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The JUI-F parade causes traffic woes in Karachi | Instant News

Heavy gridlocks broke out in various parts of the city on Thursday due to the Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam-Fazl (JUI-F) million march and training matches being held at the National Stadium between Pakistani and South African teams.

Severe congestion was seen in Saddar and surrounding areas as well as near the National Stadium, causing passengers to return home after work to remain jammed for hours. Since most of the traffic police were deployed near the National Stadium, residents regretted the absence of traffic law enforcement on the highway.

Meanwhile, the JUI-F march against Israel moved from Sohrab Goth to Mazar-e-Quaid, causing traffic problems in the surrounding area. According to the traffic plan issued by the Karachi traffic police, New Preedy Street and Karsaz Street remain closed to traffic. Roads around the stadium and flyovers were also closed. However, Aga Khan University Hospital and Liaquat National Hospital are accessible.

After 14.00, Saddar Parking Plaza road was closed to vehicles and traffic was diverted to Saddar Dawakhana. Vehicles coming from the Tower are diverted to Saddar Dawakhana and to Preedy Chowk and MA Jinnah Road. Heavy traffic, buses and carriages were diverted to Preedy Chowk, while smaller cars and motorbikes were allowed on MA Jinnah Street.

Traffic from Chowrangi Prison is diverted to Kashmir Road and Shahrah-e-Quaideen. The Peoples Chowrangi Roundabout closes at 14.00. Karsaz Street, Damlia Street and New Town Street are closed to traffic but University Road remains open.


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PDM does not partner with Maulana on ‘March to Pindi’ | Instant News

ISLAMABAD: Any insistence from Maulana Fazlur Rehman to long march the Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM) towards Pindi could lead to further weakening of the opposition alliance as the leading political parties are not interested in going that far.

The PDM leadership has repeatedly spoken of a possible long march towards Pindi, the military headquarters, but this radical stance has not even been considered or discussed by PDM leaders.

Former Chairman of the National Assembly and Senior Leader of PML-N Ayaz Sadiq as well as former Minister of Information and PPP Leader Qamar Zaman Kaira when contacted by The News confirmed that so far the idea of ​​’long march to Pindi’ was just a proposal submitted by Maulana Fazlur Rehman. .

The two leaders said the proposal was never discussed at the PDM meeting and was announced by the JUI-F Chair after the top leadership of the opposition alliance held their last meeting in Lahore.

Qamar Zaman Kaira said that the PPP is focused on the decisions taken by the PDM and that the party’s main goal is to overthrow the government of Imran Khan. He said that according to the initial understanding between the allied parties, the PDM long march would go to Islamabad.

Kaira said that Maulana could still submit his application to the PDM leadership, who in the end would decide whether this idea was worth pursuing or not. Kaira, however, said that in her view the goal of the long march should be Islamabad. He added, PPP also believes in constitutional rules in which every institution must operate within the limits set by the Constitution.

Kaira said that every confrontation with the institution should be avoided. However, the PPP leader said that in an alliance such as the PDM, different political parties express different views and offer different options but only decisions that are implemented are agreed by consensus.

When approached, Ayaz Sadiq did not seem to support the long journey to Pindi. He said the proposal was only Maulana Fazlur Rehman’s idea. Sadiq explained that the proposal needed the approval of all PDM parties to become a policy.

Most political observers believe that the PDM has weakened since the apparent softening of the previous, much more aggressive strategy, mainly due to divisions within its ranks. The weakening of the opposition alliance has benefited Imran Khan’s government.

The PDM originally wanted new elections after toppling Imran Khan’s government before Senate elections. However, now the PDM is participating in the by-election. The alliance also decided to take part in the Senate elections. There is also no clear picture of when the long march to Islamabad will take place. Even the en bloc resignation, which had been expected before the Senate elections, is now rarely discussed by the opposition alliance.


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Switzerland- Restaurant hit by COVID-19 calls for ‘compensation now’ | Instant News

(MENAFN – Swissinfo) Half of all hotel and restaurant businesses in Switzerland will go bankrupt by the end of March if they do not receive direct financial compensation for the effects of the coronavirus restrictions, warned the sector’s umbrella organization.

This content is published January 10, 2021 – 15:23 January 10, 2021 – 15:23 swissinfo.ch/jc

Based on a survey of more than 4,000 members, GastroSuisse said 98% of its members need support, and that ‘with every wave of coronavirus comes a wave of repeats’.

“In November and December, there was a second wave of redundancy in the hotel and catering industry,” he said in a statement. press release external link on Sunday. Nearly 60% of businesses that laid off staff during that year would have to do so again by the end of 2020, according to GastroSuisse. “So, it is up to the federal government to prevent a nationwide catastrophe and a third wave of job losses in the hotel and restaurant sector.”

