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IntelliCentrics Launches Patient-Centered Visitor Management Transforming Healthcare Across China, North America, and the UK | Business | Instant News

DALLAS – (BUSINESS WIRE) – March 7, 2021–

IntelliCentrics (6819.HK), innovator of SEC³URE Ethos, SEC³URE Passport, Link & GO !, BioBytes ™ and now BioBytes ™ Visitor, serving healthcare facilities across North America, UK, and China, announces the creation of another industry first, BioBytes Visitors. BioBytes visitors assign value to the two vectors together by giving patients control over who can visit them while receiving treatment while providing a location of care (LOC) with the ability to enforce their safety and COVID-19 policies to visitors. The result is the first technology platform that supports the needs of every individual entering the LOC.

“The ability to trust a patient visitor is uniquely important for three strategic reasons. First, every year hundreds of millions of untrusted and unwanted visitors enter our LOCs, putting everyone’s safety and security at risk. Second, COVID-19 taught us the most well-meaning visits from family and friends can only happen with trust, in the right time and way. Third, BioBytes Visitors are the ideal gateway for visitors to learn about our BioBytes telehealth solution which further connects patients with family, friends and doctors, “said Michael Sheehan, CEO of IntelliCentrics.

Ethos IntelliCentrics is the first of its kind technology platform to serve the supply and demand side of healthcare on one integrated end-to-end technology platform. BioBytes provides a technology portfolio that caters to the demand side of healthcare and integrates patients with their family and friends on the health care supply side in a safe and trusted manner.

“Each of our global markets is constantly evolving, but all of them show great interest in transformational health care technology. By adding patient-centered visitor management to BioBytes, we believe we can close the loop, offering a deeper and more trusted relationship in the healthcare journey, ”continued Sheehan.

About IntelliCentrics

With a mission to use trust to make high-quality health care as accessible as a good cup of coffee, IntelliCentrics created SEC³URE Ethos. Built on three core principles – transparency, neutrality and independence, SEC³URE Ethos is relied on by more than 11,000 treatment locations worldwide to ensure mutual trust between patients, doctors, vendor representatives and healthcare companies. To learn more about the world’s largest trusted healthcare technology platform, visit www.intellicentrics.com. IntelliCentrics is publicly traded on The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited with stock code 6819.

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Germany’s Largest Authorized Health Insurance Company Approves MyoPro | Business | Instant News

BOSTON – (BUSINESS WIRE) – February 16, 2021–

Myomo, Inc. (NYSE American: MYO) (“Myomo” or “Company”), a wearable medical robotics company offering enhanced functionality for those with neurological disorders and upper limb paralysis, today announced Techniker Krankenkasse (TK), Germany’s largest Statutory Health Insurance (SHI) company. , now approves MyoPro replacement on a case by case basis. TK covers more than 10 Million lives insured and joins the ranks of other major German health insurance providers including BARMER, IKK Classic, regional AOK insurance and several BKK insurances which collectively cover 28 million German lives and have now approved funding for MyoPro.

About 90% of the German population is covered by SHI providers.

In addition, one of the largest private health insurance companies in Germany, Allianz, has now authorized MyoPro. Private insurance covers about 9% of the population.

Myomo’s Managing Director for Europe, John Frijters, stated, “Many users who have received MyoPro through German insurance experience loss of hand and arm function due to stroke, brachial plexus injury or spinal cord injury. Receiving MyoPro as a result of this insurance decision changed their life. “

In Germany, MyoPro is administered through a growing network of Orthotic and Prosthetic (O&P) clinics across the country. Currently, these 35 facilities serve and support MyoPro users.

Paul R. Gudonis, CEO of Myomo, said, “Our progress in Germany, although now limited by the COVID-19 lockdown, shows us that there is strong and wide-ranging demand for MyoPro. Coupled with the joint venture we recently announced in China, we are working to become the global standard of care for those with paralyzed or weak arms. “

This announcement coincides with the introduction of the new Myomo website in German. These can be found on www.myomo.de.

