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The British coronavirus mutation has arrived in Michigan | Instant News

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A new mutated form of the coronavirus that is 50% more transmissible than the original and raised concern after it emerged in Britain has arrived in Michigan, according to the state health department.

This variant, known as B.1.1.7. was identified on Saturday in an adult woman living in Washtenaw County who recently traveled to the UK, according to a press release from the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services.

The woman’s close contacts have been identified and are in quarantine.

“The discovery of this variant in Michigan is worrying, but unexpected,” said Dr. Joneigh Khaldun, chief medical executive and deputy head of health at MDHHS, in a statement. “We all have a personal responsibility to slow the spread of COVID-19 and end this pandemic as quickly as possible. We continue to urge Michiganders to follow a research-based approach by wearing masks properly, maintaining social distance, avoiding crowds, washing your face. hands frequently, and make plans to get a safe and effective COVID-19 vaccine once it’s their turn. ”

The mutated virus has been identified in at least 16 states and other jurisdictions in the US

It is believed that the new COVID-19 vaccine will work against mutations, as well as the same safety measures used to fight the original virus: wear a mask that keeps you and other people apart, interact with only one other household, and wash frequently. hand.

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British COVID-19 variant found in Michigan | Corona virus | Instant News

The first case of the UK’s COVID-19 variant, B.1.1.7, was found in a Washtenaw County woman, according to a press release issued by the Michigan State Police (MSP) on Saturday.

The woman, who has a case of the new variant of COVID-19, is believed to have recently traveled to England, where the variant originated.

Two new cases have also been found in close contact with the individual, who has been notified of the discovery and is currently in quarantine.

The Michigan Department of Health and Human Services (MDHHS) Bureau of Laboratories identified a variant in Michigan on Saturday, which is believed to be more contagious.

There is no indication that it affects the clinical outcome or disease severity compared with normal coronavirus strains; However, higher transmission rates could see more people hospitalized or increase the number of those who die from the virus if a new variant becomes widespread.

Based on available evidence, current tests and vaccines for normal strains will also work against new variants, as well as current protective measures.

MSP recommends that Michiganders should:

  • Getting vaccinated against COVID-19
  • Wearing a mask around other people
  • Stay 6 feet apart from the others
  • Wash your hands frequently
  • Indoor space ventilation

For more information on the virus, visit the state website at michigan.gov/coronavirus.

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The first case of the new COVID variant was found in Michigan | Instant News

LANSING, Mich. Michigan officials have identified the state’s first case of a new coronavirus variant, which is believed to be more contagious, in an infected individual living in Washtenaw County.

Michigan Department of Health and Human Services (MDHHS) officials announced Saturday, January 16 that an adult woman living in Washtenaw County had contracted a new variant of COVID-19, known as B.1.1.7. Officials say he recently traveled to Great Britain, where the variant was first identified and owned recently sent parts of the country under tight lockdown to help curb the spread of the virus.

According to authorities, two additional positive COVID-19 cases have been identified among close contacts with the Washtenaw County woman, but it is unclear whether the two people also have the virus variant.

The variant, which has been officially identified at other countries worldwide, heading for the United States in late 2020 and first identified in California. Officials said the variant had now been identified in at least 16 other states as of January 16.

The Michigan official said the new variant was thought to be more contagious, but “there is no indication that it affects clinical outcomes or disease severity compared to the SARS-CoV-2 virus that has been circulating across the United States for months,” according to a press release published today. issued January 16.

However, officials said the new variant – if circulating widely in Michigan – could lead to higher transmission rates of the virus, which in turn could increase the number of people who “need to be hospitalized or who have lost their lives to COVID-19.”

EXPLANATORY: Scientists are trying to understand a new variant of the virus

“The discovery of this variant in Michigan is worrying, but unexpected,” said Dr. Joneigh Khaldun, chief medical executive and deputy head of health at MDHHS. “We all have a personal responsibility to slow the spread of COVID-19 and end this pandemic as quickly as possible. We continue to urge Michiganders to follow a research-based approach by wearing their masks properly, maintaining social distancing, avoiding crowds, washing their hands frequently, and making plans to get a safe and effective COVID-19 vaccine once it’s their turn. “

The virus variant cases announced Saturday are the only known cases of the variant in Michigan, but officials say there may be more cases that have yet to be identified.

January 7, 2021: A mutated new variant of COVID-19 ‘is very likely already here’ in Michigan, top health officials said

Health officials urged residents to continue to follow mitigation protocols to help prevent the spread of the coronavirus, including frequent hand washing, maintaining good hygiene, maintaining social distancing and avoiding crowds and gatherings.

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With growing concerns about Michigan’s COVID-19 metric and a new variant of the virus, Governor Gretchen Whitmer was asked if he anticipates new restrictions on activity in the state.

During the briefing on Wednesday (January 6), Dr. Joneigh Khaldun, chief medical executive for Michigan Department of Health and Human Services, said the state’s case rate began to stabilize after 46 days of declining. He also revealed a much higher level of positivity – 9.6%.

As well as some worrying trends in metrics, Whitmer and Khaldun are both talking about a new variant of COVID-19, which could be easier to spread.

Whitmer was asked if, because of those concerns, the state would see increased restrictions the current MDHHS sequence.

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The food delivery driver is caught on camera stealing the Mich family puppy | Instant News

WARREN, Mich. (WXYZ) – Police say a DoorDash worker who delivered food to the Michigan home dropped off the food but then left with her family’s 8-week-old pup.

Right after New Years, police used surveillance video to chase leads after an 8-week-old puppy named Bella was stolen from Ashley Swinton’s home in Warren, Michigan. The crime, which was allegedly committed by a 26 year old DoorDash delivery driver, was caught on camera.

