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People like to find comfort when the private Catholic Mass continues | Instant News

NORTHAMPTON – The private Mass began over the weekend at Catholic churches across the Pioneer Valley, after being detained for more than two months to stop the spread of COVID-19. And for Arleen Murnane, from Florence, taking communion again is “truly life-giving.”

“Returning is truly indescribable,” said Murnane.

Murnane serves as a counter for Sunday mass at 8 am in the Church of the Sacred Heart, part of the Parish of St. Elizabeth Ann Seton in Northampton. A little less than three dozen people gathered in the church for the service, the first of two at the Sacred Heart that day.

The synagogue was among the businesses included in the first phase of the reopening of Governor Charlie Baker on May 18, with those in the Roman Catholic Diocese in Springfield getting the green light from the church to continue their personal mass at 4 pm. on Saturday. Bishop Mitchell T. Rozanski ordered all churches in the diocese to close in March to prevent the spread of coronavirus. Springfield diocese serves the counties of Berkshire, Franklin, Hampden and Hampshire.

Father Francis Reilly, pastor of St. Parish Elizabeth Ann Seton, said that about 50 people came to the first Mass at the Sacred Heart. Speaking after the first Sunday service, Reilly said the process had proceeded smoothly and expressed satisfaction when seeing people return to church.

“The blood returned to the body,” said Reilly.

A priest at the age of 40, he said that seeing people returning to church was “like a husband who sees his wife returning.”

The bishop has extended his dispensation from the obligation to attend Sunday Mass, although prospective church visitors are encouraged to say the rosary or watch the Mass remotely if they are not present in person.

Reilly said people who feel they are vulnerable to coronavirus must stay at home.

“We don’t want to do anything to endanger your health,” he said.

Security protocol already exists

Last week, Rozanski was expelled directives to reopen, which states that the parish will be allowed to continue public Mass on Saturday “only if they have given written assurance to the bishop’s office that they have fulfilled all state, city and diocesan guidelines, and received a response giving permission to continue” and noted that some parishes require more time to reopen. Among the guidelines and restrictions strengthened, along with wearing masks and social distance: there was no “peace sign,” there was no fellowship with the trophy (only fellowship at hand), and the direction that the Holy Water fonts must remain blank and closed. .

Sunday Mass at the Sacred Heart features many salvation protocols. Those present at church wear masks and wear hand sanitizers when they enter through doors that remain open throughout the service. Participants who did not come together sat at least 6 feet apart and were taken to their seats by officers. Communion is distributed at the end of the Mass, when people leave.

These steps were carried out in Our Lady of the Valley Parish in Easthampton, although the fellowship was distributed there at a regular point in the ministry; to ensure social distance, billiard noodles along the 6 feet are placed on the bench.

“It’s a little bit unreal with all the security measures that apply,” said Tom Brown, who attended mass at 8:30 a.m. church.

However, Brown, who went to church for Mass every Sunday before the pandemic struck, said that attending Mass again in person “felt very good.”

“It feels like visiting a family member after a long trip,” Brown said.

Over the past few months while personal services have been suspended, both St. Elizabeth Ann Seton and Our Lady of the Valley have served parishioners through their streaming services. Ps. Douglas McGonagle, pastor of Our Lady of the Parish Valley, also noted that Our Lady of the Valley has been providing video services for public access television for years.

“They are happy to be back,” McGonagle said. “These are parishioners who attend daily Mass.”

One congregation at the morning Mass in Northampton on Sunday who was not a church visitor before the pandemic was a resident of the city of Mark Anthony Andre, who said, “That’s where I have to be.”

Andre said that he felt compelled to enter the church when he walked past the day before and saw people outside.

“I have to go in, I need it,” Andre said. “And then I’m back here today.”

Ps. Parish vicar, parish vicar in St. Parish Elizabeth Ann Seton, heard the confession under the birch tree in the parking lot of the Church of the Sacred Heart before the Mass on Saturday. Norman will celebrate his first year as pastor next month. Before becoming a priest, he worked as a nurse for around 20 years.

“I feel God moving me from the call to care for the body to the call to care for the soul,” Norman said. “They are very connected.”

Norman said that the security protocol applied to private Masses made him feel as though his old career “had come into force.”

“It’s not new for me to wear a mask and to practice the infectious disease protocol,” he said.

However, he said, the current crisis is not something the church has prepared.

“They don’t teach you how to handle a pandemic in seminary,” he said.

Norman said he had spoken with friends at his former job who had seen much destruction due to the pandemic, especially in nursing homes.

“This is a mixture of gratitude for being here, but the desire to be there and be with the most vulnerable,” he said.

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Stop the public crowd so they don’t grow into the masses | Instant News

The Corona crisis has pushed the city government to its limits. The complicated part of this art is dealing with people and stopping them from growing into the masses.

Public gatherings are a high-risk place for the spread of a pandemic and the threat is not limited to participants of this meeting because the disease moves from human to human.

Community mobilization is the key to saving lives in such a scenario, and this work is well done by local public representatives. Islamabad is fortunate to have its local representatives, but unfortunately they are like wolves led by wolves. City councilors and deputy mayors have been active in creating awareness among the masses and protecting human life, but the mayor is very conspicuous by his absence. It seems that the only relevance to city affairs is off and on contention with city managers to obtain funds and authority.

“However, we involve political parties and religious leaders for community mobilization because protecting people is a top priority,” Chief Commissioner Amer Ahmed Ali (AAA) told News The News’ when talking about how the city government controls public meetings.

