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#BoycottGenshin is disrupting the Genshin Impact community | Instant News

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last night, Yuanzhen Shock Due to various wrong reasons, it became popular on Twitter. Which one is it?Well, this is the truth: no one really agrees that the core of the volcanic eruption that erupts next to it is Developer miHoYo’s cash cow. Currently, #BoycottGenshin tags Consists of legitimate complaints about stereotypes, other complaints that don’t require very few asterisks, and a lot of debate about which is which.

Although it is difficult to trace the exact source of the hashtag, it does seem to increase the speed due to the discussion of Hilichurls (one of them). XuanxinThe most common enemy types- A developer video that briefly introduces indigenous dance Used as their reference point.But others suggested that the conversation start Due to rumors that the upcoming in-game content has been delayed.Since the hashtag started, it has been trending many times Use a different name with Pick up the extra bones to pick upIncluding accusations of racial discrimination and color discrimination, involving two playable characters Xin Xin and Kai Ya, as well as minor NPCs vying to follow other child characters.

The scope of the fans’ debate has been widely announced, that is, all dissatisfaction with the legalization of SJW’s standard culture war strategy, and insistence that games (especially based on reality and can affect reality, especially in games that are popular across continents)Completely divorced from reality. As you can imagine, it’s on Twitter and elsewhere (for example, This Yuanzhen Shock Subreddit.

EBut the argument is The minefield itself in the larger #BoycottGenshin minefield. Hilichurl’s discussion is the clearest statement, it’s what it’s saying because it’s still It’s not entirely clear. To be sure, miHoYo showed a video of an indigenous dance in the studio tour video as a reference for its animal humanoid enemies, but this is not good.

“I just want to say that Hilichurls inspired by indigenous people are definitely not good,” said a player who claimed to be an indigenous person. Wrote on Twitter. “People used to laugh at their dances, but people (including me) now find that this situation is really hurtful. This makes us feel that we are being laughed at something that is of great significance to us. miHoYo, our culture is not something you can accept and use. Things. It’s not good, it’s not funny, I’m really disappointed. Many of us are.”

Even in the anti-#BoycottGenshin crowd, some people agreed that miHoYo dropped the ball here.However, others pointed out that Hilichurls are not pure villains (they are Manipulated by another group of villains) And they are very similar to one of Bokoblins Yuanzhen ShockThe most influential is The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.The former misunderstands why stereotypes are harmful (just because characters who may not be villains have enacted stereotypes, they don’t suddenly get better), while the latter has become a bigger topic, namely the #BoycottGenshin hashtag is just beginning to study :existing “Primitive” humanoid enemies In many action-adventure games and RPGs.

In short, Bokoblins’ animations, skull necklaces and other portraits more subtly evoke local stereotypes (not to mention other stereotypes, such as those around Haitian Fudu), which are integrated into a series of videos Game enemies, these enemies are based on the stereotype of “tribes” to convey the message of lack of civilization or wisdom.Orcs are Their own conversation, But when discussing the orcs, the author NK Jemisin continued to write about fantasy non-human races.

“An orc is a person who can be slaughtered without a conscience or an apology,” Jemisin wrote in a 2013 blog post. “A creature that looks like a human, but it’s not. It’s a bit like a person whose most basic moral considerations like the right to live are not worthwhile. The only way to deal with them is to completely control them, or completely eliminate them.”

This is not strictly Yuanzhen Shock in other words. Whether we are talking about Hilichurls, Bokoblins, or other endless badass racial fantasies, it will always return to the same ugly calculus. in this aspect, Yuanzhen Shock Neither exemption from liability nor exception. This is Trope’s latest ranking and represents a broader systemic issue in the game. In the medium of imaginable infinite worlds, it may be time to get rid of the notion of subhumans. Maybe it’s already here.

