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MLS postponed three more Colorado Rapids games | Instant News

That Colorado Rapids has had three additional games postponed due to the ongoing COVID-19 outbreak within the organization, MLS announced on Monday.

“MLS announced today that although there have been no new confirmed cases of COVID-19 among Colorado Rapids staff and players, based on the total number of cases, Major League Soccer, in consultation with the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment, has postponed the Colorado Rapids game for 10 years. the day ahead, “the league said in a statement.

The matches affected are the October 14 fixture in Seattle, the October 18 match at home against Real Salt Lake, and the home game against October 21 Sporting Kansas City. This is on top of four delays the Rapids have postponed, two of which have been rescheduled.

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“When we announced that we were back playing in our marketplace, we said we would prioritize the health and safety of our players and staff,” MLS deputy commissioner and president Mark Abbott told ESPN.

“And if at any time we thought that we shouldn’t go ahead with the match, we would postpone it. We realized that could happen, and the health and safety protocols we have are designed to deal with it.”

As of Monday, five Rapids players and 13 staff members have received confirmed positive tests. Colorado last played a competitive match on 23 September when it beat San Jose Earthquakes 5-0.

“Individuals who continue to show negative results will have the ability to attend team training but will otherwise remain in quarantine,” said a league statement.

Abbott said that there is hope that this season will be over.

“Nothing we saw would make us think that we are not going to finish this season,” he said.

The decision came in the middle of a spate of relative cancellations. Apart from the Rapids delays, that is FC DallasThe Minnesota United and Columbus Crew-Orlando City games were postponed last weekend after two players from Minnesota, two staff from Columbus and one player from Orlando tested positive.

The additional delays for the Rapids have added pressure to an already busy schedule. Sources familiar with the situation said that the international window which is scheduled to take place from 8 November and last until 20 November could be used to improve the game before the start of the playoffs. The league is still evaluating how best to reschedule the affected game involving the Rapids.

During a media call on August 8, MLS commissioner Don Garber said that if necessary, the league would count the points per game to determine where the team will be placed in the standings. There is precedent for such a move, where the league took a similar approach when matches were canceled during the 2001 season because of 9/11.

“It is very clear to all of us now that we are going to have a season, which will have a lot of competitive balance problems,” he said. “If we have to postpone a match or cancel a match and we can’t reschedule it, we will apply points per game as opposed to total points in determining how to qualify for the playoffs.”

When asked if MLS was considering a bubble for the MLS Cup playoffs, Abbott said, “Not really,” before adding, “I think there are advantages and disadvantages of that bubble. I think it becomes effective once you are established, but it also disrupts people’s lives – person. “


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The Los Angeles galaxy II at San Diego collision is delayed because of positive tests for coronavirus | Instant News

Scheduled match Los Angeles galaxy II in San Diego true SC has been postponed because of the number of positive tests for coronavirus, the club announced.

C clash of the championship was to be held at dignity health Sports Park on Wednesday, but will now be played at a later date.

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And a club statement read“The match against San Diego right Los Angeles galaxy II in the UK is scheduled for today at 7 p.m. Pacific time at dignity health sports Park has been postponed and will be rescheduled for a later date.

“Proceeding with an abundance of caution, the delay after the individuals will participate in today’s match positive for COVID-19, as part of the weekly routine testing.”

Galaxy was knocked out of the MLS back in the tournament after finishing bottom of group F after losing two of three matches.

The quarterfinals will begin with Philadelphia Union before Sporting Kansas City Thursday (8 PM ET live broadcast on ESPN).


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Eat nearly 5,000 meals a day and still order Chipotle | Instant News

There are 1,200 players and staff at the Walt Disney World Swan and Dolphin hotel for MLS is the Return Tournament, and this hotel cooks for all of them. Between 4,000-4,800 meals are being prepared each day, and the level of output will continue until the eight eliminated clubs start returning home after the group stage ends on Thursday.

On Monday, MLS is Back bubble passed more than 14,000 pounds of chicken, nearly 7,000 pounds of seafood and nearly 2,500 pounds of bacon.

