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Hayley Hasselhoff Is Germany’s First ‘Playboy’ Curve Cover Girl | Instant News

Hayley Hasselhoff is a great model, designer and writer. He is also a body positivity activist and an advocate. Now he can add Playboy cover girl on her resume thanks to a new issue in German Playboy photographed by Ellen Von Unwerth and came out today.

Playboy reached out and said, we really want to make you Europe’s first curve model Playboy. What do you think about that?

At first, I was a little worried. Where am I as a 28 year old woman? And then, of course, I think it’s a wonderful opportunity for women to feel wanted, for women to be able to celebrate their bodies and be a major force for this movement. [of body positivity and acceptance]. We are in 2021, I can’t believe this is the first time we have a curve model on the cover [a European] Playboy. This magazine has graduated so much from where it came from. But you also need to remember where the history is. For me, I’m looking back on covers that are so iconic … seeing how empowering, sensual, sophisticated women are taking ownership for themselves and the way they want to celebrate themselves. That in itself is a full honor [to be considered]. And above all, that Ellen Von Unwerth to be part of the project is just the cherry on the cake. Of course, I am really excited to see what kind of masterpieces we can put together from the female body art form.

Being able to shoot this type of shoot means being able to show that you are not objectified by showing off your body. Just because I’m a woman who has slightly bustier breasts doesn’t mean that it should always be the object of something sensual; it can also be part of the art and can be part of the celebration. And I want to have bigger conversations with people during shooting, after shooting, and leading those conversations.

I don’t think I’ve worked with such a sociable magazine before. It was a collaborative experience that made me feel the most comfortable. When Ellen joined, it was just a kind of wonderful synergy … to find out what we wanted from that woman [I was embodying] to feel like, we want him to be celebrated as what. They come up to me and say, “Where do you feel most strongly? Where do you feel most grounded?” And because we were shooting during COVID, there weren’t all options in the world because we had to figure out where all the teams could be. I was in London and there was discussion about the possibility of shooting in Germany or Paris or London. I have always had a very close relationship with Paris. I used to go there in my early 20s to see my friends whenever I was on a work trip in London. I always feel so graceful and sexy there, and I know this city very well. So we chose Paris and we actually went there during the lockdown, which was a very interesting experience, to say the least. I can’t leave my hotel. You must be within a one mile radius of where you live or where you are taking pictures. You must carry documents with you wherever you go.

So, to record something like that over a period of time is itself eye-opening – to be able to move on to a set where everyone sees the end goal of doing something substantial, celebrating people and celebrating our bodies during a global pandemic. You can feel the energy knowing that this is something bigger than just the cover.

We ended up filming in an old brothel in Paris. But the interesting part about it is clearly that Ellen chose the location. And one thing that always stands out for me when we get there is on the walls, there is art of beautiful women of all shapes and sizes in the paintings … it takes you back to the celebrations of that woman. And their bodies truly solidify a work of art. It confuses me when you look back at where we came from, when it comes to the history of the female figure [compared to] where are we today. We took pictures there and saw these women of all shapes and sizes, beautifully painted nude. You look at the shape and say, “Oh my God. This is why we need to celebrate, because there is so much beauty in so many forms. There is so much beauty in the work of how our bodies grow and develop.” So in my opinion, with the beautiful collaboration of Ellen and her team, they found the perfect place to signify everything that we wanted to make from shooting.

It was a very enjoyable collaborative experience. That’s very much, “Who is he?” “What’s the story?” You know, “Where was he the night before?” And the joy that we capture and can show in the picture, I think is very beautiful. To be honest, I see my body in these pictures and I am very proud of myself. I am very proud of a woman like me. I love my body on a different level after doing such a thing. Not only when we took the picture, but afterwards, looked at these pictures and said, “Damn girl! You’re beautiful. You’re beautiful!” And make yourself think less of it because of other people’s points of view, or because what society considers beautiful is a wonderful thing.

Photography: Zoe Jackson

Hair and make-up: Anthony Pazos

Style: Audrey Brianne


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She & Co Releasing Fashion Inclusive Status Report | Instant News

Today plus size fashion retailer Dia & Co released a Inclusive Fashion Report hoping to shed light on the impact of 2020 and encourage more inclusiveness in the fashion industry.

