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Louis Mobile Food Market will be in your Community in Partnership with St. Louis. Louis Area Foodbank Listing for August 1 – 21 | Instant News

Louis Mobile Food Market will be in your Community in Partnership with St. Louis Area Foodbank Listing for August 1 – 21 | RiverBender.com


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Son of Micronesia graduated from the Naval Academy | Guam News | Instant News

He was a sophomore at Xavier Middle School in Pohnpei when he first heard about the U.S. Naval Academy.

Years later, Hitoshi Phillip Oue, would become one of 1,017 graduates of the 2020 class – his achievements also marked him as one of the few sons of the Federated States of Micronesia to attend a prestigious military institution.

Hitoshi Oue was very happy that he graduated, but said he was still processing everything.

“Slowly hitting me,” he said. Regardless, he hopes to return to Pohnpei to see his family, who were unable to attend the graduation ceremony due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Naval Academy in 2020 is the first class of institutions that hold virtual graduation ceremonies. Defense Secretary Mark Esper, whose remarks were delivered via recorded video message, told the class that despite the crisis, they remained true to their class motto: “We will find a way or make one.”

Pacific Son

Hitoshi Oue was born in Saipan. He spent several years in Guam, where he lived in Mangilao. He was around 5 years old when his family moved to Pohnpei and he stayed there until it was time to go to Annapolis, Maryland, which had been his home for four years.

His family – all over Micronesia and the US mainland – has posted his achievements on social media, sharing their pride and love with Oue, who is the youngest of five siblings.

His sister, Amanda Lih, told The Guam Daily Post that family members should not be proud of Oue. He sent a message from the family: “Congratulations to our baby brother, Hitoshi Phillip Abello Oue! There are no words to express how happy and proud we are of you. You have set a good example for the younger generation of FSM. You have done yourself well, with this hard-earned and worthy achievement.Keep on aspiring for big things and remain a humble and persistent person like you.We look forward to seeing all the great things that you will continue to achieve in the future ahead! We love you and can’t wait to see you. “

Hitoshi Oue would like to send his thanks to June Abello’s mother, his father Rio Oue, stepfather Agusto Sumor Carlos, and his siblings. Hitoshi Oue said he was grateful for the support of his family and for the encouragement of his teachers and mentors from Xavier Middle School.

“I am very motivated to make them proud,” he said. “At Xavier High School, they encourage you to go out and get as much education and study as possible and then come back to make the house a better place.”

Hitoshi Oue doesn’t know much about the military. He has several cousins ​​in the Army, but he mainly comes from a civilian family. During his second year at Xavier he spoke to a student about the Naval Academy.

“I know one of the seniors who will graduate. He applied to the academy and he told me about it,” said Hitoshi Oue. “And I decided that if there was a choice to be made for college, I would do it.”

Hitoshi Oue applied and shortly before graduating from high school in 2016, he received news that he had gotten a place in the academy.

“It was a very big moment for me,” he said. “I’m really starting to worry about college and whether I’ll even be able to go to college.”

Shocking culture

He said it took a little more than a semester to get used to living on land and familiarizing yourself with military culture.

“We have been through a lot over the past four years. This is a difficult journey … but we succeeded,” he said.

“We” he meant included his fellow graduates, but also fellow Pacific Islanders and Xavier High School graduates: Andre Nevado from the Republic of the Marshall Islands.

“So glad he was there with me,” said Hitoshi Oue, adding that they entered the same class and graduated together as well.

The duo will lean against each other as they go through the rigors of the Annapolis academic school, as well as the challenges of adjusting to life on land.

“That makes it easier to get past the culture shock,” he said.

Future plan

Hitoshi Oue said he was waiting for travel restrictions to be lifted so he could return home to see his family and find out where he would work.

As part of the requirements, he will work with the FSM government and hopefully, he said, put his information technology degree to good use.

He added words of encouragement to the younger islanders, to find something that motivated them to improve themselves so that they could, in turn, improve the community around them.

“It’s hard to be away from home,” Hitoshi Oue said of life far from the island. “There’s always something on your mind to motivate you, to get you through adversity, because that can be difficult.”


