices are light and fluffy, setting the palate up for any in-store food.

The two of them opted for an appetizer with salad, fresh and fresh greens ahead of our main course, which, given its feature, almost feels obliged to be a pasta.

Very fond of mushrooms, my wife chose the wild mushroom ravioli, described as “delicious ravioli stuffed with mozzarella and parmesan cheese, portablelo mushrooms and crimini sauteed in Madeira wine”.

Wanting to capture the moment, I chose Skip’s Tour of Italy, otherwise known as “our signature chicken maria on a bed of fettuccine pasta with alfredo sauce and our traditional lasagna served with homemade meatballs and topped with red sauce.”

Long story short – somehow tastes better than it sounds.

Laying side by side, I go back and forth between bites, unable to determine which one I enjoy more. The chicken is tender with fettuccine noodles that easily swirl around the fork to create a blanket of goodness. Then there’s the strong lasagna flavor, just as delicious as the filling. For about 10-15 minutes, I ran into a small but pleasant dilemma about the next bite.

Oh, and let’s talk about this “meatball”. The “ball” compared is better at scale with baseball than a circle of flesh the size of a regular golf ball. Apart from the circumference, the lasagna crumbles beautifully with the lasagna.

Before understanding the need for a lunch box, I tried one of my wife’s raviolis. As expected, it didn’t disappoint.

After paying the bill according to the meal, Lindsey agreed “we’ll be back.”

Ironically, a coworker and I returned less than 24 hours later when I realized it was Thursday and the “famous” grilled chicken salad was the lunch special. Yes, this is awesome too, but that’s for another time.

Described on its website as “the best family-owned Italian restaurant in the area,” Luigi lives up to its reputation.

For your favorite restaurant, which may be affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, to be considered “Ben’s Bites”, please email a recommendation to: [email protected]. Local, family-owned restaurants that receive the most reader recommendations will be given priority. Please include the name of the restaurant and favorite menu choices. “Ben’s Bites” will take place every week or every two weeks.


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Luigi is really in Super Mario 64, fans are very excited | Instant News

Illustration of the article titled

image: Nintendo

For nearly two and a half years, Nintendo fans have been trying to verify whether Mario’s brother Luigi is somehow hidden in the files of the Nintendo 64 Classic Edition. Super Mario 64. Thank you This weekend The so-called “Gigaleaks”, Luigi Mario 64 The documents have been verified and finally proved one of the longest running game myths. how do you feel?

Judging from the reaction of Internet fans, it is very good.

Mario 64 It should have been a multiplayer game. Mario and Luigi run together in three dimensions It should have been one thing, but as Mr. Mr. Iwata palacemoto discussed in 2009, Nintendo was unable to withdraw it.

but HWithout Luigi, would there be a modern 3D Mario game? It is this problem that drives countless fans to pursueAmber is taller, greener brother Mario 64 these years. Their enthusiasm for Mario’s Player 2 and a strange statue in the game may Read “L is Real 2401”, Fans tried everything they came up with to unlock Luigi.

Where decades of searches failed, Gigaleaks this weekend succeeded. Luigi’s files and textures were discovered in a Nintendo 64 vulnerability this weekend. Fans skimmed through the leaking texture, and they found the green L, which was placed on the hat of the good brother, and there were special images representing Luigi’s mustache and side corners. He was penniless, but the fans rebuilt him. They have the technology.

He is beautiful, isn’t he? This is a shot of the brother next to him. Of course, there is not much difference. The main thing is to stretch the body, change the color, and replace the scallop-shaped beard with something neater.

Therefore, after nearly 25 years, L is real. CuckyDev on YouTube Luigi’s video lingers on Mario 64 as if he owns the game and everything.

Luigi fans around the world celebrated this wonderful revelation on Twitter.

Some people are shocked that good things have actually happened in 2020.

But in the past two days, I have also seen spectacular new fan art.

I have read speculative comics. (It may not happen this way, but we can’t say it’s not.)

Then we weighed the beauty contest that only Luigi participated in.

Others celebrated with dance magic.

Some even took Luigi to camp.

For loyal fans of Nintendo, this is indeed a time to celebrate. They always think that L is real. he is.

I haven’t found anyone celebrating with an exquisite Luigi cake, but of course it is only a matter of time.


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