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Sheikh Rashid claims Imran Khan will hold back the inflation genie in two months – Pakistan | Instant News

Published in October 19, 2020 20:05

Sheikh Rashid claims Imran Khan will hold back the inflation genie in two months

ISLAMABAD (Dunya News) – Federal Minister of Railways Sheikh Rashid Ahmed has claimed that Imran Khan will hold back the inflation genie in the next two months.

In detail, he said that the opposition could not be left completely free. The government will also do something after the PDM Quetta meeting. Laws should be enforced on desecrating the tomb of Pakistan’s founder.

Responding to the functioning of the Awami-Azad Kashmir Muslim League, the Federal Minister for Railways said that international pressure was increasing on the country and disturbances were also being created in the country.

He said that the real agenda of the opposition is that we may not win the Senate elections but Imran Khan will also have a majority in the upper house in March.

Sheikh Rashid said that every member of the government wants to stop inflation. Imran Khan’s treasure is in trouble. The country was plundered with such brutality that inflation did not stop for two years.

The Minister of Railways said that the opposition held rallies and if the government could be sent packing with demonstrations, then at any time someone could rally against democracy.

The Federal Minister of Railways said that the tyrants did not even spare the holy site of Pakistan’s founder. Laws had to be enacted to desecrate Quaid’s tomb.


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‘Buses for the Green Line project will arrive in the next 7-8 months’ | Instant News

KARACHI: Sindh governor Imran Ismail said that buses for the Green Line section of the Bus Rapid Transit System (BRTS) under construction in Karachi will arrive in the city in the next seven to eight months.

He made this point on Friday when he chaired a Sindh Infrastructure Development Company Ltd meeting at the Governor’s Mansion where he was briefed on federally funded under construction projects in the province.

Ismail said that the process of inviting tenders to purchase BRTS Green line buses has been completed and the contract for this purpose will be awarded in the next one to one and a half months.

He added that 50 firefighting tenders and two bows to improve fire fighting capabilities will be submitted to Karachi Metropolitan Corporation in March next year.

The governor stated that the federal government will install 42 reverse-osmosis water filtration plants in Thar and the process to invite tenders for that purpose has begun.

Sindh Assembly members Firdous Shamim Naqvi, Haleem Adil Shaikh, Khurrum Sher Zaman, Khawaja Izharul Hassan and Nusrat Seher Abbasi attended the meeting.

Meanwhile, Ismail visited the grave of Quaid-e-Millat Liaquat Ali Khan on the anniversary of his death on October 16. The governor laid a wreath on the grave and prayed for the soul of Shaheed-e-Millat.

Speaking at the occasion, the governor praised the Liaquat family’s devotion and sacrifice for Pakistan’s cause.

“Generations to come must always remember Liaquat Ali Khan’s services and sacrifices,” he said. He mentioned that Liaquat was the most trusted partner of the founder of the nation of Quaid-e-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah.

The governor said it was his wish to visit the graves of everyone who had sacrificed his life for the cause of the country.

For a question, the governor thanked the clerics for not making a call for protest against the killing of Maulana Dr Adil Khan which could endanger the lives and property of people in Karachi.

For other questions, he said the federal government would build Pakistan’s first fishing port market on Bundal Island off the coast of Karachi.


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CM Murad Ali Shah will lay the foundation stone for Malir Toll Road next month | Instant News

The chief minister of Sindh has decided to hold a groundbreaking ceremony for the 39-kilometer Malir Toll Road project in the second week of November. He also approved the construction of a connecting road for the Korangi.

Syed Murad Ali Shah took this decision on Thursday during a meeting he chaired at the CM Building to review a project launched as part of a public-private partnership.

Malir Toll Road

The Sindh Investment Department notified the chief executive that the concession agreement for the Malir Toll Road project had been implemented, while an independent auditor as well as an engineer had been appointed for the project.

The meeting was informed that the agreement was being finalized and the bank had begun approving the financial closure of the project, while the concessionaire had finalized the detailed design of the project.