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Daryana Dyson 15 Years From Baltimore May Have Died From Coronavirus, Family Said – CBS Baltimore | Instant News

BALTIMORE (WJZ) – Daryana Dyson is probably the youngest victim of COVID-19 Maryland.

The 15-year-old first learned that something was wrong when he lost his senses. On Mother’s Day, she headed to Johns Hopkins Hospital, where she used a ventilator. He died Saturday.

WJZ investigator Mike Hellgren spoke to his mother and aunt. Heartbroken families make funeral arrangements.

An autopsy is waiting, but his family says he died of the corona virus.

“This is real,” his aunt said. “I don’t think it was so dangerous until this situation. He is healthy. Nothing has been there before. We want everyone to know that he is just brave, independent.”

Daryana’s loved ones also want people to know that young people are vulnerable.

“Stay at home because once you leave, you can’t go back. There is no turning back. People will lament over you for a while then that’s all. You are only a memory,” his aunt said.

Neighboring Campbell Campbell echoes that sentiment.

“I know the family is destroyed,” Campbell said.

For the Dysons, the death of someone so young – another month from his 16th birthday – is a call for everyone.

“He is loved. Point. He has a golden heart, “his aunt said.

One of Daryana’s friends, Bri, said that she had known him since birth.

“He is one of those children you can never forget. “If you fall, he will make you smile, like he always does,” Bri said.

Daryana was the only young man whom Bri trusted to supervise his own children. He initially thought that Daryana was down because of a cold; he did not imagine losing his close friend.

The candle flame in his memory is set for Wednesday of 4 things. until 6 pm in the O’Donnell Heights community. The family urged people to keep their social distance during celebrations to celebrate their lives.

Teenage deaths are not reflected in figures released by the state Monday morning. Maryland reports nearly 40,000 cases of corona virus in the state and more than 1,900 deaths.

Latest: Nearly 40K COVID-19 Cases in Maryland, Hospitalizations Still Down

The good news is that hospital stays go down for the third week in a row.

Governor Larry Hogan lifted a visit to the entire state at home at 5 pm Friday and move the country to phase 1 of its recovery plan. However, the cities of Baltimore, Prince George and Montgomery chose to remain under their own orders at home because they continued to see an increase in their COVID-19 numbers.

Police use loudspeakers to disperse large crowds in the city over the weekend. They responded to more than 120 calls for illegal gatherings.

At Patterson Park, a rising banner thanked the health worker. Mayor Jack Young echoes those sentiments when speaking at an event where the archbishop of Baltimore blesses the police station.

“I want to thank all our first respondents and frontline workers who continue to serve the city and its people in this great difficulty. We sincerely appreciate you all, “said Young.

For the latest information about Coronavirus, go to Maryland Department of Health website or call 211. You can find all WJZ coverage on coronavirus in Maryland here.


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County-By-County Breakdown As Maryland Reopens – CBS Baltimore | Instant News

ANNAPOLIS (WJZ) – Booking a stay in the state of Maryland will end at 5 pm. on Friday, under Governor Larry Hogan’s orders – but not every state in the state said it was ready to enter the first phase of reopening.

The first phase is reopening Maryland including reopening retail stores with 50 percent capacity, manufacturers can resume operations, personal service such as barbers and hair salons, can be reopened to 50% capacity and only by agreement. Pet hairdressers, animal adoption shelters, car wash and art galleries can be opened.

Churches and religious services can also be opened, with outside services encouraged, but inside services may be permitted at 50 percent or less capacity.

Coronavirus In Maryland: What Is Allowed To Reopen, What Is Closed In Maryland?

Allegany Regency: The regency has not released any information.

Anne Arundel County: District Executive Steuart Pittman tweeted Wednesday night that he would review proposals from district health workers and announce the next steps soon.

Baltimore City: The city will remain under orders to stay at home.

Baltimore County: The county executive is expected to announce a decision on Thursday or within the next 24 hours.

