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Australian Football expands the rebel partnership as Westfield Matildas prepares for Germany | Instant News

Football Australia is proud to announce that it has signed an expanded and extended multi-year partnership with Rebels, Australia’s largest sports retailer, to support the growth of women’s and grassroots football across the country.

With Westfield Matildas currently in Europe preparing to play international friendlies against Germany and the Netherlands this month, the rebels have signed a contract to become official partners of Football Australia and Westfield Matildas until 2024.

This partnership is in line with the rebel’s core business of encouraging Australians to lead a healthy and active lifestyle through the sport they enjoy most and supports Football Australia’s mission to achieve gender equality in football participation by 2027.

As part of the partnership, Football Australia and the rebels will align initiatives aimed at encouraging and inspiring women to play soccer, as Football Australia seeks to win over 400,000 new female entrants over the next six years.

Play Football 2021 slim banner

Using the ‘Sport is Calling’ platform, the rebels will encourage women and girls to unlock the health and social benefits of wearing a pair of football boots for the first time, while also inspiring ambitious players to achieve their best by highlighting Westfield Matildas’ training regime.

The partnership, which extends to Football Australia’s MiniRoos program, will also include a content strategy aimed at bringing football fans and rebel subscribers closer to the action, and will offer exclusive, no-money-buying opportunities for active rebel members.

Rebel Customer & Marketing General Manager, Jennifer Gulliver, said: “The rebels are passionate about supporting women’s sports and women’s football and sponsoring Australia’s most beloved team at Westfield Matildas is something the entire organization supports. We can’t wait to inspire the next generation of girls in the years to come, and maybe help some people fulfill their dreams of becoming the future Westfield Matilda. “

Matildas won the Cup of Nations in melbourne

The rebel managing director, Gary Williams, added: “In just two days, Westfield Matildas will return to international action for the first time since March 2020, which will inspire thousands of girls and boys across the Australian football family who are getting ready. to play this game at community and grassroots levels throughout 2021. This unique time only adds to our passion for continuing to support football in Australia. “

“With our ‘Sport is Calling’ mantra, the rebels are committed to increasing sporting participation across the country, and this partnership with Football Australia will open up exciting opportunities and offers for rebel football fans via online, in-store and in-stage experiences. “

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Football Australia’s Chief Executive Officer, James Johnson, is delighted to have the continued support of the rebels, a company with a significant national footprint.

We are delighted to have another corporate partner for Football Australia who believes in our long-term vision for the sport, including the enormous potential that exists in the women’s and community space, ”said Johnson.

“Rebels have been long-term football partners in Australia, and as Australia’s largest sports retailer, are well positioned to help football produce positive results across the country. As the national governing body, Football Australia seeks to work with organizations that will proactively help us increase the growth of football. “

MiniRoos player

Fans can keep up with the latest developments with exclusive rebel football offers and content through @rebelfootball Instagram account.

To celebrate the partnership, and the upcoming Westfield Matildas games in Germany and the Netherlands, the rebels are encouraging fans to support the green and gold game and join #thehomeoffootball.

Australia’s matches against Germany and the Netherlands will be broadcast live in Australia on FOX SPORTS, Kayo, ABC TV and My Football Live App.

Germany v Westfield Matildas

Sunday, April 11, 2021
Venue: Brita-Arena Wiesbaden, Wiesbaden
Kick Off: 12:05 (AEST)
Broadcast: Live on FOX SPORTS, Kayo, ABC TV and the My Football Live App

Please note that all dates & times listed are AEST. Kick-off in Germany on Saturday, April 10, 2021 at 16.05 local time.

The Netherlands v Westfield Matildas

Wednesday, April 14, 2021
Venue: NEC Stadium, Nijmegen
Kick Off: 2:30 am (AEST)
Broadcast: Live on FOX SPORTS, Kayo, ABC TV and the My Football Live App

Please note that all dates & times listed are AEST. Kick-off in the Netherlands will take place on Tuesday, April 13, 2021 at 18.30 local time.