“They burn thousands and thousands of calories, I’m sure, running for miles in games or training,” Swan and Dolphin food and beverage director Luciano Sperduto told ESPN. “We are very impressed with food intake.”

This hotel must not only follow the tastes of 24 insatiable clubs, but must also do it in a bubble that helps Major League Soccer manage the spread of COVID-19. Since July 12, the only newly confirmed case originated Nashville SC and / or FC Dallas, two clubs were withdrawn from the tournament after many positive tests at both clubs. This means that vendors who deliver food and fresh ingredients are not permitted inside the hotel, instead of leaving their presents in the loading dock to be carried by hotel staff.

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The hotel also offers room service without player contact. In the bubble, it also creates 28 individual bubbles – one for each club, one for league staff and one for referees. The 28 bubbles have their own dining room, with what Sperduto calls “cafeteria style”, where hotel staff are unique to each bubble decorated with personal protective equipment and stand behind a plexiglass divider that separates them from league and club personnel and serving whatever is on the menu that day.

“We adjusted the arrangement by thinking that it might be something we should use not only for MLS, but also at the end of the road also for the future [resort] a guest, “said Sperduto.

The steps taken by Swan and Dolphin were welcomed by many who were spoken to by ESPN for this story. Many people inside the bubble have free food too.

“The way they give us food, behind a glass with a mask and gloves, it’s very organized,” DC United central midfielder Felipe Martins ESPN said. “What I eat here is basically what I eat at home. It’s very clean, very professional, and the quality is good.”

There is also an understanding among clubs that what has been assigned by the hotel is not a meaningful achievement. “I know, this is a lot of work to unite food with how certain teams can be,” Kansas City Sports nutritionist Diane Robison told ESPN. “Our players really get credit for the choice and variety. We really understand that it’s not easy to cook for 1,200 people.”

The majority of the team received breakfast, lunch, and dinner from Swan and Dolphin, with clubs such as SKC adding a fourth meal – lighter food before training at 8am, for example – to the program so that their players never participated long between eating time. Eggs are a staple for breakfast, while Sporting has asked for avocado toast as a routine item on their morning menu, and later that day dishes are usually packed with vegetables, rice or pasta and chicken or fish. There are also considerations for vegan, vegetarian and halal food.

While the club has input on what they get at every meal, there are limits. There is a framework for how their menu will look, with the team then being able to adjust some specifics. For example, at lunch they will be offered two choices of protein, namely chicken and fish, and at dinner they will be served with three choices.

“We’re rather limited,” Robison said. “And I’ve talked to other nutritionists who are here, and I think that’s the most frustrating aspect: not being able to choose which protein we want at every meal.”

The key is variation. Nutritionists encourage players to change it. If they eat chicken for lunch, they should try eating fish for dinner. If their club perfects their menu with additional items such as red meat or deli bars, there are further options for keeping food fresh. But even within that framework, there are many ways to prevent players from getting bored with what is on their plates. Swan and Dolphin has received nutritionist feedback, and requested different preparation methods to introduce varieties to the same ingredients.

San Jose Earthquake director of health and performance Derek Lawrance told ESPN that his team has seen the rotation of fresh fish choices regularly. Salmon are earthquake favorites, but they also have seafood everywhere like cod and exotic like swordfish. Lawrance said that he ate repeated food because San Jose was the first club to arrive in Orlando on June 24, but he quickly added that the repetitive food was about a week apart – unlike the frequency you would repeat food while cooking at home.

Martins echoes sentiment about variation, saying that the players in the bubble have everything they need – as long as they are accustomed to eating well.

“If you are not accustomed to eating clean, eating healthy food and not eating the way you should eat as a professional, I think you will find it very difficult because here you only eat what athletes do. They should eat,” Martins said. “I’m pretty sure there are many athletes out there who don’t follow a very good diet, and I agree with that, I appreciate that, but here we have everything we need to perform at the best level.”

In addition to food provided by the hotel, the team also has exclusive access to seven restaurants on Swan and Dolphin. The hotel expects to have eaten 100 times together at the end of the tournament.

