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Swiss startups are betting on nanotechnology to speed up cancer diagnosis | Instant News

A Swiss startup is testing devices that rely on nanotechnology to speed up cancer diagnosis, a goal shared by many researchers and entrepreneurs around the world.

Nanotechnology is a promising approach, according to the National Cancer Institute. Apart from diagnosing cancer earlier and sooner, this has the potential to assist in making treatment decisions. The hope for a nano-oncology application is that it is also less toxic than chemotherapy.

Founded in 2017, Artidist hopes his device can do both, starting with breast, lung and pancreatic cancer, according to Marija Plodinec, co-founder and CEO of the company. Artidis employs 22 people in Switzerland and the US

The Artidis device relies on proprietary nanomechanical biomarkers and clinical data analytics to diagnose cancer in biopsied tissue.

The device – also known as Artidis – relies on proprietary nanomechanical biomarkers and clinical data analytics to diagnose cancer in biopsied tissue. Biomarkers can also measure cancer aggressiveness, allowing for customized treatment.

Results were available in less than three hours, beating the days it took after a traditional biopsy, Plodinec wrote in an emailed response to questions forwarded by a spokesperson. A cancer biophysicist, Plodinec began researching the technology used by Artidis in 2008 when he was a graduate student at the University of Basel in Switzerland.

“Breast cancer is the most common form of cancer in women and I wanted to find a device that would reduce the stressful period of uncertainty before you receive a cancer diagnosis,” wrote Plodinec.

Since its founding three years ago, Artidis has raised $ 15.1 million in seed money from investors including Bernina Bioinvest and SMD MedicalTrade AGboth based in Switzerland.

With a view to expanding in the US, Artidis hopes to raise another $ 20 million in Series A funding by the end of 2020. The company aims to enter the market by 2022 and is currently finalizing pre-submission files for submission to US Food. and Drug Administration, says Plodinec. Hospitals and health systems will be able to buy or lease accompanying devices and software, he said.

In a study involving 545 patients in Switzerland from 2016 to 2019, Artidis proved effective in detecting breast cancer in routine clinical settings. Presented at the June meeting of the American Association for Cancer Research, this study also demonstrates the potential of a tool for assessing future tumor growth.

“Secondary analysis suggests that this new technology will be able to subclassify breast cancer subtypes into more or less aggressive subgroups, which can define a patient’s treatment plan and thereby reduce over-treatment and under-treatment,” Dr. Rosemarie Burian, lead investigator of the study and a gynecologist at the Breast Center at Basel University Hospital, said in a statement announcing the results this summer.

Artidis plans to launch a multi-center study for breast cancer in the US later this year and a similar study in Europe in early 2021, Plodinec wrote. A proof-of-concept study on lung and pancreatic cancer is also scheduled to begin in early 2021.

In the US, Artidis has collaborated with MD Anderson Cancer Center at Texas Medical Center in Houston, Plodinec said, adding that the company is in talks with other US cancer centers.

“Artidis can be used to analyze any living tissue, so the potential for growth is enormous,” he wrote.

Photos: CGToolbox, Getty Images and Artidis


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Viking hopes to ‘gradually increase’ fan attendance at home games in the future | Instant News

Minnesota Vikings

No fans attended Viking’s season opener against the Packers and only 250 staff and team families were at the US Bank Stadium for the third game of the season and second at home in Minneapolis. But future matches at US Bank Stadium can be played in front of a number of supporters.

Speaking during Sunday’s pregame event at KFAN in the Twin Cities, Viking Operations Chief Andrew Miller said the team’s goal was to “gradually” increase the number of fans allowed to attend home games in the future as the pandemic is unfolding.


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People associated with white supremacy groups sparked riots in Minneapolis over Floyd | Instant News

Minneapolis (the gray news) – police say a man captured on surveillance video smashing Windows in a parts store in South Minneapolis for several days after the death of George Floyd was a member of the Hell’s Angels, which was bent on fomenting social unrest.

Man has been called “the umbrella man” for all-Black outfit. His actions soon led to an arson fire on may 27, that police say, was the first of several that turned peaceful protests into chaos. The fire spread and caused about $500 million in damage.

“The actions of this man have created an atmosphere of hostility and tension … the sole purpose of man was to incite violence,” said police in Minneapolis. cited by WCCO.

The old tribune reports police investigator Minneapolis wrote in the warrant police have identified 32-year-old suspect email to the Council last week.

A search warrant says the man is a known associate of the Aryan cowboys, prison gang from Minnesota and Kentucky. The Council claims that he wanted “to sow discord and race riots,” reports WCCO.

Police also linked him to the June incident in Stillwater, Minnesota where a Muslim woman gave chase to the club to wear Aryan cowboy leather vests.

The representative of police of Minneapolis tells the associated Press the investigation is open and active.

