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Heidi Klum’s daughter, Leni, 16, received the protection of Glamor Germany | Instant News

Fashion industry, make room for another Klum.

Two decades after Heidi Klum became Glamor Germany’s first cover star, her 16-year-old daughter, Leni, got her first solo outfit cover for the magazine’s 20th anniversary issue.

“I’ve wanted to do this since I was a child, and I was really upset with my mother because she didn’t let me,” the teenage model. said German Glamor. “Now I can finally become a model, so I’m really excited overall.”

He shares the covers an Instagram post on Thursday, wrote, “It is an honor to share this with my mom @heidiklum who is the first German Glamor cover model.”

The cover is the latest fashion milestone for Leni, who is too opens Berlin Fashion Week in January, just one month later shared covers of German Vogue with his famous mother.

“Since I didn’t even know how old she was, maybe 11 years old, I begged my mother to… have a public Instagram,” he recalls. “Now finally I can, because maybe two or three weeks ago I could show my face, and I’m kind of happy now that he doesn’t let me because I feel like I’ll regret a lot of things I posted when I was younger. “

Heidi joined her daughter on set for the cover shoot, apparently sharing laughter and wisdom with Leni.

The legendary catwalker posted a behind-the-scenes video on Thursday, with the caption, “@leniklum is so much fun being your plus on set.”

When asked about the most embarrassing thing his mother did, Leni reveal that the “America’s Got Talent” judges like to blaring music in school drop-off lines in front of their classmates.

“He made sure to turn the volume up all the way and started singing and blowing up and rolling up the windows and I was so embarrassed to get out of the car,” he explained. “But he hasn’t done it in a long time because of online schooling.”

While she may not be jealous of her car karaoke skills, Leni hopes to follow in her mother’s footsteps as a model.

“It’s a big shoe to fill,” he said of him like momlong career. “But I’m ready, and I’m happy to fill it.”

Clum first expresses Leni’s modeling aspirations back in December, telling People that her daughter is finally old enough to start a fashion career of her own.

“I always thought he was too young,” he said at the time. “We also always decide to keep children away from the public eye. But he’s driving now, he’s 16, so I think if you can do it, you can also model now if this is what you want to do. “


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Building Legacy and Creating Icons in Fashion and Beauty | Instant News

British Vogue May 2021 Covers

British Vogue May 2021 Covers
Photo: Mikael Jansson

Long before she became a world famous actress, something was taken from the woman we know for a long time as “Thandie Newton” –– “W” in her name. It started when he was in school and continued when his name was misprinted in the credits of his debut role, Seduction; now, he took it back. “That’s my name. It has always been my name. I’ll take mine back,” he said recently Glamor magazine.

From Beloved to Mission Impossible to Westworld, Newton has endowed screens with elegance, poise, and great talent for decades – and has also graced the cover of British Vogue This May. There, he also pondered over his name, correctly spelled “Thandiwe,” and its meaning, the legacy and story behind the fall of “W.”.

English red thread Vogue The May issue is “legacy”, and Newton blessed not one, but two covers. Customer cover found her bathed in red light and perched cautiously on a bench, wearing a gleaming bow top and ruffled miniskirt by Isabel Marant and a pair of fine woven Messika bracelets. Her long nails and long hair were styled to complete the smoky and sultry look of the shoot.

Another legacy precious moment? Newton was the first to wear it Kim Jones’s debut fendi couture collection on the cover. Black silk cady dress featured a pearl embroidered bodice, macramé sleeves and micro beaded detail around the waist. The dress’s side panel features a dainty floral wreath inspired by past women who inspired Fendi’s spring / summer 2021 haute couture collection.

Newton reflected on her acting past and the psychological impact it had as a young black woman in the industry. She explained that she started her career in dancing, often being ignored and neglected by her peers and instructors because of her skin but after a back injury thwarted her career, Newton turned to acting. “I can’t wait to get away from myself, really, I have low self-esteem. Acting is where I feel whole, ” he revealed.

After struggling for four years in an early and abusive relationship with Australian director John Duigan, recovering from an eating disorder and while continuing to act and earn titles, Newton found his light and voice. In addition to being a prominent actress and a mother, Newton has earned the nickname “icon” and continues to build on her legacy as a staunch force against sexual harassment and abuse in Hollywood. Prior to the #metoo and Time’s Up movements, she “challenged the great wall of silence” surrounding sexual violence in the industry and beyond. His daughter, Nico, has been acting for four years, most recently taking the lead at Disney Dumbo. “I go to every shoot with him,” Newton said. “[I}f there was an issue with a photographer, if there was inappropriate language, I was on it, didn’t give a fuck what anyone thought.”


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