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CDC urges Americans not to travel on Thanksgiving | Instant News

NEW YORK (AP) – With the coronavirus spiraling out of control, the country’s largest public health agency on Thursday pleaded with Americans not to travel on Thanksgiving and not to spend the holidays with people outside their homes. Disease control and prevention came as the White House Coronavirus Task Force met for the first time in months and Vice President Mike Pence concluded a briefing without answering questions from journalists or urge Americans not to travel. Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar said pharmaceutical companies Pfizer and BioNTech would seek emergency government approval for their coronavirus vaccine on Friday, was a daily occurrence during the early days of the epidemic – talked about progress in the development of a vaccine. And infectious disease expert Dr Anthony Fauci has sought to reassure the public that the vaccine is safe while encouraging Americans to wear masks. The CDC’s Thanksgiving warning was one of the government’s strongest guidelines to date on cutting back traditional gatherings to combat the outbreak. In many areas, the healthcare system is squeezed by a combination of sick patients filling beds and medical workers themselves falling ill. CDC’s Dr Erin Sauber-Schatz cited more than a million new cases in the states -United over the past week. “The safest way to celebrate Thanksgiving this year is at home with the people in your household,” she says. If families decide to include returning students, the military, or others for the turkey and stuffing, the CDC recommends that hosts take extra precautions: gatherings should be outside if possible, with people 6 feet apart and wearing masks and one person serving food. Whether Americans heed the warning is another matter. The virus’s deadly return has been attributed in part to pandemic fatigue or people tired of masks and other precautions. And surges were seen last summer after Memorial Day and July 4, despite direct warnings from health officials. The United States has had more than 11 million diagnosed infections and more than 250,000 deaths from the coronavirus. Scientists at the CDC estimate that about 40% of those infected do not have obvious symptoms but can still spread the virus. ward off a wave of virus cases that officials say could tax the state’s healthcare system. What officials have called a limited stay-at-home order requires non-essential residents to stay at home from 22 hours to 5 a.m. from Saturday. It lasts until December 21 but could be extended. It covers 94% of the nearly 40 million inhabitants of the state. “The virus is spreading at a rate that we have not seen since the start of this pandemic and the coming days and weeks will be critical in stopping the outbreak. We are sounding the alarm, ”Newsom said in a statement. Also Thursday, Democratic Governor of Rhode Island Gina Raimondo announced a “two-week break” with business closings and reduced capacity at restaurants and places of worship starting November 30. will reassess the number of COVID-19 cases on December 13 and if they have not eased, she said a “full state lockdown” will follow. facial blankets to be worn in public spaces indoors and outdoors Full coverage: coronavirus pandemic___ FOLLOW-UP WITH NON-COVID-19 CASES immobilize resources. In Kansas, rural hospitals are struggling to transfer patients to larger hospitals for more advanced care. “Whether it’s regular pneumonia or appendicitis or fractures that require surgery, they have a limited number of beds in their facilities and they don’t take many of these common cases,” said Perry Desbien. , a nurse practitioner who works at the Smith Center and other rural communities. “They say, ‘Send them home. Ask them to follow up in the office. Unless it is life threatening, we don’t want to see them either. Earlier this month, the Wisconsin Mayo Clinic health system announced it was suspending elective medical procedures. claiming a quarter of the state’s hospital beds, there are fewer resources for heart attack patients, pregnant women, or cancer patients. “When we allow our hospitals to be overrun or even close to it, we all suffer,” Pritzker said. SICK HOSPITAL WORKERS The Mayo Clinic Health System, a network of hospitals and clinics in the Midwest run by the world-renowned Mayo Clinic, has 905 staff members diagnosed with COVID-19 in the past two weeks. Dr Amy Williams, executive dean of Mayo Clinic Practice, said the vast majority are exposed in the community, not at work. “It shows how prevalent this is in our communities and how easy it is to get COVID-19 in communities here in the Midwest,” she said. In Kansas, 178 employees and doctors at a Topeka hospital have had cases of active coronavirus or have been isolated and on discharge due to contact with someone with coronavirus. And the University of Kansas Hospital in Kansas City and neighboring clinics had 206 employees, including doctors, nurses and support staff, released Tuesday after testing positive. Another 260 were not at work and were in quarantine awaiting test results. POSITIVITY RATE The positivity rate – the percentage of tests that come back positive for the virus – played a larger role in the country’s response to the crisis in recent days. The City of York closed in-person classes in the nation’s largest school system this week after the positivity rate surpassed 3%. It has angered families who believe this is too high a standard and wonder why bars and restaurants can stay open. The positivity rate has reached record levels across the country. The rates in South Dakota, Iowa and Wyoming are all on average above 50%, and the national average is now 10%. Health experts warn of the weaknesses of the positivity data as states calculate the rate differently. But they say the general trend is not disputed and indicates severe spread and, in many places, insufficient testing. Hollingsworth reported from Mission, Kansas. Associated Press reporters from across the country contributed. The Associated Press Department of Health and Science receives support from the Department of Science Education at the Howard Hughes Medical Institute. The AP is solely responsible for all content. .

