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Los Angeles Dodgers says Joe Kelly’s 8-game suspension is too hard | Instant News

That Los Angeles Dodgers predicted not to be happy with the length Joe KellyThe suspension, an eight-match sentence was imposed after an erratic Kelly pitch and demonstrative mockery sparked a bench cleansing situation at Minute Maid Park in Houston on Tuesday.

Dodgers manager Dave Roberts, who was suspended for Wednesday’s final series fight Houston Astros, calling it “too aggressive” and saying he “fully” agreed with Kelly’s decision to appeal. Dodgers outfielder AJ Pollock said he believed it was “very, very hard.”

“I don’t think anyone is too happy about that,” Pollock said. “That’s not our call; this is clearly the commissioner’s call. But I don’t think anyone is too happy about it. I just feel it’s not a good feeling in the end.”

Kelly threw a 3-0, 96 mph fastball behind the head of Astros’s third baseman Alex Bregman with one and none at the bottom of the sixth. Then in the innings, he threw two curved balls that brushed back Carlos Correa. After surprising him, Kelly made a sullen face at Correa and shared a few selected words with the Astros shortstop, pushing the two benches to clear.

Suspension of eight matches will take 13% of season 60 matches, which is equivalent to a suspension of 22 matches under season 162 matches in general. Over the past 10 years, no player has received a suspension of more than 20 matches due to violations not related to performance-enhancing drugs, drugs, drug abuse, domestic violence or, in the case of Juan Carlos Oviedo, identity fraud.

“I think it was a combo, a mixed bag, which caused the rigors of the suspension,” Roberts said.

The reasons include: a bitter relationship between the Dodgers and Astros after the Astros-stealing scandal; The previous suspension was Kelly, when he pulled in six matches for hitting New York Yankees infielder Tyler Austin in 2018, caused a commotion; The National League-record 1,048 was hit by the field in 2019; and the state of the coronavirus pandemic, which has attacked Miami Marlins‘clubhouse.

“There are a lot of people who are upset about the weight,” Roberts said, noting that Kelly never admitted throwing Bregman on purpose.

“When pitchers are on a mound, things happen,” Pollock said. “Nobody got hit. And I think they are trying to find some intention and that is a very difficult thing to find. This game has been polished by itself for years. You hope all the teams are treated the same. I don’t know if [MLB commissioner Rob Manfred] doing that.

“For me personally – most of the baseball players are really baseball players, they will say it’s outrageous. It was just me who came from the place of the game. It didn’t seem right to me, and especially with what happened to the Astros.

“There is no suspension on that part, so I don’t know. That’s just weird. I don’t think anyone is too happy about it. We hope that [the suspension] reduced significantly because I think eight matches in season 60 were quite outrageous. “


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MLB Reported Considering 7-Inning Game for Doubleheaders in the Middle of Pandemic | Bleacher Report | Instant News

John Raoux / Associated Press

As Major League Baseball continues to play the 2020 season amid a coronavirus pandemic, one idea being discussed is a shorter game for doubleheaders.

Per ESPNThe MLB Players Association is currently surveying members about the possibility of playing seven innings for both doubleheader games or nine full innings for the first doubleheader game and seven innings for the second game.

ESPN also noted that MLB received input from team owners and general managers, hoping to reach a decision on Saturday about whether to change the long term.

So far there has been a traditional doubt this season, when Cleveland swept the Chicago White Sox on Tuesday after rain poured down the opening of their series Monday.

The next double leader on the schedule is Saturday between the Philadelphia Phillies and the Toronto Blue Jays. This will mark the Phillies’ first match since July 26 after playing the Miami Marlins, who had done it 18 members from the organization (16 players, two coaches) tested positive for COVID-19 in recent days, per Fox Sports’ Ken Rosenthal.

According to ESPN, the minor league has the option to make one or both matches in seven doubles.

The potential for moves to shorten multiple leaders is likely to reduce the number of pitchers the two teams must use in one day, thereby reducing the possibility of injury risk. It will also reduce the amount of time needed for the team to play two matches.


