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The Marines complete a Darwin deployment that includes Australia-Pacific’s first Blackjack drone flight | Instant News

The Marines complete a Darwin deployment that includes Australia’s first Blackjack drone flight

The roughly 1,000 US Marines participating in the annual rotation to Darwin in Australia’s Northern Territory have all completed missions and returned to their home stations.

The aim of the Marine-Darwin Rotation Force – which began in 2012, a year after US and Australian leaders agreed to conduct joint training annually – is to increase the ability of US and Australian Defense Force forces to operate together and provide deployed troops. able to respond to crises in the region.

It is the first time a Marine Corps RQ-21A Blackjack reconnaissance drone has been flown in Australia, US Marine Colonel David Banning, commander of the rotational forces, said in a news release Thursday.

Made by a Boeing subsidiary, the Blackjack is a small tactical aircraft that carries a maximum payload of 39 pounds and can last over 16 hours, depending on how it is configured. It has a line of sight range of 64 miles, according to the manufacturer’s website.

Among other uses, the Marines use Blackjack to keep an eye on long-range targets.

“This year’s rotation is testament to the strong alliance between Australia and the United States,” said Banning. “We can complete the rotation effectively even while operating under the threat of COVID-19.”

Countermeasures against COVID-19, which is a disease caused by the coronavirus, mean that the Marines present this year are considerably smaller than the 2,500 who arrived in 2019. The size and scope of activities are limited, with US rotation to Australia delayed by two. month because of the pandemic.

All incoming Marines are required to complete a 14-day quarantine and be tested before and after that confinement. American troop movements are limited to Australian defense facilities in the Northern Territory for all deployments.

Several major activities that had been planned for this year were changed or postponed due to pandemic considerations.

The Marines begin their first training in smaller groups after they leave quarantine.

“We worked from platoon-level assaults to battalion-sized events,” Banning said in a news release. “We see integration [Australian Defense Force] artillery and aviation assets and aviation from our sister service. “

Australia’s entire integrated Air-Ground-Sea Task Force and Defense Forces successfully demonstrated readiness to respond to the crisis during the culminating Koolendong Exercise, the statement said.

Such emergencies could involve anything from humanitarian aid to “high-class warfare,” said the news release.

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Military personnel and families can now visit more than half of U.S. military installations around the world – US | Instant News

Military personnel and families can now visit more than half of U.S. military installations around the world. Stars and Stripes is making stories about the coronavirus pandemic available for free. See other free reports here. Sign up for our daily coronavirus newsletter here. Please support our journalism with a subscription. WASHINGTON – More than half of U.S. military installations around the world have lifted travel restrictions put in place to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, according to the Pentagon. As of Monday, 117 out of 231 facilities, or about 51%, lifted travel restrictions, meaning they met specific criteria, including that the base’s health protection status is below “Charlie And that essential services are available, according to the Pentagon document released Wednesday. Travel restrictions were put in place in March in an attempt to prevent the spread of the virus within the Department of Defense. Defense Secretary Mark Esper signed a memorandum on May 22 that spelled out the site conditions necessary to allow movement to and from the bases. The restrictions have had an impact on military moves by service members and their families in recent months, causing backlogs during the busiest moving season for the military. The Air Force, which has the most facilities on the list (79), has just 22 facilities that still have travel restrictions in place. The military has 68 facilities on the list and 42 still have restrictions. The Navy has a similar situation, with 63 facilities on the list and 43 that still have restrictions. The Marine Corps has 17 facilities on the list and only four still have travel restrictions. The Pentagon also released the latest coronavirus figures among the military population on Wednesday. The military recorded 43,851 cases of coronavirus as of Wednesday morning, an increase of 1,892 cases in the past seven days. The military had by far the most cases among the military services with 16,010, an increase of 818 cases since last week, according to Pentagon data. The Navy has had 9,950 cases, an increase of 319 cases since last Wednesday, and the Marine Corps had 5,476, an increase of 237 over the past week. On Wednesday, the Air Force recorded 6,882 cases, an increase of 280 cases from last week. The National Guard had 5,187 cases, an increase of 230 cases last week. [email protected] Twitter: @caitlinmkenney.

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