The Malir Toll Road is a 39 km long road which will be built along the Malir River. This will be a four-lane line. The initial estimate of the completion period is three years, but CM has directed the investment department to complete it in two years.

Three overpasses and eight underground roads will be constructed as part of the project, which will start from the KPT Interchange in Qayyumabad and end at the Karachi-Hyderabad Highway near Kathore. CM Shah gave the investment department permission to mobilize machinery for the project, saying he will lay the foundation stone in the second week of next month.

Korangi connecting road

The chief executive also approved the construction of a 12 km connecting road for Korangi. The starting point of the road is Creek Avenue at the Korangi Causeway intersection and ends at the PAF Airmen Golf Club.

The road alignment will be along the Korangi Causeway and the Malir River. This will be a new four-lane road that connects to Korangi. Shah directs the planning & development department to complete geotechnical investigations and traffic surveys before submitting their results for collection as part of a public-private partnership or through an Annual Development Plan.

Recycling plant

Municipal Wastewater Recycling Plant at Treatment Plant-I in Karachi aims to supply 50 million gallons of recycled wastewater per day in two phases – 30mgd in first phase and 50mgd total in second phase – to Haroonabad Wastewater Treatment Plant for Industrial Estate SITUS .

The private sector will be involved to bring water supply to industry, handle operations & maintenance, upgrade and replacement, and prepare the necessary water supply infrastructure.

A special pipeline network will be installed for water distribution to industries in the SITE Area. CM directed its government public-private partnership unit to accelerate the project and start working on it.

Water supply

The 30mgd water supply project requires the establishment of a special bulk water transmission system from Dhabeji to Korangi Crossing to supply an additional 30mgd of water, of which 10mgd will be provided for the Dhabeji Industrial Zone and 20mgd to the South Karachi District.

This also includes laying a pipeline from Dhabeji to the Korangi Crossing, and setting up a pumping station and filter factory at the Korangi Crossing Area. The water will be distributed through the existing network at the Karachi Water & Sewerage Board and the cantonment board.

Waste treatment

The chief executive was informed that KWSB was interested in building a wastewater treatment plant project at TP-IV, and that the project covered the design, construction and management of 180mgd primary and secondary treatment plant facilities.

The Asian Development Bank’s Public Private Partnership Office is in the process of hiring a consultant for the project feasibility study. It has submitted an expression of interest to undertake transaction consulting services of the TP-IV project.

CM said the project had been approved at the 30th Public-Private Partnership Policy Council meeting to carry out advisory services. He directed the investment department to speed up consulting services to get the project started.

Pump station

The Jamila Wastewater Pumping Station Project requires the rehabilitation, upgrading and operation of the existing Jamila Water Pumping Station in Karachi, including the adjacent infrastructure. The CM directed KWSB to present the project to the Public-Private Partnership Policy Board so that project implementation could be approved as part of the public-private partnership.


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The G20 suspended debt payments of poor countries for another 6 months | Instant News

ISLAMABAD: The G20 countries have announced an extension of their debt suspension initiative for the world’s poorest countries by an additional six months, until June 2021 amid the coronavirus pandemic.

“We have agreed to extend the Debt Service Suspension Initiative (DSSI) by six months,” Saudi Finance Minister Mohammed al Jadaan said after a meeting of G20 finance ministers and central bank governors, international media reported.

In its final statement after the meeting, the group said the extension would extend to June 30 next year, and could be extended to the end of 2021 when the IMF and World Bank meet next spring.

“Given the continued liquidity pressures, while progressively addressing debt vulnerabilities, we agreed to extend the DSSI by six months,” the statement said.

The group also agreed “to check at the time of the spring 2021 meeting if the economic and financial situation needs to extend the DSSI further in another 6 months,” the statement added. The 20 most industrialized nations pledged in April to suspend debt repayments from the world’s most vulnerable countries until the end of the year as they face a sharp economic contraction caused by the pandemic.

