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Spy: The ups and downs of Miss New Zealand | Instant News

A montage of the former Miss New Zealand winner is featured in an upcoming documentary about the competition.

An interesting documentary is being made about the ups and downs of the Miss New Zealand competition.

During the 1960’s, 70’s and 80’s, winning the title was the equivalent of becoming an All Black in terms of fame. But now, competition is barely making a ripple.

Documentary filmmaker Neil Gussey says the winner of the competition from that era is Lady Di. She was right, they accompanied royals on women’s magazine covers over the decades and many have had very successful careers in the world of fashion, beauty, and television.

“This documentary is an exciting journey back in time, talking to various winners and reminiscing about their experiences in their years in office,” said Gussey, who has worked with some of the biggest names in the business as a photographer since the 80’s.

He has selected nine winners from the years he thinks stood out the most from both their victories and beyond.

These include our most famous beauty queen Lorraine Downes, who became our first Miss Universe in 1983, and Elaine Daley (Miscall), who was a celebrity for decades when she finished second at Miss World in 1963.

Mrs World 1987 winner Barbara McDowell will appear and Gussey says some of the funniest stories have come from Tracey Allan and her mother, Lorraine, who named Miss Mother and Daughter New Zealand 1988 and flew to Guam and reached the finals.

Alongside interviews with previous winners, Gussey has interviewed several famous faces and industry experts, including Colin Mathura-Jeffree, Paula Ryan, Dame Trelise Cooper, Di Goldsworthy and of course the eyes and ears of the time, the great David Hartnell, to tell the background. behind him and is it really a fairy tale to everyone.

One thing people often forget, Gussey says, is that we nearly lost Miss Universe three years before Downes took the crown in 1983 at Denyse Borley (Nottle)

“Two days before the final of Miss Universe 1980, the press photographer chose Denyse as the winner of Miss Photogenic and she shot up and, out of 75 contestants, was the same favorite to win, along with Miss Sweden and Miss USA with bookies odds of 3-1. “

Nottle was runner up 2nd and went on to become a successful international model working in Europe for many years and is now based in London.

Documentary filmmaker Neil Gussey is working on a document that explores the Miss New Zealand competition.
Documentary filmmaker Neil Gussey is working on a document that explores the Miss New Zealand competition.

Gussey thinks the peak of the competition will be the mid-80s, when Downes took the crown and the number of views on TV was very high.

In regards to the fall in competition, he said it happened in 1989, when TVNZ stopped playing and time had passed. Gussey said he has seen a revival in the modern era with the rise of reality TV and social media.

She includes Holly Michelle Cassidy from 2013, who competed in Russia for Miss Universe when Donald Trump was running the competition, and Jess Tyson from 2018, who went to Miss World and reached the top six.

Gussey hopes the interview will be completed by the end of August. Look forward to major film screenings at the Event Theater with all proceeds going to the Olivia Newton-John Cancer Wellness & Research Center.

The film will then be put on various film festivals next year and be available to watch online.


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Karachi police officers die trying to stop running away from drug dealers | Instant News

KARACHI: At least one personnel died Monday after suspected drug traffickers rammed him with their car in an attempt to escape a police picket that rolled out to arrest them in the defensive area of ​​the port city last night, ARY News reported.

In the CCTV footage of today’s incident, we can see how brave personnel tried to stop the suspected drug trafficker by harming himself just to fulfill their duties.

The police company has rolled out to arrest a group of drug peddlers who were in their car and as soon as they made their move, the current officers accused him of blocking their escape. However, as soon as the police officer came from the front, the driver shifted the car to reverse the transmission and zoom back in.

As soon as personnel approached from behind, accusing the suspect’s car by jumping off the police cellphone, he was hit by the suspect’s car and admitted injuries.

According to the latest developments, the injured personnel fell to his wounds and died today.

READ: The Punjab police hierarchy is witnessing another major overhaul

Separately what happened today in the police ranks and archives, Punjab police are once again witnessing a massive reshuffle after top police from Lahore and Faisalabad were removed from their positions.

An overhaul is coming on background regarding the appointment of a new IGP Inam Ghani in the province, who replaced Shoaib Dastagir.




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Spy: Meet the new Lexie Brown Bachelorette | Instant News


Meet the new Lexie Brown Bachelorette. Video / TVNZ

New Zealand’s New Bacherlorette has been revealed.

Lexie Brown, 31, is a brand and marketing manager from Wellington, whose international career has focused on hospitality.

She will appear in the upcoming third series on tvNZ 2.

Brown tells the Spy that he has never used a dating app nor will you know him through his social media.

“You’ll only know me if you know me in real life,” said Brown.

Brown returned from living in Canada last year and said he originally proposed to appear on the show as a joke – telling the casting team he desperately needed a sperm donor.

Only when he heard back did he take the show as a serious dating option.
“Imagine if I actually found my man? On a bloody dating reality TV show – what are the odds?”

Of the 18 single candidates who will be announced soon, Brown is looking for the “laid back” Kiwi guy. If they wanted to impress their father, they could bring the hog home from hunting.

“It will truly be a roller coaster ride with lots of laughter. I can’t wait to share it with New Zealand,” said Brown.

Host, Art Green, who has hosted successive series Bachelorette after winning the first version of The Bachelor, described Brown as the type of woman who likes to be adventurous.

“He’s independent, travels a lot, is family-oriented, and smart,” said Green.

