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Drift will charge your Mercedes AMG Hybrid battery | Instant News

Have you heard of regenerative braking in electric vehicles-you know how batteries reclaim energy Every time you use the brakes-but I have a feeling that you will like the new midway charging solution developed by Mercedes for AMG Hybrid: drift.

The company concealed the small Easter egg in the initial product release. AMG Hybrid Power Line Inspired from Formula One racing technology. You can check it out in the hybrid strategy section of Mercedes’ new video.The regenerative drift occurs at 12:17, but if you have some unsolved problems with the technology, then the whole video is really great:

The important thing to note here is that we don’t know exactly how the technology works.or any To this end, hybrid technology is introduced into these cars. Mercedes will keep everything confidential for the time being, instead of choosing to publish a few small messages at once. Therefore, we do not discuss the content of the lad chat in the video and pair it with the information in Merc’s initial press release.

Jochen Schmitz, the developer of Mercedes hybrid strategy, said: “You can get an Easter egg from software development: You can also rest and relax while drifting.We use the power system to slow down the load or remove the load from the ICE and then put it in the battery. Then, when the slipping state is over, the ICE is already at full load and you can accelerate faster. “

Therefore, you can charge while drifting or losing other control methods.

Of course, the details on how it works (including all the technologies involved and Mercedes-specific systems) are still unclear. You can understand the fact that you can clean up some of the most complex technologies by posting a complete and complete question-and-answer video by Mercedes. But what about the whole concept? It’s so cool.


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Historical Column: Reflections on German Heritage in Lake Geneva | Local News | Instant News

Julius Vorpagel, Sr., however, came to Lyons Township from Germany in 1857 before the Civil War with his sister, Henrietta Vorpagel Smith (1820-1908) and three brothers, William (1833-1918), Fred (1830- 1909), and August (1845-1918) Vorpagel. Julius Vorpagel, Sr., was born on May 19, 1842 in Cochem-Zell, Pomerania in the Rhineland-Palatinate region of Germany as the son of Karl Vorpagel (1780-1854) and Mary BublizsVorpagel (1790-1850). Unfortunately Julius’s mother died when she was 8 years old and her father died when she was 12 years old. Julius grew up in Lyons Township before enlisting in the 9th Wisconsin Infantry during the Civil War. After he returned to Lyons Township after the Civil War, he was a farmer.

When I was growing up in Lake Geneva in the late 1940’s and early 1950’s, there were many Vorpagels living in Lake Geneva. My grandparents and other residents of Lake Geneva refer to the name Vorpagel as “Forpeckle.”

The first Vorpagel I got to know very well was Wayne Vorpagel. Wayne grew up in East Springfield. He’s a year older than me. We were co-students at Lake Geneva Middle School in 1956-57 and 1958-58. Wayne is a star athlete who excels in both soccer and baseball. He and I were teammates on the Lake Geneva High School football team in 1956 and 1957, and on the Badger High School football team in 1958. Wayne is also an outstanding outfielder on the high school baseball team. After graduating from high school, Wayne got a job as a mail carrier at the Lake Geneva Post Office.


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The Infiniti QX55: Unapologetically Fashion-Forward | Instant News

FIRST WORD from the “unapologetic” press release, meaning: “The Unapologetic Infiniti QX55 starts at $ 46,500 MSRP….” That’s some jazzy grammar right there, Thelonious. Why not be in the mood to apologize? Gravel machine? Crypto-maniac control setup? Price? Marketing means never apologizing.

I suspect Infiniti floated the idea that its new mid-range premium coupe crossover style was controversial, hoping to tap into that love / hate energy from consumer psychology. Ironically, the QX55’s normcore beauty leaves almost no one behind: sassy big grille, 20-inch wheels, slick roof, cute rump. Tesla’s Cybertruck wasn’t.

Infiniti, Nissan’s luxury division (of the Paris-based Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi Alliance), has had some tough years in the US, largely due to an aging product line that is geared more towards sedans. Meanwhile, the brand’s SUV offering has also been on the fangs for a long time. The QX55 is the first of two new family cars to enter the marquee for the 2022 model year. The other is a three-line SUV (QX60).

The flagship of the Infiniti fleet remains the large and uncontroversial QX80 SUV. Everyone agrees it’s vile.

The QX55 shares most of what makes the crossover of the QX50 family tick – a 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine with variable compression ratio (VC-Turbo) relationship; continuously variable transmission; and front-biased all-wheel drive, standard on the QX55 – but remodeling the package in a rigid, fastback shape over bigger wheels and tires. The QX55, Management Notes, is a hollaback for the pioneering and underappreciated FX model (2002-2013). I may have observed that the old design of the rear of the cabin looked a lot cooler, but how can that help?