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Joe Kelly of the Dodgers suspended 8 matches by MLB because of an incident with Astros | Instant News

Los Angeles Dodgers reliever Joe Kelly received an eight-match suspension from Major League Baseball on Wednesday for his role in the clearing confrontation at Minute Maid Park in Houston on Tuesday night.

Dodgers manager Dave Roberts issued a one-match suspension Houston Astros Manager Dusty Baker was fined, MLB announced.

Under the 60-game format, an eight-match suspension will cover more than 13% of the schedule.

Kelly, who throws the ball quickly back Alex BregmanHead and then ridiculed Carlos Correa on the way back to the dugout, will appeal the suspension. MLB, in reaching its conclusion, quoted that Kelly had previously been suspended due to “intentional beating” on the bat. Kelly was suspended for six games in April 2018 after hitting Tyler Austin from the Yankees.

Roberts will undergo his suspension during Wednesday’s final series in Houston, encouraging bench bench manager Bob Geren to act as caretaker manager.

Kelly denied his intentions after the Dodgers 5-2 victory on Tuesday, saying: “My accuracy is not the best.” After the score 3-0, 96 mph fastball sailed behind Bregman, Kelly also threw four high throws to the Astros first baseman Yuli Gurriel and then brush Correa back with some steep balls in it.

After hitting Correa, Kelly makes a sullen face on Correa on his way back to the dugout. Baker said, Kelly also shouted, “Good swing, a —-.”

Speaking on Wednesday, Astros began Lance McCullers Jr. don’t doubt Kelly’s intentions.

“Joe Kelly threw the ball behind Bregman’s head with a 3-0 goal,” McCullers said. “He not only took himself to send a message, but he wasn’t even part of the team that long [2017] season. We know getting into the game that he likes to go script. That is what it is. That was done unprofessionally. What he did after punching Correa was unprofessional. Run to the unprofessional break room. So there it is. We are here to play baseball. We just want to win. There she is.”

Astros defeated the Dodgers at the 2017 World Series, a controversial championship because of the Houston stealing-sign scandal.


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MLB suspends all Marlins games until Sunday | Instant News

Major League Baseball has delayed everything Miami MarlinsGame until Sunday after the team’s recent coronavirus outbreak.

MLB announces that the next six Miami matches, starting with Tuesday night’s home match against the Orioles Baltimore, has been postponed, citing the belief that “it is wisest to give Marlins time to focus on providing care for their players and planning their Baseball Operations to start again early next week.”

The Marlins have moved to daily testing and will remain in Philadelphia, where they played last weekend, because they are gathering more information, according to a statement from team CEO Derek Jeter,

“We continue to take the whole situation very seriously,” Jeter said. “All of our players, coaches and staff, understandably, have difficulty surviving this experience. After receiving additional test results on our Premiership team this morning, we reached out to the Commissioner’s Office with regard to our health and safety. Our team and opponents . “

The delay was announced Tuesday among a series of scheduling changes involving four other teams.

The Orioles, who are scheduled to host the Marlins in a two-match series starting Wednesday, will instead host New York Yankees for Wednesday and Thursday matches.

The Yankees were scheduled to play the Phillies in Philadelphia on Tuesday night, but the game was officially postponed “because it was too careful,” according to MLB. The Phillies are also scheduled to play games Wednesday and Thursday in New York against the Yankees, who will now travel to Baltimore.

Also affected by Tuesday’s announcement is A citizen of Washington, who is scheduled to play a three-match series starting Friday in Miami against the Marlins. The majority of Nationals players voted against playing Marlins on Tuesday morning, according to ESPN and several reports.

Four additional members of the Marlins tested positive Tuesday for COVID-19, according to ESPN and several reports, bringing the total to 17 members of their travel party.

“The health and safety protocol is designed with the challenging conditions that Marlins face in mind,” MLB said as part of the announcement. “The response described in the MLB-MLBPA Operations Manual was triggered immediately upon learning of a positive cluster of cases, including contact tracing and quarantining and testing of all identified close contacts. Marlins personnel who tested positive remained in isolation and received treatment.”