The deferment of more than $ 14 billion in debt payments was due at the end of the year. The announcement comes after campaigners and the World Bank called for the debt relief initiative to be extended to the end of 2021. Some charities like Oxfam said it needed to be stretched into 2022.

DSSI has received 46 applications from eligible countries around the world, most of them from Africa, the G20 said last month.

Transparency International, Amnesty International and a group called CIVICUS have written to G20 finance ministers ahead of their meeting warning that the world is facing a crisis unlike in the past century and that debt suspension is only the first step.

Although the global economy has begun a gradual recovery with businesses and borders reopening, the recovery has been uneven. The group said that many of the poorest countries still spend more on debt servicing than on life-saving public services.

They urged the G20 countries to cancel existing debt until at least 2021. Some countries, such as Pakistan, have called for the cancellation of direct debt payments.

Prime Minister Imran Khan during a speech at the UN session last month that the poorest countries are suffering the most from the corona virus, therefore these countries should be given debt relief by the G20 for at least one year. He said the credit rating should not be affected by late debt repayments.


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38,637 housing units worth Rs120.21 billion are being built under the 10 FGHA projects; PM notified | Instant News

Prime Minister Imran Khan was informed on Thursday that with the resurgence of jobs around ten Federal Government Housing Authority (FGHA) projects, which have faced delays over the past few years, 38,637 housing units will be built at an estimated cost of Rs120 0.21 billion.

Likewise, work on three Pakistan Housing Authority Foundation (PHA) projects, which have been delayed over the past few years, is also being restored as a result of 5,372 housing units to be built at an estimated cost of Rs27.86 billion.

This became known during the weekly meeting of the National Coordinating Committee for Housing, Construction and Development which was held here with Prime Minister Imran Khan as chair.

The Housing Ministry briefed the prime minister in detail on resurgent jobs on federal government projects, which are facing delays, construction of housing units due to ongoing and future projects and their estimated costs.

The prime minister was informed that as a result of the ongoing project, 26,625 housing units would be built at a cost of Rs213.4 billion. Meanwhile, in the 2020 and 2021 projects, more 25,017 and 39,955 housing units will be built with an estimated cost of Rs112.03 and Rs184 billion, respectively.

The meeting further explained that as a result of the funding of Rs3 billion to the Akhuwat Foundation by the federal government, the construction process of 5,882 housing units was ongoing. More than 4,000 housing units will be built due to the provision of another Rs2 billion.

It can be mentioned here that the federal government provided an easy credit of Rs. 5 billion for the construction of housing units for low-income groups through the Akhuwat Foundation.

Punjab’s chief secretary briefed the meeting on the application “Real-Time Construction Monitoring Dashboard” created to monitor the construction process in the province.

The Chief Secretary told the meeting that the projects approved so far are estimated to have a construction cost of Rs84.5 billion which does not include the land price.

It further states that if the World Bank estimates, that one dollar spent on construction creates $ 5 worth of economic activity, is taken into account, then economic activity worth Rs422.5 billion has been approved.

This will help create job opportunities for young people in addition to promoting various industries, the meeting said.

During the meeting it was also known that the agreement was made regarding the construction of a multi-storey building in the city of Lahore.

The Main Secretary briefed the meeting on increasing construction activities, especially facts and figures on sales of bricks, cement and other construction materials.

The Chairman of the Capital Development Authority (CDA) briefed the meeting on the transfer of responsibility for the Metropolitan Corporation to the CDA, the difficulties faced by people relating to the road network, sewerage and other civil facilities over the past five years and the CDA’s plans for action to their compensation.

In his remarks on the occasion, the Prime Minister said that the construction sector has an important role in encouraging economic activity and in the revival of the economy affected by COVID-19.

He directed the chairman of the Naya Housing Authority of Pakistan, the secretary of the provincial head and other relevant officials to fully focus on promoting the construction sector so that such efforts are not deterred at any stage.


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