#BoycottGenshin’s other arguments (the tricky people are not all supported by people who support the hashtag).On the one hand, the in-game text Does describe a character with a darker complexionYinyan has a “fierce appearance” that can be compared with “one of the little hooligans wandering in the market”, which inspires the “fear” of people who see her and make their children cry. On the other hand, this seems to be more attributable to her clothes-all spikes and punk rock gear-rather than just her skin tone. Another darker-skinned character, Kaeya, is described as “exotic.” However, this may be because he is from a place called Khaenri’ah, rather than Teyvat, the country where the game took place.

still, Player pointed out Compared to the rest of the game, the skins of these two characters are only black May not be a coincidence It was considered terrible, and it attracted accusations of colorism, but it went further Promote discussion About specific regions of Asia Yuanzhen Shock Is drawing inspiration from its current (and upcoming) language environment. This is also very tricky. Some people cited the Asian roots of the game as a reason to shut down the representatives in the game.Many people do with Representatives opposed to other forms seem to have no first-hand experience of the culture and place they are discussing.

The topic of pedophilia is equally confusing. There are two underage characters, Barbara and Flora, Have older male NPC cravings. In the former case, it is a misguided super fan because Barbara is basically a pop star. In multiple missions, the game described it as being in an awkward situation in a completely bad situation. Taking Flora as an example, things are not that simple. Otherwise, an unknown National People’s Congress stated that he would one day “acknowledge my love for Flora on a dandelion boat”, if not because of the addition of This line, it would be very offensive. In the early version of the game, Flora’s character model at the time was an adult female rather than a child. However, miHoYo has been canceling the production line for several months, and although fans have noticed it previously, it still hasn’t.Then the game Rely on telescope Petite, high-pitched female character with a childish appearance and tendencies- There are also tricky (though less discussed) meanings.

Some people on Twitter have described the #BoycottGenshin feature as the sudden irritation caused by the DLC delay, making it inherently ambiguous. Obviously, despite this, many doubts (and others related to security and game business models) are brewing. Yuanzhen Shock‘S fan base for a while. Whether hashtags will bring tangible changes, or like many other well-intentioned campaigns, whether the modern, participation-driven Internet structure is destined to drown out toxicity remains to be seen.


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Show speed, Moveset, upgrade projects and new demos | Instant News

key point

  • “Genshin Impact” 1.4 released the Venti replay banner
  • The next character banner will feature Tartaglia
  • Rosaria is the only new character that will appear in “Genshin Impact” 1.4

“Genshin Impact” creator miHoYo released a new character demo trailer for Rosaria. A short video reveals brand new information about the upcoming four-star Cryo user. This includes her mobile device and upgrade items, etc.

Rosaria Moveset

Rosaria is the only new character under the Tartaglia banner of the “Genshin Impact” 1.4 update that will debut in a few days. Her normal attack is called the Spear of the Church, allowing her to perform up to 5 quick strikes.At the same time, she was charged attack Let her sprint forward while consuming her energy.

Rosalia’s elemental attack is called arrogant confession. Through this attack, she quickly puts herself behind the enemy.After that, she used her to pierce and slam the opponent Pole arm, Leading to Cryo DMG. Unfortunately, she couldn’t use this ability to follow behind huge opponents.

The joyful singing is blowing in the wind and perpetual under the flowers of the ancient hymn; although you should look for the meaning of the holiday, Photo: Genshin Impact official YouTube channel

Her elemental burst is called the end ritual, and it shows her unique understanding of prayer rituals. She first uses weapons to cause damage to neighboring opponents. After that, she summoned an ice gun to hit the ground to deal with Cryo DMG. Although the ice gun is still active, it periodically releases a burst of cold air, causing freezing damage to neighboring enemies.

Release date and pull rate

Rosalia will play an important role in the upcoming Girls’ Generation farewell. This Tataglia flag is planned to be in Venti on April 6th Rerun the end. The Tartaglia banner will last for three weeks and will end on April 27th.

The pull rate of the characters in “Genshin Impact” is very low.since Rosaria Is one of the four-star characters in the game, the player has about 5% chance to pull her out. However, considering that she is a featured character in the banner, her promotion rate will increase. “Genshin Impact” players will have more opportunities to pull her instead of a 5-star character like Tataglia.

