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GO NZ: An interesting alternative to popular attractions in New Zealand | Instant News

Stonehenge Aotearoa is a full-scale adaptation of Stonehenge – and a stargazer’s paradise. Photo / Stonehenge Aotearoa.

While previously redundant tourist destinations are becoming more attractive and accessible to the average Kiwi with international borders closed, that doesn’t mean we won’t be competing for space in the busy summer months. Everyone has the same agenda, which means it’s also time to consider alternatives. Of course, there are some experiences – like traversing the volcanic landscape of Tongariro Crossing, or having a cool drink at Hobbiton’s Green Dragon Inn – that just can’t be duplicated.

But others can. If you do a little research, you’ll find that many of New Zealand’s popular attractions have lesser-known partners and are often cheaper. Here are six close siblings of some must-do activities in the country.

Explore shallow hot pools on the fine black volcanic sand at Kawhia hot springs.  Photo / Sally Jackson.
Explore shallow hot pools on the fine black volcanic sand at Kawhia hot springs. Photo / Sally Jackson.

Dig your private spa in the sand

An hour south of Raglan, Kawhia is a quiet seaside village with a harbor full of peas, oysters and mussels. It’s also where you’ll find one of the lesser known hot spring beaches. (Yes, there is more than one.)

The drill is exactly the same as in the Coromandel. At low tide, drive to the end of Ocean Beach Rd, where you’ll find a black, soulless beach above. You have to bring your own shovel. Watch for signs of steam rising from the sand and start digging. Once you reach the hot springs of Te Puia Springs, soak in the knowledge that somewhere across the island, lots of people are screaming for the same thing.

Try one of the world’s best burgers

Oh, Fergburger. Even if you’ve never seen the queues for this Queenstown institution, you’ve probably read blog posts or articles all about the burgers: how juicy the meat is, how tender the bread is and how amazing it is. it’s open for almost 21 hours a day.

What they don’t get romantic about, however, is how long you have to wait in line. If you are too hungry to wait in line, all you need to do is head over to the Devil Burger. Offering a similar product, at the same price, that is what the locals are for.

Seeing kiwis anywhere is special, but conditions on Kapiti Island increase your chances.  Photo / Provided.
Seeing kiwis anywhere is special, but conditions on Kapiti Island increase your chances. Photo / Provided.

Find kiwi in the wild

Thanks to its remote location and difficult sea crossings to get there, Rakiura (Stewart Island) remains relatively flawless compared to other popular tourist destinations. However, it is still struggling under the load of attractive visitors; pre-pandemic, about 44,000 people were visited per year. That’s about 111 tourists for each resident.

The island’s main attraction is the rare opportunity to see kiwis in the wild. It’s home to around 13,000 of New Zealand’s 68,000 kiwi, and the subspecies that live here can sometimes even be seen during the day for insects by the beach.

The catch? If seeing kiwi is your only goal, travel long distances without the guarantee you’ll see it.

Alternatively, there are a number of fenced predator-free shelters on the North Island and South Island that offer nighttime kiwi tours, including Wellington’s Zealandia and Waikato’s Sanctuary Mountain Maungatautari. But the two hour tour presents a very limited window of time for viewing elusive birds, which is why it is so worthwhile to spend a night on Kāpiti Island.

This predator-free island is home to around 1,400 tiny looking kiwis, presenting one of the most reliable opportunities to spot them. Starting at $ 395 per adult ($ 230 per child), Kāpiti Island Nature Tours kiwi-sightseeing packages include transportation, accommodation in a glamping tent or cabin, and guided night tours.

Mount Aspiring National Park offers some of the most impressive walks in the country.  Photo / Provided
Mount Aspiring National Park offers some of the most impressive walks in the country. Photo / Provided

Hike one of New Zealand’s iconic walks

When Lonely Planet released its Ultimate Travel List earlier this month, 13 Kiwi destinations qualified, with Fiordland National Park topping the 29th position.Most visitors opt to take a boat tour through Milford Sound, but that area came first. undeniably the Milford Track. One of New Zealand’s 10 Great Walks, dubbed “the world’s best walk,” takes hikers through valleys carved by glaciers, past ancient rainforests and cascading waterfalls.

However, its reputation means it’s expensive (the hut costs $ 70 per person per night alone) and very difficult to book. Earlier this year, spots on track for the 2020-2021 season were almost sold out within 10 minutes of opening the booking system.

However, even though there are only 10 “Great Streets” in New Zealand, there are dozens of “great roads.”

The closest connection to the Milford Track is the Gillespie Pass Circuit, a 58 km loop best suited for experienced hikers with river crossing skills. Located near Mount Aspiring National Park, it also takes four days, reaches an altitude of 1,600 meters, and has serviced lodges along the way. And on publication, reservations are still available for the hut (only $ 20) during the holiday period.

