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Pooches at parade: Dog fashion scene hits Hastings. | Grand Island Local News | Instant News

The bigger dog, Luna, is a mix of collies and boxers. The smaller animal, Astrid, is a red heeler mixed with pit bulls.

It was the first Halloween for Astrid, who was only nine or 10 weeks old. “So we thought he’d be, like, a Halloween sheriff,” said Figgins.

What about bigger dogs? “He’s the deputy,” said Figgins.

Astrid disliked the straps and collars. Luna, meanwhile, “just wants to jump over everyone because she likes people and dogs.”

Mazy, Stephanie Jacobson’s golden retriever, is modeling a Husker dress.

In the past, the two daughters of Jacobson had worn the clothes.

Mazy, he says, wears it well. He doesn’t need to bite or tuck.

Jacobson, who lives on Grand Island, is a counselor at Hastings Middle School. Mazy, who frequents the school, is training to be a therapy dog.

Hiroko Warner’s dog, Maia, appears to be wearing Hershey’s candy bars.

Why? “Because he’s a chocolate lab,” said the Hastings woman.

Maia is also a therapy dog.

Hairy Friends Tricks or Treatments created by Alyssa Anders, owner of Art Bar.


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