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Scottish nationalists are unlikely to win a majority, polls show | Instant News

A member of council staff carries a sign during preparations to deliver ballot boxes to the polls ahead of the Scottish parliamentary elections to be held on 6 May, at the Royal Mile, Edinburgh, Scotland, England, 4 May 2021. REUTERS / Russell Cheyne

Scottish nationalists are unlikely to win an outright majority in Thursday’s parliamentary elections, a blow to their hopes of demanding an independence referendum that could divide Britain, the Savanta Comres / The Scotsman poll shows.

The Scottish National Party (SNP) wants a majority in parliament to demand another referendum even though British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has repeatedly said he will not grant it.

The Savanta Comres / The Scotsman poll showed that the SNP would lose six seats to win an outright majority but that the Greens, in collaboration with the SNP, could win as many as nine seats.

“If the results of this vote are played out in Thursday’s vote, it is likely that the SNP will lack a majority,” said Chris Hopkins, director of political research at Savanta ComRes.

Savanta ComRes interviewed 1,001 Scottish adults online between April 30 and May 4. Other polls suggest the prospects for the majority of the SNPs are too close to conclude.

The only time the SNP won a previous majority was in 2011. British Prime Minister David Cameron bowed to pressure and approved a referendum in 2014. Scotland then voted 55-45% to remain in the over 300 years of the Union.

At the debate ahead of the election, SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon said she would not call the referendum illegal being called a “feral cat” if PM Johnson refused to allow it.

But he and his party have repeatedly raised threats of legal action if Johnson denies this.

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‘Very Unhealthy’ COVID-19 Patient in New Zealand Mission When Asked for Oxygen: Kiwi PM | Instant News

New Delhi: New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern confirmed on Monday that the high commission in Delhi had apologized for asking not to use “normal channels and protocols” to search for oxygen cylinders, but pointed out that there was a staff member who was “very unwell”.

On Sunday, India’s foreign affairs minister S. Jaishankar tweeted with Congress leader Jairam Ramesh, claiming that the Youth Congress had sent two “unsolicited” oxygen cylinders to the Philippine embassy seeking “false publicity”.

One minute after Jaishankar tweeted his rebuttal, New Zealand’s high commission posted an urgent call for oxygen cylinders and tagged the head of the Indian Youth Congress, Srinivas BV

The chirp was later deleted, with the high commission adding that it was “trying all sources to immediately set up the oxygen cylinder”.

While Jaishankar did not specifically react to New Zealand’s high commission tweet, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs issued a statement that it is responding to medical demands regarding COVID-19 from overseas missions. “Given the pandemic situation, all are urged not to stockpile on essential supplies, including oxygen,” MEA spokesman Arindam Bagchi said on Sunday.

As reported Wire on Sunday, both the Philippines and Kiwi overseas representatives have apologized for using Twitter for their SOS calls – both of which were answered by Srinivas and his team.

A day later, The New Zealand prime minister told a local television channel that the high commission has apologized, adding that there are “very unwell” patients in the complex.

“There is a message coming out. Our high commission has apologized that there is a channel they have to run into for such a problem, but we have to realize that there are local staff members in the compound who are very unwell, “he said. Local staff employed in overseas missions are Indian nationals.

Ardern stated that “there are other ways and channels” because the mission was “very well supported by the Indian government” through the pandemic.

He noted that the government is doing all it can “to keep both Kiwis and local residents working on the commission safe, including introducing bubble settings and strict protocols”.

The capital of India is one of the hotspots of the second wave of the devastating COVID-19 pandemic in India. It has faced huge deficits in oxygen supply to hospitals and private individuals, with courts forced to step in to monitor supplies on a daily basis.

Supreme Court has asked the Center to meet the daily demand for 700 metric tons of oxygen for Delhi – which is a 133% increase from the current 490 metric tons allocation. He asked that the deficit be met “on or before midnight on May 3”.

Nearly every foreign embassy in Delhi has witnessed several positive cases of COVID-19. CNN had reported last week that there were 100 cases among US diplomatic staff scattered across the country. There was no confirmation from the US embassy about this number.

Last week, the Tanzanian defense attaché died of COVID-19, becoming the first foreign diplomat in Delhi to die from the virus.