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Matildas locks in first games in more than a year against Germany and the Netherlands | Soccer | Instant News

Debuting doesn’t get any more difficult than playing twice in the world and being the reigning Olympic champion, but it’s a new challenge to face. Matildas coach Tony Gustavsson after Football Australia announced a match against Germany next month.

The match in Wiesbaden on April 11 will be the first time Gustavsson has had the chance to exercise power over his team since taking control of the national team in September last year – and the first time Matildas has played in more than 12 months.

Australia will then meet the Netherlands – World Cup runners-up and fourth-placed FIFA – three days later in Nijmegen to finalize their international window schedule.

The last time Australia took to the field was in a 2-1 win over Vietnam last March which confirmed Olympic qualification, and the looming test against Germany, currently ranked second in the world, will be well-prepared for the Tokyo Olympics starting in July. .

Gustavsson will be joined in the dugout by Mel Andreatta, who will also make his debut as an assistant in a new coaching look, and the Swede said he was finally gathering his squad after the disruption caused by the Covid-19 pandemic – and the caliber of the opposition – was stimulating ahead of the Olympics.

“To secure two world-class opponents for April shows the level of respect Matildas has earned over the years and the federation’s commitment to ensuring we have quality preparation,” said Gustavsson.

“This match will be an important test for us as a team that wants to build towards Tokyo 2020 Olympic games but also the opportunity to judge players at multiple levels.

“With the quality that is in their teams, Germany and the Netherlands will challenge us both in attack and defense. However, the coaching staff and I are eager to see what we can learn about our team and set the platform for the coming months. “

“Testing ourselves early is important to our progress as a team and this international football schedule provides an opportunity to see how we can plan our way forward so that we are better prepared before Tokyo.”

Australia and Germany last met at the 2016 Olympics in Rio, where the points were shared thrilling 2-2 draw that Matilda was considered unlucky because she didn’t win. One of the scorers of the day in Sao Paulo – in the form of Sam Kerr – will be expected to lead the team in April, but players based in Australia will not be eligible to be selected in the squad for the two-match tour, due to Covid’s safety protocols.

Matildas has not met the Netherlands since suffering a 3-0 defeat in the run-up to the 2019 World Cup. The two matches will be Australia’s last games before they learn of their fate in the draw for the Tokyo Olympics in Zurich on April 21.


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WATCH: Westfield Matildas React – Australia v China edition | Instant News

12 months after Australia’s famous Olympic qualifier against China, the four Westfield Matildas involved in Emily van Egmond’s decisive equalizer managed to relive the emotions of the evening from start to finish.

You watched the hilarious reactions of Kyah Simon, Chloe Logarzo, Steph Catley and van Egmond in the players above.

Or, read on to gather specific insights into everything that was on a player’s mind as those dramatic 90 (+3) minutes took place.

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Reliving Westfield Matildas versus China PR: The Moment

1st minutes: begins at Bankwest Stadium.

Steph: “During the match, it felt like the crowd was so loud even though it wasn’t the biggest audience we had. I just remember that everyone was being so tough I don’t know why.”

Chloe: “Is this the game Hayley (Raso) broke his nose? The memories are flooding back now!”

Westfield Matildas vs. China in the Bankwest

8th minutes: China’s first big chance. A back post header from Wang Shanshan flickered just wide of the target.

Kyah: “There were moments that were shaky for sure.”

Steph: “Ellie (Carpenter) risked her body there!”

24th minutes: A superb save from China goalkeeper Peng Shimeng denies Elise Kellond-Knight’s powerful free kick.

Kyah: “Is this our best chance in the first half?”

34th minutes: A Chinese corner leads into a chaotic sequence in the Australian penalty area which sees the intercepted clearance nearly veer behind the net.

Kyah: “We definitely played with fire in the first half.”

Chloe: “I certainly don’t remember many of these opportunities,” another replied, “oh, we know!”

45th minutes: Wood! A superb long-range shot from Wang Shanshan grabbed the crossbar and flew to safety.

Emily: “Lydia (Williams) might wake up and start yelling at other people, ‘what are you doing?”