More 2020 Gray Media Group, Inc. All rights reserved. The associated Press contributed to this report.


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What is Tuesday’s blackout? How Two Women Got The Music Industry To Suppress Pause | Instant News

When the voice of anger filled the streets of America after George Floyd’s death, the music industry approached protest with a different strategy – the sound of silence.

Blackout Tuesday, a grassroots campaign to activate the music industry in solidarity with the racial justice protest movement that swept the country, was launched by two music industry professionals, Jamila Thomas and Brianna Agyemang. In project website both described the effort as “an initiative made by two black women in music with regard to long-standing racism and existing inequalities from the meeting room to the boulevard. We will not continue to do business as usual without paying attention to Black’s life.”

The statement went on to say, “The music industry is a multi-billion dollar industry. An industry that benefits primarily from Black art. Our mission is to defend the industry in general, including large companies + their partners who benefit from the efforts, struggles and success of responsible black people. For this reason, it is the obligation of these entities to protect and empower the Black community that has made them disproportionately rich in a measurable and transparent way. “

The campaign, which also uses the social media hashtag #TheShowMustBePaused, was initially focused on marking June 2 as a day for the music industry to show solidarity with the black community by stopping and collectively cutting ties from the 24/7 background music that sparked many American cultures. Across the industry, record labels, streaming services, musicians, and producers join in protests, participate in various ways.

For example, while the Spotify streaming service will continue to operate during protests, it takes action to close some playlists. On Spotify, listeners will see black logos and main images on more than a dozen of the most popular playlists and podcasts, as well as all of their playlists and R&B and many podcast covers. Some Spotify playlists and podcasts will include 8 minutes, 46 seconds of silence as serious recognition for George Floyd’s long period of time strangled by four Minneapolis police officers. Amazon, YouTube, and Apple Music took similar steps, with Apple Music canceling its regular Beats 1 program for the day, and promoting the “For Us, By Us” playlist.

The record label varies in response. While many labels have released statements of support, some have taken a more concrete step. According to an internal memo that was first shared with Pitchfork Media, Warner Media Group reportedly allowed employees to take time off to “concentrate on helping themselves and others. Interscope Geffen’s A&M music label family announces that in response to their protest they will not release any music on week 1 Junest, and instead they will “contribute to organizations that help save protesters who exercise their right to peaceful assembly, layers of aid that work for systemic change and provide assistance to charities that focus on creating economic empowerment in black communities.”

Leading artists such as J Balvin, Billie Eilish and the Rolling Stones will celebrate that day, along with a myriad of artists in all music genes. It might capture the mood of many artists, Latino music superstar J Balvin posted on his Instagram account a statement in Spanish and English: “given the circumstances faced by the Black community in the United States, this is not the time to give frivolity and celebration. Instead, it is time to educate myself and my loved ones and take action. “The artist continues,” I promise from today … as a human being, as an artist, as a Latin, as a friend … to do better. ”

While some critics question whether the Blackout Tuesday replica might divert attention away from the core problem of racial injustice in America, and accuse it of being another example of partisan protest, it is clear that the initiative quickly gained real meaning and momentum. And while Americans are looking for ways to express support and solidarity to combat excessive police violence and racial injustice, Blackout Tuesday creates a meaningful way for the music industry to express its support.

In the words of Thomas and Agyemang on their website, “We are tired and cannot change things alone.” The two black women don’t need to – and because of their efforts, and the support of their allies in the music industry, they won’t win.

And that is the true voice that change will come.


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New Zealanders protest against the death of George Floyd | Instant News

(Reuters) – Thousands of New Zealanders marched peacefully on Monday chanting “Black Life” in solidarity with George Floyd, a black American who was killed in police custody in the United States last week.

The event was part of a number of protests around the world, from London and Berlin to Australia and the Netherlands, after the video showed a white Minneapolis police officer kneeling on Floyd’s neck for almost nine minutes before he died last Monday.

The incident sparked outrage in the United States amidst a polarized presidential campaign and was recently freed from standing orders at home during the coronavirus pandemic which caused millions of people to lose their jobs.

Protesters in the city of Auckland, New Zealand, sat on the street after their peaceful march when they raised their fists as a sign of unity, solidarity and Black Power.

Social media posts show demonstrators outside the American Consulate in Auckland holding posters reading “Justice For George Floyd” and “Are We Next?”.

In the capital city of Wellington, more than 100 people walked from the New Zealand parliament building to the American Embassy, ​​chanting “Black Lives Matter”.

A candle-lighting event is also being planned in Wellington on Monday night.

Across the Tasman Sea in Australia, demonstrations are expected on Tuesday night.

In an e-mail to Americans living in Australia, the US consulate said Sydney’s city offices would close early on Tuesday as a result. “Police expect counter protesters,” the e-mail read, without giving further details.

Reporting by Swati Pandey and Jill Gralow; Editing by Lincoln Feast.


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