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Commercially designed yoga mats owned by blacks, suitable for women of different skin tones | World/Nation | Instant News

For Julia and Cornelia Gibson, fitness is a family affair. The sisters exercise best when they are together, but even if they are separated from each other, they will cheer each other.

However, outside of their sisterhood, they found that the same encouragement and motivation were not universal.

When looking at the fitness industry and health spaces, they saw fewer and fewer women who looked like them-women with different skin colors and body types.

Therefore, the two women decided to do something about it.

In the fall of 2019, New York City natives established Reconciled by BaggedEm, This is a fitness-centric brand that not only focuses on making women feel their body, but also inspires them to overcome fitness obstacles.

After raising US$2,000 through the crowdfunding company Kickstarter, the sisters started selling yoga mats with images of women with different hairstyles, headscarves, skin colors, figures, and figures. For a limited time, the brand also sells mats with black men as the footsteps.

Cornelia Gibson told CNN: “Many things that prevent people from keeping promises or spending time on themselves are that they don’t have much encouragement.” “Inclusivity is a big part of it.”

When talking about the design of the yoga mat, Gibson said: “The yoga mat can achieve this goal: she is the sister you have never had before.” “And you feel that she is cheering for me, she is here for me, she sees Looks like me.”

Representative matters

The idea of ​​the mat was passed to the Gibson sisters in the most traditional way-it was early in the morning, and they talked to each other on the phone, ready to start a new day.

Julia told CNN: “She was on her way to work, and I was chatting with her. My daughter said this at the time. This is the experience of preparing my daughter for school, but it is just stuck. “And I think this is what we can actually do, it can provide representativeness, and it can change the stereotype.”

The next step is to find an artist to design artwork for yoga mats. Fortunately, the sisters don’t have to go too far: their mother, Oglivia Purdie, is a former New York City elementary school art teacher.

With an idea and an artist at hand, the sisters created a mat with the women they see every day-their neighbors, family, and community women. And, more importantly, they want the children to look at the mat and see themselves in the image.

Julia said: “Representation is very important.” “I have a customer who told me that their children lay the mat and said,Mom, are you on the mat? For me, this is always a great achievement and the greatest reward. “

In addition to highlighting the underrepresented populations, these images also play an important role in dispelling popular myths about the ability of various body types to perform various exercises (especially yoga poses).

Julia said: “Yoga postures are beautiful and may have a connotation, that is, if you have a certain figure, you may not be able to do it.” “Our mats look like everyday women you see. They give you confidence. .

She added: “When you look at it this way, you can’t ignore it.”

The impact of the coronavirus

Like other companies in the United States, Toned of BaggedEm has been affected by the coronavirus pandemic.

This is the first year of the brand’s opening. As many stadiums and yoga studios are temporarily closed, it has become a challenge to release information about its products.

But the sisters say there is also a bright spot.

Julia said: “I think this has really attracted attention to the demand for our products, because more and more people need meditation mats for exercise, yoga, and Pilates at home. It can be used for many different thing.”

The pandemic has also severely affected people of color. According to blacks, Latin Americans and Native Americans are three times more likely to be infected with AIDS than whites. Centers for Disease Prevention and Control.

The sisters said that this virus, plus the recent addition of Breonna Taylor, George Floyd, Daniel Prude, Jacob Blake ( The racial discrimination caused by the death of Jacob Blake and others emphasized the need for self-care.

Cornelia said: “Because of all the pressure we continue to bear-the lack of resources in the community, things of this nature, we must find a place that is good for us.”

She added: “It is important for us to realize the importance of health to the body and the importance of taking care of the body.”

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Good Company: Cariuma, Brazil-Based Sustainable Footwear Brand | Instant News

Comfort and style are both at the forefront.


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Fashion Week is Actually On – At least in Paris and Milan | Instant News

Some of the biggest luxury fashion brands are carefully stepping back onto European catwalks, deciding that vanguard rumors are worth the complications of hosting during the coronavirus pandemic.