Calvert County: The Calvert Regency Board of Commissioners elects a second extension for the declaration of local emergencies for the county.

Caroline County: The regency has not released any information.

Carroll Regency: The Carroll County Board of Commissioners voted unanimously to follow the state’s new executive order to begin the first phase of the reopening plan.

Cecil Regency: District Executive Alan McCarthy said Cecil County would also be reopened with a phased approach. He will hold a press conference on Facebook Live at 1 pm. on Friday to discuss their initial plans.

Charles County: The regional commissioners will meet at 4:15 tonight. Thursday to discuss the reopening time.

Dorchester County: The regency has not released any information.

Frederick County: District and city leaders announced that they had agreed to “coordinate how and when to implement the proposed changes to the current home stay arrangement,” which includes the cities of Frederick and Brunswick, cities in Burkittsville, Emmitsburg, Middletown, Mount Airy , Myersville, Pasar Baru, Thurmont, Walkersville, and Woodsboro, and Rosemont Village.

In a statement posted shortly before Governor Hogan’s announcement, they said they would evaluate local health data and that any changes would not occur immediately. Further details will be announced on “later date as more information is available,”

Garrett County: The regency has not released any information.

Harford County: They will reopen on Friday at 5 pm. with guidelines in Safer Government Advisors at Hogan’s Home. All citizens are advised to follow the social security and safety measures needed to minimize the spread of COVID-19.

Howard County: The district is holding a Virtual City Hall on Wednesday but has not said anything about specifics for reopening at this time.

Kent County: The regency has not released any information.

Montgomery County: Regency Executive Marc Elrich said he would issue a new order, living in a local home which would come into force on Friday when Governor Hogan had expired.

Prince George Territory: District Executive Angela Alsobrooks issues a stay home bookings for the Prince George Territory until June 1.

Queen Anne Region: The regency has not released any information.

Regency of St. Mary: The regency has not released any information.

Somerset County: The regency has not released any information.

Talbot Regency: Regency reopened in the same guidelines as Governor Hogan for Phase 1.

“Like the governor, I hope this stage will go well and we can quickly open other businesses,” said Talbot District Council President Corey Pack, “But we must continue to take preventative measures to keep our residents, businesses and workers safe. “

Washington County: So far, the county has not given any indication they deviated from the Hogan Government’s Phase 1 plan. The district government Facebook page posted the governor’s update.

Wicomico Regency: The regency has not released any information.

Worcester County: The regency has not released any information.

WJZ is working to get more detail about each region’s decision to reopen or remain closed. Check back for updates to you.

For the latest information about Coronavirus, go to Maryland Department of Health website or call 211. You can find all the WJZ range on coronavirus in Maryland here.


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M&T Bank Will Donate $ 200K To Maryland Food Bank, Regional Capital Food Bank To Help During Coronavirus Pandemic – CBS Baltimore | Instant News

BALTIMORE (WJZ) – M&T Bank will donate $ 200,000 to Maryland Food Bank and Capital Food Food Bank to help them buy and distribute food to those affected by coronavirus outbreaks and related economic crises throughout the Maryland and Washington regions.

M&T has committed to match funds of up to $ 100,000 for each food bank collected during a virtual food drive that benefits both food banks. The virtual food mover for Maryland Food Bank has raised about $ 500,000 with another opportunity to contribute set on May 5 during the global movement Give Tuesday Now.

Capital Area Bank plans to raise at least $ 170,000 during online fundraising on May 5 as well.

“At present, the need for food is only exceeded by the need for health care,” said Augie Chiasera, regional president of M&T for Greater Baltimore. “Because demand is not like anything we’ve seen before, the decision to return to support Maryland Food Bank and its mission to feed those who need help now is an easy thing to do.”

Since 2003, the M&T Bank has donated $ 685,000 – including this latest donation – to the Maryland Food Bank, which serves Eastern Shore, Central Maryland and Western Maryland, the bank said.


Anyone who is interested in contributing to a virtual food drive at Maryland Food Bank make an online donation or the text “HUNGER” to 31996.

Donations for online fundraising for the Regional Food Capital Bank can be made at food bank website.

