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Best Topshop Styles for Sale at 50 Percent Discount at Nordstrom | Instant News

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It’s safe to say that, when it comes to fashion, celebrities love it Meghan Markle, Kate Middleton, Selena Gomez, and Gigi Hadid having the latest designer styles available at their fingertips. So, when these fashionable ladies are seen wearing pieces from affordable brands, we pay great attention.

One brand in particular that Markle, Middleton, Gomez, and Hadid have been known to step up to is none other than the trendy British label. Topshop. Apart from being seen on Hollywood A-Listers like this, Topshop is most famous for its fashion-forward styles and wallet-friendly prices. So when we saw him thousands of Topshop pieces are sold at discounts of up to 50 percent on Nordstrom, we literally jumped from our chairs with gusto.

If you are like us and can’t wait to score big on everything Topshop, so it’s best to get your credit card ready and get over to Nordstrom as soon as possible as there are so many amazing sales styles to choose from. The only downside? The size is sold out, so you have to move fast.

Buy it! Grunge Floral Print Midi A-Line Dress, $ 45 (orig. $ 90); nordstrom.com

Buy it! Satin Tiered Midi Skirt, $ 25.99 (initial $ 55); nordstrom.com

Buy it! Taffeta Puff Sleeve Corset Blouse, $ 29 (orig. $ 58); nordstrom.com

Buy it! Leopard Print Maxi Coat, $ 94.90 (starting at $ 190); nordstrom.com

Buy it! Oversize Collar Polka Dot Long Sleeve Blouse, $ 34 (orig. $ 68); nordstrom.com

Buy it! Double-V Long Sleeve Mini Dresses, $ 26 (initial $ 52); nordstrom.com


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OC: 17 Thoughts I Revisited in Fashion | Instant News

13. I literally feel like Taylor (Autumn Reeser) ate up everyone at the prom. His silk red dress with the bust line feels very modern and timeless. Give her the title of prom queen!

14. There are many celebrity cameos on this show. I just forgot How Lots. Loved Chris Pratt as hippy friend Summer at Brown in season four. Her crochet beret and Bode-esque jacket fit the piece perfectly.

Photo: © WB / Courtesy of Everett Collection

15. Paris Hilton is in episode 22 of the first season, wearing a pink floral dress. “This is the signature of the 21st century,” he said while taking a flip-phone selfie with Seth. It’s sexy – so are the dresses.

16. I would say, fashion has gotten a little slimmer in the following seasons. Spoiler alert: once Marissa is killed, the tone of the show definitely changes, and fashion gets a little more serious. Marissa’s younger brother, Kaitlin (Willa Holland), does carry some bold style – a bit lame, an East Coast attitude put in the mix. He loves black so much!

17. Speaking of Coopers, I would also like to end by saying Julie Cooper (Melinda Clarke), Marissa’s mother, was greatly underestimated during this entire series. First of all, she is beautiful. Second, he ordered every room he entered, whether it was in pink Juicy Couture sportswear or a groovy, off-the-shoulder top. Obviously Marissa got all her fashion sense from him.

Photo: © WB / Courtesy of Everett Collection


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Designer Norma Kamali for 53 Years in the Fashion Industry | Instant News


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How Will Fashion Shows Develop? Is Virtual Clothing the Next Frontier? Discusses What’s Next at Vogue’s CES Panel | Instant News

The differences between traditional media and social media are exaggerated

Nnadi shows Mode‘s Meet the Gala Challenge for example, the triumph of how traditional media can “strike up” conversations with the broader fashion community. “We got into this conversation that really highlights what fashion is about – it’s about self-expression and authenticity, and I think that’s something we keep thinking about. Not only in our scope, but in the technology products we develop for the site – bringing some of that capability to platforms like Vogue. “

“People have a tendency to separate the press from social media, and I think so [more like] two into one, for me, “Rousteing added. “I think the press is aware of a [need] to start talking to the real world, and not be afraid to change the meaning of ‘luxury’, because I think that’s been a problem for years. [When I started at Balmain] I remember people saying, ‘is hip hop music fancy, is social media fancy, is it selling luxury goods online?’ We have completely changed the meaning of luxury. “

Keywords in 2021? Authenticity, Community and Spontaneity

“The people doing hands-on fashion on TikTok embrace community ideas, discovery, but also authenticity,” adds Thoensen. “We’ve created an environment where fashion can feel very personalized, and there’s a wonderful coincidence for what you can find, where fans can lean on and [feel like they’re] part of the community. We are starting to see things that are happening in this democratic environment brought to the fashion press [through coverage and trends], living among what was once couture or high fashion. “

Some designer brands have managed to create a feeling of authenticity on other social platforms, such as Instagram and Facebook, but it’s arguably more difficult to “fake” it on TikTok. Whether brands are willing to take the plunge and get a little more “unfiltered” on the platform is the big question. “We need to encourage more types of content [like TikTok], but it has to feel authentic, “Rousteing emphasized.” TikTok is one of those platforms where you have to be truly authentic and spontaneous. That’s the future. “

In a Jeremy Scott video made in collaboration with Jim Hansen, a doll model walks a miniature runway in spring 2021.


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WWD is missing its top two editors amid the woes of the COVID pandemic | Instant News

Women’s Wear Daily’s “bible” fashion continued to decline even as its owner, Penske Media, raised it through a $ 225 million merger with publisher The Hollywood Reporter.

Two top editorial executives quietly left trade publications at the end of the year, including one who has been there for 35 years, as the COVID-19 pandemic continues to destroy the fashion industry.

Executive editor Bridget Foley and digital director Sophia Chabbott were former deputy editorial directors for Jim Fallon, who could not be reached for comment.

As The Post previously reported, WWD hand out pink slips in December amid cuts in advertising and subscriptions. It’s unclear if this high-profile departure is part of that twist, but some within WWD are said to be upset that Foley was allowed to leave after 35 years without a fuss and no parting from the top

She may, however, continue to write her column “Bridget Foley’s Diary” as a contributor, said a spokeswoman for WWD owner Penske Media.

“We are working with Bridget to continue its column for years to come, as well as collaborating with several of our other Penske Media Corporation brands on additional fashion initiatives with it,” said the spokesperson. “This is not a termination but a restructuring.”

“I love writing about this industry,” said Foley, but admits, “the two industries in which I operate, media and fashion, are undergoing tremendous changes.”

The resignations come as cost pressures continue to mount for fashion publications as retailers are closing their doors due to the pandemic and consumers stuck at home flocking to casual wear.

But that hasn’t stopped Penske Media owners from raising elsewhere with $ 225 million deals acquires 80 percent of MRC Corp.., The company that publishes Billboard, The Hollywood Reporter, and Vibe. The magazines will be merged into a new joint venture called PMRC which will include the titles Variety and Deadline Penske.

Chabbott began his career at WWD before jumping into Christie’s auction house and becoming editorial director of Saks Fifth Ave. and the online fashion editor at Glamor. He jumped to WWD in 2016 as digital director and could not be reached for comment.


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