The show that Dolce & Gabbana,

Louis Vuitton,

LVMUY 2.07%

Chanel and others will stay for the next two weeks in Milan and Paris minimized version typical event. Many influencers and celebrities who crowded past shows will be sidelined due to limitations on international travel, and famous models from Brazil, the US, and Russia are also stuck at home. Those who succeed will sit apart.

The Milan show kicks off Wednesday, with face masks and hand sanitizer among the most popular accessories. Temperature checks at the door are common, while Dolce & Gabbana provide visitors with cloth masks with their signature patterns.

The brand is determined to relaunch an industry ritual that some designers say cannot be replicated online. The biggest houses usually put up spectacular fashion week sets designed to dominate social media feeds, with creative directors planning the perfect Instagrammable moment. Brands closely monitor the attention their events – and competitors’ events – garner on social media, and analysts say that strong looks during fashion week help translate to market share.

People were waiting for guests to arrive at the Dolce & Gabbana show in Milan on Wednesday.


Luca Bruno / Associated Press

“Live performances are the basics,” said Stefano Gabbana, half of the design duo who founded the Italian brand. They are a complete experience. Music and scenography when viewed in person create emotions that are different from those obtained when done digitally. “

The publicity value of traditional and social media for an attention-grabbing event could be the equivalent of millions of dollars in paid advertising, according to the company that monitors media responses to fashion week.

Some of the major European brands, including Giorgio Armani and


have considered the risks of hosting too great for the audience, opting instead for digital shows.

Brand owned by


KER -1.40%

—Gucci, Saint Laurent, Bottega Veneta and Balenciaga – have decided not to have physical shows this season. Gucci and Saint Laurent have decided not to appear at all during Milan or Paris fashion week. Gucci will hold a digital special event in October or November, said a brand executive.

In July, Gucci and its designer, Alessandro Michele, reached more than 35 million viewers with a 12-hour live stream that broadcast a behind-the-scenes look at its yacht collection, called the Epilogue. The experience helps convince brands that they don’t need to rely on physical performances to create buzz, the executive said.

Model backstage at the Simona Marziali show.


Luca Bruno / Associated Press

The move comes amid a pandemic-fueled reckoning about the show’s purpose, which sends huge caravans of journalists, industry buyers, influencers and celebrities to New York, London, Milan and Paris, twice a year – and that’s just for women ready-to-wear. . With so many brands touting their environmental performance, the pollution all air travel creates – and the cost – has some fashion houses wondering if a change is needed.

“We do not believe that fashion shows as they know them and fashion week are anything that matters to us anymore,” said the Gucci executive.

In France, brands are moving forward with their performances soaring coronavirus cases in Paris. The government on Wednesday announced new restrictions on gatherings in the city, but industry officials said the new rules would not affect fashion shows.


What will you wear this fall? Join the conversation below.

European fashion executives have spent months planning how to safely entertain audiences. To accommodate even a small audience, fashion houses measure the ceiling height of the premises and airflow patterns to determine how many people they can invite.

LVMH Moët Hennessy Louis Vuitton

SE, the world’s largest luxury company, will hold shows in Paris for brands including Louis Vuitton and Dior. Chanel, the world’s second-largest fashion brand by revenue, returns to the airy exhibition space of the Grand Palais Paris, where the label’s past shows replicated the forests, beaches and rooftops of Paris.

In Milan, about a third of the catwalks are expected to host spectators. Giorgio Armani, who put on a digital show on Saturday, gave a quick response coronavirus test to all models and workers who entered his building.

On Wednesday, LVMH’s Fendi is the first major fashion house to hold a live show. A string quartet is played as about 50 socially distant, masked spectators watch the Italian brand perform its style for next year’s spring and summer.

A small group of fans gathered near the entrance to Fendi’s headquarters in Milan, but guests inside sat a few feet apart on white sofas swerving along the runway.