WJZ is also working with Maryland Food Bank to host an ongoing virtual food drive.

Your online donation will help ensure there is enough food for all your neighbors who need it. Please visit https://mdfoodbank.fenly.org/drive/wjz-virtual-food-drive/ to make a donation.

“M&T ​​takes pride in understanding what is important to the customers, employees and the communities we serve,” said Cecilia Hodges, regional president of M&T for Greater Washington. “We know that providing food for those affected by this crisis is the most important thing facing our community today.”

For the latest information about Coronavirus, go to Maryland Department of Health website or call 211. You can find all the WJZ range on coronavirus in Maryland here.


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Atlantic League opponents come together to help those in need

HIGH POINT, NC – Even though Rocker and Southern Blue Blue Crab won’t face each other this week, the two Atlantic League franchises are looking for other ways to compete while helping those in need. On Friday, May 8, the two teams will hold a full day food drive in each of their home ballparks with all donations for local food shelters strongly influenced by the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Even though we can’t be on the field taking the win at the moment, bringing positivity and good intentions to the community is still our top priority,” said Pete Fisch, President of the new High Point Rocker Team. “We are very pleased to work with Southern Maryland to keep the competitive spirit alive during these unprecedented times and I know that our supporters at High Point and Triad will emerge to help us succeed on May 8!”

After an impressive “victory” opening in which the Rockers donated around 1,200 meals to city emergency officers and frontline medical workers, the team was eager to take their first “road victory” of the season against the Blue Crab. To help with this effort, High Point partnered with local partner Old Dominion Freight Line to raise awareness and donations with all items given to the Salvation Army.

“Food insecurity is a problem in our community and during this health crisis is becoming more concerning,” said Dick Podiak, vice president, marketing and communications for the Old Dominion Freight Line. “Over the years, Old Dominion employees, friends and neighbors have gone up to the plate to collect canned food around the holidays. So, we appreciate Rocker’s creativity for giving back to help the current community when normally we will enjoy the start of the season. “

To ensure that measures to maintain social distance are maintained, certain guidelines will apply to all who wish to donate food items at BB&T Point. Donations will be received from 8 am to 5 pm outside the team’s front office along Gatewood Avenue. Fans will be asked to load their donations behind their vehicles before arriving at BB&T Point, stay in their vehicles while Rockers staff members drop donations, and wear masks while waiting.

“Our fans have supported us for the past 13 years, and it is our duty to support them. We ask everyone in Southern Maryland to come and donate food on May 8, “said Blue Crab General Manager Courtney Knichel.

The Rockers are scheduled to host South Maryland on Thursday, April 30 for their Opening Day in the 2020 season, while Blue Crab will welcome High Point on Friday, May 8 to Regency Furniture Stadium for their first home game of the year. Instead, friendly competitions will feature special “gameday” moments every day such as starting formations, national anthems, pitch promotions, and more.

Although the start of the Atlantic League season is postponed, Rocker still celebrates what will be the Opening Week with various charitable initiatives. On Monday, April 27, the team began selling limited edition “Safe At Home” shirts on their website for pre-orders only. T-shirts will be available for purchase for only $ 20 plus shipping, until May 15 with all net proceeds will benefit the United Way of Greater High Emergency Fund.

Rocker also let fans add to their team’s gear collection because all caps are available at a 30% discount when purchased online using the promo code “CAP30” at checkout. For more information, and to see all events during Rockers “Opening Week #SafeAtHome”, check the team’s social media page or swipe to www.HighPointRockers.com.

About High Point Baseball, Inc

High Point Baseball aka High Point Rocker starts its inaugural season in the Atlantic League in 2019 with their opening home on May 2, in a new ballpark of around 36 million dollars in the center of town called BB&T Point. Boosting the rich history of baseball in North Carolina, High Point Baseball is part of the fastest growing family sport in America. High Point Baseball is committed to providing superior customer service and an affordable and affordable family entertainment experience for the Triad of North Carolina. With seven players whose contracts were purchased and produced Ballpark of the Year 2019 and Mascot of the Year (HYPE, The Rocking Horse), High Point Rockers has built a fun and competitive atmosphere at High Point and the Atlantic League.