MLB also announced that they have conducted more than 6,400 tests since last Friday, and there have been no new positive results for COVID-19 among field personnel from 29 other teams besides Marlins.

“The difficult circumstances of a club reinforce the vital need to be diligent with protocols in everything, both on and off the field,” MLB said. “We will continue to improve our protocols and make the necessary adjustments. The reality of the virus still looks great, and we must operate with that in mind every day. We are confident that the Club and players will act appropriately, for themselves and for others, and the data gives reason to believe that the protocol can work effectively. “

Additional schedule changes will be announced this weekend.


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On the road: Cardinals plunge into ‘abnormal normal’, because traveling also means navigating local politics | Derrick Goold: Land of Birds | Instant News

According to the state health department, Minnesota has 51,803 confirmed infections and the state has recorded 1,576 deaths from the coronavirus. The Star Tribune points out that the problem is the increase in the rate of positive tests from 6 per 100,000 to 11 per 100,000 over the past month. “Health officials fear this could lead to a second increase in hospitalizations and deaths. The newspaper said. “As we see the numbers increase across the country,” the Minnesota Department of Health says on its website explaining the mask policy, “we know the COVID-19 epidemic is not finished. The season is watching these numbers. These figures influence policies. Politicians will decide how far I go on this road. It seems to change almost daily. On Tuesday morning, the city of Chicago announced that Wisconsin was added to a travel quarantine list. Missouri will join Wisconsin on the list starting July 31, according to city policy. The Cardinals are set to play this weekend in Milwaukee and then jump on the lake for a two-game series in Detroit. But, the Cardinals’ next road trip begins in Dyersville, Iowa, against the Chicago White Sox, then plunges the Chicago team, in their bubble, for playoffs against the Sox and the first visit of the season to Wrigley Field. Iowa was on Chicago’s list of 19 states before Wisconsin and Missouri. Quarantine would make a series impossible. .

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Rob Manfred says the outbreak of the Marlins’ not ‘nightmare’ scenario | Instant News

Commissioner Rob Manfred said he believes that the medical protocols of MLB work, despite flash COVID-19 teams, Miami Marlins.

“We have built the protocols foreseeing that we will have positive tests at some point during the season,” Manfred said Monday in an interview on NFL network. “The protocols were built to allow us to play through these positives. We believe that the protocols are sufficient to keep players safe.”

Marlins test was at least 11 players and two coaches positive over the past few days, forcing her to adjourn the house to Monday and Tuesday games against The Baltimore Orioles. The team remained in Philadelphia, where he played last weekend, and was again on Monday. These results are expected later on Monday evening. Pending the outcome, the Marlins are scheduled to resume play on Wednesday in Baltimore.

“I do not put it in the category of a nightmare,” said Manfred. “It’s not a positive thing, but I don’t see it as a nightmare. … That’s why we have expanded. That’s why we have a pool of additional players.”

The League is looking for, where the outbreak began. League sources indicate that it is possible, it has happened in the Charter flight from Atlanta after the Marlins played an exhibition game on Wednesday.

Manfred asked What it would take to close the League-at least for a short period of time.

“The team loses a number of players, making it completely uncompetitive, it would be something we will have to go and must think about how to change,” said Manfred. “Our first concern is the health of the players and their families. And making sure we do everything possible to minimize the spread of the virus to our staff.”

Manfred said the League hopes to learn from the situation with the Marlins and adjust protocols. He noted that the decision was made to play in their game Sunday against the Phillies after testing, temperature checks and contact tracing. Phyllis was also tested on Monday. Their game against New York Yankees postponed until the results are known.

“I remain optimistic protocols are strong enough that will allow us to continue to play even after the outbreak of this and complete the season,” said Manfred.


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Dodgers: The new service will deliver Dodger Dogs, other stadium food to certain areas in LA | Instant News

LOS ANGELES (KABC) – Fans who have missed eating Dodger Dogs at the ballpark this season can use a new service that will start delivering Dodger Stadium food to this part of Los Angeles on Monday.

