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Senator Booker is targeting a consolidation of companies in agriculture for the US food system that is ‘fundamentally damaged’ | Instant News

“It is not dramatization to say that we produce and consume food in this country [in a way that is] literally a matter of life and death, “Booker told the audience at the Consumer Federation of the National Food Policy Conference on July 28.

“This is true for our workers in America because they are forced, at present, to risk their lives, to get food on our plates, because they are packed with meat-packing factories which are fertile ground for the COVID-19 outbreak,”And it is true for independent family farmers and ranchers whose share of the consumer dollar has fallen rapidly towards “The heartbreaking story of peasant suicide is currently on the rise,”Booker said.

He believes it also applies to the American public who suffer from diabetes, heart disease and obesity in childhood “At a level that was not seen by previous generations as cheap and unhealthy food has become a new normal,”While at the same time 14 million US children suffer from food insecurity.

Finally, he argues, that also applies to farm animals, billions of them he said “Treated with such cruelty that we are forced to turn away from the way we deal with the agricultural industry rather than recognize that such horrors occur every day on our land.”

80% of the beef market is controlled by four companies

According to Booker, “The main reason for this is company consolidation,”That is said to be widespread throughout the food and agriculture economy, but is most evident in the 80% control of the beef market controlled by only four companies.

“Large multinational companies, because of their size and money, have undue influence on the market and undue influence on public policy and undue influence here in Washington, DC. And they have created this huge system that benefits themselves mainly because these multinational companies generate bigger and bigger profits at the expense of our nation,He regretted.


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Valneva’s niche vaccine player, UK joins R&D and manufacturing agreements | Instant News

COVID-19 pioneers have signed an agreement with the government and other parties to supply vaccines if their program is successful, and now the niche player Valneva is involved.

Valneva said on Monday reached an agreement in principle with the British government to supply up to 100 million vaccine candidate doses, which will be produced in Scotland. Inactivated whole virus vaccine, the candidate uses the same platform as Ixiaro, the Valneva vaccine that is FDA-approved for protection against Japanese encephalitis.

Under the agreement, the British government is expected to help fund clinical studies, and partners discuss funding for expansion to the Valneva site in Scotland, biotech said. For its part, Valneva plans to invest in the Scottish site and other factories in Sweden.

The agreement “recognizes the strong track record and capabilities we have built in the past fifteen years both in the UK and beyond,” CEO Thomas Lingelbach said in a statement. The company anticipates “making vaccines to support the need for COVID-19 prevention outside the UK,” he added.

Valneva launched the COVID-19 vaccine program in April, but it hasn’t made as many headlines as the forefront of competitions such as Moderna, Pfizer, AstraZeneca and Johnson & Johnson. The company, based in France, has partnered with Dynavax to explore the biotech aids together with its vaccine candidates.

Besides Ixiaro, Valneva also markets a cholera vaccine called Dukoral. Company the word his business model “is based on valuable commercial and R&D assets in important high-value niches.”

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Valneva plans to enter human testing later this year and may print approval in the second half of 2021. The timeline will put the company behind expectations for some of the fastest programs in the COVID-19 vaccine race. Some companies are pushing for testing later this month or this fall, with the hope of starting commercial vaccinations by the end of 2020 or early 2021.

The announcement of the Valneva agreement came the same day as partners Pfizer and BioNTech signed an agreement to supply 30 million doses of their candidates to the United Kingdom over the next 2 years. England has separately reached agreement with AstraZeneca for 30 million doses.


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The Nature Reserve wants to bring the processing plant to the supplier | Instant News

As the company founder explained in this episode FoodNavigator – US Investment for the Future of FoodSometimes too much good – including market potential – can be bad if entrepreneurs spread too thin to make the measurable impact needed to validate concepts and trigger future growth.

To avoid this fate, Nature preserveJoin 11thCohort of Food-X SOSV AcceleratorWhere he works with a mentor to develop a strategic business plan that is suitable for it’s size and resources.

‘We need to change the way … food is processed’

The idea for the Nature Reserve came to the founder Anantha Peramuna when she was fed up with fruit and vegetables that her coworkers used to make pampering smoothies and make offices “Smells like a garbage can.”He realized that if he dried the product into powder, there would be less waste and easier to make smoothies.

Wondering whether the same technique can help alleviate 45% of products wasted globally, Peramuna learned that although it is easy to buy surplus products, it is not easy to process them because the facility may be far from the source of the product or there may not be available at the facility to process the product when it’s cooked.

His “Elegant solution”Is to bring processing facilities to farms, retailers, or other points in the supply chain by reducing the entire facility to a mobile unit that can dry or purify the product on site.

“We have a mission to change the way food is processed around the world. So, we miniature this large processing plant into a small cellular trailer so that food can be processed anywhere in the supply chain, “He said.


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As China and Canada feud, the Creator of the vaccine will benefit both | Instant News

Dalian, China-the race to develop a vaccine against the new coronavirus, a Chinese biotechnology company Cancino biologics pulled off the feat of establishing warm relations with China and Canada in a period of fraught relations between the two countries.