“Sometimes we will throw it just to confuse it so it’s not like they have a dinner every night,” Robison said. “It’s great, just to be able to sit in a restaurant together, have authentic cutlery. I think it gives them the flexibility to choose more of what they want from the restaurant-style menu.”

And of course, there are always deliveries. When operations such as GrubHub and DoorDash become staples of daily life in lockdown, the team has completed their on-site options with food sent from outside the bubble. Sporting ordered Chipotle last week, not only to give players some variety and keep things fresh, but also to give them something familiar from home for a month’s stay in Central Florida. They also asked Instacart to send supplies of snacks, from banana chips to ingredients for peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.

Feeding 1,200 people is a big job; the club is aware of that and appreciates the efforts made by Swan and Dolphin to keep their players getting enough fuel for the tournament where they compete every four days. But there are only so many chicken dishes, rice and vegetables that they can eat before they long to enjoy a delicious dinner.


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Real Madrid, Manchester United not built in a day | Instant News

In Miami co-owner David Beckham called for patience after the club from the MLS back in the tournament and said “Manchester United” and Real Madrid was not built in a day.

Beckham, who played for both clubs during his playing career that also saw him star The Los Angeles Galaxy in MLSsaw a way out of the Miami tournament in the group stage after the fifth loss in a row to start the season.

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“Sometimes the road is long and [you] you need to take a breather,” Beckham wrote on Instagram. “Manchester United, real Madrid, La Liga and [Premier League] was not built in a day. Teams, players and clubs need time to flourish, but when they do all the difficult times seem so far away.

“It’s important to take time to reflect on what we have achieved so far. I am proud of my team, our club and the fantastic fans that we have. Patience is a virtue”.

Inter coach Miami Diego Alonso said that the bad start didn’t stop him or the team.

“I think football in those three or five games was unfair with us. We have much less than we deserved. I feel in the game today we didn’t play as before against Philadelphia, but the team deserves better, and has little,” said Alonso.

“We should try to work. I don’t regret being the coach of these players. I’m with them now more than ever. I am confident that we will emerge from this believing and trusting in them, raising your confidence and trying to do better in the week so that football gives us the Rewards we deserve.”


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Cops Javier ‘Chicharito’ Hernandez to blame for the loss to the La galaxy Portland | Instant News

The Los Angeles Galaxy striker Javier “Chicharito” Hernandez scored his first top League football on Monday against Portland Timbersbut said that the team 2-1 defeat in his opening match in MLS ago, the tournament had scored a penalty and not capitalizing on other chances.

Hernandez scored in the 88th minute, but a penalty saved at 12 and he sent a shot over the crossbar two minutes after the break as the galaxy fell to second half goals from Jeremy Ebobisse and Sebastian Blanco.

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“As a striker, we all know what happens sometimes,” said Hernandez in a video conference after the game. “You can have ten chances and miss nine and score, or are there any games you have one and you score it.

“It’s not the best taste, scoring his first goal with the loss of such a one, and then when you miss a penalty explicitly.

“I told the guys that it was me.

“I always believe that in this sport, even if sometimes the goal can score a goal into the dressing room, he’s not a hero, but, for example, that I missed the penalty, or someone makes a mistake, it’s not just his fault.”

Hernandez added that his earlier missed a penalty in the ESPN wide world of sports in Florida to cost his team momentum and confidence, but that the galaxy should not have been mentally affected.

“I understand that when you look forward to miss a real chance as a punishment, it’s heavy, you need to overcome it and I understand it completely, but we must be stronger mentally, because physically we are very well prepared,” said Mexico international.

Guillermo Barros Schelotto said that the result was “unfair” and that his team played well, but we need to be stronger in the defense moving forward.

“We didn’t deserve to lose,” said the coach of the galaxy. “We gave them opportunities to score goals, but we have to be more intense in defense. We had opportunities, missed a pen, [we] hit the post … they had two shots and they scored.”

The galaxy will face local rivals LAFC on Saturday look to reach the mark in group F. the LAFC came from 3-1 down to Houston Dynamo Monday, to tie the game 3-3.


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