On a Lake District Adventures nighttime kayaking tour, you'll paddle along the shores of Lake Karapiro to see glowworms.  Photo / Provided.
On a Lake District Adventures nighttime kayaking tour, you’ll paddle along the shores of Lake Karapiro to see glowworms. Photo / Provided.

Experience the magic of collecting glowworms

Waitomo is not the only place where large numbers of glowworms gather. For a cheap and fun version of the same, you can head to the DOC-run Waipū Caves in Northland, which are completely free to access.

If you don’t want to stray far from Waitomo and be in it for glowworms (not caves) sign up for the Lake District Adventures night kayaking tour ($ 109). On a four hour sunset excursion, you will paddle along the shores of Lake Karapiro. As dark falls, you’ll drift silently on the Pokaiwhenua Stream, your path only lighted by glow worms. The effect is very subtle, and with fewer people, your oar hitting the water is the only sound you’ll hear.

Stargazing in the Dark Sky Nature Reserve

Aoraki Mackenzie Dark Sky Reserve is an area known for its low levels of light pollution and many nights with bright stars. Currently, it may be the only one of its kind in the Southern Hemisphere – but it won’t last long. Wairarapa is currently preparing to become the world’s largest Dark Sky Reserve, a designation which is expected to come later this year.

This is where you can experience some of the most unique and personalized astronomy tours in the country. For example, Becky Bateman of the local Under the Stars will bring her telescope straight to your accommodation. Then there’s Stonehenge Aotearoa, a full-scale adaptation of Stonehenge. If you show up on Friday or Saturday at 8:30 p.m., you’ll have the opportunity to look through the telescope and learn how the structure works. General admission is $ 15.

For more New Zealand travel ideas and inspiration, visit newzealand.com


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Pakistan will placate the Belt and Road opposition with more projects | Instant News

KARACHI – To quell stiff opposition to the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor, or CPEC, key to Chinese President Xi Jinping’s Belt and Road Initiative, Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan’s government launched a major development package for the country’s south-western Balochistan Province. .

Khan announced the package during a visit to Turbat, 160 km northeast of the port city of Gwadar, a major preparation point for the economic corridor. The Prime Minister’s Accelerated Development Package for South Balochistan, as it is called, consists of projects worth tens of billions of Pakistani rupees.

The package aims to create 120,000 jobs, build 1,100 km of roads, build 210 health units, expand Turbat International Airport and provide gas and electricity to 320,000 households in southern Balochistan.

This includes loans for 2,000 fishermen to buy boats and funds to build 16 dams to irrigate 60,700 hectares of land. The plan also includes building part of the M8 highway, a project already part of an ongoing $ 50 billion economic corridor project.

“China’s annual trade is $ 2 trillion and Gwadar will link Pakistan with this trade,” Khan said at a ceremony marking the start of the program in Turbat.

© Reuters

The official aim of the package is to bring southern Balochistan on par with other Pakistanis in terms of development. However, insiders say another goal is to silence opposition to the economic corridor, which is strongest in the Makran division in South Balochistan.

In May 2019, the Pearl Continental Hotel, near the port of Gwadar, was attacked by Baloch separatists. Last month, a military convoy escorting Oil and Gas Development Co. employees. be targeted in the same area.

Malik Siraj Akbar, a South Asia analyst based in Washington, believes Makran has been the epicenter of the Baloch resistance to economic corridors and the Belt and Road in recent years. “It is important to deal with local people’s grievances and lead them to rally support for CPEC,” Akbar told Nikkei Asia.

Other experts are skeptical the development package will serve its purpose.

“I doubt that the announcement of a new aid package by the Pakistani government for the Makran division will end opposition attacks on Chinese interests,” said Jeremy Garlick, assistant professor of international relations at the University of Economics in Prague. He added that although some local residents were happy, the opposition groups which strongly oppose the building of Gwadar in China will not change their minds overnight based on the investment pledge, as they will see this package as an attempt to “buy into their agreement.”

There is also political opposition to the way the package was announced. “People in northern Balochistan will feel discriminated against because of that [the announcement of] a targeted development package in southern Balochistan, “said Aslam Bhootani, who represents the Balochistan coastal belt in the Pakistan National Assembly. He told Nikkei that the elected representatives were not appointed before finalizing the package south of Balochistan.

Bhootani argues that building a highway and expanding the airport under the package will do little to help people in the region, who lack water and the means to make a living. He suggested that the package should include a way to import electricity and gas into the Makran region from Iran, while applying for an exemption from US sanctions on Iran.

As Pakistan is still negotiating with the International Monetary Fund to proceed with the $ 6 billion Fund Extension Facility suspended in February, experts say it is a mystery where the government will find funding for the South Balochistan package. The facility was suspended after Pakistan failed to comply with IMF requests to raise electricity prices and impose additional taxes, fearing a public backlash.