Cancino grabbed headlines in may when he said that his vaccine is created at the first stage, neutralizing antibody test, claiming to be the first one to publish audited data from clinical studies COVID-19 vaccine. Then Tianjin-the company announced in late June that it had received the green light to supply the Chinese military. The Central military Commission, which gave the go-ahead apparently liked enough of the vaccine even when it was still in development.

Cancino, co-founder and Deputy Director General Qiu Dongxu said at a forum in Suzhou this month that the third phase of testing will begin soon, according to Reuters. Tests shall be optional with the National research Council of Canada as a biotechnology company and a Federal organization, the eyes are large North American country positive cases.

The relationship comes at an important time. Beijing accused in June on charges of espionage two Canadians, apparently in retaliation for the arrest of 2018 technologies Huawei CFO Meng Wanzhou in Canada on suspicion of financial fraud.

As Cancino, with its close ties with the Chinese government and military, managed to establish a partnership with Canada? Through its leaders overseas connections.

Co-founder and Chairman Yu Xuefeng, who received the degree of doctor of philosophy in the canadian Institute of McGill spent years at the French pharmaceutical company Sanofi and climbed the corporate ladder there to become the top Manager in the division of vaccine development in Canada.

Yu saw firsthand during a visit to China as its biomedical industry lagged in Western countries and saw growth potential. Cancino was founded in 2009.

The technician works in a factory Chinese manufacturer Cancino vaccine biological products in Tianjin,China.

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In the company of at least five managers who returned to China after establishing a career abroad, including one who served as a senior Vice-President of the British company AstraZeneca. These foreign-trained scientists raised dim China’s pharmaceutical industry to a new level.

Cancino also won for the research of Chinese military hand. In 2017, the two partners became the first in China to bring a vaccine against Ebola on the market after its joint development. They again worked together on a vaccine against coronavirus, using extensive research data on military viruses and prevention of infectious diseases and their deep pockets.

A little over a year after on the stock exchange of Hong Kong in March 2019, Cancino ready to raise more capital. He filed prospectus is may list science and technology Council on innovations in Shanghai, or in the market to purchase 1 billion yuan ($143 million) on capital expenditures. Production facilities now under construction in Tianjin, releasing 100 million to 200 million doses per year by the beginning of 2021. These vaccines will first be shipped to China and Canada, where he conducts the test, says the company.

Confirming the effectiveness of one call. A vaccine against Ebola remains only Cancino product will never commercialized, and it comes to back the Chinese government, not as an everyday item.

Cancino has bled red ink for many years, having published about 156 million yuan, net loss of earnings by 2019. Even with the support of Beijing, the company’s future may depend on its vaccine against the coronavirus.

Twenty-three vaccines in clinical trials around the world, with Chinese involvement in nine, according to the world Health Organization. Early accumulation of data apparently helped to accelerate efforts in the area of development, relying on Beijing.


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– No pharmacy, the manufacturer, involved in the sale of used masks | Instant News

Lahore :neither pharmacies nor manufacturers sell used masks during the video the seller is selling a used mask that went viral had nothing with the registered producers and sellers of surgical, N-95, or other masks.

However, if some roadside sellers are doing such an act the sale of used masks of the pharmacists and manufacturers of the masks is not responsible for it, said former General Secretary of Pakistan Association of pharmacists (PAP) Salman during a conversation with news.

The video goes viral, in which a roadside vendor sells used masks, picking them up from the curb. The video shows that the supplier is selected by a mask which has been thrown out of the user from his widow’s car after buying a new mask from the same seller. Interestingly, after the car leaves, the seller takes the mask and puts it on his stall and sell it the next buyer, who was also passing by in a car.

Salman said that he also saw that video with the mobile and it was viral on social media platforms. However, he believed that such a huge number of used masks can be collected in an organised manner that it will be resold to manufacturers or pharmacy.

“We can’t ignore if some of the individual to commit such heinous actions, but it is still a question that from where you can collect a huge amount of masks.”

The use of masks was increased with the spread Covid-19 pandemic and the government made it mandatory in public places. In addition, medical professionals and support staff in the health sector has also increased the use of masks in hospitals and clinics during a pandemic.

Salman stressed the need to inform the masses about discarding the mask after using it also created awareness of the importance of using masks during the epidemic. “It is equally important that the public should be sensitized that throw used masks is also very important to stop the spread of Covid-19 pandemic and other diseases that are similar how to use a mask to avoid Covid-19”, – he said, adding that people should also know that surgical gloves they used, must be destroyed to avoid reuse. He also noted that the PAP have already started an information campaign about the benefits and discarding the use of masks from the platform. However, the government and the efforts of the mass media is also needed in addition to the efforts of NPA on this issue.

Currently, three different types of masks used by the masses, N-95, three-layer and single-layer local and Chinese production of surgical masks and washable reusable cloth mask. Salman said that no one should mistakenly use the mask to use even a single family member, children, brother, wife or any other relative. It is dangerous to use a mask, he claimed.


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