Myomo, Inc. is a medical robotics company that offers enhanced arm and hand function to those with neurological disorders and upper limb paralysis. Myomo develops and markets the MyoPro product line. MyoPro is a powered upper limb orthosis designed to support the arm and restore the function of a weakened or paralyzed arm of a patient who has had a CVA stroke, brachial plexus injury, traumatic brain or spinal cord injury, ALS or other neuromuscular disease or injury. It is currently the only device on the market that, by sensing a patient’s own EMG signal via a non-invasive sensor in the arm, can restore an individual’s ability to perform daily activities, including self-feeding, carrying objects and performing household tasks. Many are able to return to work, live independently, and reduce maintenance costs. Myomo is headquartered in Cambridge, Massachusetts, with sales and clinical professionals throughout the US and international representatives. For more information, please visit www.myomo.com.

Forward-looking Statements

This press release contains forward-looking statements regarding the Company’s future business expectations, including the benefits expected from insurance coverage in Germany and our activities in Germany, Australia and China, which are subject to the safe harbor provisions of the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995. These forwards are only predictions and may differ materially from actual results due to various factors.

These factors include:

  • our sales and commercialization efforts;
  • our ability to obtain reimbursements from third party payers for our products;
  • our reliance on external sources to finance our operations, to the extent that we do not break even in cash flows;
  • our ability to effectively execute our business plans and improve our operations;
  • our expectations for our development program; and
  • general market, economic, environmental and social factors, including the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, which may affect the evaluation, installation, delivery and sale of our products to patients.

Further information on these and other factors that could potentially affect our financial results including in Myomo’s filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission, including those contained in the risk factors section of the Company’s annual report on Form 10-K, quarterly reports on Form 10 -Q and other submissions with the Commission. The company warns readers not to rely too much on forward-looking statements, which only take effect on the date they are made. Although the forward-looking statements in this release of financial information are based on our beliefs, assumptions and expectations, taking into account all the information currently available to us, we cannot guarantee future transactions, results, performance, achievements or results. No guarantee can be made for any investor by anyone that the expectations reflected in our forward-looking statements will be achieved, or that deviations from them will be material and detrimental. The Company disclaims any further obligation to revise forward-looking statements to reflect events or circumstances after the date of such statements or to reflect the occurrence of events that were anticipated or unexpected.

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Nonprofit app aims to help unblock global air travel | World | Instant News

The CommonPass project, implemented in collaboration with the World Economic Forum based in Switzerland, aims to establish a standard way of verifying lab results and, subsequently, vaccination records, even if governments continue to set different health criteria.

Scientists warn there are concerns about the accuracy of some rapid tests. People can be contagious for several days before they develop symptoms, and these people can also test negative. The project’s chief medical officer, Dr. Brad Perkins, said that two tests during long-distance travel – one 72 hours before departure and one on arrival – will cover an incubation period. Testing technology may continue to evolve during a pandemic.

Passengers can use the app to find participating laboratories and testing sites, retrieve lab results, and complete health certifications. The application and associated data platform can confirm that the results match the requirements of the destination and generate a QR code that the authorities can use to confirm compliance.

The foundation says the system protects privacy because people don’t have to share their health information, only compliance or non-compliance. In addition, CommonPass can be used by countries without waiting for broader international agreements.

This system is meant to be adaptable whenever requirements change.

Meyer said that capability will be important after the arrival of vaccines, which may vary in terms of number of doses and duration of effectiveness.


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MedPass App HealthTech Brasil Gets Strong Investor Support | Business | Instant News

SÃO PAULO – (BUSINESS WIRE) – Oct 12, 2020–

With strong growth projected for the global HealthTech app market, Brazil-made MedPass is at the forefront of this wave as it gains significant traction with investors and clients.