About the Atlantic Professional Baseball League (ALPB)

With eight teams in the Central Atlantic and Texas, ALPB is a leader in baseball innovation and a player’s gateway to Major League Baseball. Through its exclusive partnership with MLB, the Atlantic League tested the rules of Major League Baseball and equipment initiatives. The Atlantic League has sent more than 950 players to the MLB organization while attracting more than 42 million fans to an affordable and family-friendly baseball stadium throughout its 23-year history. For more information, please visit www.AtlanticLeague.com.


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Transportation Study Shows Increased Trips Despite Orders Staying At Home – NBC4 Washington | Instant News

A transportation expert at the University of Maryland tracked cell phone trips during COVID-19 and saw an increase in travel between countries after President Trump mentioned reopening several countries.

Lei Zhang, Director of the Maryland Transportation Institute at UMD, noticed that data collected anonymously changed after April 14, when Trump made this announcement.

“Since April 14, we have seen the first decline in all measures and metrics that we use to measure social distance behavior,” Zhang said.

A map of the study shows that most people across the country live in or close to home on Sunday 12 April. But as the week went on, people traveled 25, 30 and more than 35 miles from home.

“This is not a trip to get back to work. This is a trip for non-work purposes, “Zhang said.

The data shows there are many trips in and out of the state, especially in Prince George’s County, county with the most COVID-19 cases in Maryland.

“From our data, the PG district is actually a district in Maryland that receives the most external travel from outside the state and most, what we call, ‘the import case’,” Zhang said.

Prince George’s County executive Angela Alsobrooks said she had not been briefed on this study, but district travel was hypothesized high because 70% of the population worked outside the county.

“When you say, ‘getting out of the country’ is not too difficult to do because Virginia is next door, we have DC next door. We have a large population of important workers,” Alsobrooks said.

Zhang hopes this ongoing study will influence national policy decisions.

“We think this information has a lot of value. It is important for decision makers and the general public to see it, “Zhang said.


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Maryland Has Nearly 1,000 Deaths From COVID-19, More Than 20,000 Cases Reported – CBS Baltimore | Instant News

ANNAPOLIS (WJZ) – There are now more than 20,500 cases of corona virus in Maryland, and more than 950 deaths, according to state figures released Wednesday morning.

According to the state health department, there were 20,849 cases in the state and 985 people had died from the virus and 93 more were reported as possible deaths.

There have been 736 cases added since Tuesday.

Hospitalization continues to increase this week, with 1,645 people being hospitalized, 1,060 in acute care and 585 in intensive care.

Throughout the coronavirus pandemic, 4,402 people had been hospitalized for treatment.

More than 90,000 people have been tested negative for the virus, and 1,361 people have been released from isolation.


The ZIP Code in Prince George’s County, 20783, has the highest number of cases in one region, with 563 cases.

20783, 563 cases, Prince George
20906, 403 cases, Montgomery
20904, 365 cases, Montgomery
20706, 362 cases, Prince George
21215, 346 cases, Baltimore / Baltimore City

Here are details of cases (and deaths) by county:

Allegany: 116 (6)
Anne Arundel: 1,662, (75) 8 *
City of Balt: 2,014, (94) 7 *
Balt County: 2,740, (104) 14 *
Calvert: 142, (8)
Caroline: 69
Carroll: 421, (45)
Cecil: 164, (8)
Charles: 551, (41) 1 *
Dorchester: 51, (2)
Frederick: 893, (45) 6 *
Garrett: 4
Harford: 371, (6) 7 *
Howard: 831, (18) 1 *
Kent: 73, (4)
MoCo: 4,152, (218) 24 *
PG: 5,738, (213) 11 *
QA: 55, (4)
St. Mary’s: 145, (7) 1 *
Somerset: 21
Talbot: 34, (1)
Washing: 197, (3)
Wicomico: 350, (7)
Worcester: 55 (2)
Data not available: (74) 13 *

