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ESO New Jersey pasta brings Italian flavors to your home | Instant News

MORRISTOWN, New Jersey – ESO Artisanal Pasta brings authentic Italian flavors to homes all over New Jersey.

This pasta shop, which opened in July 2020, is located in Morristown, New Jersey, and specializes in handcrafted pasta and sauces.

“The essence of us starting this business during the pandemic is so that you can enjoy Michelin starred food right in your home,” said AJ Sankofa, Executive Chef of ESO.

Operating from a local bakery storefront, Sankofa partners with his friends Joel Camarillo-Diaz, manager, and Isaiah Findley-Pinnock, operations manager, to bring the business to life.

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Every week, the pasta shop launches a variety of fresh and handmade products, sold with instructions for customers to prepare them themselves.

“We have people who have heard about our business and our products, we have repeat customers, and then we have skeptics who come in, get a little something and then they come back and they’re like:” wow, you really can. distinguishes it from store-bought pasta and mass-produced things, “Sankofa said.

Sankofa, who trained under two different Michelin-starred chefs and perfected his pasta-making skills by studying and working in Italy, spends his days rolling and perfecting every batch of pasta that comes out of his kitchen.

“It’s hard to find anyone, especially in New Jersey, who is trying their best in the pasta business, not even as a restaurant, like we do every day. We’re always trying to be better. The next group has to be better than the last; that’s the motto. us and we stick to it, “Sankofa said.


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