MedPass – currently targeting corporate employees – today launched a substantially upgraded version of its HealthTech 4.0 platform, as it reports strong additional investor support: Having previously raised $ 8 million in seed funding since 2016, now has commitments from investors for another round of funding. of $ 6 million to finance the company’s sustainable growth.

In Brazil’s highly fragmented early health care market, with more than 500 companies listed on Crunchbase, only 30 have received more than $ 1 million in seed funding, and only 10 have funded over $ 5 million – and MedPass is one only one.

Introduction to the MedPass HealthTech Platform

The unique features of MedPass version 4.0 include the virtual assistant “Ben”, equipped with over 120 medical algorithms that are individually applied to the user’s risk profile and medical records, enabling specialized examinations and meaningful medical assistance.

MedPass client employees begin their journey using MedPass by completing a digital assessment, within the MedPass app itself, of their health condition, habits and behavior. The results obtained result in an updated managerial dashboard through integrated digital medical records, with quality of life and health assessments, which guide client population management policies. Message resources have also been created to allow the client’s HR staff to send important communications with specific employees or the entire company.

MedPass focuses on engaging its users by guiding and monitoring them through the app and through its own “Health Center”, where doctors and nurses are involved via chat / video, seven days a week allowing, if recommended, to schedule consultations with specialist doctors. Healthcare professionals can access the digital medical records of client employees through MedPass and can prescribe medication and lab exams, which can be done at a discount on an accredited network.

MedPass Version 4.0: “Added Urgency” for Platforms in the Age of COVID

“The need for MedPass’ unique technology was clear before COVID 19,” said MedPass co-founder Hans Apostel. “But with the outbreak of the pandemic, regular health monitoring has become even more urgent, confirmed MedPass.”

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Latest: Virus to delay regional elections in Indonesia | National | Instant News

Latest in coronavirus pandemic. New Coronavirus causes mild or moderate symptoms for most people. For some people, especially older adults and people with existing health problems, can cause more severe illness or death.


—President Trump heads to Phoenix to visit the Honeywell factory.

– South Korea reported only two new cases of coronavirus

—The official British coronavirus victim is the highest in Europe.


JAKARTA, Indonesia – Coronavirus outbreak has forced Indonesia to postpone simultaneous regional elections scheduled for September 23 which will reach more than 100 million voters.

President Joko Widodo has signed Government Regulation in Lieu of Law on Monday which regulates this year’s election delays from September to December or even longer depending on the COVID-19 pandemic situation in the world’s fourth most populous country, the official website of the State Secretariat said Tuesday night.

Elections have been planned to be held simultaneously in 270 regions throughout the archipelago to elect 9 governors, 37 mayors and 224 district heads, with eligible voters reaching at least 105 million.

The regulation was issued after the country’s General Election Commission’s decision to postpone the preparatory phase for regional elections in late March after revealing that election organizers had also captured COVID-19 disease and stakeholders moved to delay elections.

“Delaying regional elections this year is the most likely option to avoid COVID-19 from spreading further into rural areas,” the previous electoral authority said.

Indonesia, which holds almost 270 million, has recorded a total of 12,071 confirmed COVID-19 cases and 872 deaths on Tuesday afternoon


SEOUL, South Korea – South Korea has reported two new cases of coronavirus because the epidemic continues to slow.

Figures released by the Korea Centers for Disease Control and Prevention bring Wednesday the national total to 10,806 infections and 255 virus-related deaths. KCDC said the two new cases were detected during an inspection at the airport and no new local transmissions were reported from South Korean cities.

While more than 1,100 state cases have been imported, those cases have declined in recent weeks as authorities improve border controls, such as imposing two-day quarantine on all passengers coming from abroad.

With the caseload slowing, the South Korean government has eased social distance guidelines and is preparing to reopen schools. South Korea’s professional baseball league starts its new season without fans in the stands on Tuesday.

South Korean Prime Minister Chung Sye-kyun during a virus meeting on Wednesday called for vigilance and instructed officials to prepare for a possible second wave of infection. He said preventing many hospitals in the densely populated metropolitan area of ​​Seoul would be key.


