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McDonald’s Announces 23 Houston Nominations for All American Games | Instant News

HOUSTON, TX – Today is a celebration basketball – the game, its players and their journey to greatness – as McDonald’s announces that local Houston residents are among the top basketball talents nominated for the 44th annual McDonald’s All American Games team.

The list of more than 700 top high school girls and boys from around the country admits 23 players from Houston, Texas – 18 girls and 5 boys.

The local players nominated for the final list of the McDonald’s All American Games 2021 are:

Joshua Fanuiel, Fort Bend Elkins Middle School, City of Missouri
Jaden Jones, Dasche Spartans Homeschool, Cedar Hill
Noah Kon, Houston Christian Middle School, Houston
Edgar Romero, Strake Jesuit Preparatory School, Houston
Kaleb Stewart, Atascocita High School, Humble
Raven Adams, Ridge Point Middle School, City of Missouri
Gia Adams, Jersey Village Middle School, Houston
Amani Bartlett, Houston Christian Middle School, Houston
Alexis Clayborne, Clear Falls Middle School, League City
Aleighyah Fontenot, Ridge Point Middle School, City of Missouri
Trinity Garrett, Smithson Valley Middle School, Spring Branch
Tori Garza, New Caney Middle School, New Caney
Payton Gorgan, Westside Middle School, Houston
Rori Harmon, Cypress Creek Middle School, Houston
Kyndall Hunter, Cypress Creek Middle School, Houston
Jada Malone, Village School, Houston
Adaora Nwokeji, Summer Creek Middle School, Houston
Briana Peguero, Jersey Village Middle School, Houston
Kaley Perkins, Langham Creek Middle School, Houston
Shanna Petty, Westside Middle School, Houston
Crystal Smith, OD Tompkins Middle School, Katy
Bre’yon White, Shadow Creek Middle School, Pearland
Kaiya Wynn, Foster High School, Richmond

In keeping with the storied tradition, the final roster of a team of 48 players will be mentioned later this month. But, like the athletes’ senior year season, commemorating these players will look different this year because of COVID-19. McDonald’s made the tough decision to give up Face-to-face Games after consulting health and safety experts and will honor the 2021 class through a virtual celebration. This decision was made to protect the health and safety of student athletes, their families, and event staff. However, being named a McDonald’s All American is more than just a game; this is a once-in-a-lifetime achievement for high school students.

McDonald’s is committed to giving outstanding student-athletes named to the final team the recognition they deserve for their accomplishments and dedication to the game of basketball. Regardless of the circumstances of the 2021 Olympics, they are legends and will be All Americans for life. Details of the virtual celebration will be shared shortly.

This year’s talent spread coast to coast, with nominations representing 44 states and the District of Columbia. High school players from Texas received the most nominations (87), followed by Florida (58) and California (57). The country’s premier high school basketball exhibition alumni include Michael Jordan, LeBron James, Zion Williamson, Maya Moore, Candace Parker, A’ja Wilson, and many more.

The full list of McDonald’s All American Games 2021 Nominations is available at mcdaag.com.

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The franchisor of Black McDonald’s filed a racial discrimination lawsuit against the fast food giant | Instant News

CLEVELAND (WJW) – Former pro baseball player Herb Washington, who built the biggest Black’s McDonald’s franchise operation in the country, filed a civil rights lawsuit Tuesday against the fast food giant.

“After 40 years in the McDonald’s system, I always held out hope that they would live up to their promises and end the two tier system, one designed for white owners to grow and thrive, others designed to hole up and oppress black owners like me,” he said. .

The lawsuit accuses the company of racial discrimination by pushing Black shop owners to the least desirable locations and forcing Washington to sell seven stores in recent years to white owners.

At one point, Washington had 27 McDonald’s restaurants in several states including Ohio. He currently owns 14, three of them in Cleveland.

“Behind the curtain, McDonald’s is about cultural appropriation and limiting the transfer of wealth between generations in the Black community,” he said.

McDonald’s blamed Washington in a statement:

“Herb Washington faces a business challenge that we don’t want anyone in our system to have. That’s why we invested significantly in his organization and offered him many opportunities over the years to address this problem.

This situation was the result of years of mismanagement by Mr. Washington, whose organization has failed to meet many of our standards on human resources, operations, guest satisfaction and reinvestment. His restaurant has a public record of these issues including past health and sanitation issues and some of the highest volume of customer complaints in the country.

We will review the complaint and respond to it. “

“We fully hope that McDonald’s will come out with a manufacturing problem on Herb Washington,” said one of Washington’s lawyers, Joe Peiffer.

McDonald’s said they will continue to work with their new head of equity diversity and inclusion officers to increase the diversity of their franchise base.

“McDonald’s has left its Black deposits behind, with an average annual income of $ 700,000 less than those operated by white owners,” said another Washington attorney, Kevin Conway.

When asked what the ultimate goal was, Washington said this: “What I want to achieve with this lawsuit is to get McDonald’s to end existing systemic racism and a two-tiered system in which black owner-operators cannot be as successful as whites.”

McDonald’s faces another lawsuit filed last year by more than 50 former black franchisees over issues of economic justice.

You can view the Washington lawsuit below:


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Tauren and collectors buy McDonald’s Pokémon Happy Meal | Instant News

This is why we cannot do anything good.Children everywhere in the U.S. have no access to any of these 50 countries Pokémon cards included in the McDonald’s Happy Meal Celebrate this month Pokémon 25th Anniversary, Because eBay scalping has been buying these packages in large quantities. Since some cards are rare holographic versions, it is not surprising-but disappointing.

