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The European Super League will end the 70 year history of football | Instant News

Former Manchester United Manager Alex Ferguson said a breakaway European Super League would take away from football’s 70 year history and that fans love Champions League as it is.

Sources told ESPN on Sunday that 15 of Europe’s biggest clubs were in talks to launch a breakaway league, slated to start in the 2023-24 season, with $ 6 billion (£ 4.3 billion) in funding supporting the project.

– Marcotti: What a breakaway Super League would mean
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A total of six Premier League clubs, including United, have signed plans for a new league that will rival the UEFA Champions League.

Ferguson, who won the Champions League twice with United following European success with Scottish club Aberdeen, told Reuters he was enjoying “special nights” in the Champions League.

“The talk of the Super League is a step away from 70 years of European club football,” he told Reuters. “Both as a player for the Dunfermline provincial team in the ’60s and as a manager at Aberdeen winning the European Cup Winners’ Cup, for a small provincial club in Scotland it is like climbing Mount Everest.

Everton spent £ 500 million to build a new stadium with ambitions to play in the Champions League. All fans love the competition for what it is.

“When I was at United, we played in four Champions League finals and it was always the most special night.

He added: “I don’t believe Manchester United were involved in this, as I was not part of the decision-making process.”

The British government has also commented on the plan, with culture minister Olivier Dowden saying: “Football supporters are the heartbeat of our national sport and any major decisions made must have their support.

“With many fans, we are concerned that this plan could bring the shops to a close at the top of our national games.”

Gary Neville, Ferguson’s former captain, interrupts his comments on Sky Sports coverage United’s win against Burnley to criticize the schism plan.

“I am not against the modernization of the football competition, by having the Premier League, we have the Champions League,” he said.

“But submitting a proposal in the midst of COVID, in the midst of the economic crisis that all clubs are experiencing is an absolute scandal.

“United and the six other big clubs who have signed contracts against other Premier League teams should be ashamed of themselves.

“Is Arsenal in that? They just drew with Fulham, Manchester United drew Burnley. I can’t concentrate on the game. To register for the Super League for one season is a joke, they have to deduct points from the six of them.”


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Chris Smalling and his family ‘shaken but unharmed’ after a robbery at gunpoint in Italy when the wife of the former Manchester United defender branded the armed thief a ‘rat’ after a gruesome ordeal | Instant News

Chris Smalling has confirmed that he and his family were not injured after being robbed at gunpoint at their Italian home this week.

The former Manchester United defender, who now plays for Roma, said they were “shaken” after hooded and masked thieves broke into their villa and stole watches, jewelery and cash.

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Smalling left Manchester United to join Roma two years ago

The former England international thanked fans for their good wishes, with longtime team-mate Marcus Rashford with them sending a message of support to the footballer and his family.

But his wife had a stronger message to the thieves, which she branded ‘mice’ and warned other robbers about targeting them again.

Smalling and his wife, Sam Cooke, endured a terrible ordeal early Friday morning when they were awakened by armed thieves.

The 31-year-old former United and Fulham center-back was forced to open his family’s personal safe when three men targeted his property south of the Italian capital, where he lived for a year.

Smalling and Cooke’s two-year-old son, Leo, was also on the property at the time, as were the footballer’s mother and sister.

Cooke is said to have called the police at 5 a.m. on Friday morning, with officers arriving at the scene shortly thereafter.

Smalling took to social media on Saturday morning to respond to the news, and reassured fans that he and his family were not harmed in the ordeal.

The former United man posted on Twitter: “I want to thank everyone for your hope and support! My family although very shaken was thankfully unharmed!

“Hope these people can find a more meaningful way to live their lives without causing such harm and distress to others.”

Cooke also spoke of the ordeal, saying her husband handled the situation “very well” when he branded the thief “rat”.

“Thank you so much for all of your good wishes,” the model posted on Instagram.

“Even though I’m still a little shaken up, my family is all fine. My husband handled the situation very well.

“I just want to suggest that those who live their lives like thieves who come to our rooms at 4 a.m. with guns to our heads, rethink their choices in life, and live in a more respectful and conscious way like real men, isn’t it? mice (disrespect for mice I know).

“I suspect your life is not easy, but there are always other ways. A way that will lead to blessings and not karma to bite you, which I’m sure will!

“And for the record, anyone who is thinking of approaching my family and I again, we have no jewelry or watches left and have no intention of buying any more!

“If you see us wearing something, it is most likely fake. So don’t bother. “

Sam Cooke / Chris Smalling


Sam Cooke / Chris Smalling

Smalling joined Roma initially on loan in 2019 and then joined Serie A permanently a year later, ending a ten-year career at Man United where he won two Premier League titles, the FA Cup, the EFL Cup and the Europa League.

Bek first moved to Rome on his own, staying in a hotel during his loan spell, before he and his wife purchased a 700-year-old villa in the city’s historic Appia Antica area, where they lived for a year.

He was injured for most of the season, and missed Thursday night’s Europa League tie against Ajax.

The 1-1 draw in Rome earned the Italians a place in the semifinals of the competition, as they ran out of winners 3-2 on aggregate, and they will face former club Smalling Man United in the top four.

News of the robbery comes after fellow Serie A star, United States international Weston McKennie, was hacked into while he was playing for Juventus in January.

In November last year, thieves broke into the home of Roma manager Paulo Fonseca ahead of the match against Fiorentina.