Upgrade information

Players interested in upgrading Rosaria will have to collect her upgrade items, including hoarfrost and emerald cores dropped by Cryo Regisvine. Players will need to collect a large number of ballad books, as well as recruits, lieutenant and sergeant badges. More importantly, the four-star Cryo character will need the shadow of the warrior, which can be obtained from children.


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“Genshin Impact” Wind Song Lyre Challenge Guide-How to unlock the song and complete the challenge | Instant News

Yuanzhen Shock“It is a game full of events and special challenges during the release process. Its players and fans can enjoy a large number of free gifts, and provide a large number of activities to increase their money and income. In the current event, the breeze ballad debuted This is the Wind Song Lyre Challenge, which is a famous competition that insists on musical skills.

(Photo: Screenshot from Skadoosh via YouTube)

This event does not require the player to have a musical inclination or a real-life instrument player, but a series of game-based rhythm exercises that the player can control through a computer keyboard or game controller. The Breeze Folk Ballad Challenge Song of the Wind is a grand event whose purpose is to bring players a variety of rewards, including festival tickets and original works.

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The challenge is recently available for players to participate in, and is very active, here, they can maximize the use of the game time and revenue, from the challenge to get a lot of high-quality items. The songs are divided into three levels: normal, hard and professional. They will start from the normal mode and already have three rewards.

“Genshin Impact” Wind Song Lyre Challenge

Genshin Impact Wind Song Lyre

(Photo: Screenshot from Skadoosh via YouTube)

Before starting the challenge, players must first unlock the wind song lyre, and then continue song creation, and get enough points to unlock the rewards and the difficulty level of success. Currently, Windsong Lyre is available for purchase, and 280 tickets are required to replace the instrument.

Fengsong Lyre can only be unlocked and purchased after completing the “Breeze Folk” competition challenge.

This is a worthwhile investment, especially because it can bring a lot of rewards to gamers, especially when the game requires challenges.according to Smash Bros. Game, There are four songs for competition in the event, and there will be three rewards for each capital upon completion. Players need to copy the song and get the highest possible points.

Windsong Lyre can only be used until the next Monday, April 5, before disappearing from the store, and wait until the whole year or the next event to use the instrument.

The song of wind song lyre challenge the breeze incident folk ballad

  • Destiny
  • Dawn
  • The strongest power
  • Frost Fable

After completing all four “regular” modes of the event challenge, Windsong Lyre will be available for sale. After completing all the songs, the demand for purchasing its Tour Ticket is sufficient. Players can also choose the “hard” and “professional” modes of the challenge so that they can unlock more tickets and other rewards to purchase other event items.

Players can use Windsong Lyre for entertainment purposes, including composing music based on other songs (such as “Genshin Impact’s” theme song) and popular songs (such as Rick Astley’s “Never Gonna Give You Up”). Unlike the breeze ballad event, the wind song lyre will now retain the notes corresponding to the controls, which is different from the previous fixed songs.

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Zhongli Rerun, 3 new incidents, new leaks seem to confirm the house video | Instant News

key point

  • “Genshin Impact” 1.5 may be launched sometime in April
  • The previously rumored Chasm area may not be unlocked in Update 1.5
  • miHoYo may move the release of the Inazuma region to a future update

“Genshin Impact” version 1.4 has only been used for a few days, but the vulnerability regarding update 1.5 has been posted online. The latest news confirmed the replay of the Zhongli banner, three new events and some other interesting details.

On Twitter, industry insider Zeniiet shared a new set of detailed information about “Genshin Impact” 1.5.according to InsiderWith the launch of the new update, players can look forward to three new events in the popular gacha game. Unfortunately, there is no detailed information on these events.

After “Almanac” was over, the audience stood in front of the landscape painting screen, as if expecting to hear the echo of the past. Photo: Genshin Impact official You Tube channel

“Genshin Impact” neutral banner replay

In addition, the neutral aspect is very likely to re-run another character banner in the incoming update. Insiders also noted that the previously rumored Chasm area may not have been unlocked in the 1.5 update. Earlier, some insiders claimed that the Inazuma region may be launched in the 1.6 update.