GastroSuisse correctly said in October that 100,000 jobs were at risk. “In recent months, the situation has worsened again mainly due to the incomprehensible government decision to close the restaurant.”




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The younger brother of mosque victim Aya Al-Umari spoke up after being asked if he was ‘born and raised’ in NZ | Instant News

Aya Al-Umari lost her only brother Hussein Al-Umari in the March 15 attack. Photo / Getty Images

The sister of a man who was killed in the March 15 mosque attack spoke after she was asked if she was “born and raised” in New Zealand.

Aya Al-Umari was shopping with her mother Janna Ezat at the Rangiora branch of Tani when she was confronted by an older couple in an incident that was captured on video.

Al-Umari described the incident on social media, writing the trouble started when the couple was at the makeup counter, speaking in Arabic.

“We were standing at the lipstick counter. Since we were in a pandemic, Mum did the wise thing and tried the lipstick * on her clean hands * and then rubbed it on her lips,” said Al-Umari.

They then saw the couple beside them, “They are watching us,” said Al-Umari.

She heard the woman say to her husband “she can’t do that.”

Al-Umari asked the woman if she wanted to say something directly to them.

“She pretended not to hear me and then said to her husband, ‘It’s okay, they will leave our country soon.’

He then has to decide whether to ignore it or call the woman on his comments, Al-Umari said.

“I asked him what the problem was and he said if we were in Europe we would be fined, which is strange because how else do we have to test it?

“He then asked if I was born and raised in New Zealand and I decided to start recording.”

His older brother, Hussein Al-Umari, 35, lost his life at the Al Noor Mosque on March 15 last year.

“If it happened before my brother died, I would probably remain silent but the hatred is increasing, it needs to stop because we have seen what happens otherwise.”

Aya Al-Umari with her brother Hussain Al-Umari.  Photo / Facebook
Aya Al-Umari with her brother Hussain Al-Umari. Photo / Facebook

Al-Umari took to social media after the incident telling the story of what happened together by posting a video he had taken.

All the love and support they receive has not been replaced by hatred, he told the Herald.

“It’s a little over the top, we’ve received lots of messages of support. It’s great to see it.

“It restores your faith in humanity.”

A passerby at the shop told the woman that she should be ashamed of herself.

“It’s wonderful to see other people calling him too.”

Al-Umari said he was happy with the situation handled by the farmer staff.

“They escorted the man out of the shop and the woman immediately opened the gap after that.

“Looks like he’s in denial. As soon as he was summoned, he ran away.”

He felt sorry for the woman, “because of her ignorance,” said Al-Umari.

Aya Al-Umari lost her only brother Hussein Al-Umari in the March 15 attack.  Photo / Getty Images
Aya Al-Umari lost her only brother Hussein Al-Umari in the March 15 attack. Photo / Getty Images

“I was more upset about how it would make my mom feel because I didn’t want her to get angry.

“Over the past year, my personal resilience has reached its peak and this is just one more thing we have to endure.”

Al-Umari said he would encourage anyone who was an observer in a similar situation to “call it out”.

A staff member at the Farmers shop in Rangiora told the Herald they had been instructed not to comment to the media but said the staff member seen in the video had done “a very good job”.

A spokesman for the NZ Police said they had received a report on the matter.

“We are not yet in a position to provide updated information, but the Police take all reports of hate speech or behavior that cause concern to our community seriously.”


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Bilawal threatens with long march if PM does not resign before January 31 – Pakistan | Instant News

Published in December 27, 2020 8:14 am

Bilawal threatened with a long march if the PM does not resign before January 31

GARHI KHUDA BAKHSH (Dunya News) – Chairman of the Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) Bilawal Bhutto Zardari gave an ultimatum to Prime Minister Imran Khan to resign on January 31, or there will be a long march to Islamabad.

Speaking at a public meeting on the anniversary of her mother’s death in Garhi Khuda Bakhsh, he said that if Bibi were still alive today, these dolls would not be able to compete.

He said that the rulers did not spare even the poor, traders, laborers, farmers, doctors and teachers but now the people will not spare these elected ones. Bilawal Bhutto said that people who suffer from inflation and poverty will not leave the puppet.

Bilawal Bhutto said how can I believe that there is democracy in this country. If someone holds a rally, there are arrests. We have fought against the dictators for democracy, who are these puppets.

The PPP chairman said that the public would no longer tolerate this incompetent elect. If the government is given more time, the country will sink. He who clashed with the people’s power was destroyed. The time for the thieves of flour, sugar, electricity and gas is over, he added.

He said that a record loan had been taken out in the last two and a half years. Imran Khan has to answer where the money is. Loans do not benefit the people. Electricity, gas, medicine and expensive foodstuffs. The people are forced to commit suicide but the incompetent don’t care, only the elected rulers care about the people.


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