A scene from the Simona Marziali show in Milan.


Luca Bruno / Associated Press

Dolce & Gabbana’s fashion show takes place in a converted cinema, with a public announcement for guests to keep their masks on. After that, the announcement directed the audience to go in part, not all at once.

One reason brands are taking the risk is that some of the earliest attempts to digitally connect with audiences have stumbled. Earlier this month, during New York Fashion Week, most brands held special online fashion shows. That week generated far less buzz on social and traditional media than previous face-to-face fashion weeks, according to a company that tracks media interest.

Influencers and their followers are less involved with events when the influencer is not in the room, analysts say.

“Having an influencer in front of his laptop just posting, it’s not very effective,” said Michael Jaïs, chief executive of Launchmetrics, which monitors media for fashion brands.

Two of New York Fashion Week’s most successful shows had small live events, said Jaïs. Christian Siriano, who launched his brand after winning Season 4 of “Project Runway,” hosted a show for about 80 people at his home in Westport, Conn., Where his models used lawns as catwalks. Jason Wu, the Taiwanese-Canadian designer, caught the eye of the crowds at the rooftop garden of Spring Studios in New York.

“That’s the importance of physical performance,” said Mr Jaïs.

Guest section before Simona Marziali’s spring-summer show on Wednesday during Milan fashion week.


Luca Bruno / Associated Press

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Minuteman Press Franchise Helps Local British Businesses Bounce from COVID-19 in Bath and NE Somerset | Instant News

Franchise Press Minuts Bounce Back Bath UK – David Ghent

The Managing Director of the Minuteman Press franchise David Ghent supports local businesses with the free community website Bounce Back Bath and NE Somerset (part of Bounce Back UK by Minuteman Press International).

Bounce Back Bath and NE Somerset is a Free Community Marketing Website With More Than 200 Participating Businesses

Bath and the Northeast Somerset Board Support Joint-Brand Marketing Materials and Welcome Packages to Support the Free Bounce Back Program

Bath Business Improvement District (Bath BID) and Minuteman Press Help Community Members ‘Rediscover Bath’ with Bounce Back Art Competition and Bunting Parade

BATH, UK, 29 July 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – This is a long way to reopen businesses throughout the UK during the COVID-19 pandemic. Team at Minuteman Press in Bath, England, has worked hard to support their communities and clients in the Somerset Bath / NE area and help other local businesses get back on track. In the beginning, the printing and marketing franchises launch a free community site Bounce Back Bath and NE Somerset for local businesses to promote special offers, updated hours and supporting messages to the community. “Today, the Bounce Back program has become a growing community movement with more than 200 participating businesses and partnerships with local organizations. We all have one common goal, which is to help the whole community get together and get back up, “said David Ghent, Managing Director, Minuteman Press Bath.

Since printing is an important business, the team at Minuteman Press in Bath, England, can continue to operate while following all COVID-19 guidelines. Somerset’s Bounce Back Bath / NE is a part of Rise Back to England, which was started by Minuteman Press International to help all British businesses at this critical time. David said, “We launched Bounce Back Bath and the first thing we did was to call our clients and tell them that we offered a free service to support them. I also approach contacts through LinkedIn and social media, especially when we see that they open. We receive good feedback and what we do is every time a new business registers, we make a chart and post it on social media and we also send them an official welcome package. “

The welcome package included a cover letter, the Minuteman Press product catalog, the Bounce Back Bath window, and the COVID-19 awareness and prevention poster. Dave said, “The response was extraordinary. Our clients and prospects really appreciate that we are here to help them get back to business. They also really like the fact that we do this for free and there is no obligation to buy anything from us. “

When the Bounce Back movement has developed, Minuteman Press has received attention from local organizations who want to partner with them and join. “The Bath Board and North East Somerset have jointly glue some of our material with us and the Bath Business Improvement District (Bath BID), very interested in joining. We are now partnering with Bath BID specifically Back Bounce Art Competition to help people rediscover Bath and the amazing community we have here. “

According to the Bounce Back Art Competition website, Minuteman Press will reproduce the selected artwork and design and create a “two meter tall giant bunting” parade. The website states that “up to 48 designs created by the community will be reproduced as rainbows of art hanging from lamp post banners on city streets.”