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Trump steps up campaign as Biden steps up own trip | Instant News

WASHINGTON – President Donald Trump plans to step up an already hectic travel schedule in the last full week of the presidential campaign, ignoring an outbreak of coronavirus cases in the United States and a new epidemic in his own White House. Trump is expected to hit nearly a dozen cases. States in his final push to reclaim land from Democrat Joe Biden, including Sunday’s trip to Maine and Tuesday to Nebraska. Both states allocate electoral votes by congressional district and could be crucial in a close election. He will host 11 rallies in the last 48 hours alone. Biden also plans to resume his travel schedule, aiming to reach the six battlefield states the campaign sees as key to his chances, some with in-person events at social distance and others with virtual events. On Tuesday, the former vice president travels to Georgia, a state that has not voted for a Democratic presidential candidate for more than a quarter of a century, but where polls point to a close race. campaign faces growing concerns over a public health crisis in the United States Trump is eager for voters to focus on almost everything else, fearing that he will lose if the election turns into a referendum on his handling of the pandemic. Biden is working to make sure the race is just that, hitting Trump on the virus and presenting himself as a safer and more stable alternative. The stakes were clear this weekend as the White House became the venue for a second virus outbreak in a month. . Several close associates of Vice President Mike Pence have tested positive for the virus, including his chief of staff, Marc Short. Pence, however, insisted on maintaining his aggressive political calendar, even though he was seen as “close contact” from his advisor, claiming the privileges of being a “core employee”. The latest outbreak has served as a powerful metaphor for the divergent approach the Trump and Biden campaigns have taken against the virus. White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows said on Sunday that “we are not going to control the pandemic” and that the focus should be on containment and treatment. Trump is aiming to pack thousands of people, most without face masks, in some of the upper Midwestern states that are suffering the brunt of the outbreak. “We want normal life to resume,” Trump said on Sunday. “We just want a normal life.” Meadows, in a hurry to explain why the pandemic cannot be brought under control, said: “Because it’s a contagious virus, just like the flu.” He told CNN’s “State of the Union” that the government was focused on bringing effective drugs and vaccines to market. Biden, in a statement, said Meadows’ comments continued, with the Trump administration waving “the white flag of defeat” at Biden’s team argues the coronavirus is likely to wipe out all other problems that could arise in the final days of the campaign – including Biden’s recent comment at the debate stage in which he claimed he would move away from oil, then later returned as a transition away from federal subsidies. This strategy appeared to be paying off, as the outbreak among Pence staff refocused the national conversation on the pandemic. Trump and his team, meanwhile, struggled to come to a conclusion on a closing message, with the unruly candidate increasingly trusting his instincts over his advisers. He’s grabbed for the filth of his Democratic rival and has used apocalyptic terms to describe a Biden presidency, but Biden has so far been more resistant to such attacks than Trump’s rival in 2016. “You can. definitely expect (Biden) to focus on COVID as it continues. to, unfortunately, increase nationwide, ”Kate Bedingfield, Biden’s deputy campaign manager, said in an interview. “It disrupts people’s lives and people are looking for a leader to put in place plans to master it.” With more than a third of the expected election ballots already cast, it may become increasingly difficult for Trump and Biden to reshape the contours of the race. Biden leads Trump in most national polls and has an advantage, albeit smaller, in many key battlegrounds. Biden also has more campaign money than Trump and puts it to good use, covering the waves with a nearly 2: 1 advantage over the waves. the last two weeks. Biden’s incessant campaign advertisements mix his ambitious message with harsh criticism of Trump’s handling of the pandemic, and it’s part of what Josh Schwerin, chief strategist at Democratic super PAC Priorities USA, said he had. helped Biden gain an advantage. The dual message – continuing to create a contrast with Trump, but also delivering this ambitious positive message, giving people a reason to vote for Biden and not just against Trump – continues to be the best way forward. And we see it working, ”he said. Indeed, Biden has seen his favorability ratings rise steadily over the course of the campaign, despite a barrage of attacks from Republicans, as Trump remains underwater in such polls. Democrats were also encouraged by their lead in the record number of early votes cast in a number of battlefield states – though they warn Republicans are more likely to run on Election Day and are sure to catch up. , several Democrats described “PTSD of 2016” which keeps them awake at night a week after polling day. In 2016, Hillary Clinton also took a lead in national polls and in some states, and Democrats say their complacency subsequently doomed their candidate. Now, with the pandemic and the record number of postal and postal ballots injecting a greater level of uncertainty into the election, Democrats are reluctant to let their guard down. Biden’s campaign will focus last week on producing what they’ve dubbed the “Biden Coalition” – Black and Latino voters, as well as whites, women, and older, suburban voters with college graduates , unhappy with Trump. “What we see all the time is that there aren’t many voters left undecided, and at this point in the race is really about participation. It’s about educating voters to make sure they know how to vote, and that’s about making sure they participate, “Bedingfield said. Biden’s campaign has underscored the need for Democrats to stay engaged even as the polls appear favor their candidate. In a recent memo, Biden campaign manager Jen O’Malley Dillon said that “in a number of critical states we are functionally linked” and warned supporters that “every indication we have shows that this thing is going fall on the wire. “Bedingfield says this is a message the campaign will continue to deliver on November 3.” One thing that we have spoken out a lot is that we believe the race is tighter than what a lot of public polls suggest, “she said.” We are constantly working to make sure people understand that there is an emergency here, and that we cannot be complacent. ” ___ Jaffe reported from Wilmington, Delaware. Associated Press editors Aamer Madhani and Jonathan Lemire in Washington contributed to this report. Copyright 2020 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed without permission.