“You can look forward to lots of laughter, some amazing dates, some great changes (some that I don’t even see coming) and hopefully a true love story,” he said.

Green, who is expecting a second child with wife Matilda, said he will look more relaxed this season when the roses are being distributed after learning the ropes of hosting season one. He said he enjoyed the show more by being himself, rather than trying to imitate other hosts.

The show first started filming during the Covid restriction level so there would be no international travel. Instead expect to see dating on some of NZ’s best romantic getaways.

Meanwhile, Eric Watson’s former mansion in Karaka, Te Hihi Plantation, is once again a bachelor house.

Brown’s Instagram handle is MissLexieBrown – but she hopes it will turn out to be “Madam”.

“If at the end of all this, I go out with someone I feel I can live with, then that’s really a win,” he said.

“But if not, at least I’m having fun with some great people.”


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Spy: Did the TVNZ brothers tie their secret weapon to Team NZ? | Instant News

TVNZ reporters Emily van Velthooven and Jesse Tuke have family in Team NZ.

There are two American Cup reporters with part in the walk on Team NZ – their brothers are on board.

Emily van Velthooven – Simon’s younger sister – and Blair’s sailor brother, Jesse Tuke, are part of the TVNZ reporting family.

Van Velthooven is a reporter for 1NEWS, while this is Tuke’s first foray into television as part of the seven-member TVNZ AC team, hosted by Toni Street and Scotty Morrison with Jack Tame on the reporting team.

The two siblings were in Bermuda four years ago to support their brother in winning the Auld Mug. They said they would feel better seeing him back home in Waitematā.

“I am very pleased with the reaction from the Kiwi who has just sailed,” said van Velthooven. “I remember being completely blown away by innovation and determination the first time I watched Emirates Team New Zealand in Bermuda.

“Bermuda is great – but I think Auckland would be better. We have a great fan zone to watch the races and some great bars and restaurants right in the middle. Even if you’ve never gone sailing, this is a party you don’t want. miss. “

Tuke has reporters and emcees in his title. She will be out in the water on TVNZ’s chase boat and mingle with the audience.

The snappy sailor suggests the people might confuse him and his brother – and says if he were to interview Blair he would try hard not to laugh. “I don’t think Blair and I have ever had such a serious conversation in our lives. Keeping facial expressions when asking big questions will be a real challenge.”

Tuke said he had fun growing up, sailing with all of his brothers, and even won national championship at one point with Blair, but said he was replaced by “someone named Peter”.

“We used to have regular Hobie Cat sailing races where the two youngest brothers (Blair and I) would race against the two eldest (Dan and Nathan). And like America’s Cup, it would always end up with some big bickering, water-offs and a couple of firefights if things really heat up, “said Tuke.

He said that so far Luna Rossa Prada Pirelli was a team to watch out for.

“There have been some good battles out in the water already and they will be up against each other as soon as they reach the water. Prada captain Jimmy Spithill is the main contender and he has to finish it so beware of the fiery Aussie … Overall, LR looks like it has a versatile package. strength, which will be needed under the various conditions that we will see in Hauraki this summer. “

He said the first race of the Copa America will be a moment that touches your heart when they cross the line for the first time and you will see which ships excel.

“The American Cup has rumors around it that I don’t think you would get with any other sport. Every four years or so it stops our country and everyone around it. I think it’s a combination of heaps of history, innovation and the fact that the country is small. We’re pretty good at it. There’s nothing better than Auckland for sailing spectacle – City of Sails for a reason. “


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Germany demands that Egyptians carry out spying while working in Merkel’s press office | News | DW | Instant News

Germany’s public prosecutor filed espionage charges on Monday against a man Egyptian born German citizen who works for the Federal Press Office (BPA).

Authorities said Amin K. was accused of helping to obtain information for Egypt’s General Intelligence Service (GIS) from “at least July 2010” and also provide contact as Anot Egyptian recruit, a move that was ultimately unsuccessful.

The suspect have begA working in visitor service The BPA, currently headed by spokesperson Merkel Steffen Seibert, in 1999.

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prosecutor add to that the suspect hopes his Egyptian handler will allow preferential treatment for his mother in Egypt and his pension rights.

If proven to be spying for foreign intelligence service, the defendant could face up to five years in prison.

Egypt spies on Germany

German The domestic intelligence agency (BfV) published the case last July in its extensive annual report on the potential threat to democracy. At that time, the federal press office mostly remained silent, apart from saying that visitor service personnel could not access other databases.

July intelligence report said federal investigator llaunched their investigation last December, noting generally that Egyptians living in Germany “could be the focus” of E.GIS and gypt his National Security Service (NSS).

Thise including members of the Muslim Brotherhood, overthrown from the government by Abdel Fattah al-Sisi in 2013then general, now the president is re-electedAs too Egyptian Coptic Christianss living in Germany, said annual report from BfV.

‘Repressive measures’

Amnesty International said the Egyptian authorities used “various repressive actions against protesters, perceived dissidents and journalists and have “failed to protect women from high levels of sexual and gender-based violence.

The Berlin-based visitor service of the Federal Press Office allows visits to the German capital with “aabout 85,000 people a year. “

The standard itinerary includes a visit to the BPA as well as meetings with parliamentarians and ministerial experts, “says the CPA on its website.

ipj / rt (Reuters, dpa, AFP)


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