“It’s amazing to see so many people, businesses and groups working together in Bath and NE Somerset to help people rediscover their communities and support one another,” said Mark Jones, Regional Vice President of the Regional Minuteman Press for the South of England. “That is precisely what Bounce Back Bath / NE Somerset and Bounce Back UK are designed to do, and I commend Dave and the team at Minuteman Press Bath for taking the free program and taking it to extraordinary heights.”

David concluded, “We are all together and it is very satisfying to see so many people who want to work with us to spread the word and lift each other up for an unprecedented period.”

For more information on Minuteman Press Bath, visit http://www.minutemanbath.co.uk. To submit a free local listing on Somerset’s Bounce Back Bath / NE, visit https://bouncebackuk.minuteman.com/locations/england/bath/

Introducing Bounce Back UK, a free local business listing & COVID-19 awareness poster to support local businesses. Get started for free at https://BounceBack-UK.com. Learn more about the # 1 Minuteman Press franchise opportunity opportunity and read the Minuteman Press franchise review at https://minutemanpressfranchise.co.uk.

About Minuteman Press International

Minuteman Press International is the number one marketing and printing business franchise that offers unmatched world-class training and ongoing local support. At Minuteman Press, We Are a Modern Printing Industry ™ provides high-quality products and services that meet the needs of today’s business professionals and go beyond ink on paper. Today, our center offers innovative branding and printing solutions and produces custom graphic designs, promotional products, branded clothing, direct mail campaigns, large format printing including posters, signs and banners, and more. Previous experience is not required to own and operate a successful Minuteman Press franchise. Learn more about the Minuteman Press franchise opportunity and read the Minuteman Press franchise review at https://minutemanpressfranchise.co.uk

Minuteman Press International
Franchise Opportunity, 0800 756 6332
Chris Biscuiti
[email protected]

A photo accompanying this announcement is available at https://www.globenewswire.com/NewsRoom/AttachmentNg/8e84f864-6140-40aa-815e-7bf47041b818


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Waterloo designer launches website for Luxe Life | fashion / lifestyle brand Local News | Instant News

Even when the global coronavirus pandemic has slowed down or completely stopped many new businesses going down, Wallican-Nesbit is launched a website for Luxe Life on July 31, “hell or tide came,” he said.

“Everyone looks down on me like, ‘Girl, what took you so long?'” Wallican-Nesbit said.

Luxe Life began with swimsuits and other clothing that Wallican-Nesbit called the lifestyle brand for “traveling fashionistas.”

Model Shan Greer poses for photos during a photo shoot for Luxe Life, a new lifestyle clothing company started by Shante ‘Wallican-Nesbit from Waterloo.

With the permission of Luxe Life

“I will be excited and post things on Facebook, and people will say, ‘How much?’ That’s the beginning, “he said.

Swimsuits now accompany items such as sunglasses, hats, earrings and party dresses. More casual, everyday items will also become part of the ranks in the future, and Wallican-Nesbit sees no limits on Luxe Life – even talking about going into the retail travel business together.

“When I started studying fashion, the industry was based in France – I studied French and studied there. Now in China – that’s the center of everything, “he said. “It would be great to host some type of shopping trip or resource.”

Luxe Life - Kayla O'Connor

Model Kayla O’Connor poses for photos during a photo shoot for Luxe Life, a new lifestyle clothing company started by Shante ‘Wallican-Nesbit from Waterloo.

Amie Rivers

And he is trying to raise a young generation interested in fashion, with a video on his YouTube page documenting his own experience in the industry.


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