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“Super Mario Bros. 35” Game Impressions | Arts and Entertainment | Instant News

Nintendo has released absolute content featuring its flagship product “Super Mario” to celebrate the 35th anniversary of the original release of “Super Mario Bros.” On the Nintendo Entertainment System. In early October, “Super Mario Bros. 35” entered the Nintendo Switch eShop, and all Nintendo Switch Online members can download it for free. The title aims to reintroduce the original gameplay of the classic “Mario” experience into the modern gaming space. It is suitable for players who missed the crowded memories on NES consoles 35 years ago, and have to wait until late to be born. With the introduction of modern distributions, modern styles have also followed, and this change is the large-scale online multiplayer game function.

There is no doubt that the appearance and gameplay of its core “Super Mario Bros. 35” are almost the same as the original game, but the tried and true gameplay has been adapted into a “battle-royal” style game with up to 35 players Participate in the final Mario station. The player’s task is to travel through the classic “Super Mario Bros.” In each stage, by defeating enemies, collecting energy items and doing anything to increase the precious seconds of the timer, so that the timer will not drop to zero. Players can use the basic four-option aiming system, which consists of random, attacker, shortest time and most coin settings, and can send all the enemies they defeated to attack other players’ screens. Enemies are flying around between the screens, constantly causing the usual safe corridors such as Goombas, Koopa Troopas, Lakitus, etc. to be suddenly flooded. Everything can quickly become very messy, but thankfully, the game’s aiming system tends to take care of offensive behavior, automatically releasing players to focus on the absolute madness that often appears in navigation.

Perhaps the greatest strength of “Super Mario Bros. 35” is the way it rewards skilled games. Defeating more enemies in the game means sending more obstacles to the opponent, making them more and more likely to become overwhelmed and knocked down. Players who try to collect coins also have an advantage, because the game allows you to spend 20 coins to roll the Mario Kart style prop wheel to increase motivation. Being able to adapt to various situations and stay ahead in the face of threats is the real key to the victory of “Super Mario Bros. 35”, and the lack of any in-game purchases means that concerns about the game have led to a “pay-to-win” online The ecosystem is not a problem.

Unfortunately, although the game itself may be great, in all the content of the core game, “Super Mario Bros. 35” started to collapse. For online multiplayer games, this title is not particularly good at making players feel like part of a large, interconnected ecosystem. The game is a complete matter. It is not possible to check the usernames of the people you have played with, follow other players or integrate your Nintendo Switch friends list. For you and your friends, whether through local games or online games, there is absolutely no choice to join the same game together. The only hope for this to happen is that you and your friends join at the same time and pray that the game happens to put you in the same room, potentially thousands.

The game also lacks a sense of progress. In the course of the game, each eliminated player will add their current total number of coins to the pot, and then award them together with a certain number of bonus coins to the final winner of the game. However, the only purpose these coins can be used for is to give yourself an advantage at the beginning of the game, for example starting with the game “Fire Mario”. However, this eventually became a point of contention, because not only are the items easy to find during the actual game, but the purchase price of these items is also very cheap. Many players may end up with thousands of coins that they cannot spend at all, and when the only reward for completing the game is more coins, everything becomes goalless.

“Super Mario Bros. No. 35” is a very novel concept, an excellent example of combining modern elements on a time-tested retro basis. The game itself has powerful features and has the fast-paced platform of the original “Super Mario Bros.” It has been successfully merged with a simple and intuitive multiplayer combat system. However, this is also a headline, and I can see that many people quickly become exhausted, because there is no real system here to enable competitors to continue to gain more revenue. If you are looking for a way that goes back to the beginning of the Mario saga, then “Super Mario Bros. 35” is undoubtedly worth downloading, but the life span seen by each player will almost certainly be very different.


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Cold Stone selling Super Mario Ice Cream Cake | Instant News

This year marks the 35th anniversary of the founding of China Super Mario Bros, So it seems that only cake is appropriate.To celebrate this moment, Cold Stone Creamery has announced Nintendo These include three novelties based on the Mario family. These include Rainbow Road Rally ice cream cake, Mario’s Super Star Shake and Mario’s Birthday Blast. Pictures of these three novelties can be found in the Tweet below. Mario Kart fans will be happy to know that Rainbow Road Rally cake does come with toys as shown in the picture, making it the perfect gift for Nintendo fans on special occasions!

In addition to the Cold Stone Creamery promotion, Mario is 35 years old, and there are many different combinations. Most notably, Released in September Super Mario 3D All-Star On Nintendo Switch, Which contains a compilation of the first three 3D scenes of the character. Will be released on October 1 Super Mario Bros. 35, A free game for Nintendo Switch Online subscribers, where 35 players compete immediately to clear all stages in the classic NES game. Will be released on October 16 Mario Kart: Live Tournament, This is a new feature of the racing derivative product. The task is to allow players to build their own track at home, and then use Nintendo Switch to manipulate physical karts around the house. Of course, none of these mentioned a large number of new products related to Mario, which have already been released or will be launched before the end of the year.

Even if there is no special occasion, Mario fans may not object to grab some ice cream between game sessions! Although the Rainbow Road Rally cake is obviously the highlight of the series, Mario’s Super Star Shake and Mario’s Birthday Blast seem to be more casual. All three items are now available at participating Cold Stone Creamery locations.Those who are interested can find the store locator Right here.

Are you planning to get one of these novelties from Cold Stone Creamery? Which one is your favorite?Let us know in the comments or share your thoughts directly on Twitter at Mar Talk about all games!


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