The new service, called the House Plates, provides favorite food to the LA area through the Postmates app.

Users can order from Dodger Dogs to garlic, pizza, and even Dodgers blue gelato.

The service is currently only available in Hollywood and West Hollywood, with plans to expand to other areas in the future.

To order, find Home Plate on the Postmates application.

RELATED: Mookie Betts was awarded a contract with the Dodgers for $ 365 million until 2032

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Two MLB games were postponed after the Marlins coronavirus outbreak | Instant News

Two MLB Monday night matches were postponed due to a corona virus outbreak between them Miami Marlins.

The Marlins house opener Orioles Baltimore not active, as well Philadelphia Phillies‘Home game against New York Yankees.

Miami had just finished the series in Philadelphia, and seven more players and two coaches with the Marlins tested positive for the corona virus. The outbreak has spread throughout their clubhouse and brought the total number of cases in the last few days to at least 13, sources familiar with the situation told Jeff Passan and Jesse Rogers from ESPN.

MLB said the match was postponed while the league did more testing.

“Members of the Marlins party around are quarantining themselves while awaiting the results of these results,” MLB said in a statement. “Major League Baseball has coordinated with the Association of Major League Baseball Players; Marlins; Orioles; weekend opponents Marlins, Phillies; and Club medical staff, and will continue to provide appropriate updates.”

The Marlins also released a statement on behalf of CEO Derek Jeter.

“The health of our players and staff has been and will continue to be our main focus as we navigate through these uncharted waters,” he said. “After Spring 2.0 was successful, we now have challenges as soon as we leave and leave Miami. Delaying the opening of the house tonight is the right decision to ensure we take collective pause and try to understand well the totality of this situation.”

Conference calls scheduled regularly by MLB commissioner Rob Manfred with the owners take on new meaning Monday in connection with the current situation.

Before the Yankees-Phillies match was postponed, the Yankees were told that the clubhouse visitors had been completely disinfected several times, sources told Marly Rivera from ESPN. The Yankees also brought their own clubhouse personnel from New York to play the game, but that did not seem to be enough.

On Sunday, four Marlins players tested positive for the corona virus, including throwers starting that day, Jose Urena, according to sources familiar with the situation, led the team to postpone the post-match return journey amid fears about a possible outbreak.

The Marlins will become without Urena’s help; catcher Jorge Alfaro, who were placed on the injured list before their season opener on Friday; infielder Garrett Cooper; and outside players Harold Ramirez.

Before the opening of the Marlins series in Philadelphia, the team played an exhibition game in Atlanta on Wednesday. It might also be an infection there.


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The Toronto Blue Jays will not play their first home match in Buffalo until August 11 | Instant News

TORONTO – Refugees Toronto Blue Jays will not start playing in Buffalo until August 11.

Blue Jays will play their first scheduled homestand – July 29 to August 2 – on the streets in Washington and Philadelphia.

Baseball started the season 60 game last week shortened because of the coronavirus pandemic. The team said in a statement on Sunday that there needs to be an infrastructure modification at Sahlen Field, where Triple-A Buffalo Bisons usually play.

The Blue Jays will play in a small league park in Buffalo this season because health officials in Canada are worried about frequent trips by players across the US, one of the countries most difficult by the pandemic. Canada has leveled the epidemic curve.


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Justin Verlander injury last caution flag for the Houston Astros of major League baseball | Instant News

Watching the first weekend of baseball, which particularly stands out, as the normal experience of watching television felt. Referred to the noise of the crowd and cardboard cutouts of several football fields, of course, helped as the tension of the players. Even without fans, they bat flips and fist pumped and walked away dejectedly after the final strikeout. Player, they admitted that Yes, it’s weird with the empty stadium, but the low juice kick, and he’s still trying to defeat the other team.

The other balancing aspect of this is clearly not the regular season: pitchers get hurt. Broke records at the end of the day Sunday that Houston Astros ACE Justin Verlanderaruling American League CY young winner, will miss the remainder of the season because of an elbow injury. Verlander disputed that report when he wrote, “in the report which I am currently missing the rest of the season, is not accurate. There is a tear in the forearm … I really hope that the rest of it would heal and I will be back soon.”