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LISTEN: ‘We not only inspire one generation but unite the nation’ | Tony Gustavsson | Westfield Matildas Podcast

Westfield Matildas vs. China in the Bankwest

65th minutes: China’s counterattack is dangerous but Li Ying fires his shot over the bar.

Kyah: “During the match, do you guys think about what happens if we lose?”

Emily: “Yes, I am 100%.”

Steph: “Yes, of course, I know it will be very difficult for us if they win this match. Going into the game we thought they would be very tired but they were running all day!”

Chloe “Absolutely not! I just remember this game being so hard and so tired afterwards.”

71st minutes: Kyah Simon, just off the bench, breaks through the right flank and crosses over but Emily van Egmond and Sam Kerr are thwarted by a desperate Chinese defense.

Kyah: “I think this is my first touch in the game.”

Chloe: “I feel like when you (Kyah) came, it made the biggest difference. I really remember you coming and it was like a breath of fresh air because I was so tired and you brought so much energy.”

Kyah: “Watching you guys in the first half, I could see the intensity and how hard you guys fought and I obviously can’t wait to get out of there.”

78th minutes: Lydia Williams makes a powerful save to deny Tang Jiali down the right before a vital block from Steph Catley prevents China from scoring the rebound. Commenter Simon Hill commented, ‘how can Australia survive that one?’

Emily: “For me, this is the reason why we really got through: Steph’s block here. I remember thinking in the game ‘it’s really big’.”

Chinese catley

86th minutes: Breakthrough. Tang Jiali stabbed a dagger into Australia’s heart with a powerful left footed kick into the bottom right corner. But the reaction of our Westfield Matildas is not one for despair!

Chloe: “I don’t know about anyone but when the goal came I felt that we still wouldn’t lose.”

Kyah: “I have the same feeling with you, I always felt that even though they scored goals, I still believed we would get something out of the game. I feel like little things are going our way like I never thought before in big games. I’ve always believed ‘we’ll find something here, I don’t know what minute it will come, but we’ll find it at some point …’

Steph: “When we conceded, at that moment my mind was on ‘what if we go to Korea’, but when we started, something changed. I think that (China’s goal) pushed us into action, we started to do well and created more chances and they also withdrew.

I also felt that we were going to score goals, as soon as we started, I thought ‘we are here’.


92nd minutes: Famous moment. Catley crosses into the area taken by Logarzo, who fights his defender and ends up throwing the ball into Simon’s path. Time seems to stop as Simon holds the ball in a crowd of Chinese defenders …

Kyah: “You (Catley) got it again and we were like, ‘we just got the number in the box for you’ and you put it in the mixer. Chloe is fighting the world, like fighting!”

“When this happened, I didn’t know Chloe was at Wrestlemania until I watched the replay, and I saw it was like I was holding a player.

Then what was on my mind at that time was I just saw a red shirt in front of me. I thought if I touched these balls they would just come over to me. So I let it roll over to me waiting for something to open up. Then I saw Em, in the corner of my eye.

“Then I felt the time slowing down for me at that point because Em didn’t call the ball or give the fact that he was there, I could only see that he was ready if I gave it to him.”

Simon finally got the ball into Emily van Egmond on the edge of the area … and the rest is history.

Emily: “When you (Kyah) first got it, I was like, ‘he might be filming here’. So I’m just going to see if anyone will bounce all the red shirts.

But then it’s like when you start letting the ball roll more towards you and I’m like, ‘actually, he’s looking for the pass.’ So when I saw him, I just reset a few yards just to be able to hit him sweetly. ”

Kyah: “Then I put a little poke on the toe and he hit it really sweet and when I was sorting the ball behind the neck it was fun. I don’t know if you guys remember how loud the crowd was, it honestly sounded like 50,000 people in this stadium, I can’t believe it! ”

Steph: “I knew when you pressed it that it would come in. That’s just one thing you can say as soon as it comes in. We had some really good moments with our team, but this, something about it was epic.”

Westfield Matildas vs. China in the Bankwest

Chloe: “Every time I see this, all I can imagine is when everyone piles up on Em and I’m probably one of the last people to love to jump, you (Emily) are at the bottom of the pile and I’ve never seen anyone in my whole life so petrified. You were there like ‘down, down!’

