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Brazil, South African Covid variants are less susceptible to antibodies: Study | Instant News

Novel variant form first reported in South Africa and Brazil to be less efficiently inhibited by antibodies from recovered patients and vaccinated individuals, a new study confirms.

According to research published in the journal Cell, recovery from COVID-19 as well as vaccinations may only offer incomplete protection against this mutant form of the virus.

“This is worrying because the rapid spread of variants that may not be efficiently inhibited by antibodies could undermine our current vaccination strategy,” said Stefan Pohlmann, co-author of the study from the German Primate Center in Gottingen.

This viral variant has a mutation in the spike protein – a structure on the surface of the virus that is responsible for attaching to host cells – the researchers said.

In order for the virus to enter cells, they say it must first attach to the surface of the host cell using its spike protein, which is located in the viral envelope.

The spike protein is also a target for antibody therapy and vaccines aimed at preventing viral replication in the body, they added.

Based on the research, scientists say the antibodies used to treat COVID-19 do not inhibit South Africa and Brazil. variants – B.1.351 and P.1.

“In addition, these variants are poorly inhibited by the antibodies of cured or vaccinated individuals, they partially bypass the antibody neutralizing effect,” said Jan Munch, another study co-author.

The study noted that vaccination or recovery from COVID-19 could offer reduced protection from the SARS-CoV-2 variants B.1.351 and P.1.

“Our findings suggest that it is important to limit the spread of the virus as much as possible until vaccination is widely possible. Otherwise, we risk the emergence of new variants that cannot be effectively controlled by currently available vaccines,” said Markus Hoffmann, the study’s first author.

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The PM House lights are turned off to mark Earth Hour | Instant News

ISLAMABAD: The lights of the Prime Minister’s House were turned off to mark Earth Hour amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic to show a moment of solidarity for the planet.

Like other countries in the world, this event is held annually in Pakistan to encourage individuals, communities and businesses to turn off non-essential electric lights for one hour from 8:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. as a symbol of commitment to the planet.

In his message, Prime Minister Imran Khan said improving environmental conditions was the government’s top priority and asked people to fully support the government in its efforts to protect the natural environment. The Imran-led government is currently pursuing several ambitious projects such as the Ten Billion Trees Tsunami project, Green Clean Pakistan, the Protected Areas Initiative, the Miyawaki Forest Campaign and the construction of thirty-one national parks to protect and conserve the natural environment.

Environmentalists, nature conservationists, nature lovers and passionate citizens also pledge their support for this opportunity for nature and its people.

WWF’s official website reads, “This year, we invite you to spread the same message and recreate an unmissable scene online by taking part in our first Earth Hour Virtual Spotlight.”

Pakistan is among the top 10 countries affected by climate change and these environmental challenges are already having a devastating effect on our national economy.

Earth Hour is the flagship global environmental movement. Born in Sydney in 2007, Earth Hour has grown to become one of the world’s largest grassroots movements for the environment, inspiring individuals, communities, businesses and organizations in more than 180 countries.

When contacted, a spokesman for the climate change ministry said that they had not arranged any activities this year related to Earth Hour.

Meanwhile, Balochistan Governor Amanullah Khan Yasinzai has submitted a quarterly report to the prime minister on the performance of federal agencies in the province.

The report is related to the recovery of public complaints on the Citizen Portal.

In the report, Yasinzai complained about senior federal agency officials not attending the meeting.

According to the Prime Minister’s Office, Prime Minister Imran Khan expressed anger at the complaint and the PM’s Dispatch Unit issued a letter to all relevant senior officials.

The PMO directed senior officials of federal agencies in the provinces to attend meetings and warned of stern action against those who did not attend meetings on public welfare.

The dashboards of officers from 17 federal agencies in Balochistan were reviewed, while in Balochistan the federal agencies received more than 11,000 complaints.

The report said 90 percent of complaints were resolved, while public satisfaction was 37 percent.