He said, “We have been involved with the local population and with public representatives of Islamabad to resolve this situation.” He said, “At all levels of district administration, from AC to DC and even chief commissioners, regular meetings are held with ‘ulama’, traders and social groups etc.”

“Yes there was a remarkable increase in workload due to this pandemic but then there was a sense of responsibility and self-accountability,” he said.

Regarding maintaining religious rituals such as prayer and processions, he said the basic principle followed by the administration of ICT is to ensure that all officers are accessible and available to the masses.

All air conditioners are present during the food and vegetable auction, which takes place in the early hours of the morning. “We are connected to WhatsApp and monitor the situation endlessly,” he said.

“People often question how our Panahgah system has worked effectively. The answer is the content of the attendance of my attendants at meal times. We maintain this facility carefully and are unrivaled anywhere in the country. I personally visited and monitored Panahgah affairs and no allowances were tolerated in this account, “he said.

He said in addition to creating a Whatsapp group for all administrative officers, he also has made an application to keep everything running.

He said the price control system had also been digitized and the number of complaints had been reduced.

Deputy Commissioner Muhammad Hamza Shafqaat said ‘The News’ that the city government had involved Corona Tigers, civic groups, traders and politicians etc. in creating awareness among the public about this disease.

Each and everyone gathers together to protect Islamabad but the person who should lead it – the mayor of the city. Prof. Tahir Malik, who is active in community mobilization, said there are restrictions on city administration because they cannot get the role of elected people. He said AC and DC were respected when they served the public but the public could turn against them if they pushed points a little harder. Community mobilization at this time is the responsibility of public representatives and the city mayor can understand that they do not need funds or authority to do so, said Prof. Malik, because all that is needed is a sense of responsibility.


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Coronavirus: German Churches open doors again News | DW | Instant News

After spending Easter in confinement, a number of Christians flocked to church services throughout Germany on Sunday when authorities loosened restrictions on religious services.

Last week, the German federal government announced its decision to suspend authority on measures to curb the new corona virus pandemic to the country. As such, some countries have restarted religious services, albeit with certain measures in force.

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“The service was like a new beginning, it was very touching,” Susanne Romberg told AFP news agency when she left the Berlin Cathedral, which had held its first mass since the locking act took effect.

For many of those attending Sunday services, the difference compared to a few months ago was very clear because of restrictions including no singing, mandatory face masks and attendance registration.

‘Community Experience’

German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier commented on the “good” feeling he had when he joined the faithful in the Church of St. Mary in Berlin.

“The experience of this community fills people with confidence and strength, even in special conditions such as wearing face masks and gathering in smaller circles,” Steinmeier said.

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German Chancellor Angela Merkel said on Wednesday that the country had completed a “first phase” of the pandemic. However, he warned that the federal government and state authorities had approved “emergency brakes” if there was a significant increase in infection rates.

Earlier on Sunday, the Robert Koch Institute said infection rates had risen to 1.1 from last week’s low of 0.65. An infection rate above 1.0 means more people are infected with the deadly pathogen than those who already have it.

Although Germany has one of the highest number of infections in the world, it has managed to keep its death rate relatively low. German authorities have reported more than 171,000 confirmed cases and 7,500 deaths.

ls / rc (AFP, dpa)

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Bishop: Public Masses begin immediately in SC, but with restrictions Corona virus | Instant News

CHARLESTON, S.C. (FOX Carolina) – The Catholic Diocese of Charleston says Mass will soon resume throughout the state, but there will be restrictions.

Bishop Robert E. Guglielmone said in a statement Saturday that the daily Mass will resume on Monday, May 11, and local pastors will develop a plan for how their parish will operate amid the COVID-19 outbreak. Guglielmone said the plan would be developed based on recommendations from the CDC and DHEC, along with mandates from the state government and recommendations from other dioceses who had restarted the Mass. The plan will be sent to the diocesan leadership for approval and will be communicated to parishioners no later than May 10.

Guglielmone said that dispensation would still be given to those who were uncomfortable attending the weekend Mass together with those at high risk. The Livestreaming Mass will continue in various parishes and the Chapel of the Holy Family in Charleston until further notice.

“A time far from the sacrament, including the Lord’s Supper, has been painful for the faithful in the diocese,” he said. “We feel now is the time to slowly reopen our parish and at the same time take the steps necessary to maintain the health of parishioners and priests.”

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Nurses urged the masses to ensure precautions against COVID-19 | Instant News

KARACHI – Nurses and paramedics from various hospitals in the city at a press conference here on Monday called on residents to look after themselves and all their family members, especially seniors and children, indoors to minimize the possibility of spreading coronavirus in the environment local.

Registering their concerns about a steady increase in the number of positive COVID-19 cases in Karachi, they warned that there was no treatment for the condition and prevention was the only safe choice for the general public so that some people’s ignorance of voluntary distance was feared would trigger severe scenario.

“Nations and countries that have been able to control this global pandemic only through strict adherence to necessary preventive measures,” said Ms. Khairunisa, Controller, Sindh Care School Examination Board.

Uroosa Lakhani said that there was already a significant shortage of nurses in the country, said nurses, paramedics and midwives were also at the forefront of fighting the ongoing battle and were fully aware of the reality on the ground.

“If God forbids the number of positive cases continues to increase, we will not be in a position to handle this situation,” he reminded mentioning the difficulties they must face in providing care to affected patients.

“It is our professional duty to care for them, but I must tell you that our experience is traumatic,” Lakhani said urging those who have not yet realized the intensity of the wearing situation for only a short period of protective equipment and shipping.


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