As ESPN’s Jeff Passan suggested, however, deformation of the forearm, tend to be code for elbow injury, so now we sit and wait. No Verlander for a couple of weeks not matter much to the Astros, especially given the expanded 16-team format in the playoffs. Enough for the rest of the season, however, is quite another matter.

Predictions opening on FanGraphs have Astros will 36-24, with the Forecast and the second-best team in the division at 32-28. New forecasts were adjusted in just 29 innings of Verlander-obviously this is guesswork at the moment-and lowering the Astros win total to 35, With a somehow also lowered to 31 win though 2-1 against the Angels to open the season.

My predictions were a little more aggressive, pegging the Astros for 38 wins and 34 and giving the Astros even more room for error than forecasts over the rest of the American League (if not top five). Last year Verlander was worth 7.4 war in his 34 starts, what spacers to 2.6 war ended about 12 starts he would have received in 60 games. Even the replacement pitcher may only mean two or three less wins in Houston until the end of the season.

Still, there’s the potential ripple effect on the Houston pitching staff, which is now minus three from the beginning of its rotation 2019: Verlander, Gerrit Cole and Wade Miley. Lance Mccullers Jr.. returned from Tommy John surgery and looked good in his debut season on Saturday. Jose Urquidy projects to fill the slot Miley based on what we saw last year, but he was cleared to resume baseball activities once in the side because of the unsolved problem so Josh James and Framber Valdes at the present time to fill the last two places in the rotation. The result: the Astros down top two finishers in 2019 CY young voting. This is a huge blow, no matter what the forecasts say.

After the loss Sunday in Seattle, the Astros Manager dusty Baker said the injury happened early start of Verlander on. “He said he felt good, and you see that he was throwing the ball great,” Baker said. “It was a shock for us all.”

Verlander pitched six innings in the game, picking up 226 wins in his career.

Temporary options include Christian Javierwho made his major League debut help last weekend. He was absolutely dominant season in the minors last year with a 1.74 ERA and 170 strikeouts in 113⅔ innings while holding batters in a .130 average. Intelligence reports about Javier not as impressive as a number, although apparently he’s very good at changing the speed on his fastball and obviously gets a lot of swings and misses from his slider and curveball-at least in the juvenile League. He looks like a potential sleeper for me as Urquidy kind of came out of nowhere last year. Javier was stretched at summer camp, so he is ready to start.

Forrest Whitley, the top pitching prospect the team, returned to an alternative place of team training, and he is another option. Brad Peacockthat started in past, currently in the disabled list due to soreness in the shoulder, With no timetable for his return.

“It’s not a very pleasant situation to think about Verlander or think about how many young players we have in the bullpen and organizations, but we will be back to the drawing Board,” said Baker.

The long-term picture is simple. No need to rush Verlander back into the action. With the powerful Astros lineup are not Jordan Alvarezas Urquidy who have just been cleared to resume baseball activities in Houston you can mash your way into the playoffs, but at the time of Verlander. Spin-off of Verlander, Zack Greinke, Mccullers, and the fourth guy can still win it all. Without Verlander, however, it becomes much more difficult to imagine the Astros move.

Meanwhile, Rangers starter Corey Kluber left his debut season after the first half because of a shoulder injury, and there are suggestions that rushed major League baseball pitchers in action. Ultimately it’s an opinion, impossible to prove, and several pitchers have already been in order to convey the deep in games with the next step counts. In other cases, the Manager was careful with quick hooks.

In the case of Verlander, he has already defied father time, throwing for more than 50,000 pitches in his career, many of them at 100 km / h or close to it. It is noteworthy that he only has one previous stint on the injured list (in 2015, the strained triceps). Over the past two seasons, he threw the rope 7,762, including the playoffs, easily in the League. A former teammate of Cole’s from the field 7,358 only other pitcher with more than 6900 abandoned fields.

In any case, stay tuned. Now, back to your coronavirus updates …


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