Emily: “I can’t breathe! I’ve scored goals, that’s good; I was happy but then everyone noticed me and I started to become very tight and scared.

Kyah: “When you look and see how we all celebrate it, like we all jump on it and in two seconds everyone wakes up as fast as they can, that’s the funniest thing! ”

Westfield Matildas vs. China in the Bankwest

Full-round: The final whistle sparked scenes of excitement across the stadium as Westfield Matildas secured top spot in their Olympic Qualifying group and advanced to the two-legged playoff against Vietnam for a place in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics Women’s Football Tournament.

In the following weeks, Australia will seal qualification with a comfortable 7-1 aggregate win.

Kyah: “I feel like in a lot of games we have been under pressure before and some of the results went our way but some didn’t. We used the energy in the stadium to support us and just the feeling that something was coming.

Then how it happened with that attack, it was one of the best moments I’ve felt we’ve had as a team. With our Olympic dreams at stake, it’s just incredible. It still gives me goosebumps.

“It’s crazy to think that it’s been a long time and what’s happening between now and then. But if it’s the last feelings and memories we have together as a team or one of them, it makes me even more excited to get back together and to continue to train together and play games together towards the Olympics. We can’t wait. ”

You can watch the full Matildas React episode in the player above. Click here to read compelling insights from the viewpoints of commentator Simon Hill, Team Manager Vito Basile and Active supporter Matildas Bekki Spratford.


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Australian Football congratulates Sam Kerr on the England Young Achiever Award | Instant News

Football Australia today congratulates Westfield forward Matildas Sam Kerr on being recognized by the Australia Day Foundation UK as the 2021 Young Achiever of the Year in England.

Kerr, who plays in club football for Chelsea FC in the FA Women’s Super League, was named the winner of the award during a virtual ceremony held overnight.

Kerr is the 17th Young Achiever of the Year winner in England and becomes the second footballer to receive the award after Socceroos great Harry Kewell received the inaugural award in 2005.

The Young Achiever of the Year in the UK recognizes the achievements of a young Australian in the UK who has excelled in any field of business, and being recognized with this award, Kerr joins the list of outstanding Australians from a wide variety of fields including sport, science, medicine, theater, comedy, music, dance, entrepreneurship, and fundraising have been recognized with these awards.

The Chief Executive Officer of Football Australia, James Johnson, said the Australian football family should be proud of Kerr’s contribution to English football since his arrival at Chelsea FC.

“Sam has been strong for Chelsea FC since his arrival at the club and as one of the best footballers in the world, immediately raised the profile of club and league. We congratulate him on being recognized as a young Australian leader who has contributed positively to his sport, and society, in the United Kingdom. Sam is a fantastic ambassador for women’s football, in Australia and globally, and we are very proud that he shows Australian football on the world stage.

“He was also part of the Westfield Matildas team which is quickly establishing a reputation of its own. Australian Football, goes hand in hand Principle XI for the future of Australian football, is committed to supporting Westfield Matildas to the next phase of its evolution, especially ahead of the 2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup ™ where the team will have the opportunity to test itself against the world’s best at home in front of family and friends, ”said Johnson.

Kerr has scored seven goals so far this FA Women’s Super League season to sit third on the competition’s scorers list. Goals and play in general have helped propel the Blues to first place in the WSL FA standings after the first ten rounds of their season.

Sam Kerr celebrates Chelsea hat-trick

These accolades add to Kerr’s excellent and growing resume on and off the pitch, which also included being awarded the Young Australian of the Year award in 2018.

Kerr, whose Chelsea FC side play Bristol City on Monday morning (AEDT), said he was humbled to have been recognized with the award.

“It is humbling to be recognized with the previous winners of this award, who come from various backgrounds and who have all made great contributions to various areas of society,” said Kerr.

“The great Socceroos Harry Kewell was the first recipient of this award in 2005, so it is a great honor for me to be recognized for my efforts in English football, as was Harry 16 years ago.”

The Australian Generation – The Kerrs


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