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JI will hold a parade for the rights of Karachi citizens today | Instant News

Jamaat-e-Islami (JI) will hold a march in Shahrah-e-Quaideen today (Sunday) where party leaders will announce the party’s future line of action for the rights of the Karachi population.

JI has intensified political activity over the past few days to make the marches a success and demonstrate the party’s strength in the city. The head of the JI center, Senator Sirajul Haq, will be the main speaker at the parade.

With local government elections coming up, political parties have tried to garner public support by highlighting the city’s civic issues. On Thursday, the Qaumi-Pakistan Muttahida Movement organized a rally for Karachi’s rights. It started in Karimabad and ended at Mazar-e-Quaid.

According to JI Karachi Information Secretary Zahid Askari, all arrangements have been finalized regarding the parade and a stage with containers near Allah Wala Chowrangi has been prepared.

“Rallies led by all JI district heads will reach the general meeting place while separate seating arrangements for women have also been prepared,” he said. Over the past week, JI leaders and members in various neighborhoods of the city have been holding meetings with residents and distributing flyers, asking them to attend their maximum number of public meetings for Karachi rights.

“Three consecutive Friday protests were also held in parts of Karachi by district heads and workers where residents were invited to join hands with the party to pressure the federal and provincial governments to give Karachi rights,” Askari said.

On Saturday, JI Karachi head Hafiz Naeemur Rehman spoke to people gathered at the JI protest camp set up near the K-Electric (KE) headquarters in the Gizri area where he said the power plant had made life miserable for Karachi residents by switch to unloading for hours.

He reiterated JI’s demands to revoke KE’s work permit and reprimanded the power company that carried out the blackout on the pretext of a lack of natural gas supply.

“KE claims the electricity bill by generating electricity using furnace oil while the power plant uses natural gas,” he said. “All parties in the government supported the KE in their mistakes.”

He said Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf and the Muttahida Qaumi-Pakistan Movement (MQM-P) had stripped youth jobs by granting an extension to the quota system while the Pakistan People’s Party (PPP), the ruling party in Sindh, had also issued fake domiciles to prevent youth. Karachi got a government job.

“Karachi people are tired of the linguistic politics of PPP and MQM and they will never accept this again,” he said.

JI’s Sindh Assembly member Syed Abdul Rasheed said the government appeared to be working under the KE. He added that Karachi’s infrastructure had been destroyed because of the past and present Sindh rulers.


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MQM-P will lead the ‘Karachi Rights’ march on Thursday | Instant News

KARACHI: Pakistan’s Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM-P) has announced on Wednesday to lead a march to claim rights to the city of Karachi tomorrow, ARY News reported.

Urban politics movement from Sindh MQM-P has organized a parade for “Hak Karachi” at 2 pm tomorrow, the starting point is Aisyah Manzil, Central Karachi –MQM-P center– and the closing point is the Quaid tomb, MA Jinnah street.

Over the past 12 years, the Sindh government led by the People’s Party has provided unfair treatment in the urban parts of the province, senior party leader Amir Khan said on the eve of the march.

Khan said that for the compensation faced by urban Sindh, his party had moved from one pillar to another but with no success. He said the party had knocked on all relevant doors to defuse the ordeal.

In addition, he said that when it comes to public sector jobs, the Sindh government has always ignored applications from urban areas in the province and further emphasized that the Karachi upgrade package promised by the center also did not materialize.

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He also criticized the Sindh government’s plans to control Karachi by installing an administrator for the metropolis of Larkana.

The party has distributed flyers among residents across the metropolis to inform them about the agenda for the parade. They also put up posters and party flags along the course of the parade.

A party camp to welcome and mobilize supporters has also been set up, while the party has basically gathered all its workers and supporters at its base which was set up in Ayesha Manzil.

Amir Khan concluded that tomorrow’s parade will decide that Karachi belongs to MQM-P, is still around and certainly will.




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Travel restrictions triggered panic, surges in passengers | Instant News