The muggers are said to have stolen valuables worth around € 100,000 from the coach’s house.

Fortunately, he and his family were not present for the robbery.


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‘I always get food!’ – Solskjaer’s son defends the Man Utd boss after a war of words with Mourinho | Instant News

Noah Solskjaer said he “laughed a lot” after his father’s analogy following the Red Devils’ 3-1 win at Tottenham

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s son Noah defended the Manchester United boss after his war of words with Jose Mourinho, insisting “I always get food”.

Solskjaer was involved in a verbal clash with head coach Tottenham after watching his side win 3-1 in north London on Sunday.

The Norwegian’s comments about Son Heung-min’s first-half skit, which ultimately led to United’s goal being ruled out, prompted Mourinho to criticize his managerial colleagues in the post-match press conference.

What did Solskjaer say?

Scott McTominay was convicted of flicking his arm in Son’s face in an attempt to build up Edinson Cavani’s goal, with the referee finally making the effort after consulting his VAR monitor.

Although replays showed that there was little contact, Son writhed on the ground for three minutes before being awarded a free-kick, confusing Solskjaer.

“If my son stays like this for three minutes and he gets 10 friends around him to help him, yes, he will not get food,” said the United manager. Sky Sports after the game.

How did Mourinho respond?

“Sonny is very lucky his father is a better person than Ole. Because as a father you always feed your children, no matter what they do,” said Mourinho in his rebuttal.

“If you have to steal to feed your children, you are stealing. I am very, very disappointed. With me, as we say in Portugal, bread is bread and cheese is cheese.

“I already told Ole what I thought of his comment.”

What did Noah Solskjaer say?

Noah Solskjaer, who started his professional career in Norway with Kristiansund last year, has spoken to his local newspaper Time Requirements about his father’s clash with Mourinho.

“Yes, I laughed a lot on Sundays too,” said the 20-year-old. “I always have food, I can assure everyone of that.”

Pressed about his reaction to Mourinho’s defense of Son, Noah added: “I never lay down like Son.

“Mourinho may just want to take the focus off the fact that they have lost.”

What’s next?

Solskjaer is now preparing his players for the second leg of the Europa League quarter-final against Granada, which will be played at Old Trafford on Thursday evening.

Mourinho’s Tottenham are back in Premier League action a day later, with an important trip to Everton on the cards.

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‘Sometimes it’s necessary to lose a game’ – De Bruyne looks for positives after the derby defeat | Instant News

Bruno Fernandes’ early penalty and Luke Shaw’s quiet finish had the Red Devils boasting, but the talisman of the Blues says they will regroup

Kevin De Bruyne felt Manchester City should try to take a positive side in the defeat after their incredible record-breaking streak ended in a derby day defeat to Manchester United.

Bruno Fernandes’ early penalty and Luke Shaw’s quiet finish saw the Red Devils boast at the Etihad Stadium, to close the curtain on their 21-winning streak.

Pep Guardiola’s men have remained firmly in pole position in the Premier League despite defeat, and De Bruyne, although disappointed by the result, said the Blues will try to see the reverse as fuel to propel them further.

What did De Bruyne say?

“Obviously I don’t think we started very well,” said the Belgium international Sky Sports after the game. “We know it will be difficult.

“We played in their hands with the first goal and it took us about 15 minutes to finish a little bit. Then we played pretty well but we didn’t score and that made the difference.

“It’s not for the best if you fall behind after a minute but you still have 90 minutes after that. The second is a little bit worse. [to concede] but I think the mentality of the players is the same as always.

“It’s not nice to lose the derby but sometimes it happens. We have to move – Wednesday is a new game.

“Sometimes you have to lose games and have bad times. Even in winning we had some bad spells but overcoming them, we didn’t do it today. Sometimes it can be positive.”

Belgium’s poor record against the Red Devils continues

Despite appearing frequently as Guardiola’s creative master in times of need, De Bruyne was unable to direct the hosts to find a response at the Etihad Stadium today.

It marked another vacant appearance against fierce neighbors City, who have scored just one goal against him in eight Premier League games.

For a player known for his prolific assist level as well, De Bruyne has never assisted directly in scoring against the Red Devils, a very important feat considering he has managed at least one goal against every current top team except the most recent. this is promoted. Leeds United.

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Manchester United, Arsenal Europa League matches move to Italy, Sports News | Instant News

Manchester United and Arsenal’s first leg matches in the last 32 of the UEFA Europa League have been diverted to Italy as COVID-19 restrictions continue to plague travel across Europe.

While Arsenal will travel to the Stadio Olimpico in Rome to face Benfica, Manchester United will take on Real Sociedad of Spain in their away match at Juventus’ Allianz Stadium in Turin.

In a statement, UEFA said the two matches would go ahead as originally scheduled for February 18.

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Meanwhile, Molde’s home match against Hoffenheim was also transferred to Villareal’s Estadio de la Ceramica.

The Manchester United match was moved to the home of Italian champions Juventus after the Spanish government extended a ban on flights from England, Brazil and South Africa to March 2 to curb the spread of a new variant of COVID-19.

Meanwhile, Arsenal are unable to fly to Lisbon as England have ruled out that only essential travel to and fro from Portugal is allowed.

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Spain’s decision to extend the travel ban from England also forced Chelsea’s visit to Atletico Madrid in the UEFA Champions League to be diverted to Bucharest. The match is scheduled to be played on 23 February.


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