The following is a breakdown of cases (and deaths) by age:

0-9: 256
10-19: 539
20-29: 2,393 (7)
30-39: 3,511 (14) 1 *
40-49: 3,696 (24) 2 *
50-59: 3,792 (65) 7 *
60-69: 2,927 (152) 11 *
70-79: 2,035 (234) 12 *
80+: 1,700 (413) 49 *
Data not available: (76) 11 *

Following are details of cases based on race (death) in all states:

African-American (NH): 7,615 (404) 27 *
Asia (NH): 434, (36) 3 *
White (NH): 4,808, (390) 49 *
Hispanic: 3,473 (64) 3 *
Other (NH): 747, (17)
Data not available: 3,772, (74) 11 *

The following is a breakdown of cases (and deaths) by sex:

Female: 11,130 (483) 52 *
Male: 9,719 (502) 41 *

For the latest information about Coronavirus, go to Maryland Department of Health website or call 211. You can find all WJZ coverage on coronavirus in Maryland here.


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Hogan: Countries ‘won’t be able to just flip a switch’ | Emergency Notification | Instant News

ANNAPOLIS – For 40 days, it’s about leveling the curve and taking unprecedented action to defeat the corona virus, Governor Larry Hogan said at a press conference Friday, April 24.

Despite the success in the state, the number of new cases has increased, and with federal standards instituted last week, the state has not been able to lift restrictions on living at home, Hogan said.

With the arrival of half a million tests received through Operation Enduring Friendship, “an extraordinary mission for the people of Maryland” between South Korea and the state, said Hogan, dramatically increased testing will result in more positive cases being reported. The numbers are highest in nursing homes, he said, where populations are most vulnerable and significant resources are directed to help control the spread.

With Marylanders ready to be reopened by the state, Hogan said he hoped the recovery could begin in early May; However, he cautioned, there needs to be a trend of key numbers – including the number of patients being treated at the hospital and the number of patients being treated in intensive care units.

“When we start seeing a decline in numbers and / or plateaus, we will consider lifting restrictions on staying at home,” he said.

Hogan said the country continued to make progress, increasing the supply of personal protective equipment for critical front line workers and strongly tracking contact cases, to be in the best position when it was time to start reopening the country.

The Governor outlines three phases for recovery.

The first phase will include lifting fixed orders at home, reopening small businesses and allowing for certain outdoor activities, such as tennis, golf, boating, outdoor religious activities and, for certain hospitals with fewer patients, elective procedures.

Fourteen days without a spike in death or the spread of community will allow the start of the second phase, Hogan said.

Phase II of the recovery will provide recommendations for larger businesses to open and nonessential workers who cannot work to be allowed to report to the workplace. There will also be provisions for indoor social gatherings with limits on the number of people allowed to gather and the potential to open restaurants and bars.

Hogan said he anticipated Phase II to last longer than Phase I but indicated that the right time was a “moving target”.

The third and final phase, said Hogan, will discuss larger events, places and reduce restrictions in hospitals and finally nursing homes.

“Every stage needs to be done in a safe and gradual manner,” Hogan said, and if not done in this way, cases will reappear.

As “a small businessman for life,” Hogan said after ensuring the safety and health of Maryland residents, his entire focus was on the economy and small business – getting people back to work, small businesses returning to open and the economy back on track.

“We do everything we can to do it safely and as quickly as possible,” he said.

In making plans for business and industry to reopen, Hogan said that he had gathered 15 advisory groups consisting of small businesses, the restaurant industry, construction and trade, non-profit organizations and faith-based organizations that, in addition to the Coronavirus Recovery Team, would advise and guide real-time decisions to help determine how best this business can be reopened while keeping employees and customers safe.

Trade Secretary Kelly Schulz said the tourism industry was hit hard and was the first advisory group formed. Schulz said they had also received 230 applications from Maryland manufacturing companies to help produce PPE and 15 grants had been approved so far.

“We have to hope that there will be new safety measures (for business) that are implemented as we move forward,” Schulz said.

Maryland will recover, but that will require teamwork from the government and the business community, he said.