NEW YORK – The election of the main president of the New York Democratic Party must take place on June 23 because canceling it would violate the constitution, a judge said on Tuesday.

US District Judge Torres Analysis ruled after hearing an argument the day before because lawyers for retracted presidential candidates Bernie Sanders and Andrew Yang argued that it was wrong to overturn the main.

The judge said there was enough time before the primary problem occurred to find out how to do it safely.

Democrats from the State Election Council voted to cancel the main election even though New York still plans to hold congressional and state level elections on June 23. They cited coronavirus as a reason to cancel the election because Joe Biden is now not opposed. .


SACRAMENTO, California – A federal judge said that California Governor Gavin Newsom has the right to ban church assemblies to prevent the spread of the corona virus. Judge John Mendez ruled on Tuesday that Newsom had the right to temporarily ban church meetings for public health.

The Cross-Cultural Christian Center in Lodi and pastor Jonathan Duncan alleged that Orderom staying at home in March violated their constitutional right to freedom of religion and assembly. The church held the service until the church landlord, under threat of minor violations from local health officials, changed the door to the church, banning the congregation from gathering on Palm Sunday.

A lawyer for the church said the judge’s refusal to request a temporary restraining order would not stop them from continuing their case.

Mendez said the order to stay in state and local homes was a legitimate exercise of emergency police force and did not violate the church’s constitutional rights. Mendez noted that the Supreme Court more than 100 years ago upheld the government’s right to use police power to promote public safety during a public health crisis.


RALEIGH, N.C. – Restrictions on home stay in North Carolina are being enforced starting Friday.

Democratic Governor Roy Cooper signed an executive order on Tuesday. His administration said the COVID-19 case was generally stable, and testing, tracking and health care supplies had increased enough to ensure increased trade and movement.

Cooper’s decision to relax orders after five weeks came after governors in many other Southern states acted.

Cooper said health officials were driving when decisions were made, with input from employers and businesses about the types of restrictions.

North Carolina has reported more than 12,250 positive cases and more than 450 related deaths, according to state health data.


LOUISVILLE, Ky. – Federal prosecutors accuse a Kentucky man who has a gun in his house of threatening the governor and the Kentucky state police on social media.

The man, 25-year-old Jeremiah Wooley, apparently made a threat by referring to social media posts about state troops going to the Kentucky church to enforce social distance, according to court documents filed in federal cases.

State police arrested Wooley at his home in Kevil last week and accused him of threatening the governor and state police under false names. U.S. Attorney’s Office in Louisville announced the allegations and federal firearms accusations against Wooley on Tuesday.

Investigators found about a dozen firearms at Wooley’s house, including what federal agents described as “assault-style rifles,” .50-caliber rifles and a bucket of 50 hand grenades that were either inert or made into new items. Police said the house also had components to assemble grenades, including black powder.


TRENTON, N.J. – Drug makers who can speed up the recovery of COVID-19 patients say they are working with other companies to enable them to make remdesivir for other parts of the world.

However, Gilead Sciences did not say anything about what the price would be for injection, in the US or elsewhere.

California company gets U.S. approval on Friday for emergency remdesivir use. That happened two days after a Gilead study found the drug shortened recovery time for virus patients hospitalized to an average of 11 days, compared to 15 days for those who received standard supportive care.

Gilead said it was discussing granting voluntary licenses with several pharmaceutical and chemical manufacturers to make remdesivir “for Europe, Asia and the developing world at least 2022.” It envisions a consortium of producers to make enough medicine for the world.

Gilead has been urged by patient groups, politicians and others to make remdesivir affordable, given the high price it charges for drugs for HIV and hepatitis C.

There is no cure for this virus, which has killed more than 255,000 people worldwide.


AUSTIN, Texas – Republican Governor Greg Abbott gave Texas hair and nails permission to reopen this week. Gyms will be allowed to reopen later this month.

