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‘Explore large-scale corruption cases to speed up’ | Instant News

KARACHI: Former DIG East Amir Farooqui has taken over the reins of the Director of the FIA ​​Sindh Zone and has been put in place to improve the performance of the Agency in a province which has long suffered institutional decay.

Farooqui is known as an honest and observant officer tasked with improving the performance of the FIA. Previously as DIG South, he had registered an FIR against the brother of a provincial minister, after which he was transferred to the headquarters of the FIA, as head of cybercrime and immigration. Instead, he contributed to their performance. It is worth mentioning that he gave his first exclusive interview for ‘Daily Jang’, after being posted on Sindh.

Speaking about his future endeavors, the Director of the FIA ​​said that his priority is to investigate money laundering cases under the Anti-Money Laundering Act-2010 and to register cases against them in addition to closing investigations in other investigations awaiting decision. Farooqui said he would also try to get the criminals convicted after a thorough investigation and added he would keep the cybercrime cell and counter-terrorism wing under scrutiny as director of the FIA. In the past, he said the FIA ​​had been slandered because of several cyber crime cell officials who had compiled the report, and that further action would be taken soon.

Answering another question, the director of FIA Sindh promised to eradicate and reduce corruption from banks, federal institutions and companies will also be a priority. He said the slow investigation process discouraged the complainants and expressed his intention to speed up the resolution of cases and to prevent FIA officials from using delay tactics to increase public confidence in the organization.

He said the Karachi FIA circle was working on various high profile pending cases, including the case against Shaheen Air, TDAP, PIA and others and all would be brought to their logical conclusion. He told ‘Jang’ that from now on all investigations will have a deadline for conclusions. Director of FIA Sindh said posting and moving would be done on the basis of merit and in line with the FIA ​​SOP without considering any advocacy or pressure.


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Rugby: New Zealand rugby is in talks with private equity firm Silver Lake on a grand deal | Instant News

The All Blacks haka. Photos / Photosport

New Zealand Rugby negotiations with US private equity firm Silver Lake are advancing, with reports suggesting a minority stake of up to 15 percent could be sold immediately.

That Heralds first revealed NZ Rugby’s important negotiations with Silver Lake last May.

With the realization that the NZ Rugby financial model can no longer rely solely on the All Blacks to fund the game, a high-ranking NZ Rugby source explains how private investment can be made.

“You will set up an NZ Rugby subsidiary and get investment into the company in some form of partnership,” the source told Heralds in May. “You put commercial assets into the company – whether it’s a combination with Sanzaar partners and something like Super Rugby in its reincarnation, or the Rugby Championship.

“We have to get an income stream and we can’t afford to finance it ourselves.

“Of course at the Super Rugby level, our financial model is under great pressure, both the competition and our team. We are too undercapitalized. That’s a critical area.”

Follow Herald reporting, stating that negotiations with Silver Lake and other private investment firms will resume once the Super Rugby future has a solid blueprint, Sky News UK now suggests 15 per cent of the shares could be sold.

The NZ Rugby entity is temporarily valued at US $ 2 billion ($ 2.79 billion NZD).

All Blacks during the national anthem.  Photos / Photosport
All Blacks during the national anthem. Photos / Photosport

Together with Silver Lake, Bruin Sports Capital is also believed to have negotiated with NZ Rugby.

The developments come as Luxembourg-based CVC Capital Partners prepares to finalize a £ 365 million agreement for 14.5 percent of the Six Nations’ commercial rights, with a five-year deal to be confirmed later this month.

In 2018, CVC took 27 per cent ownership in the Premier League of English club rugby.

While Sky News UK reports the NZ Rugby deal could be completed by the end of the month, the Herald understands it may take up to three months to finalize the details.

In an interview with Heralds Last November, while disclosing $ 40 million in cash reserves due to the impact of Covid-19, NZ Rugby chief executive Mark Robinson confirmed talks with private investment firms were advancing over commercial rights.

“We are open to looking for partners who might invest in Rugby New Zealand,” said Robinson.

“We are only at that early stage, but obviously there is a lot of work being done around the world on that.

“It’s only right for us because we try to do our best for the game and try to explore all the avenues we investigate like this.”

Silver Lake is one of the world’s leading technology investors with a company portfolio of $ US75 billion.

Its partnership with New Zealand Rugby is likely to focus on building its digital and media rights, including broadcasting, reflecting a similar approach from City Football Group – owner of Manchester City.

Silver Lake was also part of the consortium that controlled UFC, the Mixed Martial Arts franchise, in 2016.


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PDM must submit resignation by January 31 deadline: Shah Mahmood Qureshi – Pakistan | Instant News

Published in 02 January 2021 5:14

PDM must submit resignation by January 31 deadline: Shah Mahmood Qureshi

MULTAN (Dunya News) – Foreign Minister Makhdoom Shah Mahmood Hussain Qureshi asked why the Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM) is waiting for January 31 to resign from the assembly.

In his statement, the Foreign Minister said that the Prime Minister has the trust of both the people and the DPR, the PTI is in power with a full mandate and the opposition must respect the public mandate.

He said that the whole nation has realized the reality of PDM, we don’t care about the PDM protests. Why is the PDM waiting for January 31 to resign. Imran Khan will not resign by order of the PDM or under any pressure.

Shah Mehmood Qureshi said that Modi’s government endangered the peace and stability of the entire Asian region and we believe that if there is peace in Afghanistan there will be peace in the region.

The Foreign Minister said that Prime Minister Imran Khan will announce a major development package for Multan during his upcoming visit.