It seems that many adults go to McDonald’s instead of buying Happy Meal Cards by themselves. This kind of shopping card is very common in certain toys that are in high demand. This situation is more common in some cases. Some people even make The whole box was intercepted before. Go to the restaurant.

On eBay, full boxes sell for more than US$800 (approximately 580 pounds), and individual sealed packages sell for 5 to 20 US dollars (approximately 4 to 15 pounds).The only way these boxes may be in the possession of the seller is to conduct back-alley transactions with employees, or by employees Yes Seller. Either way, the appearance of McDonald’s is not very good.

Some Pokémon fans encourage generosity while hunting for treasures, asking others to at least donate these foods to the homeless.

According to records, we have no objection to adults buying Pokémon cards. In fact, we are adults and we have to cut all sandwiches into pikachu shapes, otherwise we will not eat them. Nevertheless, for kids who love Pokémon and don’t want to make money, this seems to be a disappointing month.

Have you managed to wear gloves on any cards? Did you kick any children away when you did this? Tell us about your experience in the comments.


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McDonald’s will sell Onion Rings in Australia for the first time | Instant News

McDonald’s brings Onion Rings to Australia for the first time.

The exciting new menu item has become a favorite in Macca restaurants around the world, but never made it available Down Under – until now.

The limited edition “Delicious Crispy, Golden Onion Ring” will be sold as a side dish and comes with Southern BBQ Sauce. They will also be served in the new Aussie Angus Burger.

“For the first time, we will be presenting golden Onion Rings in restaurants across the country,” said McDonald’s Australia marketing manager, Amanda Nakad.

“Made from Australian onions, this new addition to our menu will be accompanied by Southern BBQ Sauce.

“Our Onion Rings will also be served with the new Australian Angus burger, combined with 100 percent Australian Angus beef and bacon and cheese, to create a delicious burger that we are sure our customers will enjoy.”

Onion Rings went on sale on January 20. Credit: McDonald’s


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Revealed: McDonald’s reveals what actually goes into the fan-favorite Chicken McNugget | Instant News


McDonald’s has opened the veil of what’s actually one of the menu’s favorite items: chicken nuggets.

And no, there is no sign of the chicken’s beak, legs, claws, viscera or cartilage interfering with it.

The Herald was invited behind the scenes at the Ingham factory in South Auckland to see how Chicken McNuggets are made – a first in New Zealand.

They are made with 100 percent chicken breast meat, with a little skin, and flavor.

Factory manager Issac Flynn said the manufacturing process begins with delivery of the breasts and is checked to make sure there are no bruises or bloodstains.

These are then chopped together, then combined in a brine mixture, before being formed into one of four shapes – bone, bell, boot and ball.

The nuggets are made at the Golden Arches Place south of Auckland.  Photo / Alex Burton
The nuggets are made at the Golden Arches Place south of Auckland. Photo / Alex Burton

The nuggets that have been printed are then subjected to a beating process, quick fried, frozen quickly, weighed, bagged, and packed before being sent to the restaurant.

Usually they process about 20 tonnes of McNuggets, that means about 1.3 million per day.

The PR attack comes after years of speculation about what got into McNugget, from pieces of chicken and pink slime.

McDonald’s wants to show that when you take a bite of a McNugget, that’s not true.

Stubborn rumors have been circulating on social media for years, including food chains that use worm meat and other burger fillers on their menus.

The pink slime video went viral online, and Celebrity chef Jamie Oliver has even claimed it is the main ingredient.

However, that was not the case. At least, not when the Herald visited the factory on Wednesday morning when only chicken breast was used.

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Flynn is teased and asked time and time again about the beak, legs and claws, but she can assure visitors that nothing bad is hidden in your favorite chicken recipe.

It happened when McDonald’s offered Kiwis one million free McNuggets for just one day.

McDonald’s committed to a pending pledge during the Covid-19 health and safety requirements in August.

Nugget lovers can only get a free six-pack package if they download the McDonald’s app and exchange digital vouchers in-store or on drive-thru.

The McNuggets first appeared in New Zealand in 1985 and McDonald’s managing director Dave Howse said they wanted to give back to the Kiwi after 35 years of supporting sales of chicken nuggets.

Nothing but chicken is used to make nuggets, despite popular belief.  Photos / Files
Nothing but chicken is used to make nuggets, despite popular belief. Photos / Files

“It became clear during the lockdown that Chicken McNuggets were the company’s favorite so we decided to shout out a six-pack Kiwi and celebrate 35 years of love for them.

“We are proud of our longstanding supplier relationship, and offer Kiwi Chicken McNuggets raised in our own backyard.”

More than 140 million Chicken McNuggets were consumed by Kiwis in 2019.

McDonald’s annual chicken orders are the equivalent of more than 3.75 million tonnes, all of which are raised by 30 farmers based in the Waikato region.

Some nuggets about McNuggets:

• Chicken McNuggets were first offered on menus in New Zealand in 1985;

• Chicken McNuggets come in four shapes – bone, bell, boot and ball;

• Rene Arend, McDonald’s first executive chef, created the Chicken McNugget recipe in 1979;

• In America, Chicken McNugget dips are available in seven varieties, including Sweet ‘n Sour and BBQ options available in New Zealand;

• Szechuan Sauce is McDonald’s most sought after limited-edition dipping sauce. Released in New Zealand early 2020, the sauce runs out in multiple restaurants within hours.


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