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Boxing: Joseph Parker retaliated after taunts from heavyweight rivals | Instant News


The two fighters Joseph Parker hoped to next publicly mocked him after his defeat to Junior Fa at the weekend, but the Kiwi heavyweight suffered nothing.

Parker, the WBO number three fighter, beat the Fa by unanimous decision on Saturday night, even though many viewers thought the Fa deserved more points than the jury eventually awarded him.

The fact that the fight went so far, after Parker’s team admitted before the match they needed an early knock-out to make a statement, has opened New Zealand’s top heavyweights to criticism. And it is the potential opponents who score the goals first.

Even before Saturday’s bout, Parker was eyeing Derek Chisora ​​and the winner of the title fight while Oleksandr Usyk and Joe Joyce WBO are believed to be scheduled for later this year.

“I’m open to fighting anyone,” Parker told Sky Sports News. “But with talks from my promoters, Eddie Hearn and Matchroom and with [manager] David Higgins, they’ve got a clear path for me this year.

“Take care of Junior, then against Chisora, then against the winners Usyk and Joyce.”

Looking at Chisora’s social media accounts, this ever-present British competitor is in no way constrained by prospects.

Post on Twitter immediately after the end of the fight, Chisora ​​posted a photo of herself and Parker as well as their career statistics; however Parker’s head has been replaced with a chicken and the hashtag #chisoravchicken has been posted on the side.

Derek Chisora ​​takes down the provocative Joseph Parker.  Photo / Twitter
Derek Chisora ​​takes down the provocative Joseph Parker. Photo / Twitter

Chisora ​​confirmed with Sky Sports UK that the two sides are in discussions to fight and that he is not at all impressed with the Auckland game.

“The fighting is not good,” said Chisora. “The simple reason is they don’t train much. They are not fit, they are not training hard enough. There is no fear factor for either of them.”

As soon as Parker saw Chisora’s post, he immediately replied; labeled the British as “donkeys” afraid to fight outside Great Britain, let alone New Zealand.

“Come to NZ if you think you’ve got what a donkey needs. I’ll get this done anywhere,” Parker wrote on Twitter as he tagged his manager David Higgins, British promoter Eddie Hearn and Chisora ​​promoter, David Haye.

This isn’t the first time Parker and Chisora ​​have exchanged verbal blows. In 2019 Parker promised to send Chisora ​​into retirement with a knockout defeat in front of his London supporters – if he ever gets another chance.

“I told him beforehand that I would retire him and I would be his last fight. Locked in the fight, I will put on a good show. He will get the money he wants, but I will make him retire. He has a good career,” said Parker. to Sky Sports UK at the time.

Meanwhile, Joyce also took to Twitter after watching the Parker-Fa fight to say she wasn’t threatened by what she saw either.

“Either of the two, it doesn’t matter,” he wrote.

For Parker, Chisora ​​will now likely be the first of those fighters in a hugely popular bout in London where both fighters have huge fan bases, and then, perhaps, a mandatory challenge to the WBO belt he once held against Joyce, or Usyk.


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‘Worst’: Melania Trump’s legacy was brutally ridiculed | Instant News


Viva Fashion Editor Dan Ahwa took notice of Melania Trump’s fashion statement during the child migrant crisis.

Melania Trump’s days at the White House are now numbered clearly despite her husband’s denial about his election defeat.

But as the First Lady quietly prepares to live out of the spotlight, attention has turned to what kind of legacy she’s leaving.

And that’s not all that great for a 50 year old mother of one.

The hashtag #WorstFlotusEver has started appearing on Twitter, with criticism heaping on the previous model by listing their many grievances and mocking its accomplishments over the past four years.

So, what were they so upset about?

Melania’s sad legacy

The majority of social media users called the famous Trump “I really don’t care, do I?” the jacket, which he wore while on a trip to visit children imprisoned under the President’s family separation policy.

“You will be remembered as the heartless birther who wore a jacket that said, ‘I really don’t care, do I?’ to meet the children your husband separated from their parents in a cage, “is just one of the countless summaries of Zara’s online catastrophe.

Another common theme is the divisive all-red Christmas tree that Trump unveiled at the White House in 2018 which is much compared to a “horror film”, while his “tone-deaf” tidies up a finished White House tennis pavilion while the coronavirus claims hundreds of thousands. lives are also highlighted.

Melania Trump introduces the White House Christmas decorations. / White House

Keeping up with the Christmas theme, others slammed the First Lady’s rant about the holiday in the recently released footage, while many claimed she would be best remembered for allegedly plagiarizing Michelle Obama’s speech, rumors of multiple and repeated body use. slapped her husband’s hand at a public event.

Another widespread complaint is Trump’s relatively unsuccessful Be Best campaign aimed at tackling issues affecting children, while many others say he is “the worst FLOTUS ever” for leaving no legacy at all.

That’s a sentiment that was echoed by Peggy Drexler in a scathing opinion piece published by CNN.

“… Whatever Melania Trump’s present attempts to make a legacy, as she is reportedly pondering when she left her East Wing role, she is probably most memorable for not being that impressive at all,” she wrote.

Melania’s next step

The often cold-faced First Lady has shown a beaming smile during recent public appearances – sparking rumors she is secretly happy to leave the White House and continue her previous lifestyle out of the spotlight.

According to a recent CNN report, Trump is desperate to escape the White House, with insiders telling the network “he just wants to go home”.

The report also claims that Trump is busy figuring out which personal items to send from the White House to the couple’s pad in New York and Mar-a-Lago in Palm Beach, Florida, while the source also said he was quietly asking what. only. possible taxpayer funds that could be allocated to the former First Lady.

Last month, insiders told Page Six that Trump was in talks about a memoir deal that could be worth “big money,” while more recent leaks suggest he could work on a coffee table book in his White House style.

And meanwhile, the end of Trump’s presidency has also sparked speculation about a potential divorce, with former The Apprentice contestant and former White House assistant Omarosa Manigault Newman claiming that Trump is “counting every minute until he leaves office and he could divorce.”

US divorce lawyer Jacqueline Newman, managing partner of Berkman Bottger Newman & Rodd, told Town and Country that Trump can expect to receive as much as $ 50 million (NZ $ 70 million) in divorce settlement.


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The Indian media is ridiculed for the bizarre story of the ‘civil war’ in Karachi | Instant News

LAHORE – The Twitter community has had a field day of being ridiculed and ridiculed Indian media after established media outlets across the border peddle fake news about an imaginary civil war in Karachi. Perhaps a little carried away by events in Pakistan’s largest port city, Indian media produced an entire civil war complete with gunfire between rival forces, bombings, and an imaginary area in Karachi called, ridiculously, ‘Gulshan-e-Bagh’ (the two words mean the same thing in Urdu, like ‘naan bread’. and ‘chai tea’). An Indian news channel set up by CNN News 18 claims that the army has taken over all police stations in Karachi. A former Indian major and member of India’s ruling party claimed that “10 civilians were killed”. Pakistanis overcame the initial shock of appearing to be in the middle of an unknown civil war, many criticizing Indian Twitter and media users for spreading fake news and trying to create divisions. Lawyer and activist Reema Omer called Times Now because it saw “sensational fiction” as news. Bina Shah, a New York Times writer and columnist, commented that she had just returned from shopping and “could not find” the civil war.


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