Others respond in more productive ways. At 12:30 a.m. on March 15, Chad Wolf, acting as DHS secretary, tweeted that his department “was aware of the long queues for passengers undergoing increased medical screening requirements.” He said the department “works to add additional screening capacity” and called on the public to be patient. The next day, DHS officials identified procedural problems at O’Hare which helped explain why waiting and waiting lines there were worse than at other airports. Acting on the supervisor’s instructions, CBP agents detained passengers until all screening data collected from them had been entered into the department’s computer. Other airports have deleted documents, postponed until later, as soon as the queue starts to swell. As soon as O’Hare did, officials said, the crowd and the queue began to disappear. Critical problems have largely subsided on Sunday night. The line continued to shrink in the following weeks as European travel fell. “Are there any benefits?” Within hours Trump gave the Oval address, experts warned that it was too late. Bossert, a former homeland security adviser at the National Security Council, asked fundamental questions about travel restrictions in an email he sent to public health experts and others on the night of March 11. “Can anyone justify the restrictions on European travel, scientifically?” Bossert asked the group, who had given himself a Red Dawn moniker in connection with the 1980s film. “Seriously, are there any benefits?” The strict answer he gets from others is, “No.” The virus has spread too much in the United States to limit travel alone to make a difference. The only chance to withstand an outbreak and save lives, some argue, is to impose drastic mitigation measures that will bring social, as well as economic, interactions to a halt. Much data that has emerged about the pandemic in the following months seems to validate that view. Comparing the genetic signatures of various types of viruses has enabled researchers to map their global detonation with increasing precision. After appearing in China at the end of December, transmission has migrated to Europe in early February. There is a short window that might have been weeks when blocking trips from Europe might have protected the east coast. But in mid-February, European strains were established in New York, where they breed on congested city streets and subways before spreading throughout the country, according to findings released by Trevor Bedford, a professor of epidemiology at the University of Washington. The virus then continued across the Atlantic – perhaps in both directions – for weeks before the Trump administration took action. In February alone, more than 1.8 million air passengers from Europe entered the United States, according to the Bureau of Transportation Statistics. The travelers will not even face a temperature check. Some in the Trump administration argue that such judgments are too pessimistic. Without European restrictions, “you might see higher seeding in the United States,” and infections will still increase, an official said. “This is the advice we got from Birx, Fauci and others.” But setting aside the problem of time, a key component of the filtering action seems to have failed. Temperature testing, for example, has proven to be an unreliable way to identify a corona virus carrier because many of the most infectious people are, at least for the moment they face a thermometer, without symptoms.


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BoK produced Rs48m PAT for the first quarter ending March 31 | Instant News

PESHAWAR: Khyber Bank (BoK) posted rs548 million profit after tax (PAT) for the 1st

quarter ending March 31, 2020.

This was stated during the Bank’s 161 Board of Directors meeting held on May 20 in Peshawar, said a press release.

The meeting was chaired by Shakeel Qadir Khan, additional chief secretary Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and chairman of the Board of Directors. Because of the prevailing pandemic, most members attend the meeting via video link.

Attendees included Atif Rehman, finance secretary, Maqsood Ismail Ahmad, Javed Akhtar, Asad Muhammad Iqbal, Rashid Ali Khan and Managing Director (A) of BOK Ihsan Ullah Ihsan.

It was also stated that to combat the global pandemic, the BoK had donated Rs18 million

to NDMA as part of Corporate Social Responsibility.

The Board expressed satisfaction with the results of the first quarter and suggested management to work harder to achieve targets and play a proactive role in improving the socio-economic development of the province and the country as a whole.


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Imran, Nisar was in contact during the long march of 2014 | Instant News

ISLAMABAD: Former Interior Minister Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan made constant contact with Imran Khan in August 2014 when he entered the federal capital by leading the long march and occupying the D-Chowk Red Zone to sit. The protest participants sat storming the Prime Minister’s Building, the Parliament Building, the Pakistan Secretariat and the PTV headquarters, blocking the way to the Supreme Court, acting shamefully and attacking police officers. Well-placed political sources told The News / Jang here Tuesday that it was unfair to blame Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan for his actions. It is common knowledge that Nisar and PTI Chairman Imran Khan are close friends because they are classmates at Aitcheson College and are members of the college cricket team. Chaudhry is a close political associate of former prime minister and Quaid of PML-N Nawaz Sharif, but he does not like Khan’s political approach. He was offered to join the PTI several times, but at every opportunity, he flatly refused. The sources reminded that it was Nisar who brought Nawaz Sharif to the Banigala residence after being elected prime minister for the third time. The sources reminded that Imran Khan announced a long march against the Nawaz Sharif government after several weeks of reference to allegations of rigging the election and that shocked the government. Nisar established contact with Khan and tried to ascertain the reasons behind Khan’s sudden decision to destroy the government. Nisar was given freedom by the prime minister to handle the situation, but he gave direction to the prime minister on a regular basis. Nisar went to his seat to visit security personnel during the days when it was peak and no participants objected to his presence among them. At a time when Nisar was severely criticized in the party for his act / inaction about sitting down, he offered to stop but Nawaz Sharif asked him to continue because he had

trust him. There are reports that Nisar has more than one-on-one meetings with Imran during his sitting days. Nisar never confirmed that. Once again, after the sacking of Nawaz Sharif from the government, Nisar was part of the lobby who insisted that Nawaz Sharif should not proceed to Lahore from Islamabad on GT Road instead of taking Motorways.


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