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Barkley Travel Service of New Albany celebrates 40 years | Business | Instant News

Barkley Travel Service in New Albany is celebrating its 40th anniversary this year. The coronavirus pandemic has had a huge impact on the business with fewer travelers, said Camille Barkley, head of the family business. “We are seeing an increase in the number of people ready to go,” said Barkley, adding that people are ready to travel again. “I see it.” Barkley Travel Service was started by Camille’s parents, Julia and Jimmy Barkley, in 1981. It started from their home with a bus. Today the company has seven buses and travels across the country, even to Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming, her father worked in the trucking industry and her mother was the choir director and organist. of their church. The elders of the church wanted to take a trip and Camille’s mom planned it for them. When so many people signed up for the trip, Camille’s parents realized there was a need for travel service in the area.Barkley Travel Service has been at its current location at 141 W Bankhead St. since 1984, date on which Camille started to work. The company offers retail tours as well as charter buses. Shopping tours involve people signing up for prepackaged travel, while charters are for groups such as churches, schools, or businesses. just get on the bus and have a good time, ”Barkley said. People who travel together on the bus may not know each other at the start of the trip and end up becoming friends. new list of trips, Barkley said, adding, “It’s not the same trips every year.” This year there have already been trips to Key West as well as a getaway to the Gulf Coast. This month there will be a trip to Savannah and Tybee Island, Georgia. Other trips this year include the Kentucky Derby, the Ark Encounter and Creation Museum, Pikes Peak, Utah and Arizona National Parks, Grand Ole Opry, Niagara Falls, Branson, Missouri, the Smoky Mountains , New Orleans and many other destinations. The trips are primarily for the elderly, but some people take their grandchildren with them, especially to places like Washington, DC “We go all over the United States, “Barkley said. Those wishing to take a trip can call Barkley Travel Service and get a brochure that details all of the places that will be visited this year. The trips range from a few days to around two weeks.” We offer tours of varying lengths to meet people’s needs, “said Barkley. Each bus can accommodate 56 people and about 12 to 15 trips are made each year. Sometimes several buses travel together on the same journey. yage and the same caravan. Charter buses also work well for weddings. Buses are a comfortable way to travel with reclining seats, toilets, TVs, DVD players, and Wi-Fi, and the drivers are local. Going on a trip is a pleasant experience, said Barkley, adding, “I think people enjoy them.” It’s a nice and convenient way to travel because people don’t have to worry about making all the reservations, finding parking or driving. “You have someone taking you right to the front door, and you don’t have to worry about that,” Barkley said. Taking the trips is a great way to meet other people, and it’s also “We have a lot of repeat customers,” she said. Barkley Travel Service offers travel ideas by attending travel conventions and listening to what customers want. There is a lot of variety in terms of travel packages available. Barkley herself travels extensively and makes sure everyone is where they’re supposed to be. “I have traveled a lot this year. I really appreciate it. I like to get to know people. This is very fun. “She also said it was an affordable way to travel.” You can’t drive this in your car on your own for the price we do, “said Barkley. Tours also have free time to spend as they wish. Everyone just needs to get on the bus. at a certain time. “Most people would have a good time traveling,” she said.

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German stocks hit record highs as European banks reversed losses on Archegos | Instant News

European stocks continued their gains higher on Tuesday, with Germany’s main index opening to new highs, as markets appeared to have shrugged off broader concerns about the fallout from last Friday’s big sell-off related to a $ 30 billion margin call.

Pan-European Stoxx 600
+ 0.41%

is 0.5% higher while London’s FTSE 100
+ 0.38%

and CAC 40
+ 0.56%

in Paris it was up 0.6%. DAX Frankfurt
+ 0.62%

lifted closer to 0.7%.

Dow futures
+ 0.20%

points up around 70 pips, set for a soft but positive open after closing 98 pips higher on Monday at 33,171.

Volatility remains a concern, with the yield on the 10-year US Treasury – which has been the driving force behind the stock’s surging advance in recent weeks – at its highest since January 2020. Yields on the benchmark note hovered above 1.77%

“If markets are concerned about the spillover effect of Friday’s … margin trading call block, and a potential spill from container ship Ever Given trapped in the Suez Canal, then yesterday’s price action suggests the impact is quite restrained,” said Michael Hewson, an analyst at CMC Markets. European stocks finished higher after a mixed day on Monday.

The performance of Germany’s DAX index took it to new highs on Tuesday, boosted by bank and auto stocks, as broader concerns remain in Europe over the impact of another wave of COVID-19 cases.

Leaders in Germany and France are feeling pressure to tighten existing lockdowns due to increasing coronavirus infections. Britain, which leads EU countries in vaccinations, entered a new phase of reopening on Monday.

Read: The third wave of COVID-19 could be the worst, Germany warned

Hewson said the shorter trading week leading up to the Easter holidays, with month-end and quarter-end approaching, could cause “a fair amount of volatility over the next few days.”

Bank shares took a big dip on Monday amid a nearly $ 30 billion sell-off related to a margin call on Archegos Capital Management, but bounced back on Tuesday. Credit Suisse
which was down about 14% on Monday, has rebounded, with stocks up close to 2%. UBS

shares rose 1.5% and Deutsche Bank
+ 1.26%

lifted close to 2%, adding buoyancy to the German DAX.

More on this: Here’s a complex bet at the heart of an ‘unprecedented’ $ 30 billion margin call on Archegos.

“For the banks involved the losses would be painful, and perhaps a little embarrassing, but they are unlikely to undermine confidence in the stability of the financial system,” said Hewson.

Auto stocks added a further boost to the German market, with a stake in the Volkswagen Group
+ 4.20%

up nearly 3%, with profits also coming from BMW
+ 1.39%

and Daimler
+ 1.14%
Elsewhere in Europe, Renault
+ 1.73%

shares and shares in Stellantis
+ 1.36%
formed this year in a merger between Fiat Chrysler and Groupe PSA, also rose.

But the Volvo truck giants do not feel the acceleration
which saw the stock slide closer to 2%. Swiss bank UBS downgraded shares for sale on supply chain concerns caused by a global semiconductor shortage, with a price target that suggests the stock could fall by 18%.


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