Garlick is also skeptical. “It’s hard to see where a cash-strapped government will get that kind of money unless the funds come indirectly from China,” he told the Nikkei.

Akbar is more hopeful, saying the government often makes big promises about projects and then forgets about them. But according to him the South Balochistan project is different. “This project appears to be a priority for Islamabad to see if they can create a region in Balochistan that is modern, thriving and welcomes CPEC. The South Balochistan project has the support of Islamabad and it is a priority for the Pakistani government to eradicate the ongoing insurgency and clear up areas of violence separatists, “said Akbar.

He added, with that context, the packages might be disbursed sooner than previously promised.


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New Fashion Show is on Netflix | Instant News

(MENAFN – IANS) By Sujata Assomull

New Delhi, Nov 15 (IANSlife) Now that there are no red carpet events, extravaganzas and fashion weeks, awards nights, or other star-studded events, where can we find fashion inspiration? Television of course.

Among OTT platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Hotstar, we’re just spoiled for choice when it comes to what shows to watch – in many of them modes play a major role. In fact in some shows, it is the clothes that make the show worthy. Instead of turning to your favorite fashion magazine for fashion inspiration or hints on what to wear for a special event / meeting zoom call – why not turn to one of these beautifully dressed television series for a style tip.


It may have received mixed reviews but ‘A Suitable Boy’ for me is a visual pleasure. The fact that casting is weak doesn’t matter – because fashion is the real star of the show. New York-based Oscar academy member Arjun Bhasin (of Dil Chahta Hai, Gully Boy and Life of Pi) is behind the costumes for Mira Nair’s Netflix adaptation of this hugely acclaimed book. The main character Lata (played by Tanya Maniktala) has 64 costume changes. There are about 3,000 extras and 1,100 handloom saris featured in the film, sourced from all over India. The play of color, textiles and even silhouettes is a lesson in Indian fashion; from cotton mul-muls, gorgeous banarases, floral organza, dazzling badla chiffon to metallic pant saris – there’s a curtain for every occasion. Bhasin’s eye for detail adds an easy layering feel, be it scoop-necked blouses, contrast dupattas or subtle embellishments. Plus most textiles are made using hand-woven techniques – what better way to dress for the festive season than something handmade in India?


For those of you lucky enough to have traveled abroad, or who live in a part of the country that experiences winter – ‘Emily in Paris’ should be your new style guide. With its eclectic yet elegant style, a clever mix of high fashion and the High Street label, this is the way to shop for this season. Emily has even managed to make a pair of Wellington boots look like a desirable accessory. But then the costume designer behind this Netflix show is Patricia Field – (‘Sex and the City’ fame). With Paris as the background, Field can really perform optimally in the show. A Kenzo fuchsia coat will likely be my next investment style buy. Although green Chanel Cruise came in second. And while I might now dare to wear some bold patterns that Emily does with such flair, Ganni (a contemporary sustainable fashion label that should be on everyone’s radar) camisole top and yellow print skirt is a perfect fit for my “passion list.” Not all of the bags she carries are Chanel – Kate Spade and Aldo make special looks that are super fashionable. While I admired Stephane Rollard’s sculptural white couture cocktail dress in the final episode – I really don’t know where to wear it. (Besides I don’t have the numbers or the budget for that), it ensures that the first season ends on a high octane style note.


One of the most fun shows I’ve watched this year is the 26-minute long ‘Father of the Bride Part 3 (ish)’ on Netflix or on You Tube. There’s something really comforting about seeing the characters from these films again, 25 years later, even if it’s through family calls. Diane Keaton aka Nina Banks, as always sets the bar style. Now, here’s a chic yet casual way to go for a zoom call – in an open-collar white shirt with folded pins on the front, accessories with polkadot chiffon silk glasses, hair all in place – but not looking styled, stealing the show. Kimberly Williams Paisley who plays the real bride, Annie (now in her 40s) wore a beige and white T-shirt and stated that maybe it would have looked better on her college sister – Megan (Florence Pugh) – and well, I can’t disagree!

(Author Sujata Assomull is an IANSlife columnist. Assomull is the author of “100 Iconic Bollywood Costumes” and is Founding Editor In Chief of Harper’s Bazaar, India.)