While chairing the meeting, Foreign Minister Makhdoom Shah Mahmood Qureshi observed that Multan was a big city. There is a need to launch different upgrade schemes across different sectors of the city. Multan will become the provincial capital in the future, he said. The government focuses attention evenly on urban and rural areas, Qureshi said.

Qureshi also hinted at a comprehensive strategy to resolve the city’s sewer problem permanently. Likewise, Education and Health are also included in the government’s priorities.

The chairman of the Whip National Assembly and Special Assistant to Prime Minister Malik Aamir Dogar also instructed the district government to move the Timber, Iron and Grain market out of town. He also stressed the need to widen the road from Dera Adda to the North Bypass via the Lodhi colony.

Provincial Energy Minister Dr Akhtar Malik also spoke and stated that 82 Basic Health Units would be energized through the solar system. Multan is in dire need of a Medical College and other IT universities.

Provincial parliamentary secretary for Information Nadeem Qureshi proposes to promote the cultural and religious identity of the city of saints. MPA Qasim Langah said that the road should be widened between Shujabad to Jalalpur Pirwala.

Earlier, Deputy Commissioner Aamir Khattak briefed members of parliament and briefed them on various issues.

He suggested recruiting to increase the work of the Water and Sanitation Authority (WASA).

Likewise, machines and human resources are also needed for Waste Management Companies.

He is aware that an upgrade scheme worth Rs 2,280 million is underway across the district. Likewise, in the annual development program, Rs 5.73 billion was spent, the Deputy Commissioner concluded.


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The FDA proposes a large development project | Instant News

Faisalabad – The Faisalabad Development Authority proposed a major 40 km ExpressWay development project to connect the Satayana road to Karachi Lahore Motorway (KLM) from Gaytaan wala chowk Batala Colony.

This was revealed by FDA Director General Muhammad Suhail Khawaja while giving directions on the agenda items for the next government body meeting during a special meeting held in the FDA committee room. MPA Mian Waris Aziz chaired the meeting.

MPA Adil Parvez, WASA Deputy Chair Sh Shahid Javed, other members of the Javed Sharif Governing Body, Yasir Anwar, Majid Hussain, Nasir Mehmood, Syed Sultan Azam, Additional Director General of FDA Amer Aziz ,,

Chief Engineer Shahid Mehmood, Director of Estate Management Dr. Anam Sajid Malik, Suhail Maqood, Mehr Ayub City Planning Director, Asma Mohsin, WASA Admn Director Shoaib Rasheed, WASA Revenue Director Sheharyar, Deputy Director Admn Yasir Ijaz Chatta and other officials were present at the meeting.

The FDA Director General informed that multidimensional development projects are being prepared by the FDA for urban development according to international standards and the Express way proposal to link KLM from cities is also part of this development program.

He hopes that the distance of Lahore and other cities will be squeezed based on the Express way and this project will help bring about a social and economic revolution in the area.

The meeting unanimously decided to present the Toll Road Project to the Punjab Government to extend the request to include the project in the Annual Development Program for the next fiscal year.

The meeting was told that the Kashmir bridge underpass project would be completed in June with the stipulation that the remaining funds amounted to Rs150 million from the Punjab Government.

The MPs convinced the meeting to discuss this issue with the Chief Minister of Punjab to extend the request for the provision of the remaining funds to complete community welfare projects and city development.

During the meeting, matters relating to strict law enforcement to curb the trend of forming illegal housing schemes, the constitution of the central enforcement committee, the revision of the WASA tariff sheet, recruitment of officers at vacant posts in the FDA through the Punjab Public Service Commission, other issues administrative and development issues and meetings decided to place these agenda items before the next Governing Body meeting for approval.

Parliamentarians and other members of the Governing Body assured their full cooperation in efforts and steps to strengthen FDA and WASA services.

The FDA Director General thanked the meeting participants and said that all efforts were made to promote and develop the housing sector in accordance with government priorities.

He vowed that no stone would be missed to take new initiatives for the development of cities as an international standard by introducing innovative ideas.


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Mega Merchandiser stores positive tests for corona | Instant News

LAHORE: A corona patient was detected at a large grocery store in Model Town while store management continued to open the place to the general public in purely violations of government SOPs.

A source at the store claimed that a merchant from a third-party company, appointed at the store, fell ill on April 30, 2020 and one of his colleagues took him to the nearest private hospital where he was treated.

Then, the hospital tested it for Corona and on May 4, the report came up with positive results. News about him being stated positively corona spread panic among all store staff and many said they continued to work in places where affected people were on duty.

“I feel myself sick when I do my assignment in the same place where she stood on April 30,” said a shop promoter woman who did not want to be named. He said that he had touched on many things used by employees affected by the corona and was very scared.

Likewise, dozens of customers were there and touched items placed by merchants on the shelves, said another shop employee who declined to be named.

On the other hand, store management learned about the positive corona results on May 4 but instead of sealing the shop and completely disinfecting, they continued their routine practice three times of regular cleaning and disinfecting certain areas after closing the store.

Only 12 staff members remain in contact with corona patients and we have tested all that, said Pervaiz Akhtar, director of the store. He said store management acted on the basis of the SOP given and immediately notified Assistant Model Commissioner Zeeshan Ranjha about the incident.

However, in-store sources claim that the AC did not visit the store to check the implementation of government SOPs. The store director said results from 12 stores and third-party employees would come today (Saturday) after management would make a final decision about closing the store or continuing operations. He said the store had already spent a lot of money on disinfection and cleaning because the corona and all SOPs made by the government were being followed.


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