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Pence heads to Louisiana on the background of a renewed surge in cases of the virus | Instant News

Vice-President Mike Pence goes to Louisiana in the background of the revival of the state as one of the hot spots in the country coronavirus only months after, it seemed to contain its start

Baton Rouge, La. —
Vice-President Mike Pence is coming on Tuesday to Louisiana, which was revived as one of the hot spots in the country coronavirus after just a few months after seemed to contain its outbreak.

Republican Vice President was scheduled to meet with the Louisiana Governor, John Bel Edwards, the delegation members of the Congress and of the state health officials to talk about government responses to COVID-19 disease caused by a coronavirus.

Visit pence comes as confirmed cases of the virus in Louisiana, the percentage of positive tests and COVID-19 hospitalization of a patient growing public concern health experts about the prevalence of the virus in the state, which had previously been successful in the fight against it began.

“La has been on the radar, literally front and center in the White House task force coronavirus from the beginning. We never got out of that radar,” said Edwards. “I think that’s a big reason why the Vice President decided to come to Baton Rouge and Louisiana.”

In response to a surge of cases of the virus and hospitalizations, the Democratic Governor took the mandate of the mask of the state for people aged 8 years and over who was adopted on Monday by the effect. He also returned bars takeaway and delivery. Restaurants, casinos, gyms, salons and other businesses remain open with restrictions on occupancy.

Time to Baton Rouge, Penny is also planning a discussion in the stadium of the Louisiana state University Tiger focuses on the fall plans to open a College and future athletic programs of the University in the pandemic. LSU tigers won the national title College football championship in January.

Baton Rouge area-one of three Metropolitan areas where the Federal government has recently created a new drive-through sites testing syndrome is directed on stimulation testing to better track and combat the spread of COVID-19. Federal supported sites in the capital of Louisiana, the city region will remain closed on July 18.

Edwards noted that Federal support has helped Louisiana reach more than 304,000 testing for the virus so far in July — far surpassing the monthly target of the state in the amount of 200 000 administered tests. Still Baton Rouge polygons are not drawn thousands of people daily that officials had hoped.

More than 3,300 residents of Louisiana have died from COVID-19, according to the State Department of health. Louisiana moved again in the top five States for new cases of the virus per capita in recent days, adding anywhere from 1,300 to 2,600 new cases daily in recent weeks.

A significant increase in cases cannot be explained by increased testing, as the percentage of tests that returned positive and the growing number of COVID-19 patients hospitalized increases reaching Monday 1308 people.

Louisiana had about 80,000 confirmed cases after the first positive test for coronavirus in March. Experts in health say, the actual prevalence is likely much higher. For most people, the coronavirus causes mild or moderate symptoms such as fever and cough, which takes place during the week. But for some, particularly the elderly and those with existing health problems, this can lead to more serious or deadly disease.

The subsequent cover up of the pandemic in https://apnews.com/VirusOutbreak and https://apnews.com/UnderstandingtheOutbreak.


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