“You can see him petting the dog, rubbing the dog. I guess he’s trying to see if the dog is fierce or something. Then, you see he picked up the dog and immediately took him to the car, “said Swinton recalled the video.

With help from DoorDash, police say they tracked down the delivery driver, who allegedly confessed to the crime. He did not explain his actions.

“They invited this person to deliver food to their house and trust them to do their job, and they delivered food but obviously took something that wasn’t theirs,” said Detective Brian Price of the Warren Police Department.

The police find Bella and return her to the Swintons, who got the puppy for Christmas.

“If you can take a dog, you can take someone’s, you can take a key, you name it. We don’t just do things like that, “said Swinton.

It is hoped that the charges in this case will be filed soon.

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The cuts are likely due to the Fiat Chrysler-PSA tie nearing agreement | Instant News

MILAN (AP) – While running Nissan operations in North America from 2009 to 2011, Carlos Tavares has a reputation for keeping a close eye on expenses with little tolerance for non-monetizing vehicles or businesses.

Experts say that means Tavares, who is currently the head of the PSA Group, is likely to follow the blueprint when he becomes chairman of the combined PSA and Fiat Chrysler Automobiles. The low-performing Chrysler brand might get an ax just like the slow-selling car, SUV, or truck that lacked potential.

Companies are already talking about consolidating vehicle platforms – basic and powertrains – to save billions in engineering and production costs. That could mean job losses in Italy, Germany and Michigan as Peugeot’s PSA technology is integrated into North American and Italian vehicles.

“You can’t save money if you keep the entire scale of the two companies,” said Karl Brauer, executive analyst for the iSeeCars.com website. “We’ve seen these shows before, and we’ll see them again where they save on this platform across continents, in multiple markets.”

Shareholders of the two companies will meet Monday to vote on a merger to form the world’s fourth-largest automaker, called Stellantis. The deal received EU regulatory approval just before Christmas.

Tavares, which has wanted to sell PSA vehicles for years in the US, will not take full control of the merged company until late January at the earliest.

He is likely to target Europe for consolidation first, because that’s where Fiat vehicles overlap widely with PSA, said IHS Chief Car Analyst Markit Stephanie Brinley. Europe has been a money loser for the FCA, and factories in Italy are operating well below capacity – a concern for unions, given Fiat’s role as the country’s biggest private sector employer.

“We are at a crossroads,” said Michele De Palma of the metal workers union FIOM CGIL. “Either there is a relaunch, or there is a slow, painful shutdown of the industry, particularly the auto industry, in Italy.”

Italy’s hope lies in the luxury of the sporty Maserati and Alfa Romeo brands, but De Palma says investment is needed to bring hybrid and electric technology even faster. The capacity of Fiat Italia reaches 1.5 million vehicles, but only a few hundred thousand are produced each year. Most of the factories were carrying out short-term layoffs due to a lack of demand, even before the pandemic.

The merger is likely to have an impact on white-collar workers too, as Tavares is unlikely to maintain technical centers in Paris, Turin and Rodelsheim, Germany, where the Opel brand he acquired in 2017 is located, according to analysts.

FCA’s North American operations, led by the popular Jeep and Ram pickup brands, are highly profitable and likely won’t be touched for a while, Brinley said. Tavares only three years ago expressed his desire to sell PSA vehicles in the US within a decade. He said every global carmaker had to sell in the US market.

In December the company announced that Fiat Chrysler CEO Mike Manley would run Stellantis’s American operations.

Larger Jeeps and Ram trucks and SUVs are unique in the US and generally don’t sell well in Europe, so Brinley expects the trucks and SUVs to be designed by Fiat Chrysler in Auburn Hills, Michigan, north of Detroit. Eventually some cars and some smaller SUVs will move to the base of the PSA, he said.

PSA has many smaller fuel-efficient engines, and Fiat Chrysler will need them to meet government fuel mileage and pollution requirements worldwide. PSA Group’s goal is to offer all its models with powered powertrains by 2025, an area where Fiat Chrysler is also lagging.

Analysts say the Chrysler brand could be under threat in the US, where it has only two models, the old 300 sedan and the Pacifica minivan. Brand sales in the US fell 19% through October.

The two companies have yet to announce a decision on branding. Fiat Chrysler, in a statement from Michigan, said one of Stellantis’ biggest strengths was its historic brands, including 10 from FCA, adding that there were no plans to close any factories. But PSA said in a statement from Paris that it had not announced plans for the brand. “We will communicate because of this, because the EGA (shareholder vote) is not a closing date, nor is it an announcement of a strategic plan,” the statement said.

Brauer said US consumers are less likely to look at Peugeot vehicles. Instead, the smaller vehicles would be built on French or German bases with bodies and interiors designed in Michigan.

While the tie is billed as a merger, the profits go to PSA, which will control 6 of the 11 board seats with Tavares as the tie-breaker.

Fiat Chrysler’s brands range from powerhouse Jeeps to performance Abarth marquee and historic Italian brand Lancia, which currently only produces one model, Ypsilon, targeting female drivers. “I don’t expect to cut into brands that are still producing volume, even if they focus on a very specific market segment, like Lancia,” said Francesco Zirpoli, director of the Center for Automotive and Mobility at Venice’s Ca ‘Foscari University. But Stellantis will have too many factories in Europe making similar vehicles. “This overlap must be resolved,” he said.

Stellantis will also face big challenges in Asia, particularly China, where PSA and FCA are weak.

“The big market for the future is Asia. Asia will dominate the car business, “said Ferdinand Dudenhoeffer, of the Center for Automotive Research in Germany. Already 45% of global sales. “They join, okay. They find synergy, okay. They reduce the number of employees, okay. But they missed the most important point in the car business. ”


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