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The PM will visit Kotli on February 5 to mark Kashmir Solidarity Day | Instant News

ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Imran Khan will visit the Kotli Line of Control on February 5 and will also address a public meeting there to mark Kashmir Solidarity Day.

This was announced by Prime Minister Imran Khan at the Prime Minister’s House Tuesday. PTI Chief Executive Saifullah Nyazee and former prime minister Azad Kashmir and PTI President Azad Jammu and Kashmiri Lawyer Sultan Mehmood Chaudhry met with the prime minister here, said a statement issued by the PTI AJK presidential office.

On this occasion, the groundbreaking ceremony for the Azad Kashmir housing program will soon be held at the Prime Minister’s House. In Azad Kashmir, the PTI leader also briefed the prime minister on Azad Jammu and Kashmir’s election campaign and other strategies. On the occasion, Prime Minister Imran Khan asked the two leaders to develop a clear strategy for the election campaign for Kashmir elections.


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Enough fashion sense to get rid of 1980s leather pants | Lifestyle | Instant News

Is it just me or someone else that has noticed how small men’s suits have been over the past few years? Whenever I watch the news (as often as I can), I pay attention to the little suit, especially the weather officer.

They all appear to be wearing jackets that are tight on the shoulders, comfortable on the sleeves and short sleeves, making the wearer look like he accidentally wore a junior high graduation suit but decided not to change because his mother said he looked fine.

At first, I thought I was just watching channels that didn’t pay their staff enough to buy clothes that fit. Then I saw some other celebrities wearing suits that were too tight and too short, and I realized that they dressed like that on purpose.

I’m guessing designers would go for the two sizes too small look because they save a lot of fabric when all the unused pages add up. What I can’t understand is how any man willingly wore what seemed like one of Pee-wee Herman’s wasted outfits.

Fashion is a funny thing. It’s always interesting to look back a decade and think, “We wore THAT?” when, when you wear it, you really impress yourself for being popular. The 80s and 90s are excellent examples of such delusional thinking. Just watch television shows like “Miami Vice” or “Magnum, PI” if you don’t believe me. The pastel outfit Don Johnson wore made him look more like a man of Good Humor than a stern cop deputy and his flimsy shorts that Tom Selleck wore were embarrassing.

Leather was also popular in the 80s, another trend that’s hard to understand, but it’s big, even affecting my husband, Mark, who was never a slave to any of the fashions. For some reason, Mark thought that he needed leather pants. I don’t know if this is the influence of VHI’s new channel or if all the leather pants on display in the window of the Chess King clothing store at our local mall caught his eye. However insects get into his ears, leather pants are just what Mark wants for his birthday.

We found the ideal pair for something like $ 80, which was a lot of money for pants, even leather ones, in those days, but Mark was determined on them. On her birthday, we decided to go out to dinner, and I suggested that she wear her newest outfit. Mark agreed and disappeared into the bedroom to put it on.

When he didn’t show up in 10 minutes, I went to investigate. I found him wearing leather pants, a polo shirt and a worried expression.

“What is wrong?” I ask.

“These pants. I’m not sure if I like them.”

“Why not?”

“Looks like … tight.”

“Stand and let me see.” Mark stood up and he was right; they are tight. Like the strict David Lee Roth.

“They don’t look that strict in a shop,” I said.

“They don’t feel this tight in the store. I can’t wear this in public. Can we take it back? “

“No, we can’t. We locked them up, remember? “

“Well, I don’t wear them.” Mark took off his leather pants and replaced them with Levi’s which were loose and comfortable to wear. “That’s better. Now I can breathe.”

The leather trousers accompanied us on a few moves because neither of us could afford to donate them, and we didn’t know anyone we could give to who would actually put them on and not laugh at us.

Finally, after about 20 years, I suggested that we try selling it on eBay. To our great surprise, those 1980s leather trousers sparked a bidding war that gave us more than our initial $ 80 investment. They finally landed in California where happy buyers wrote “Hot Pants!” on his reviews thus ending Mark’s only foray into high fashion.