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Qatar- Brazil struggled to beat Venezuela without Neymar | Instant News

(MENAFN – Gulf Times) Liverpool striker Roberto Firmino scored a vital goal as Brazil scrambled to a 1-0 win over well-organized but limited Venezuela in their World Cup qualifiers on Friday.
Firmino broke the deadlock in the 66th minute in Sao Paulo, scoring after Venezuelan defender Darwin Machis’ attempt to clear Everton Ribeiro’s cross fell to him a few yards. Firmino’s 16th goal in 47 appearances for the Selecao was enough to maintain their 100% record in the 2022 World Cup qualifiers. Brazil have beaten Bolivia (5-0) and Peru (4-2) and top the South American qualifying table with Argentina at the top. second.
Venezuela, who lost their first two qualifiers, were set to hold and hold the Brazilian side goalless in the first half at the deserted Morumbi stadium. The hosts lost Neymar’s injured creativity in midfield, but even with the attacking sports of Firmino, Gabriel Jesus and Richarlison, they couldn’t find their way through the Venezuelan mass defense in the first half.
Richarlison did have the ball in the net from the start but the Everton striker’s celebrations were cut short when Firmino was adjudged for a narrow offside in the process. For all the Brazilian pressure, Wuilker Farinez didn’t do much in the Venezuelan goal, but the goalkeeper made a flying save to avoid Firmino’s ricochet just before half an hour, the Liverpool forward heading in a well-produced corner.
With 75% possession but lack of attacking ideas most of the Brazilian threat comes from the left and from there they capitalize on their best chance on 32 minutes, Atletico Madrid’s Renan Lodi whipping in a cross given by Gabriel Jesus and then Richarlison, to the full. stretching, failing to change the gaping goal.
Venezuela’s only threat comes from a broken left flank by Yeferson Soteldo, whose cross for Salomon Rondon is cut short by Marquinhos. Rondon, previously from West Bromwich Albion and now playing for Chinese Super Lague side Dalian Professional, instead cut isolated figures when not busy with defensive duties.
Manchester City goalkeeper Ederson, who barely touched the ball throughout the match, reacted quickly to block the ball when Rondon had a chance to threaten the Brazilian goal just before death. Venezuelan star Corinthians Romulo Otero squandered Venezuela’s only real chance when he fired a free-kick 25 meters over Ederson’s crossbar in injury time.
Worried Brazil coach Tite will see how sad his team is to miss Neymar’s discovery. The Paris Saint-Germain star, who injured his thigh in last month’s Champions League match, will also miss Tuesday’s match against Uruguay in Montevideo.
Venezuela will host a revived Chile in Caracas tomorrow. Jose Peseiro’s men are likely to maintain their uncomfortable streak as the only South American team to never qualify for a World Cup.
The top four teams in the 10-team group qualify automatically for the finals in Qatar in 2022 and the fifth-placed team enters the inter-regional playoffs.
Earlier in the evening, Chile beat Peru 2-0 thanks to two goals from Arturo Vidal. Vidal scored twice in the first half, the first resounding shot into the top corner from almost 30 meters, to leave Peru with just one point from their first three games. Chile, who missed Russia in 2018, are sixth on four points.


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New Zealand Weather: Summer is spring for some, before the rains and rains arrive | Instant News

New Zealand

MetService national weather: November 13-15

Spring has turned into a countrywide summer this weekend, thanks to a high-pressure system in the north and warm westerly winds blowing in the south.

Auckland residents came out enjoying the sunshine yesterday after avoiding a possible lockdown with the latest Covid case genomically linked to a Defense Force cluster.

It was as if summer had arrived in Mission Bay with kids going in and out of the water – and the sand.

The summer mood continues into the day as temperatures in most major centers will hit 20 ° C, with Christchurch, Blenheim and Timaru expecting summer temperatures of 25 ° C and Tauranga 24 ° C.

Upper North Island centers can expect highest temperatures in the lowest 20s – Auckland and Hamilton should hit 22C, Rotorua 21C and Napier 23C.

Temperatures on the North Island are nearly normal for the time of year, but above average for parts of the South Island thanks to nor’westers, says MetService meteorologist Kyle Lee.

“In the east we’re talking 4C to 7C above average.”

Cooler days in the western and southern parts of the North Island – Wellington would be fine but with temperatures of 18C and New Plymouth, also good, 19C.

Most of the place will be dry, with the exception of a few parts further south, Lee said.

“The weather today is quite good. There is a bit of high pressure that keeps most of the country fine.”

Heavy rain could ruin parties in Otago, Southland and parts of Westland and a heavy rain warning has been issued for Fiordland – rain is expected to fall as high as 150mm before 9pm tonight.

Meanwhile, Sunday sunshine in most parts of the country will make way for some to kick off a humid work week.

North Islanders can expect heavy rains to spread over much of the island, from Northland to Wellington, and from Taranaki to the east.

It will be warm in Auckland, with temperatures as high as 22 ° C, but it will rain from late afternoon, with a similar story in Hamilton.

A brief afternoon of rain is expected in Wellington tomorrow, with temperatures as high as 18C.

On the South Island, rain and rain are expected to occur in many places during the day, before it clears up at night.


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