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Bircher muesli with apples & Brazil nuts | Instant News

Shared Kitchen by Julie & Ilaria Biuso, Published by Bateman 2020. Bircher Muesli with Apple & Brazil Nuts. Be Well May 03.

Julie Biuso has been immersed in the New Zealand culinary scene as a cook, writer and presenter for over 30 years. Shared Kitchen is his 17th cookbook, which he co-wrote with his daughter, Ilaria. Their cookbook has been selected for the Gourmand Best in the World Food Culture Awards 2021 in the Blogger category.

The softened oats in yogurt are delicious to eat, and really good for you! They had to be ready the night before, meaning they were ready to leave early in the morning.


1 large tart apples, like Granny Smith
1 teaspoon lemon juice
1 cup rolls of oats
1¼ cup Greek yogurt or drain
1 teaspoon sugar, any kind
¼ cup milk
6 Brazil nuts, cut into pieces

Top idea

Unsweetened unsweetened yogurt, toasted coconut flakes, aromatic honey or real maple syrup, homemade baked muesli, fresh fruit slices or sugary tamarillo (see below)


  1. Peel the apple and grate roughly. Stir in lemon juice. Combine rolled oats, yogurt, sugar, milk, and Brazil nuts. Cover and chill for 24 hours.
  2. If the muesli is very thick, add a little milk or yogurt, otherwise serve the yogurt on top. Garnish with toasted coconut flakes and sprinkle with honey (if honey is stiff, warm it in the microwave, or in a cup in a hot basin of water) or sugary tamarillo.

Sweet and sour

Tamarillo is generally enhanced with something sweet like brown sugar, honey or maple syrup. For simple preparation, cut the tamarillo in half and remove the meat. Cut roughly. Enter the tamarillo flesh in a bowl and sprinkle with brown sugar to taste. Cover and chill overnight. The next morning the fruit will be bathed in a pretty red juice. Serve with puree, or for dessert with vanilla ice cream, or use it as a kiwifruit substitute in pavlova and let all the lovely red juice flow through the whipped cream pillow.

This recipe is an edited extract from the Shared Kitchen: Original Food from Scratch by Julie & Ilaria Biuso. Photography by Manja Wachsmuth. Published by Bateman Books. RRP $ 39.99. see sharedkitchen.co.nz.

Shared Kitchen by Julie & Ilaria Biuso.  Be Well 03 May 2021
Shared Kitchen by Julie & Ilaria Biuso. Be Well 03 May 2021


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‘Very generous’: The Pūkaha Forest now belongs to the people of Aotearoa New Zealand | Instant News

The Pūkaha Forest was presented to the residents of Aotearoa New Zealand by Rangitāne iwi in a ceremony on Saturday. Photo / Steve Carle

The Pūkaha Forest now belongs to the residents of New Zealand after being gifted by the Rangitāne iwi over the weekend.

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern attended a gift-giving ceremony at the Pūkaha National Wildlife Center, near Mount Bruce, on Saturday where 942 hectares of native forest – home to native birds and important conservation work – were awarded to the nation.

The forest was returned to Rangitāne o Tamaki Nui a Rua and Rangitāne o Wairarapa as part of a collective agreement finalized in 2017. Photo / Steve Carle
The forest was returned to Rangitāne o Tamaki Nui a Rua and Rangitāne o Wairarapa as part of a collective agreement finalized in 2017. Photo / Steve Carle

The forest was returned to Rangitāne o Tamaki Nui a Rua and Rangitāne o Wairarapa as part of the settlement of the Mutual Agreement which was completed in 2017.

Former chairman of the Rangitāne Tū Mai Rā Trust Jason Kerehi described it as “taonga to Rangitāne” and “the foundation [their] identity”.

The Korowai given to Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern will now hang in Parliament to mark the gift-giving ceremony.  Photo / Steve Carle
The Korowai given to Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern will now hang in Parliament to mark the gift-giving ceremony. Photo / Steve Carle

Ardern described the gift of forests to New Zealand as “very generous”.

A korowai given to him during the ceremony will now hang in Parliament to mark the day – exactly 10 years after the rare white kiwi, Manukura, hatched in the middle.


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Rugby: NZRPA chief executive Rob Nichol is confident of reaching an agreement with New Zealand Rugby | Instant News

Cheree Kinnear explains the key points of purchasing Silver Lake.

New Zealand Rugby Players Association boss Rob Nichol is confident they will find a deal with Rugby New Zealand on the Silver Lake deal soon, but some questions still need to be answered.

The disagreement between the two parties is the only thing preventing the sale of 12.5 percent of future commercial revenue to the US fund manager for $ 387 million after the provincial unions unanimously approved the sale.

Speaking to Martin Devlin of Newstalk ZB, Nichol said there were still some key points between the NZRPA and NZR that were preventing a deal from being agreed.

“There was a lot of narrative in the media this week and that’s great, but what we’re working on is something we’ve been doing for 25 years in rugby,” said Nichol. “This is a professional process of collective negotiation, we involve a mediator because we have found it very useful in the past.

