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Missing outrageous Met Gala? Join the fashion editor, Lisa Armstrong LIVE | Instant News

Hello, this is Lisa Armstrong, Head of Fashion of The Telegraph to guide you to throw a virtual Met Ball on Monday night.

The Met ball is scheduled to take place this Monday, but at least for this year, it’s already dark. That’s right, the most luxurious fashion parade on the planet has been smoothed during locking. This is only the second pause in 70 years endlessly invading popular culture. The first was in 2002, after 9/11. In other words, only disease and war can stop it, which, in its way, is impressive.

This is the biggest night of the fashion calendar – which co-host, Anna Wintour, is rumored to be checking every outfit before guests are allowed to enter it. If that is really Anna’s case, then what is it?

This is a night where we can see the Hollywood A-list and the catwalk (plus some reality stars) in their wildest clothes, measure the temperature of popular culture and find out if we like what we see. This is a swirling vortex of opulence, tents, coutures and jaws that tastes terrible that generates millions of dollars for charity (the charity becomes the Metropolitan Museum). Although not this year.

So what will all celebrities do with their time on Monday night? Dress in the glory of the past and voguing in front of their iPhone? Crying for their empty google calendar. Or have a whale while they look around for the extra large Ben & Jerry family on their Juicy Couture tracks and gradually turn into whales?

How you feel about Ball’s absence may depend on how you feel about exhibitors being licensed to compete with each other for attention. This is a dog-eat-dog arena where dressing up like a chandelier is not always enough. To truly get great value with world media, you must come as a rainbow, an angel, a plate painting of Julian Schnabel – or simply become Lady Gaga. Good taste and original style? Maybe not too much.

The ball has been called The Superbowl of the Red Carpet. And explained by Tina Fey, as a place where jerks abound and you want to punch everyone. To say it’s divisive is an understatement – but whether you like it or hate it, you can’t deny that it’s interesting entertainment. Plus, if you are a particular president, where else would you apply for a model (yes, at Ball in 2004, Trump asked Melania a question). So, take quarantine and follow me on Instagram @telegraph in Monday night at 6 pm British time to swirl through the best, worst, and most famous moments on Met Ball.


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Insider gives the first rare look at the delayed Met Gala mode exhibition | Instant News

Vogue has publish at a glance from the Metropolitan Museum of Art fashion exhibition which will open next week.

The installation at the Met Costume Institute will be in public starting Tuesday, May 5, the day after the Met Gala dedicated to the theme will be held. Because coronavirus, exhibits now postponed to October and the fate of this year’s glittering celebrity party that sparkled still uncertain. The museum is scheduled to remain closed until July 1.

Called “About Time: Fashion and Duration,” this exhibition explores the wild timeline of fashion history. The gala should be chaired together by Lin-Manuel Miranda, Emma Stone, Meryl Streep and, of course, old Vogue editor in chief Anna Wintour.

Grace Coddington, who works as a creative director in general in fashion magazines, too post a series of photos from inside the museum in his Instagram feed. Normally, Vogue staff are well known for being very silent about parties and screens, keeping previews until the morning of the first Monday in May, when the press is permitted to enter the museum before the party that night.

A peek
Take a peek at “About Time,” which will cover a series of all-black clothing from different time periods.Annie Leibovitz for Vogue Magazi

Photographs published by Vogue and shared by Coddington – some taken by Vogue’s mainstay Annie Leibovitz – show the dress wear mannequins scattered among the classic Met statues. Modern clothing, such as motorbike jackets and short skirts, are positioned next to ancient clothing with the same silhouette. In gloomy photos, items on the mannequins and in the display case look ready to launch, even though they won’t see it for months.

The curator behind the event, Andrew Bolton, plans to display 160 pieces of women’s clothing, which will be separated into two parts, according to Vogue.

The first is the chronological arrangement of black clothes. “This is a very rational and orderly fashion chronology from 1870 to 2020, the time scale of modernity,” Bolton said.

The second grouping will mostly be white ensembles with bursts of color scattered throughout, which will be ordered without thinking about usage time. “You can see it as a fold of time,” Bolton added.

The two-tone setting is very contrast bright show last year, which focuses on strange ideas camp.


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Fashion fans are reinventing the iconic Met Gala red carpet at home | Instant News

That 2020 Meeting with the Gala may be postponed because corona virus pandemic, but that doesn’t stop fashion fans from launching their own red carpet at home.

Last week, Billy Porter and Vogue work together to announce #MetGalaChallenge, asking their stylish supporters to re-create the iconic past look of a star-infidelity affair.

“Which ensemble you copy, and what you use to make it, is entirely up to you – think outside the box,” the magazine insisted.

In the days since then, quarantine advertising material has distributed celebrities ranging from Rihanna to Beyonce to Katy Perry. Below, a summary of the best entries so far.

The challenge will continue until May 3. Porter and Vogue will then choose the winner, whose appearance will be displayed on the magazine’s website and Instagram page.


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