The report opens with a clear assessment of the plus-size landscape from Founder and CEO, Nadia Boujarwah: “With a smaller base of retail options to start with, the plus-size market, which caters for 67% of women in America, has been hit hard to leave consumers. us with desert retail. “

The report shows that while 2020 is an important year for representation, there has been a drastic reduction in options for plus-size consumers. This may not feel like news to customers in the 14+ size category, who are facing a split between campaign representation and marketing and the availability of in-store clothing.

Some of the report’s main findings include:

  • 100 million women, about 67% of all women, wear sizes outside the mainstream of retail, size 14 or greater
  • $ 24 billion is being spent on plus size by 2020, only 13% of the entire women’s clothing market
  • More than 30% of plus size custom doors were permanently closed in the last three quarters of 2020
  • The opportunities in inclusive mode were more than $ 100 billion at the start of the pandemic, and He & Co believes they’re even bigger now

Fit remains a top priority for the Dia & Co community, which consists of five million people. As in-store spending has fallen so dramatically, the report asserts, “the key to growth is digital experiences that allow confidence and appropriate discovery to fill the gaps left by a rapidly shrinking store base.”

The report concluded that Dia & Co remains committed to its roots: “Great style is a part of a life well lived.” Whether the fashion industry as a whole will take dramatic steps to serve the 67% of plus-size American women remains to be seen.


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20 Plus & Mid-Size Fashion Creators You Need To Follow | Instant News


When it comes to fashion topics, plus and mid-size creators are not always synonymous with the industry. But gone are those days. When we opened our favorite social media app today, we were greeted by hundreds of content creators with whom we are deeply connected – because they are just like us. On the front, influencers who create inspiration for future generations and prove that fashion is for all.

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Soldier Thamarr

Thamarr Guerrier truly sums up all that is feminine, beautiful and fun. Florida-based creative site Mindy Kaling and Blake Lively for style inspiration, and hosts podcasts Creative Pursuits, where he and his partner, Taylor Wolfe, discuss their careers, the industry, and what modern-day creative looks like.

photo by Taylor Wolfe

Isabelle Cohen

Isabelle Cohen is a style icon in the making; The model / content builder can be seen as a model for brands that include H&M and Ellos, while her Instagram acts as a cool girl inspiration and curve grocery list.

Kellie Brown

Kellie Brown is known for her sense of style and incredible interiors. It’s full of humor, personality and inspiration, making it a strong favorite on our must-follow list.

Catherine Li

From the videos “This Look in a Size 14” and “Ways to Style …”, it can be said that Catherine Li is the Queen of the Instagram Reel. Her feed is filled with style inspiration, uplifting messages and stunning imagery.

photo by Roxy Rodriguez

Abisola Omole

OK, a little biased, I know, but from fashion driven by casual aesthetics, interiors, and skincare content, to my plus size fashion features here Harper’s BAZAAR, I think it’s fair to include myself on this list of content creators to follow.

Louise O’Reilly

Louise O’Reilly is a favorite because she guides so many people, myself included, on how to style their day-to-day. From him Steal the Style for All Sizes series featuring looks from Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and Khloé Kardashian to her love of color, texture, and shine, she masks your everyday style.

Raeann Langas

The epitome of the cool California girl, Raeann Langas posts easy and cool content, giving us all an insight into her life. From her travels to her skincare to, of course, her clothes, Rae’s Instagram is filled with sun-drenched content.

Lauren Nicole Campbell

Lauren Nicole Campbell is one of them that the most attractive content creator and model in the industry today. At 23, he’s not only garnered more than 45,000 followers on Instagram, he’s also contacted regular clients Urban Decay and River Island and is a contributing curve editor at British Cosmopolitan. Great things are still to come for him, and I’m excited to see the vanguard of his journey.