Hogan also discussed the fall of the state unemployment website on the morning of Friday, April 24. The site has added features that are not available online.

The contractor in charge of the new site did not plan for a high volume of site traffic, but worked “diligently” to improve the platform and make it back soon afterwards, Hogan said. New claims – 15,000 of them – can still be filed, he said.

“We will not be able to flip the switch. Life will not return to normal soon,” Hogan said.

Until the vaccine is developed, life will be significantly different, especially for those who are older and vulnerable to Maryland, he said, encouraging continued practice of physical distance.

“Together we will defeat this deadly virus, and together the state of Maryland will be better and stronger than before,” Hogan said.


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Governor Larry Hogan discussed the reopening strategy; Superintendent Salmon extends school closure to May 15 | Country | Instant News

ELKTON – Because of aggressive initial tactics from Maryland and the state government, Governor Larry Hogan is looking for ways to immediately reopen the country “as soon as it’s safe to do so,” he told a news conference Friday afternoon.

Governor Hogan is working with Virginia Governors Ralph Northam and Muriel Bowser on a recovery plan for the region.

After weeks of consulting with the Coronavirus Response Team, a road map to reopen the country will be released next week. The recovery plan is based on four building blocks: 1) Expanding testing capacity; 2) Increase hospital surge capacity; 3) Increase PPE supply; and 4) Establish a strong contact tracking operation.

Maryland has surpassed 11,500 confirmed cases of Coronavirus, with more than 21,500 in the Capital region. This week, the state saw the deadliest period with the total number of deaths increasing to 818 people in the region – with 425 being Maryland residents.

However, there is good news this week. The number of cases of recovery in the state has increased by 22 percent this week.

“I want to restore our economy and everything is opened as soon as possible, as is everyone,” Hogan said. “But we also have to do it in a safe way … Our numbers will increase. So, no matter who you talk to, now is not the time to open everything up.”

Hogan thanked President Donald Trump and US Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin for having committed to additional assistance and additional funding for countries through the CARES Act.

However, countries can still expect income shortages. Hogan, along with other governors, has called for stimulus funds to ensure that “much needed services” will not be lost during the global pandemic.

“It will also make it more difficult for us to have an economic recovery – which is a top priority for the president and for all American governors,” Hogan said, without federal assistance to the state government.

“Now is not the time for partisan politics. We ask the president’s leadership to weigh in and to break the deadlock in the US Senate, so we can resolve this for the American people.”

The governor’s response team is reviewing the guidelines and recommendations Trump announced last night. This includes a three-phase plan to reopen state and federal economies. However, before the country can begin a “comeback” in stages – as stated on the White House website – there is a list of criteria that must be met. This includes trajectories of 14 days and below of confirmed cases.

Hogan, despite looking for hospital intake numbers, ICU rates and number of deaths within the 14 day requirement. Access to COVID-19 testing kits has increased dramatically (5,000 percent) in a month, so an increase in confirmed cases is expected.

Open funds for business

Small and non-profit businesses in Maryland have seen millions of dollars in grants and loans aimed at helping pay wages, maintaining operating costs and other shortcomings these organizations might face during the global pandemic.

One program is $ 5 million to provide Maryland producers with incentives to increase PPE production and other supplies to meet the needs of current medical staff. So far, three businesses have been awarded these funds doing their part during the uncharted period. These businesses are DVF Corp in Washington County, Awesome Labs Ninja in Baltimore City and NRL & Associates in Queen Anne’s County.

The Maryland Department of Labor also works on a “one-stop-shop” for app claims to better assist residents and reduce call waiting times.

Schools adapt to online learning

State Department of Education Superintendent Karen Salmon, extends schooling until May 15.

“We have to go through all four of them … before we can think about reopening,” Salmon said.

The decision to close schools was made after deliberations with the State Board of Education, as well as public health officials.

“We will use this time to examine each option and continue to develop long-term plans for recovery,” Salmon said.

The school will undergo a comprehensive service assessment, schedule and learning service and submit a sustainability plan for recovery.


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