“We will get there. We will get a deal, no doubt about that, and the settlement will be fair and reasonable, it will be appropriate. It will probably be one to consider an arrangement like Silver Lake, but also contemplate if it does not. happens. It will work for us to progress, it will only take a little while. “

Nichol said it “would be very good” if the parties could reach an agreement next week, because after several meetings they were in the process of reporting back to their shareholders.

While player payouts under the new agreement are reportedly one of the issues between the two, Nichol said that’s not the case and the players want the 36 percent they have now, but are more worried about the future of the game after the game. report from BDO suggests a scenario where NZR could become a loss-making venture by 2025 and live off its capital reserves if it takes out a deal with Silver Lake.

“We need each other, we need community, we need to be one, and I think one of the things we are looking for under the Silver Lake deal is we bring other people into the partnership,” said Nichol.

“This is the first time in 150 years we have thought about doing it. In 95-96, we decided against it. We fought against it. We didn’t keep up with the rest of rugby, and how well has it worked us out? This was a big decision, and we will not rush.

“We’re going to be methodical in asking the right questions, and when I look at the financial models associated with it and some of the risks we’re talking about, that’s where rubber really hits the ground.”


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Covid 19 coronavirus: New Zealand’s MIQ is three times more likely to be breached than in Australia | Instant News

New Zealand’s Covid-19 vaccine rollout is three percent ahead of schedule, except in Northland where a huge push to use available vaccines is ongoing.


New research shows isolation and quarantine facilities maintained in New Zealand are three times more likely to be violated than their Australian counterparts.

The report, whose authors include public health experts Michael Baker and Nick Wilson, has not been peer reviewed.

It analyzes 24 MIQ and quarantine failures in New Zealand and Australia through the end of March.

There were more than 13 failures for every 1000 positive cases passing through a facility in New Zealand versus 4.1 failures per 1000 in Australia – a risk difference of more than threefold.

The failure rate per 100,000 travelers is 7.8 in New Zealand compared to 5.5 in Australia.


The report said one of the reasons New Zealand’s risk of failure was significantly higher was because it had a “lower quality approach”.

“The significantly higher risk of failure per 1000 SARS-CoV-2 positive cases transiting in quarantine in New Zealand versus Australia may reflect a lower quality approach to the former, with perhaps some discrepancies due to greater detection in New Zealand than testing of more border workers. over a longer period of time. “

There were a total of 24 failures.

“In Australia, 14 failures were identified, one causing more than 800 deaths (Victoria’s second wave) and eight out of 14 resulting in a lockdown,” the report said.

“In New Zealand, there were ten failures, with one causing an outbreak with three deaths, as well as a lockdown.”

The risk of failure in the two countries could increase as infection rates rise overseas due to new virus variants, he said.

However, the vaccination rollout will partially offset this, he said.

“About 55 percent of quarantine system failures are likely to be prevented by fully vaccinating frontline border workers, for 70 percent effectiveness in preventing transmission.”

The authors suggest measures such as reducing the number of arrivals from high-risk countries, expanding pre-departure testing and hotel-based quarantine alternatives.

Some of the figures in this story have been updated based on the most recent version of the report, with the authors finding two additional quarantine failures at facilities in Australia.


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Covid 19 coronavirus: Customs fired nine border workers for refusing vaccines | Instant News

Customs confirmed nine border workers had been fired for refusing to be vaccinated against Covid-19. Photo / Alex Burton

* Bubble problem: Flights from Perth to New Zealand were canceled following positive cases
* NZ MIQ facilities are ‘four times more likely’ to be breached than Australian facilities
* COVID-19-hit India: 400,000 new cases, 18 killed in hospital fires
* Many young people have turned to post-Covid careers
* Jane Clifton: The silence of the government about immigration is deafening

Nine Customs workers have been fired for refusing the Covid-19 vaccine, including four from a provincial port.

Their contracts were terminated after Customs could not find suitable alternative roles for the workers.

It comes as more problems hit Tasman’s overnight travel bubble.

Flights from Western Australia to New Zealand were canceled last night after a security guard at the MIQ Perth facility tested positive for Covid.

Air New Zealand and Singapore Airlines flights due to take off from Perth and land in Auckland this morning were canceled, but there is still uncertainty over flights to Western Australia from New Zealand.

The Air NZ NZ175 flight to Perth this morning had been delayed until 14.30, but staff at the airport were unable to confirm to the Herald if the delay was due to a Perth MIQ worker testing positive. Qantas told the Herald it had no scheduled flights from Western Australia to New Zealand today, and all flights were operating as normal.

The Health Ministry said the next update would be issued at 1pm today.

New Zealand’s Covid-19 Public Health Response (Vaccination) Order went into effect at 11:59 p.m. on Friday, April 30, and requires all workers in managed isolation and quarantine (MIQ) facilities and those working for Government agencies at the border to be vaccinated. .