I have to think life is a lot simpler when you wear the same clothes every season, ignore what’s in and out and focus on what fits and what doesn’t. Even so, I would love it when the tight-fitting look was worn out and the forecasters were back in suits that really fit me so I could stop staring at their uncomfortable bare wrists and actually hear their forecast.

Nell Musolf is a freelance writer who lives in Mankato with her husband and two dogs. He can be reached at [email protected].


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America’s Cup 2021: Prada Cup live update – Schedule, start times, odds, live streams and how to watch | Instant News

The British Ineos Britannia team and the NYYC American Magic Patriot. Photo / Michael Craig

Follow all the live action from day one of the Prada Cup with AUT Screen Professor Mark Orams and follow the live commentary with PJ Montgomery below:

Everything you need to know before the Prada Cup:

After months of drama, controversy and preparation, the race for the America’s Cup will finally kick off with the Prada Cup kicking off.

Organized by the Challenger of Record, the Prada Cup Challenger Selection Series will be held in Auckland throughout January and February 2021 to determine which of the three challengers – Luna Rossa, Ineos Team UK and American Magic – will take on the defenders – Team New Zealand – in America’s Match The 36th Cup which starts on March 6.

The Prada Cup will consist of four round robins consisting of three races each, seven semifinal races and 13 final races between the two leading teams. Each win gets one point.

The highest ranked Challenger at the end of the round robins automatically qualifies for the Prada Cup final.

The remaining two teams will then compete in the semifinals of seven races and the first team to get four points will qualify for the Prada Cup final.

The Prada Cup Final will then determine the Challenger to face New Zealand Team in the America’s Cup Match and the winner of the newly minted Prada Cup trophy.

The Prada Cup kicks off on Friday, January 14th.  Photo / Brett Phibbs
The Prada Cup kicks off on Friday, January 14th. Photo / Brett Phibbs

American Magic will head to the Prada Cup as bookies’ favorites following a fine performance at the World Series in December, where they are the only team to beat Team New Zealand in official races.

However, don’t miss Record Challenger Luna Rossa, who will bring a wealth of experience and experience to the regatta.

Meanwhile, Ineos Team UK, who have appeared winless at the World Series, also appear to be heading in the right direction if this week’s practice race is decisive.


There will be two races per day with a race window between 15.00 and 17.00, except for the final race where the race window is between 16.00 and 18.00.

Prada Cup schedule.  Photo / America's Cup
Prada Cup schedule. Photo / America’s Cup


TAB Odds – Prada Cup Winner:

American Magic – $ 1.75
Luna Rossa – $ 2.75
UK INEOS Team – $ 6


The Herald will have live updates at nzherald.co.nz/sport while you can listen to live commentary on Gold AM and iHeartRadio.

Coverage of the America’s Cup is free on tvNZ. You can also stream the action live or on demand on TVNZ.co.nz or on the America’s Cup YouTube channel.

If you’re in Auckland, you can also head to America’s Cup Race Village on the Viaduct Marina, where there will be a stage and a big screen to watch it in action. The village operates from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. on race day and is accessible via the main entrance at the start of Hobson Wharf.

American Cup race course.  Photo / America's Cup
American Cup race course. Photo / America’s Cup

There are also plenty of options for watching live action around Auckland’s waterfront. Here is the best place to watch the action.

The racing officer will determine which path will be used on each race day.

Professor Mark Orams is a former New Zealand seafarer and world champion, member of the New Zealand Team, writer, environmentalist and Professor Sports and Recreation on Auckland University of Technology.

Towards a Cup race?

• Give yourself plenty of time and think about taking the ferry, train, or bus to watch the Cup.

• Make sure your AT HOP card is in your pocket. It’s the best way to ride.

• Don’t forget to scan the QR code with the NZ Covid Tracer app when taking public transportation and entering America’s Cup Village.

• For more ways to enjoy race day, visit at.govt.nz/americascup.


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