However, if Chasm in version 1.5 has not happened yet, it is likely to be launched in the 1.6 update. If this happens, miHoYo may move the version in the Inazuma region to a future update. Zeniiet also shared a new video showing the new housing system in “Genshin Impact”.

Obviously, this new house system will allow players to own and decorate houses in the game.earlier AeEntrophyAnother “Genshin Impact” insider shared the rumored image of a furniture store. According to reports, this company sells blueprints for furniture that players can make and use in the new housing system. It seems that players will have to use a new form of currency in this furniture store.

For Zhongli, resetting the character banner may be a good idea.A few months later, the character didn’t get much love when he made his first appearance in “Genshin Impact” before. Players complained that he lacked shielding ability and damage. Chinese game studio miHoYo later gave him some fans at the beginning of version 1.3. Through adjustments, Zhongli can easily become one of the strongest playable characters in the game, and become the first choice for later team gatherings.

“Genshin Impact” can now be used on PC, PlayStation 4, iOS and Android devices.


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“Genshin Impact” leaks, what to expect from version 1.4: Eula, Spindrift Knight, Furniture Design Store, and more! | Instant News

Yuanzhen Shock“We are preparing for the expected update patch for the game, bringing new characters and new offers from the developers, and there have been some leaks that illustrate the expectations of the 1.4 update. The popular RPG will release the update for the first time, and gamers are Looking forward to the update. There are rumors that it will bring a lot of new offers.

(Photo: Seewlie via Twitter @Seewlie)

Popular action role-playing game (RPG) from miHoYo, “Genshin Impact” is looking at its fifth update, but as always, the company’s goal is to bring a lot of things to gamers in the latest update of the game. Some leakers have released speculations about expectations and spoilers, and it must be a lot of patches for RPG.

expected Launch date 1.4 The update will be updated on March 17th, US Eastern Time (March 16th)/11:00 pm GMT. However, the downtime will take 5 hours, starting from 6:00 pm / 10:00 pm Eastern Time, Greenwich Mean Time.

This game has been around for six months and will soon be seven years old. Its commercial success as a free RPG has attracted many players, making it one of the most popular action multiplayer open worlds of the era. In addition, it is also compatible with the popular open world game “World of Warcraft“, especially its Shadowlands expansion pack.

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“Genshin Impact” update version 1.4: everything you need to know

A “Genshin Impact” leaker named “Honey” (@ amourcherie_606) A compilation of known speculations and leaks about the next large-scale update of RPG has been released via Twitter, bringing a lot of content to the title. In addition, the leaker also resolved the arrival of a potential furniture store that would sell handicrafts.

Another thing is that the screenshots of forumers are also published by the leakers’ cumulative tweets, suggesting that “Geovishap Dragon” appears in Chasm, which may bring events to the game. In addition to the arrival of Eula, another role playing the Pyro catalyst will also join, bringing a total of two novices to the action game.

Cyclone Knight Euler

The biggest news of this leak is the arrival of Eula, which features Spindrift Knight, which has Cryo and Claymore catalysts, and is a mixture of two powers in the game. She will be a blue-haired character, wearing a white dress, and possessing a huge frozen or ice sword to slash enemies.

Furniture Blueprint Store

In addition to the new characters, the furniture design blueprint store will also update version 1.4 of the game, bringing new content and foundations, as well as the latest version of “Genshin”. In addition, this will complement the game’s new shell update, and there are also rumors that the patch will be updated.

Other leaks

Other leaks include another character expected to have about 4 to 5 stars, Yanfei, who will use Pyro Catalyst in the game. There are no details other than the abilities and level of the new character.

In addition, as the leaker speculates about the arrival of “Geovishap Dragon”, players may see a new event or challenge, and the game is said to be a major update in version 1.4.

The downtime has already occurred earlier today, and gamers can now download the latest updated version of “Gensin Impact” through its game client.

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