Deputy chief executive of customs and capabilities Jacinda Funnell confirmed to Stuff that nine employees, including four at the provincial port, had been terminated because they were not vaccinated.

A maritime border worker, who asked not to be named, told Stuff he was grieved at being fired after what he said was a lack of consultation by the agency.

They were not offered redundancy payments because their roles were not canceled, Customs said. The agency maintains communication with workers.

Catherine Stewart, an Auckland employment attorney, reportedly said employers of workers who are required to be vaccinated are likely to “substantively justify the dismissal of unvaccinated employees”.

Under the Covid-19 Public Health Response (Vaccination) Order, they can demonstrate that they cannot legally retain unvaccinated people in that role.

But he said employers also had to follow a strict process.

“This means that they have to consult staff and, if a worker is reluctant to be vaccinated, confirm the reasons and work with them to try to effectively coax them into being vaccinated,” he told Stuff.

“If workers still don’t want to be vaccinated then employers should consider alternatives and try to shift workers to roles that don’t require vaccination, to save workers’ jobs.”

Even though it is the employee’s choice, the consequence of not vaccinating is the loss of their job.

Frontline workers who refuse to be vaccinated can be barred from their role.  Photo / Alex Burton
Frontline workers who refuse to be vaccinated can be barred from their role. Photo / Alex Burton

One of the workers who worked until Friday at the provincial port monitoring international ships to ensure the crew was taking proper Covid precautions told Stuff he never had contact with the crew, and believed there was not enough risk to justify being asked to be vaccinated. .

He will not reveal his reasons for not getting the vaccine.

In a letter sent to him on Friday, Customs said the nature of his position meant it was unlikely to change his role to reduce his exposure to Covid-19.

A meeting was held with women’s law attorney Ashleigh Fechney in Christchurch, where Customs disagreed that they were in fact going through a redundancy process and that there were insufficient health and safety risks to mandate mandatory vaccinations.

In a letter, the agency said that the role was ongoing.

“Given the matters we discussed at the meeting, including the reasons why Customs requires that your position be carried out by a vaccinated person, the Government’s requirement that unvaccinated border workers stop working in that position by May 1, and the absence of any transfer appropriate opportunity, we inform you that Customs has decided to terminate your work as proposed, “the letter said.

More than 95 percent of Customs staff had their first dose and more than 85 percent of the second, Funnell said.

Perth-NZ flights must ‘stop immediately’

The Ministry of Health (MOH) announced shortly after 10pm last night that officials had “conducted a rapid public health assessment for New Zealand” and decided flights from Western Australia to New Zealand should be temporarily suspended.

The announcement comes after a security guard working in a hotel quarantine in Perth tested positive for Covid-19 yesterday. Two of the seven people who shared the man’s house also had positive results.

“Ministry officials have conducted a rapid public health assessment for New Zealand, and have determined that direct scheduled flights from Western Australia to New Zealand should be suspended immediately while further assessments are carried out, including further assessments and information from Australian health officials,” said the statement. Department of health.

Western Australian health officials have identified a number of locations of interest listed on their website.

Anyone who has left Perth in the last four days and arrived in New Zealand should check out these exciting locations.

New arrivals to New Zealand who are already in this attractive location should self-isolate immediately and contact Healthline in the morning for further advice.

Further information will be released on Sunday, the ministry said.


Western Australian Prime Minister Mark McGowan said in a press conference yesterday that the country would not lock in “at this time”.

“But maybe this could change tomorrow or the day after,” he said.

The security guard, a man in his 20s living in Nollamara, has received the first dose of the coronavirus vaccine, McGowan said.

He has worked at the Pan Pacific Hotel on April 24, 25 and 26, during which time new arrivals are allowed into the hotel.

He works on the same floor as two hotel quarantine occupants who have tested positive for Covid-19.

“The CCTV vision is being reviewed. However, there is no clear explanation at this point of how the security guards got infected,” said McGowan.

“There is a possibility that transmission could occur when international arrivals are received at the hotel quarantine and possibly transferred to their rooms.

“This is being investigated further.”

The man’s household included two guests from Canberra, McGowan said.

He said the man visited several locations in the community while likely having been contagious, including the Northlands shopping center, Coles, a cafe and a mosque.

Locations of current interest include:

• Al Taqwa Mosque in Mirrabooka on April 30 between 13.15 and 14.00.
• Coles at Prime West Northlands Shopping Center in Balcutta on April 29 between 4:30 PM and 5:15 PM.
• Agha Juice Café in Joondanna on April 28 between 6.50pm and 8pm.
• Smokemart at Prime West Northlands Shopping Center in Balcutta on April 28 between 13.30 and 15:15.
• Northlands Fresh at Prime West Northlands Shopping Center in Balcutta on April 28 between 13.30 and 15:15.
• Sown in Stirling on April 28 between 1.30 and 2.30.
• Swan Taxi Victoria Park on April 27 between 15: 50-14: 45.


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