Kellee Moran

Kellee Moran’s Instagram biography reads, “Model ~ roller skater ~ gamer,” and it totally captures her playful spirit. She’s fun, hot, creative, and a fashion chameleon.

photo by Paige S. Wilson

Callie Thorpe

Callie Thorpe’s content shows off her kind and approachable nature, so it’s understandable why she is one of the most popular plus size influencers in the world, with over 257,000 followers on Instagram and brand partners that include Nike and Anthropologie. Apart from his job as a content creator, he and other amazing content creators, Lauren Smeets, launched Confidence Corner, an inclusive and safe space where like-minded women can gather online and in person.


I will describe Makeda’s Instagram feed as a display book for every occasion. There are hundreds of styles, colors and cuts, which means you now have an account of your choice of clothes, no matter the occasion.

Mikayla Klewer

Is Mikayla Klewer the coolest person on Instagram? He just might. From a chic athleisure look to a go-to-sultry style that focuses on silhouettes, I want to wear everything she wears. The model / creative is based in Australia and exudes confidence and a natural aesthetic that leaves her audience wanting more.

Lauren Chan

Lauren Chan is a model, fashion editor, and founder / CEO Henning, an ethically created luxury women’s clothing brand in New York City. There’s really nothing Lauren can’t do, and seeing her work is mesmerizing. Whether she’s walking the NYFW runway for Christian Siriano or showcasing the latest Henning collection, she’s doing it all with so much power and style. I can’t wait to see what he does next.

Javiera Q. Del Pozo

Be it Instagram, YouTube, or ICT tock, Javiera Q. Del Pozo dominated, and it’s easy to see why. Among his unrepentant outfits, playful personality, and outstanding dance skills, Javi’s online community of over a million is a testament to his authentic and authentic style and character.

photo by Thomas Kirk

Kristina Zias

Kristina Zias is an all-around mom, host, model and style expert. Between her family’s fun Instagram roll and elevated everyday style, I love her honest and feminine approach to fashion. In addition to his other positions, he co-founded The Confidence Collective (with Raeann Langas, also on this list), communities, and podcasts that aim to inspire you to live the most confident life possible.

Essie Golden

In short, the Essie Golden encapsulates the cool, sophisticated and always-on traits that New Yorkers so often associate with. Whether it’s street wear or evening gowns, there’s an easy glamor and confidence to the style that I know you’ll love, too.

Kenna Sharp

Whether it’s the best workout outfit, the perfect bra, or your new favorite jeans, Kenna is the go-to choice for a staple outfit. Make sure you follow this Los Angeles-based dewy leather model to not only know what to have in your wardrobe, but also to take a look at her journey in the industry.

Ali Tate Cutler

If I had to describe Ali Tate Cutler in two words, it would be very beautiful. In addition to her consistent wardrobe inspiration, this model and mental health advocate regularly initiates conversations around stigmatized subjects, such as void culture, and has built an online community that loves her style and respects her openness.

Nicolette mason

Nicolette Mason has been in the fashion industry for more than a decade, inspiring hundreds of thousands of people with her cool and luxurious approach to fashion, as well as being a world-class content creator, fashion designer, brand strategist, creative consultant and fashion contributor. author. It’s understandable to see why he’s become an industry favorite on our must-follow list.

Jamie Hamilton

Jamie Hamilton’s fearless and cool approach to incorporating color and pattern into her style solidifies her place on the to-follow list. A true inspiration, Jamie’s account is a masterclass on how to have fun with fashion.

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Social Media Star Laura Lee Launches Fashion Line | Instant News

Social media influencer Laura Lee wore her recently launched Nudie Patootie outfit. Photo: Laura Lee

Social media influencers have captured the imagination of many consumers by acting as brand ambassadors and fashion lines at Instagram and Youtube. Some of these influencers have also taken the leap to design their own fashions.

One of the members of the designer of this new wave is Laura Lee, who posts videos to her YouTube channel Laura88Lee and Instagram accounts @larlarlee from Los Angeles. In the fall of 2020, he introduced Nudie Patootie, a self-funded, contemporary fashion line. This is the second of Lee’s entrepreneurial endeavors. In 2017, he introduced his cosmetic brand, Laura Lee Los Angeles.

