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The body of a missing child was found in a water tank | Instant News


A little girl was found dead in the underground water tank of a house under construction in Allah Bakhsh Goth, Ahsanabad on Monday.

According to SITE Super Highway SHO Safdar Mashwani, the deceased, identified as 3-year-old Alisha, went missing on March 12 (Friday) at around 6pm while her parents thought she was playing outside her house in Allah Bakhsh Goth.

SHO said that Alisha’s father had reported her going to the police on the same day.

According to Mashwani, the house where the body of the minor was found was in the same neighborhood and its construction was suspended nearly three years ago.

Police transferred the deceased to Abbasi Shaheed Hospital and said the cause of death would be confirmed once the postmortem report was received.

Since the house under construction is empty and has no gates, the police suspect that Alisha had entered the site while playing and fell into the tank.

But the grieving father stated that he had checked the abandoned house several times when he was looking for Alisha and he could not find her there.


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People who were attacked by sharks in Papamoa; DoC warning of big white fish at Tauranga Harbor | Instant News

An Auckland man is covered in blood and sustains minor injuries after a shark bites his arm on Papamoa Beach in the Bay of Plenty.

The attack – which the man described as a baby shark – came as the Department of Conservation (DoC) called for caution near Tauranga Harbor this weekend following several possible sightings of a great white shark.

“It freaked me out, luckily it didn’t stick, and by the time I surfaced it was gone,” the man told Stuff after the incident on Wednesday night. “I wiped the water from my eyes as soon as I penetrated the surface and when I did I felt like a huge stream of water, I assumed from the tail, a whip passed me.”

“I got to the beach and saw a man going into the water. I stopped him and explained what had happened. The two of us then took the other nine people out of the water – some kids too.”

He does not require hospital treatment, but the close encounter with a shark – an unknown species – comes as the Department of Conservation warns of a great white shark near Tauranga Harbor.

People should be alert and avoid swimming in the port’s main channel or fishing from kayaks and jet skis, the organization advises.

The Department of Conservation (DOC) has called for vigilance at Tauranga Port this long weekend following several possible sightings of a great white shark.  Photos / Files
The Department of Conservation (DOC) has called for vigilance at Tauranga Port this long weekend following several possible sightings of a great white shark. Photos / Files

DoC marine technical advisor Clinton Duffy said communities need to remember that they share coastal waters with a number of different shark species.

“There are always sharks around our shoreline and sometimes they might get close to shore.”

He said there were several confirmed and unconfirmed great white shark sightings at Tauranga Port recently.

“It’s not unusual for them to be there, but when we visit the ocean, we need to be a little alert and aware of what’s going on around us. Swim where there are surf rescue patrols, and don’t swim or dive alone. “

Great white sharks are protected by the 1953 Wildlife Act and are illegal to hunt, kill or harm.

Other shark species that are protected in New Zealand include the basking shark, ocean whitetip, small tooth sandtiger and whale shark.


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Karachi: Two suspects involved in rape, murder of boy arrested – Crime | Instant News

Published in December 29, 2020 13:21

The accused kidnapped the boy before raping him.

KARACHI (Dunya News) – Two suspects involved in the rape and murder of a ten-year-old boy were arrested in Karachi on Tuesday.

According to police, the defendant kidnapped the boy and killed him after the rape. The suspects then dumped the boy’s body in the bush in the FC Area.

Further investigations into the matter are ongoing.


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Kashmore tragedy: The governor of Sindh inquires about the health of the little girl in NICH – Pakistan | Instant News

Published in November 15, 2020 10:05

Kashmore tragedy: Governor Sindh inquires about the health of the little girl in the NICH

KARACHI (Dunya News) – Sindh Governor Imran Ismail inquired about the health of victims of the Kashmore tragedy at the National Institute of Child Health (NICH) here and also conveyed Prime Minister Imran Khan’s message to the girl’s mother, here on Sunday. .

The wife of the Governor of Sindh, Member of the National Assembly Aftab Siddiqui, Member of the Sindh Khurram Sher Zaman Assembly, Jamal Siddiqui, Shehzad Qureshi and others were also present at the occasion.

Speaking with the little girl’s mother, Imran Ismail said that the Prime Minister was very saddened by this incident and issued strict instructions to law enforcement agencies to bring the perpetrators of the incident to a logical conclusion.

The prime minister has given clear instructions to provide the best possible medical care to the underage girl as the government will provide any possible assistance related to the medical care of victims at home or abroad, he added.

NICH Director Prof. Dr. Jamal Raza explained to the governor of Sindh about the health and medical care of the underage girl.

On this occasion, the Governor of Sindh advised that all possible steps be taken to heal the victim completely and absolutely. If there is any difficulty in this, he should be notified in person, said Imran Ismail.

Later, speaking to the media, Governor Sindh said that the Kashmore tragedy was a very heartbreaking incident and that currently the innocent girl is fighting for her life in the hospital.

He said the courage shown by ASI’s brave police officer Muhammad Bakhsh was immense and Prime Minister Imran Khan also praised him over the phone. Muhammad Bakhsh will also be awarded the highest civilian award, moreover Prime Minister Imran Khan will soon meet Muhammad Bakhsh at the PM’s House.

He further said that he also praised the mother of the girl who contacted the police and showed courage to fight the tyrant.

He said the Sindh Police also deserved appreciation for this courageous act and hoped that the arrested suspects would be punished.

He also announced to provide financial assistance of Rs 500,000 to the mother of the little girl.

Federal Minister for Maritime Affairs Ali Haider Zaidi has announced that he will provide educational scholarships to the underage girl as well as provide work to her mother.


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Karachi woman, her daughter who was gang raped in Kashmore was called to work | Instant News

KASHMORE: In a revolting crime against human civilization, police confirmed that a woman and her teenage daughter were sexually assaulted on Tuesday by a gang after being summoned for a job offer, ARY News reported.

According to reports of the gruesome incident, the woman victim was called from Karachi to get a job but when she got there with her four year old daughter, the suspect was the perpetrator of the mass rape of her mother and daughter and left them there to death.

Police have reportedly arrested one of the suspects who, they say, have confessed to raping the mother-daughter duo, while a medical report to confirm the crime has confirmed the sexual assault.

Sources told ARY News that the duo of victims were first raped and then sold to several buyers where police found them in sensitive circumstances.

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The victims in uncertain health have been transferred to the hospital for medical treatment. Hospital sources claim minors who have also suffered gruesome sexual crimes and suffered physical injuries are fighting the deteriorating health conditions as the doctors try to save him.

Station House officer from Kashmore Akbar Channa told media that they had arrested one of the alleged rapists while the hunt for another person involved in the crime was ongoing. He said the suspect arrested had confessed to the crime and the medical report had also confirmed the rape.

Channa confirmed that the victim was called in for a job offer because the gang allegedly had proposed her to work for around Rs40,000.

In the recent developments in the case, Senior Inspector of Police in Kashmore Amjad Sheikh said two suspects had been detained for involvement in the gang rape scene.

He said police carried out raids to hunt down suspects previously linked to the sexual crime




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