Republicans made the announcement while emphasizing the country’s declining coronavirus infection rates. Some health officials continue to warn that easing restrictions too quickly will result in new infection hot spots.

Abbott’s urge to let the barbershop and hair salon open on Friday made Texas move faster than he had suggested a week ago when the governor allowed his stay at home to end. Restaurants and retailers were allowed to reopen last Friday under limited capacity.

Texas has 33,000 cases and more than 900 deaths related to the virus. But Abbott continues to stress that the infection rate in Texas is below 5 percent, which is down from more than 7 percent two weeks ago.


HARRISBURG, Pa. – Pennsylvania has reported 554 deaths due to the corona virus to a total of 3,000, while Governor Tom Wolf said he was not committed to a specific schedule to lift pandemic restrictions on living at home in the state or region.

The large number of new deaths reported by the state Department of Health were spread over the previous two weeks, the agency said, while reconciling the figures with deaths reported by the local agency or hospital.

Still, it is a striking number as reported by the state and comes when the Wolf government moves to ease its restrictions on business movements and activities.

Wolf said on Tuesday that he would stick to the reopening process which depends on what he sees as an indicator related to safety.


NEW ORLEAN – The number of Louisiana deaths caused by diseases caused by new coronavirus exceeds 2,000 in the number issued by the state health department, and the number of confirmed cases is close to 30,000.

More than 20,300 of those infected are now estimated to recover, according to figures. The number of those hospitalized with the disease remains above 1,500, but it is still far below the peak of more than 2,100 inpatients in early April. The number who needed a ventilator was 194, down from 220 the day before.

The number of deaths – 2,042 – increased from 1,991 the day before.


JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. – Missouri moves ahead with plans to execute convicted killers on May 19, unlike other countries that have delayed execution during the coronavirus pandemic.

The St. Louis Post-Dispatch reported that Governor Mike Parson did not plan to delay the execution of Walter Barton. Other countries delay execution because of the risk of spreading the virus and limiting social distance on meeting sizes.

Corrections Department spokeswoman Karen Pojmann said each of the three witness witnesses’ execution spaces would be limited to 10 people or fewer, according to the country’s coronavirus limits.

Ohio Governor Mike DeWine moved executions scheduled for July and August to 2022. The Tennessee Supreme Court delayed executions scheduled for June to early 2021. Texas delayed five executions.


BETHEL, Maine – A restaurant owner who recently shared what he said was the Maine governor’s personal cellphone number on national television had immediately violated his order again.

Rick Savage allows customers to have dinner at Sunday River Brewing Co. after he decided it would not interfere with federal brewing permits. He previously lost his state license on Friday after opening it for dinner customers.

A pandemic order fought the Democratic Government of Janet Mills allowing restaurants to open only for takeout orders until June 1. The governor’s office did not respond Tuesday to asking for comment.

Savage complained Mills was not acting fast enough to reopen the economy after ordering restrictions to fight the corona virus. Savage became the voice of an angry business owner last week when he denounced Mills on Fox News Channel and shared a telephone number.


SALEM, Ore. – Oregon Governor Kate Brown has announced the limited opening of several state parks, outdoor recreation facilities, and other areas for daily use in easing some of the restrictions imposed due to coronavirus.

Officials say daily use will slowly return to other state parks starting next week. The popular Columbia River Gorge gorge parks and recreation areas and beach areas will remain closed for now. Brown said the Oregon people must reinvent responsibly.


LONDON – A prominent epidemiologist whose work has greatly influenced the closing steps of Britain has resigned from his position as a government adviser after a newspaper revealed he violated social rules that alienated.

Professor Neil Ferguson said he “made an error of judgment” and regretted “any clear message that undermined around the need to maintain social distance.”

His statement came after the Telegraph reported that he had allowed his married lover to visit him at home during lockouts.

Ferguson led a team at Imperial College London who modeled the spread and impact of the corona virus in data that was instrumental in pushing Prime Minister Boris Johnson to impose locking measures.


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