Lee said that Nudie Patootie is still in process. In the 2021 holiday, the line will offer Lee’s specially designed items. Today, this is a startup that offers contemporary-casual fashions produced by third-party vendors. Lee told the world about his brand through his videos, seen by 4.5 million YouTube subscribers, 1.8 million Instagram followers, and fans on ICT tock and Indonesia. He directs a staff of seven who takes care of fulfillments and other office duties. She sells clothes exclusively on digital channels shopnudiepatootie.com. Retail prices range from $ 30 to $ 60, and he says items often sell out days after a design is released.

Nudie Patootie is Lee’s first fashion venture, but she believes it will last a long time due to the strong support from her followers.

“This is a fine line between Nudie Patootie and the audience,” he said. “Having an audience at our fingertips helps us be successful.” He is in close touch with his customers. Almost every hour of the day he provides audience suggestions and comments via Instagram direct messages and comments from other social media channels.

He has made changes to his line following audience feedback. For example, his followers asked Nudie Patootie to release more casual clothes, T-shirts, and oversized flannels. There is also a demand to offer more plus sizes. Today, line sizes range from small to 4XL. She has wanted to produce a brand-name fashion line for a long time, and the COVID-19 pandemic lockdown gave her free time to develop the Nudie Patootie. The line is also named after the most popular eye-shadow palette in her line of cosmetics – the neutral color scheme she incorporates into the dresses, pants, outerwear, hats and sweaters of her fashion line.

There is a small group of influencers who sell their own fashion brands including Sincerely, Jules a fashion line designed by Julie Sariñana, who also manages it @ Best regards Instagram profile, which has 5.7 million followers. Expect this designer class to thrive, said J’Net Nguyen, an entrepreneur and creative director who has given lectures on fashion, marketing and digital media for USC Annenberg Innovation Lab on University of Southern California.

“We live in a more personal era. Many people don’t want to wear a brand that is everywhere. They want a brand that connects them personally from a political and social point of view. They want something unique to tell the world who they are, ”said Nguyen.

Influencers are well equipped to offer these personal relationships because they spend nearly all of their time letting the world into their lives, adds Nguyen. But a deep connection with an audience doesn’t guarantee success. “Like any clothing brand, it doesn’t matter if there is brand recognition, the design must still appeal to their audience, and a marketing strategy is needed,” he said.

Lee did not expect that he would become entrepreneurial when he grew up in Montgomery, Ala. Entering the influencer game around 2009 while he was working as a medical assistant, Lee took several business courses at night. Neither his job nor his college assignments were successful. She was considering a career as a makeup artist and posted video tutorials on what was then a new internet platform called YouTube.

The key to Lee gaining fans is his approach to creating tutorials that aren’t dry classes. “I’m so silly, cheerful, and fun,” he said. “It’s not serious. We will make jokes. We will laugh through the video. YouTube is about showing your personality.”

In 2011, beauty companies started taking notice. Cosmetics brands start sponsoring. Working as an influencer became a full-time job, and in 2016 she moved to Los Angeles with her husband, Tyler, and bought a house in the San Fernando Valley.

The Nudie Patootie line will most likely remain digital native, but Lee may produce some physical pop-up shops in the future while expanding the line category.

“Fashion moves very fast, and we want to keep up with trends, but we will always stick to the Nudie Patootie style,” said Lee.


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Medium Size Styling Tips, According to TikToker Fashion | Instant News

I feel like I’ve talked enough about TikTok here enough that you know I use the app a lot more often than I should, but it’s hard to stay away when the fashion sector is as entertaining as it is. Just as I told myself it was time to get down, I found another hottie showing off her fantastic style and I was sucked in again. I’m not complaining, because along the way, I came across Raeann Langas, whose energy is sure to bring joy to anyone. In terms of fashion content, she does everything from experimenting to styling videos, but many of her pages are centered on messages about body positivity and being comfortable in what you’re wearing. She not only has great fashion sense, but she also creates a space for girls to feel confident in their clothes, regardless of society’s size and standards.

In order to get more of her fashion insights, I decided to contact her and ask her a few questions, from her favorite brand which covers sizes to style staples to what she hopes to see more of in the fashion industry. Keep scrolling to find out what he had to say.


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