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Delhi mission goes wrong, assistance to local staff: PM New Zealand | India News | Instant News

NEW DELHI: PM New Zealand Jacinda Ardern confirmed on Monday that the high commission in Delhi had sought oxygen cylinders from opposition leaders, but said the mission was supposed to follow “normal channels and protocols” and that the Indian government had supported the mission.
Following an apology from the high commission seeking support from the Indian Youth Congress, Arden said he was aware that assistance had been sought for local staff who were extremely unwell. “They should use those normal channels and protocols,” he said in a television interview. “The high commission itself has deleted the tweet (seeking help) and acknowledged that it is not a process that should be used. They have done that, they have fixed it, “he added.
Ardern said the local mission staff was very unwell. He added that the New Zealand mission had been very well supported by the Indian government through the pandemic.
Although there is a guarantee from ME that it keeps in touch with all the embassies and responds to their medical demands, overseas representatives continue to seek medical help through social media. Afghan Ambassador Farid Mamundzay tweeted on Monday that Afghan refugees living in New Delhi are among the groups worst affected recently. Covid surge in India. He did not mark any political parties. “Any assistance, especially medical assistance with this community, will be greatly appreciated. I thank all agencies & individuals for their assistance, mostly medical over the past week. Together we will overcome this, “he said.


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The European executive recommends opening Europe to foreign travelers | Instant News

FILE PHOTO: Federal police officers screen arriving airline passengers from Britain at Frankfurt Airport, as the spread of coronavirus disease (COVID-19) continues, in Frankfurt, Germany on 30 January 2021. REUTERS / Ralph OrlowskiBRUSSELS (Reuters) -The European Union executive on Monday recommended that foreign citizens fully vaccinated against COVID-19 and those coming from countries where the epidemiological situation is good be allowed to enter in the block without additional restrictions. or for other non-essential reasons and the European Commission’s proposal would expand this list. “The (European) Commission proposes to allow entry into the EU for non-essential reasons not only for all people coming from countries where the epidemiological situation is good, but also all people who received the last dose recommended vaccine authorized by the EU, “the executive arm said in a statement. d to vaccines that have completed the WHO emergency use list process. In addition, the Commission is proposing to increase. … the threshold related to the number of new COVID-19 cases used to determine a list of countries from which all travel should be allowed, ”he also said, adding that this should lead to the expansion. To limit the risk of importing new variants of the coronavirus, the Commission has also proposed a new “emergency break” which would allow the introduction of rapid travel restrictions for countries where the health situation is deteriorating sharply. opposition Tuesday. Their agreement is necessary to put it into effect.Report by Gabriela Baczynska Edited by John Chalmers.

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PM Modi will hold a virtual summit with UK PM Boris Johnson on Tuesday | Instant News

PM Narendra Modi will hold a Virtual Summit with UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson on 4 May 2021. India and the UK have enjoyed a Strategic Partnership since 2004. This has been marked by regular high-level exchanges and growing convergence in various fields, said MEA.

A comprehensive 2030 Roadmap will be launched during the summit, which will pave the way to further expand & deepen India-UK cooperation over the next decade in five key areas, namely inter-community relations, trade & prosperity, defense & security, climate action & health care. , added MEA.

On the other hand, Downing Street also said the two PMs will have a virtual meeting. “On Tuesday, the Prime Minister will hold a virtual meeting with Prime Minister Modi to agree on a large number of commitments to deepen cooperation between Britain and India, including in fighting the coronavirus pandemic,” Downing Street said.

“During his call with Prime Minister Modi, the Prime Minister will stress the importance of working with India to promote our common values,” he added.

In addition to the offer of much-needed equipment, the UK government says UK Chief Medical Officer Chris Whitty and Chief Scientific Advisor Patrick Vallance have spoken with their Indian counterparts to provide advice, insight and expertise for India’s healthcare system dealing with one of the spike in COVID rates. the worst in the world. It has been agreed that the National Health Service (NHS) will set up a clinical advisory group led by NHS UK Chief People Officer Prerana Isaar to support India’s COVID response.

“Britain will always be there for India in times of need,” said Johnson.

“The terrible images we have seen in India in recent weeks have become stronger because of the close and enduring relationship between the British and Indian people. I am deeply touched by the wave of support that the British people have given to the people of India. and I am delighted that the British government can play our part in providing life-saving assistance, “he said.

Britain will send another 1,000 ventilators to India, the government said on Sunday, increasing its support as India’s health care system struggles to cope with a large spike in Covid-19 cases.

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